Winter Care for Rabbits

Feel free to put in fleece or a warm blanket inside your rabbit’s hutch if necessary. While they prefer the cold over heat, they will not tolerate extreme temperatures well. You can also purchase a heat pad that is safe for pets at a pet store or perhaps at a veterinarian clinic. You might need to reheat it several times throughout the day for your rabbit to stay warm.

At this time, you can drape a plastic sheet over your rabbit’s hutch so that it can still see through it but so that harsh weather elements cannot penetrate through it. Ensure that your rabbit will still receive adequate ventilation despite this!

Waterproof hutch covers are also available for purchase at pet stores. Raising the hutch additionally off the floor will keep dampness from seeping through the bottom of the hutch.
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Common Mistakes by New Cat Owners

If you are planning to bring home a cat, make sure that you completely understand the responsibilities involved in taking care of its needs. For sure, you will have to put in time, effort, attention, and even include your pet's needs in your household budget.
Here are some of the common mistakes committed by first-time cat owners:

1. Buying or adopting on impulse
Deciding on an impulse can be disastrous because you may end up with more than you have thought of. This can certainly be overwhelming and many owners choose to give up when faced with the responsibility.

2. Poor nutrition
Poor nutrition involves not only underfeeding but also overfeeding as well. A cat that lacks vital nutrients in his diet may manifest signs of deficiency while overfeeding increases the likelihood of obesity and dental problems.

3. Self-medicating cats
You cat's life may be put in jeopardy when you choose to address your pet's health problems on your own. Bringing your pet to a veterinary clinic Henry County is a proactive approach to disease prevention and early disease detection and treatment.

4. Failure to regularly clean the litter box
Your cat is a fastidious animal thus he has the tendency to eliminate somewhere else when the litter box has not been emptied regularly. Read more about your cat's needs at Stockbridge animal hospital

The 411 on Pet Rabbits

Rabbits need to be fed an unlimited supply of hay, pellets, and vegetables. Clean water should also be available at all times. Rabbits are social creatures and will benefit from companionship whether from other rabbits, humans, guinea pigs, chinchillas, cats and dogs. However they may need supervision as they may be attacked by some of these creatures if not watched closely.

If you are going to pick up your rabbit, it is essential to provide it with support on its belly and underneath as its bottom as its bones are very delicate. Rabbits are easily startled so it is important not to frighten them by approaching them or picking them up unannounced.

Pet rabbits are an excellent choice if you are looking for a suitable pet for older children or teenagers as they will be mature enough to care for it. Visit vets in Greenwood Village for some great tips on pets.

What to Consider When Breeding Gerbils

If you are mulling over breeding gerbils, there are many factors to consider. Before anything else, understand that breeding gerbils is no trivial decision. Bringing even just one gerbil into the world will require patience, effort, energy, time and money on your end in order to ensure that the animal has a good life in front of it.

If you are committed to providing all of the above, you need to understand that you will need space and tanks for up to eight gerbils. Males and females will also need to be segregated into separate tanks. You will need to devote time each day to interact with the pups in the litter as they need to become accustomed to human contact. As you breed gerbils, you also need to think about whether you will sell the pups produced or care for all of them. Note that one pair of gerbils has the ability to produce 96 pups each year. Are you ready for them? For professional advice on pets check Lexington animal hospital online

What You Need to Know About Proper Rabbit Housing

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not OK to house a rabbit in a tiny cage. The minimum acceptable size for a rabbit hutch is one that will fit four stretched out rabbits in a row. In other words, the rabbit should be able to hop four times from one side of the hutch to the other.

Now your next question might be: what type of hutch should you purchase and where is the best place to purchase it? The truth is that you can make use of alternatives such as a child’s playhouse or even a shed and customize it according to your rabbit’s needs and your personal preferences. Resist the urge to purchase a hutch with multiple levels as it takes away valuable floor space.

As for the run, ensure that there is no way predators can access it and that there are no poisonous plants in the area
. Visit animal clinic in McDonough for tips on pets

The First Days of Gerbil Pups

In their first few days of age, you can handle the baby gerbils. 5 to 7 days old is a good age. In order to distract the parents, you can throw in a piece of cardboard in the tank or perhaps offer them some treats.

