Symptoms of Mouth Rot in Wood Turtles


Mouth rot can be a common condition found in various pet turtles including the Wood turtle. If you notice that your turtle is not behaving like his usual self, you should call the vet. You may also want to take a look at your turtle’s gums and mouth area (if he allows you to). If you notice inflammation or small hemorrhages on the gums or large amounts of mucus in the mouth then your Wood turtle may have mouth rot. This condition can also appear on the inside edge of the mouth near the lip area. You may notice a swelling in the mouth or head area as well. Your vet will need to examine your turtle to make a proper diagnosis. In some cases, mouth rot can be caused by stress, poorly regulated temperature in the enclosure, parasites, trauma, malnutrition, and overcrowding. Always seek immediate treatment from your veterinary clinic Poway, CA.

Causes of Eye Infections in Turtles

Causes of Eye Infections in Turtles

If your pet turtle has recently come down with an eye infection, you may want to talk to your vet to find out what triggered the infection and what you can do to prevent it from happening again. Sometimes, a swollen eye or eyelid can be caused by a bacterial infection. This infection may start in the eye or it could be a result of an infection in the respiratory tract. In some cases, your turtle may have some type of debris in his eye. For instance, he could have sand, dirt, or bedding tapped in his eye or under his eyelid. If your turtle has had any kind of physical trauma directly or indirectly to the eye then this could also cause a swollen eye. In some cases, the eye infection or swollen eyelid could simply be caused by your turtle excessively scratching at his eye. Contact your vet clinic Thorold, ON to learn more.
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