Urine Scald in Lilac Colored Gerbils

Urine Scald in Lilac Colored Gerbils

Keeping your Lilac colored gerbil clean and healthy is an important part of caring for your little pet. Failing to take adequate care can cause your gerbil to become sick. For instance, not cleaning your gerbil’s cage routinely can cause the bedding to become soaked with urine, which can be harmful to your gerbil and cause urine scald. Urine scald or a burning of the skin by urine is common in gerbils that are left to sit in their own wet bedding for long periods of time. Their bodies tend to soak up the wet or the urine, which can cause irritation, inflammation, and even burns on the underside and private areas of the gerbil. If this happens to your gerbil, call your vet. He may prescribe a topical cream to soothe the gerbil’s skin and relieve pain. Your pet clinic Aurora, CO will probably recommend cleaning your gerbil’s cage at least once a week. Learn more visit here.

Mongolian Gerbils

Mongolian Gerbils

If you have a pet gerbil, you might have observed that they are very active at night than during daytime. Gerbils are nocturnal creatures, but they can wake up during the day and play a little bit before going back to sleep.

The Mongolia gerbil is one of the most popular gerbils being raised as pets. They are very friendly and extremely curious. In fact, their curiosity can get the better of them when they encounter a new sound or a strange object or an unfamiliar face; instead of scampering away, they tend to stick around and investigate.

As for their housing needs, Mongolian gerbils should be kept in same-sex groups. They communicate with other gerbils using squeaks and shrill sounds. They also thump their hind feet to relay messages or communicate with other gerbils.

Contact to know more about your pet's needs and set an appointment with your Las Vegas, NV animal hospital. Read more for additional information.

Does Your Gerbil Need a Litter Box?

Does Your Gerbil Need a Litter Box

Many animals benefit from having a little box. Not only does it make going potty easy, it makes cleanup easy too! Can gerbils benefit from a litter box?

Having a small litter pan can be effective with a gerbil. Some gerbils prefer to go to the bathroom in the same spot, so when you place the pan in the cage, put a bit of waste in it. Although your gerbil may learn to use his litter box the majority of the time, you should be aware that your pet won’t use the box all the time. You’ll likely see he’s gone potty in other areas of the cage as well.

Make sure you clean the litter box at least once a day. You should continue to clean the entire cage once a week, since
gerbils aren’t perfect litter box users.

For more information, you can contact Aspen Commons Animal Hospital.

Symptoms of Epilepsy in Light Red Fox Gerbils


Epilepsy is a common occurrence in animals just as it is in humans. Although not a major concern in Light Red Fox gerbils, epilepsy has been known to occur on occasion in 20 to 40% of all gerbils. For this reason, understanding what epilepsy is and the symptoms to look out for may be helpful for you and your gerbil. In general, signs of epilepsy may occur around the time your Light Red Fox gerbil reaches puberty (i.e. 2 to 3 months of age). The frequency and severity of the seizures will generally subside around six months of age. Mild episodes may involve trance like behavior and excessive twitching of the ears and whiskers. Severe epileptic episodes may involve convulsions, stiffening muscles and even jerking of the entire body. If your Light Red Fox gerbil is having any of these symptoms call your Veterinarians Savannah GA immediately.

Treating Epilepsy in Fat-tailed Gerbils


Although epilepsy is a disorder that is often associated with people, it can also occur in gerbils including breeds like the fat-tailed gerbil. In general, epilepsy is a disorder of the brain or nervous system that can cause animals to have sudden, uncontrollable seizures. If your fat-tailed gerbil is exhibiting trance like behavior, twitching his ears or whiskers excessively, having convulsions, stiffening of the muscles or jerking of the entire body then you should call your vet. Once your vet diagnoses your gerbil with epilepsy he will then prescribe an appropriate treatment plan. In most cases, your vet clinic san jose ca will not need to prescribe an actual medication for your gerbil. If the epileptic seizure is severe; however, a mild muscle relaxant may be administered to reduce severity of the frequent seizures. Generally, seizures are monitored in hopes of them eventually subsiding around 6 months of age.
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