Vaccines for Belted Galloway Cows

Vaccines for Belted Galloway Cows

Like cats, dogs and other pets, farm animals or farm pets should receive routine vaccines. If you’re not sure your Belted Galloway needs to be vaccinated, contact your vet. Vaccines for cows depend on region, types of cows in the herd, age, and purpose or use of the cows. There are numerous vaccinations available for beef cows and for dairy cows. Those vaccinations differ based on the age of your cows. It is suggested that a complete vaccination program be developed in concordance with your vet in order to ensure all cows are being vaccinated appropriately accord to age, breed, and type. Some herd operators choose not to vaccinate their cows, but this is usually because they have been operating a closed herd for quite some time. To find out if your cows need vaccinated and what type of vaccines are needed, please call your animal hospital Marietta, GA.

Do Highland Cows Sweat ?

Do Highland Cows Sweat

A good way to stay cool in the warmer months is to drink plenty of water and allow your body to sweat or naturally cool itself off. Your local vet may agree that this is a great way for animals to keep cool as well. Like people, some animals also sweat to regulate their body temperature and to keep cool in the summer months. Cows; however, do not sweat in the same way as humans or other animals such as horses. In fact, cows have a very limited number of sweat glands and actually tend to give off steam or hot air through simply breathing out of their mouth. Cows also stay cool by pulling away from grazing and instead lying in the shade for several hours at a time. They will also start drinking in much more water when the temperature warms up as well. Consult with your pet clinic Marietta, GA for more details.
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