How Pet Insurance Can Help You Save on Your Dog's Vet Bills

How Pet Insurance Can Help You Save on Your Dogs Vet Bills

Most people don’t spend a lot of time thinking about how much it might cost to bring home a new furry friend. This can be a huge mistake. You could end up spending thousands of dollars on vet bills over the course of your pet’s life. One way to reduce your bills is to sign up for a pet insurance policy.

It depends on the particular policy you choose, but most will cover regular veterinary care. That means at least a portion of your annual visit will be covered. Your policy could even include routine vaccinations and medications for heartworms and other parasites.

If you’re worried about your dog needing surgery or another invasive intervention in the future, you can choose a plan that covers these possibilities. Just make sure you look at the fine print. Some conditions aren’t covered for certain breeds.

Your veterinary clinic Upper Arlington, OH can tell you more about the benefits of pet insurance.

Can Human Bug Spray be used on your Papillon?

Can Human Bug Spray be used on your Papillon

No matter how much you are tempted to help your Papillon with the outside flies, please do not spray them with bug spray meant for people. Bug spray can be harmful to dogs and other animals because it usually contains DEET. DEET is a common active ingredient in insect sprays that can be toxic if inhaled or ingested by dogs. If you’ve sprayed your dog or your dog has been around you when you’ve sprayed yourself with bug spray, watch out for signs of DEET poisoning. Those signs may include drooling, wobbly gait, seizures, vomiting and loss of appetite. Call your vet immediately if you see these symptoms in your pup. As for the bug problem, if the flies are bothering your dog, ask your vet for advice on how to protect your pup. Your reputable pet clinic Colorado Springs CO may have a few all natural solutions to help.

Dog Training – Potty Training Tips


Inappropriate elimination in dogs is a common problem that many dog owners have to deal with at one time or another. The problem can occur even in dogs that have been potty trained. Potty accidents may be associated with a variety of reasons including health issues. Instead of trying to get to the root of the problem, some pet owners make the mistake of punishing their pets for the mess. But this is not the proper way to deal with the problem!

If your dog has been suddenly committing potty accidents regularly, there is a possibility that the animal is suffering from a health problem that may require prompt veterinary attention.

Potty accidents may be an important symptom of an upset stomach or other types of digestive problems. Any irritation or inflammation of the linings of the stomach and intestines, as well as the presence of parasites can possibly cause an affected dog to become ill and commit potty accidents. Make a habit of bringing your pet to your Sayville, NY animal hospital for early detection of health problems and timely appropriate intervention.

Dog Kisses


Some people find dog kisses are gross but many are perfectly comfortable kissing their dogs.A dog’s mouth has no more bacteria than our own so clinically there is no actual danger in kissing your dog. However, kissing your dog may be less pleasant if your dog has been licking himself, eating garbage or raiding the cat’s litter box. The same thing goes for your dog kissing or licking you. Kissing your dog on the snout or the top of the head can be gross since germs are spread to those areas while grooming or while scratching. Certain conditions can be passed to humanssuch as an ear infection or a parasite like hookworms, roundworms or giardia. If you have a compromised immune system, you should not kiss the dog. Also only kiss the dog if the dog is comfortable with your attention. For more information, contact your Happy Valley, OR veterinarian.

Will Your Dog Take Care of Ticks Himself?


All those creepy crawlies shouldn’t stop you from spending time outside, but you shouldn’t be surprised if your dog brings home a parasite after a long walk or a day spent outside. The question is, if your pooch ends up with a tick, will he just take care of it himself?

Dogs aren’t great groomers, but if there’s something in their fur that is irritating, they’ll do their best to get rid of it. That means you may get lucky and your dog will take care of that nasty tick on his own.

Unfortunately, it’s not a sure bet. Ticks often burrow in around the face, neck, and ears. Some can burrow in around the base of the tail. These are difficult areas for your pet to reach on his own, which means he’ll need a little help.

If you need help taking care of a tick, give your veterinarian McHenry, IL a call for advice!
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