At 5 to 7 days old, baby gerbils will already be capable of crawling so it’s vital that you handle them very carefully. Use two hands and ensure that there is a safe surface underneath just in case they fall.

When the gerbils are 7 to 10 days old, you will be able to determine their sex. This is very easy as all you have to do is identify whether or not the gerbil has nipples. The ones that do are females. Their colouration will also start to become visible at this time. This information will come in handy if you decide to sell the gerbils. To know more on this visit Burbank animal hospital website

How to Introduce Two Birds to One Another

Whether you have owned your bird for quite some time now and think it’s time to add another one to the mix or you have just acquired two birds from separate sources, you’ve come to the right place:

1. Place their cages in separate rooms. While you want the birds to hear each others’ chirping and such, visibility should be saved for later. Do this for two weeks.

2. Place the cages 5 feet apart. Allow them to get used to each other’s presence for about three days. Carefully observe their behavior. If they seem aggressive or hostile, they will need to stay apart longer than three days. If they seem peaceful, this is a good sign and you can open both of the cages to merge the birds.

For any pet emergencies or more on bird care tips, consider visiting a vet Wichita.

What to Do If You Find a Wild Baby Rabbit

Should you chance upon a wild baby rabbit that has been abandoned while hiking in the woods or what have you, your first instinct is probably to take it home with you and nurse it. But the truth of the matter is that this probably isn't the wisest course of action.

Rabbit nests typically aren't hidden. Sometimes they will build them right in the middle of your backyard with the use of fur, brush and grass. While they will nurse their young, they will leave them on their own periodically. Having said that, chances are that you've likely just encountered the wild baby rabbit while its mother was away gathering food or running around. The best thing to do in this case is to return it where you found it or leave it exactly where it is. If you’re certain the mother isn't returning or has been killed, get in touch with a wildlife rehabilitation. To learn more on this visit veterinarian Brookfield

Pediatric Behavior Problems in Cats

Pediatric behavior problems refer to negative behavior demonstrated by kittens between birth and puberty. It is important that cat owners should address this as early as possible, because it can be difficult to make interventions later on. Kittens are highly vulnerable to physiological and environmental influences, thus there is a need to undertake preventative measures to avoid such behaviors.

The most common of these problems are associated with play, defensive aggression, fearfulness, and house soiling. A kitten may exhibit increased roughness such as scratching and biting during play. Fear may be exhibited by hiding, fleeing, and defensive aggression. These behavior problems are accompanied by hissing, dilated pupils, and flattening of the ears. Elimination problems include urinating or defecating in the house instead of the litter box.

While many of these problems are typical to a species, there are factors that can worsen behavioral issues including treatment by people and the kitten's environment. If you are dealing with any aggressive behavior of your pet, you should seek professional help from a vet Heber Valley.

What to Do if Your Hamster Escapes

If your hamster has somehow managed to escape from its cage or maybe from your hands during playtime, the first thing that you need to do is seal all the windows and doors to ensure that it isn’t able to get out of your home.

Next, search for every possible place that it could be hiding. This includes beneath cupboards, underneath the bed, under dressers. It will also help if you put its cage on the floor as your hamster will likely crawl into it.

If you have tried everything and still aren’t able to locate or capture your hamster, use the bucket method. At some point your hamster will grow hungry so what you can do is place some food into a bucket and place the bucket on top of a stand. When your hamster crawls into the bucket, it will be trapped. Seek expert vet advice from animal clinic in Montgomery

All about Bengal Cat

A Bengal cat is a hybrid which was created when a domestic cat was crossed with the Asian Leopard cat. It was in Japan during the 1940s when Bengals were first welcomed as family pets.

Although recognized as a breed by The International Cat Association, the Cat Fanciers Association does not accept Bengals as a show breed.

Highly active and bursting with energy, Bengals are extremely alert and intelligent. They are usually perched on high places and love to watch and learn from people. Although the breed possesses a challenging temperament, physical and mental stimulation can help channel the cat's energy and intelligence.

Bengals often make growling sounds when eating. They have a distinctive "prowl-like" walk since their back legs are slightly longer than their front legs. They are also slow growers and it may take up to two years before they reach full physical maturity. For more information ask a veterinary clinic North Park about cat care.

