What does a mouse need in her enclosure?


You are getting ready to bring a mouse into your family, and you can’t wait to show your new addition her home. How can you make sure her enclosure has everything she needs?

Your pet will have specific items that are required to help her stay happy and healthy. However, there will also be some things that you may want to add, but aren’t exactly essential for your little fur ball to use on a daily basis. Research your individual pet, and determine what is needed, and what would simply be nice to have. Stick with the essentials first, then add in any extras that you find room for and are able to purchase while staying within your pet care budget. Over time you will get to know your pet better and you’ll be able to understand her needs on a more personal level. Your Moorpark, CA vet clinic can offer additional advice.

Training Your Mouse to Stand Up and Beg for a Treat

Training Your Mouse to Stand Up and Beg for a Treat

Mice are intelligent so you can train your mouse to do fun tricks. A good first trick is to train your mouse to stand up and beg. Make sure your mouse is comfortable with you before training. Sit close by his cage and talk or sing to him softly. Drape your hand into the cage to explore and hand feed your mouse. Set up a safe surface for training your mouse. Use a food treat, such as unsweetened, oat loop cereal, to lure your mouse into a begging position. Hold the treat in front of your mouse to get his attention. Say the UP command as you raise the treat over your mouse’s head so he has to get up on his hind legs. Then give him the treat. Practice this and increase the time your mouse begs before giving him the treat. Learn more from your esteemed Cherry Hill NJ veterinary clinic.

Tips for Making Sure Your Rat Doesn't Escape

Tips for Making Sure Your Rat Doesnt Escape

Keeping your rat in a cage is enough to keep him from escaping, isn’t it? Not necessarily! Here are a few tips to make sure your pet doesn’t end up running for the hills.

The type of cage you purchase is extremely important. Rats are great climbers, so don’t think they can’t escape out of the top of the cage. If your pet is in an aquarium, place something heavy on the lid. If your rat is in a metal cage with bars, make sure all of the entrances are secured.

Create a safe area for your rat to play when he comes out of the cage. Never let him run around on the floor. Place him on the bed or inside a cardboard box.

Have you lost your rat and need help finding him? Your most recommended Livonia Mi veterinarians can provide you with advice that will help you find your furry little friend.

Picking Up Your Mouse

Picking Up Your Mouse

Your pet mouse is pretty sturdy but he could be injured if you handle him roughly. He could even die if you drop him. Thus you need to learn to pick up your mouse properly. Ensure that your mouse is comfortable with you before picking him up. Sit by his cage and talk or sing to him softly. Drape your hand in reach for him to explore. And try hand feeding him. Once you are ready to pick up your mouse, act quickly and efficiently. Use one hand to scoop your mouse up from underneath and cover him with the other hand to keep from wriggling away. Be prepared to put him down on a safe surface rather than dropping him. Never pick up your mouse by a limb, the scruff of the neck or his tail or you risk injuring him. For more information, contact your Aurora, CO veterinarian.

Cleaning your mouse’s enclosure

Cleaning your mouse’s enclosure

Your mouse has come to trust you, and she depend on you to clean her enclosure on a regular basis in order to help her stay happy and healthy. How should you do this?

Your pet needs you to take the time to remove any soiled areas or old food from her living space on a daily basis. However, this isn’t enough to keep everything cleaned. You will need to find a safe place for her to spend some time while you empty her enclosure. Sanitize everything you can, and remove all other items to replace them with new versions for future use, like when it comes to bedding material. Make sure everything is dry before reassembling. This way, your pet can enjoy her time in her nice clean environment. Your local Guilford County vet, The Animal Hospital at Lake Brandt can help you care for your pet.
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