Handling your snake

Handling your snake

You recently brought a snake into your family, and you love your new pet. You enjoy caring for him, and you want to make the most of being a pet owner while giving him what he needs. Handling him has become something you wonder about. You are aware of the fact that your pet enjoys a solitary life, but you would still like to bond with him.

To do this, think about how you can make your time with your pet productive. For example, he will need to be handled to get used to it, as he will need to be held when you clean out his enclosure or he heads into the vet’s office. Use your bonding time as a way to help make these tasks easier on him. Ease him into being held by being gentle, keeping your interaction stress-free, and ending things after a reasonable amount of time. Your Thorold, ON veterinarian can offer additional suggestions. Visit website http://niagarafallsanimalhospital.com/ to learn more.

What Causes Mouth Rot in Albino Corn Snakes?


Did you know that mouth rot is an inflammation of the mouth or oral cavity? The condition may first appear as small hemorrhages on the gums or as large amounts of mucus in the mouth. It can also appear on the inside edge of the mouth near the lip area. One of the primary causes of mouth rot is stress. Sometimes when albino corn snakes become stressed their immune system becomes weak and unable to maintain the bacteria found in the mouth. The buildup of bacteria leads to an infection which in turn can lead to mouth rot. Other causes of mouth rot include inappropriate regulation of temperature in the snake’s living environment, overcrowding, internal or external parasites, trauma, or poor nutrition. A Vitamin C deficiency and improper calcium or phosphorous levels can also be a cause. Your veterinarian Moorpark, CA will need to exam your snake in order to make a diagnosis. Learn more here.

Does a Snake Really Need to Visit the Vet?

vet and snake

Most people understand the importance of taking their dog or cat to the vet on an annual basis, but what about other animals? Is it really necessary for a snake to visit the vet?

Snakes, unlike cats and dogs, do not need vaccinations. Because of this, it isn’t as important for you to schedule annual appointments. However, you can learn a lot about your slithery pet if you visit the vet at least once a year!

Even if you don’t schedule annual appointments, you should still keep a close eye on your pet. If he suddenly loses his appetite, loses weight, becomes lethargic, or presents with any other concerning symptoms, you should definitely call the clinic.

To learn more about how regular veterinary care can benefit your pet snake, click schedule an appointment with your Vets Indianapolis IN.
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