Weekly Care for Your Rabbit

While some tasks involving proper care for your rabbit will need to be done on a daily basis, some are sufficient being carried out at least once a week. Weekly, set aside time and make it a point to clean your rabbit’s enclosure to keep it sanitary and tidy.

Secondly, if your rabbit is of the short-haired variety, groom its fur thoroughly and remove any stains from food or from playing outdoors. Its health should also be monitored at this time. You should also interact with it especially if it lives by itself.

Apart from these weekly requirements, it is also important to visit a vet regularly so that your rabbit’s dental health can be monitored and addressed. Rabbits also require certain vaccinations to keep their health in check. Further visit Dunedin veterinary for expert pet care tips

How to select the best Veterinarian for your pet

Bringing home a new pet can be exciting and exhausting. But one critical point is ensuring you have a great veterinarian to help you with your newest family member.

Your veterinarian is critical to your new pet's health. General check ups, vaccines, flea control and heart worm preventive must be taken seriously. Select a Veterinarian you feel comfortable with and ask around for referrals.

Visit the veterinary hospital first. If the staff is friendly and the hospital smells good, you are on the right track. You can also ask to meet one of the veterinarians on your tour. If you both get along, then you probably found your pet a family doctor. Don't select your veterinarian just based on location. It might be worth driving an extra 5 miles to have someone you really trust and respect taking care of your valued pet.

If you around from Cedar Park then have a look at this veterinary clinic, just checkout their website for all the facilities and pet services they provide.

Steps to a Healthy Dog

To make sure that your dog reaches his ideal weight and maintains a healthy weight as he grows older, here are some steps to help keep him on track:

Keep track of your dog's weight
If your dog is carrying excess weight, helping him lose extra weight will protect him from health problems which can be triggered by obesity. When your dog is trying to lose weight, make sure that he gets rid of the excess pounds at a normal rate by weighing him regularly. Also, be sure to evaluate your dog's body condition score regularly.

Engage your dog in healthy amounts of physical activity
Regular exercise is very important to effectively lose weight and keep the extra pounds off. Exercise is also a good way to vent off pent-up energy.

Keep an ideal weight for life
Keeping your dog at an ideal weight should be a lifetime commitment by following a simple weight maintenance regimen that involves regular exercise and proper nutrition.
Make frequent visits to your veterinarian Montgomery County to make sure that your dog's weight management regimen is going smoothly. Click on this link for more information about your dog's health.

Simple Tips for Training your puppy

All of us dream of parenting the perfect dog, a pup that is well behaved and dependable at all times. Well dreams do come true if the training is done with care and dedication. Remember pups learn from day one and need to be taught what is right, what is wrong, and proper socialization.

Pups are like children, they need constant supervision and training. Training a pup need not be an ordeal all you need to keep in mind are a few simple rules:

• Teach the pup to respect you. Dogs live in packs and instinctively follow a leader. If you establish your leadership in no uncertain terms then training will become easy as the pup will obey you at all times and not challenge your authority.

• Use only positive training methods. Never shout at, hit, or punish a dog. It is not just cruel but can lead to behavioral problems. Use of electric shocks, prong collars, sprays, and so on could hurt the animal.

• Teach the meaning of “No,” from day one. Do not encourage behaviors like jumping, mouthing, tug-o-war, barking, or running out of open gates and doors. Praise good behavior and ignore or walk away when there is bad behavior. The pup will learn that if he misbehaves he will lose his companion/playmate.

Having a well-behaved pup is only a few simply steps away. You can also consult with a Liberty veterinary clinic. Check out this site for more information on puppy training tips.

What to Consider When Boarding Your Rabbit at a Vet Clinic or Kennel

If you have no other option but to board your rabbit at a vet clinic or kennel while you are on holiday, it’s ideal to first do an ocular of the place to ensure that your rabbit will not be exposed to other animals. If it has no choice but to be in a room with cats, request that the cage be facing away from the cats. Ensure as well that there is at least one staff member who is experienced with rabbits.

On the other hand, understand that you may encounter difficulty searching for a vet clinic or kennel that accommodates and separates rabbits from other animals. Your rabbit will also likely become stressed from the new sights and sounds in its surroundings. It will also lack physical activity while boarding. To learn more on pet care visit Animal Clinic in Willis
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