Handling your Pet Hedgehog

Handling your Pet Hedgehog

You will need to handle your pet hedgehog to remove him from the enclosure to clean it. Your hedgehog also needs time for exercise and socialization. However, your pet’s spines can be quite sharp especially when he is upset or wriggling around. Get your hedgehog accustomed to your presence by sitting by the cage and talking or singing softly to him. Drape your hand into the cage for your hedgehog to explore and try to hand feed him. When you are ready to pick up your hedgehog, act quickly and efficiently. Bring one hand in from the side to scoop him up and use the other hand over the spines to steady him. Try to keep you hand from over the face since that is how predators attack. You can also use a cloth over the spines. Don’t squeeze your pet and put him down to explore. Contact your Sugar Land, TX vet to learn more. Visit their profile for additional information.

How To Handle A Pet Hedgehog

How To Handle A Pet Hedgehog

A hedgehog’s quills can give anyone a prickly experience especially if the person has no idea how to handle these adorable pets in the proper manner. However, their quills are unlike those of porcupines that have barbed ends, but they can still be painful.

Normally, the quills of hedgehogs are relaxed with their ends pointing backwards when they feel calm and comfortable. But accidentally pushing against the quills can still be a prickly experience.

When a hedgehog senses a threat, it will instinctively curl into a tight ball, protecting the most vulnerable parts of the body (such as the head and belly) that don’t have quills. Handling an angry or nervous hedgehog can certainly be prickly experience. The amount of handling that a hedgehog will tolerate will depend on the animal’s disposition and temperament.

Know more about how to take care of your pet's needs by visiting your vet clinic Omaha NE.

Hedgehogs Can Have Dental Problems

Hedgehogs Can Have Dental Problems

The teeth of hedgehogs start to grow by the time they are about 3 weeks old. Hedgehogs can easily develop tooth and gum problems. Since brushing a hedgehog’s teeth can be difficult, regular visits to your veterinarian for dental cleaning and dental checkups should be done. The hedgehog is placed under general anesthesia so the vet can easily clean, polish, and treat decaying teeth without resistance or any risk of being bitten by the hedgehog.

Some hedgehog owners have been able to train their pets to tolerate a home dental regimen, especially when they are exposed to it while they are still very young. If you are in the process of training your pet hedgehog to accept having its teeth brushed regularly, make sure to keep each session a positive experience for your pet.

Click here to contact your Omaha, NE vet to show you how to brush your pet hedgehog’s teeth.

Why Hedgehogs Aren't Allowed in Some Cities and States


There are a lot of laws across the country regarding exotic animals. It’s obvious why some animals, like tigers, aren’t allowed as pets, but what about other animals, like the hedgehog? Why aren’t they allowed in some cities and states?

Invasive species are a way of life all around the world, but preventing new invasive species from taking up residence is extremely important. In some areas, the hedgehog may be able to escape and make himself at home in an environment where he could wreak havoc.

The point of origin of a hedgehog, or they are coming from, is also an important consideration. In addition, some states have very bizarre laws. For example Georgia doesn’t allow hedgehogs, but they allow breeders, as long as the animals are shipped out of state.

To find out if hedgehogs are allowed in your area, visit http://vetcostamesa.com/ your veterinary clinic Newport Beach, CA.

What to Feed your Algerian Hedgehog


If you own an Algerian hedgehog or are thinking of owning one then you might want to talk to your local vet or pet store owner about basic care and feed. Your vet can help you put together a suitable meal plan for your Algerian hedgehog when you bring him in for his first routine visit. In general, Algerian hedgehogs need a diet of quality protein, low fat and 15% fiber. Hedgehogs living in the wild tend to eat a lot of beetles. Your local pet store may offer a specified hedgehog feed, but experts have found that a dry low-fat cat formula is often preferred. If you’re feeding a commercial food you will need to supplement a variety of other foods like vegetables, mealworms, crickets, cooked meats and fruits. Always check with your Veterinarians Terre Haute IN before giving your hedgehog any new kinds of food.
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