Reasons Why Your Cat Is Acting So Mean


Cats can make great pets, but that doesn’t mean all felines are great. Some kitties are downright mean! Whether your furry friend has always been a bit nasty, or his behavior has suddenly changed, it could all be for a good reason.

What kind of environment is your cat living in? Cats thrive on predictability and routine. If your cat doesn’t know what to expect on a daily basis, he could really end up stressing out.

What kind of reinforcement techniques are you using? If you hit or spray your cat whenever he misbehaves, you may actually be encouraging him to continue behaving badly.

Some cats will become aggressive and mean because they are in pain, or they have a medical problem. That’s why it’s so important to schedule an appointment with your veterinarian Somerville, MA as soon as your cat starts acting out.

Responding to Your Cat’s Love

Responding to Your Cat’s Love

Your cat is completely dependent on you for her essential needs.However, there is a lot more to your relationship with your cat than that. You love your cat and cuddle her and she showsher love in return if you watch carefully. Notice that your cat seems to be constantly underfoot and it’s not just for food. She crawls on your keyboard, sits on your book and sleeps on your head at night. These are cries for attention because your cat wants your company. When she bumps her forehead gently against yours, she is signaling that she trusts you and you are a part of her group. Your cat marks you as her own when she kneads you. She sees you as her mother figure since she once kneaded her own mother to stimulate milk. Even gifts such as a dead mouse or bird indicate affection. Contact your reputed veterinary clinic Conyers GA to learn more.

Your cat and your dinner table


Your cat is an adorable little creature, and you want to involve her in all the aspects of your life that are appropriate for her. However, you feel that the dinner table should be kept a human-only space. Why does your cat seem so interested in hopping up onto it?

Your pet sees you enjoying yourself at the dinner table, and she wants to see what’s going on. This may mean that she wants to be there to have some fun with you, so she is trying to get your attention. It could also mean that she wants to have a taste of the wonderful food she can smell from her other favorite places within your home. Think about the height of the table as well, since your pet likes to be able to survey her territory from high places as they offer a wonderful vantage point. For additional information, please contact your Wake Forest, NC vet clinic.

Cats Can Have Poor Table Manners Too


When you think about bad begging behavior, dogs are likely to come to mind. Don’t let cats fool you. They can have some pretty terrible table manners too!

All it takes is feeding your cat a single scrap from the dinner table to turn him into a monster. Your pet will learn that sometimes, food comes from the table, which means he’s likely to bug your family while you’re eating. The same is true if you give your cat a quick treat every time you pull a snack out of the cupboard.

If you don’t want your cat behaving in such an unbecoming way, it’s important never to feed him scraps without first putting them in his bowl. It’s a good idea to wait until he’s done begging too. That way he learns, no matter how much he protests, he won’t get the treat he wants until he calms down.

Ask your veterinarian Thorold, ON for more training tips. Learn more here.

How to Get the Most out of Your Cat's Litter


It is extremely important to set your cat up with a litter box that he actually likes. It’s important for you to keep the litter clean too, but it’s so expensive! Is there any way you can stretch your dollar when it comes to your cat’s litter?

The best way to get the most out of your cat’s litter before it needs to be dumped is to scoop it regularly. At least once a day is ideal, but scooping every other day is better than waiting to scoop it until the end of the week.

It’s a good idea to purchase a high-quality litter too. It may be more expensive upfront, but you’ll end up having to dump the litter box less often.

For help choosing the right litter for your pet, click here, or schedule an appointment with your veterinarian Niwot, CO.

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