Taking your Hamster to School


If you have ever owned a hamster, chances are you’ve either taken him to school for show and tell or snuck him to school in your backpack just for fun. If not you, then perhaps your child? Hamsters are popular pets for children of all ages. They are typically easy keepers and can keep children entertained with running through tunnels and spinning the exercise wheel for hours. Many elementary schools have special days where students can bring something in from home to show and tell their classmates about. A hamster is a popular item for show and tell. If your child wants to take his hamster, transfer the hamster to a smaller cage so that your child doesn’t have to carry him around. Make sure there is plenty of food and water and ensure the teacher can help supervise the hamster while at school. Your veterinarian Upper Arlington, OH may also have some tips to share. Learn more here.

Playing with your hamster

Playing with your hamster

Your hamster is a big part of your family, and you’ve loved caring for her so far. However, you know that she needs a lot of exercise to stay healthy, and the majority of this comes from her daily play sessions. You’re running out of ideas for activities. How can you keep her having fun and moving about?

Your pet needs you to get to know her likes and dislikes. This will help you go with the flow and create different games to play with her on the spot. You can also try purchasing some different toys to play with, as this will give you an opportunity to play in a different manner than you have in the past. Think about ways to vary your playtime and what different items you could offer to your pet. Your local Fort Collins, CO veterinarian can offer additional suggestions. Learn more here.

Your hamster and sleep

Your hamster and sleep

Your hamster is an awesome little fur ball, and you enjoy spending time with him. However, your schedules don’t exactly line up a lot of the time. Why is he often sleeping when you want to play?

Your pet may live in the safety of your home, but he still retains a lot of the habits that kept his wild counterparts out of harm’s way. This includes his sleeping habits. Lots of animals tend to keep their waking hours to times when they are less likely to be spotted by predators, are more apt to find food, or their environments are the calmest. This is why your pet is likely to sleep during the day when you are awake, and get up and going when dusk comes around. Your local Coon Rapids MN vet clinic, Northbrook Animal Hospital can help you care for your pet. Schedule an appointment today.

Taking your hamster out of his cage

Taking your hamster out of his cage

Your hamster is a wonderful little companion, and you know that he needs time outside of his cage regularly in order to maintain his physical and mental health. This time offers him additional room to move around and tackle things he can’t in his enclosure, as well as offering plenty of time to bond with other members of the family. It also gives him a very welcome change of scenery.

To keep this space safe for your pet, you will need to make sure he can’t get into anything he shouldn’t. Hamsters have a habit of making their way into tiny spaces, so make sure everything in question is thoroughly blocked off. Take away anything that could be accidentally eaten or chewed on, and be sure to supervise your pet while out and about. For additional information, please contact your local vet clinic Lansing MI.

Do Hamsters Shed ?

Do Hamsters Shed

Some pets, like cats and dogs, can cause real problems because they shed all the time. Do smaller animals, like hamsters, shed?

Most hamsters do shed a little bit, but you may not notice that your pet his losing some of his hair. Like other animals, hamsters will shed and regrow their hair when the temperature changes, but because hamsters are so small and they don’t have a lot of hair to begin with, you may not even notice.

Unfortunately, there are some medical reasons why your hamster might be losing his hair. If your hamster has an allergy, he’ll lose more hair than he should. As a hamster ages, he may lose more hair than normal as well.

To make sure your hamster’s hair loss is healthy; you should schedule an appointment with your professional veterinary clinic Aurora CO.
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