Signs your Orange Tabby may be Developing Schiff-Sherrington Syndrome


Mobility is a big part of a cat’s life. For instance, cats like the Orange tabby love to be on the move hunting after prey, playing around, and prowling through all kinds of places. An immobile cat is probably a very bored cat. That’s why it’s important to contact your vet immediately if you notice your cat having any trouble moving around. As cats grow older, various medical conditions relating to the joints, muscles and overall mobility can develop. For instance, Schiff-Sherrington syndrome can develop due to age, an injury, trauma, etc. These conditions affect the spinal cord and generally occur when the cord is severed or small lesions form on the lower back. Signs or symptoms include an unusual gait, inability to walk, inability to stand, rigidly extended forelimbs, and possible paralysis of the hind limbs. The condition is painful and will require immediate care, diagnosis and treatment from your veterinarian Isle of Palms, SC. Click here.

What to look for in a pet sitter

You are thinking of heading out of town soon, and you won’t be bringing your pet along with you. You need someone to care for her in your absence, but don’t have anyone in mind. How can you find a pet sitter?

Seek out pet sitters in your area by asking around or searching local advertisements. You want to find someone who is available for the times you need him, has great references, is asking for reasonable compensation, and is able to perform all the care tasks that will be required of him. You should meet with this individual and make sure he is someone you can trust with your little fur ball. Your pet should also be able to be comfortable with him, so have her tag along at your meeting. Your local Lafayette, LA vet can offer additional suggestions. Click here to learn more.

What to look for in a pet sitter

Does your dog have dry skin?

Your dog has some dry skin lately, and you know this can’t be comfortable for her. How can you get her skin back to being well moisturized?

If your pet has dry skin, there is likely a good reason for it. Consider what has changed in your environment that may be causing the issue, then try to change it. He may need a different dog shampoo, or to be bathed less frequently. Seasonal changes may call for you to alter how you care for your dog’s skin, and his overall hydration level can also impact this area of his life. New products you are using may also be the culprit, so take the time to investigate items that are new to your pet’s care routine, and determine if they may be causing the dryness. Your local Lafayette, LA vet can help you better understand your pet. Read more here.

Does your dog have dry skin

The Importance of Cleaning Face Wrinkles on a Dog


Wrinkly dogs are so cute! From Bulldogs to Boston Terriers, many canines sport a smooshed face with wrinkles. If you have a breed with a wrinkly face, it’s extremely important to clean this area on a daily basis.

The wrinkles in the skin can trap moisture. They can trap saliva and drool, water from a quick romp in the sprinkler, and they can even collect and trap moisture from the air on a particularly humid day. If allowed to sit, that moisture can grow bacteria.
At the very least, you may notice that your dog’s face smells unpleasant. If the moisture buildup gets to be too much, it can actually ooze from the wrinkle. Eventually, your pet will develop redness and dermatitis, which can be very uncomfortable.

Looking for tips on how to clean the folds in your dog’s face? Click here, or schedule an appointment with your veterinarian Oconomowoc, WI.

Caring for Your Cat After He Gets His Shots


It’s routine for a cat to receive shots. Kittens may receive more than one in the same day, while older cats will likely have to have at least one shot every year. Fortunately, caring for a cat after he’s had shots is pretty easy.

Shots can be painful, but they aren’t overly so. However, the injection site can ache or feel tender for a few days after the shot is administered. Try not to handle your cat roughly in this area while it rests and heals up.

Inspect the injection area over the next few days to make sure no problems are developing. You shouldn’t be able to see where the shot was placed, and the area should be free of swelling and inflammation.

If you worry that something is wrong, click here, or schedule an appointment with your veterinarian Greensboro, NC right away.

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