Why clicker training can be effective

Why clicker training can be effective

Your dog needs you to consider all the different training methods when you are looking into teaching him new skills. However, with so many to look into, it can be difficult to see what will work for your pet, so you will need to look at them one by one. For example, why can clicker training be effective in a lot of different dogs?

Clicker training involves the use of a small device that creates a clicking noise. You would hold this device, and click it whenever your pet performs the desired behavior. What this does is allow your pet to get immediate feedback on his performance. As your pet likely moves quickly, it can sometimes be confusing about what you are offering praise on, but a click can effectively pinpoint to your pet what you are looking for. Your local experienced Indianapolis IN vets can help you offer your pet a wonderful place to call home.

Finding a place to walk your dog

Finding a place to walk your dog

Your dog needs to get out of the house for regular walks. This helps him not only get some fresh air, but also some much-needed exercise. How can you find the best place to take your dog out for a stroll?

Ideally, the place you walk your pet would be near your home. However, as safety is your main concern, this may not always be the case. Your pet needs to be a sufficient distance from traffic and other hazards. If you are walking at night or early morning, the area should be well-lit. You will also need to consider the route you take in terms of length and intensity, and make sure it is appropriate for your pet. Her paws should be able to handle the walk as well, so make a point to choose an area where the terrain isn’t too rough. Your local Indianapolis, IN vet can offer additional suggestions. Visit them to know more.

Your dog and dry skin

Your dog and dry skin

Your dog is an excellent companion, and the time you’ve spent with him has allowed you to get to know him quite well. You know that his skin is usually looking great, but has recently become dry. Why could this be?

Your pet needs you to think about all the different things that could impact his skin health. This includes changes in his diet and water intake, flea and tick treatments that may come into contact with his skin, and canine shampoos used at bath time. Any of these could be the cause of the dry skin, in addition to seasonal changes within your area. Think about the likelihood of each of these to help you narrow down what is likely causing the issue. Your local Indianapolis, IN vet clinic can help you better understand what your pet needs from you. Visit this website to know more.

Keep Dogs Inside if Rabies is Reported in Wildlife


If you live in a rural area that is known for different types of wildlife wondering in and around housing developments, make sure you keep an extra watch on your dog. Specifically, if there is a report of a rabid wild animal such as a raccoon or fox in your area, you may want to keep your dog indoors at all times. Rabid animals do not act normally and may come into your yard without fear. They may also run up to you or your pets. Don’t let your dog chase wild animals of any kind because you never know if the animal is sick or has rabies. If your dog gets into a fight with a wild animal, call your vet and have your dog examined for wounds. It’s best to avoid letting your dog run off leash when there is a rabies threat in your area. For more details, call your veterinarian Fox Chapel, PA.

Dog Collars for Pomeranians


It is not recommended that you use a dog collar on your Pomeranian as a means for leash attachment and walking. Your Pomeranian can wear a collar to hold ID tags and for other accessory purposes. However, do not attach the leash to the collar. Pomeranians have been known to have their trachea collapse due to excessive pulling on the collar by the leash. If you need something for your Pomeranian to be walked, please talk with your vet before using a collar. Instead, go with a harness that offers protection on the chest and back area. When the Pommie pulls at the leash, he is pulling at the chest and not the neck or throat. For regular collar use, you can find a small Pommie size collar at your local pet store. 0Once the collar is fastened, you should be able to fit at least two fingers under it. Talk with your veterinarian Jacksonville Beach, FL for more information.
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