How to Properly Handle Your Rabbit

First, understand that it is never OK to pick up your rabbit by its ears, fur, tail or legs. Doing so can lead to a very painful experience for your rabbit or even lead to injury. A rabbit also has a very fragile skeletal system that is prone to breakage or damage.

In any case, if you decide to pick up your rabbit, do so very carefully. Approaching your rabbit should be done in a slow fashion and it is ideal to get down to its level. This will help your bunny to relax. Once it is in your arms, put one your hands underneath its torso and hold it very close to your body to give it a sense of security.

If you feel your rabbit struggling or panicking, put it down immediately. Visit a veterinarian Ottawa for more information on how to properly handle your rabbit.

Know your Gerbil’s Nutrition

Your gerbil needs to be provided with access to water and food at all times as they do not stick to a feeding schedule unlike cats or dogs. Purchase a water bottle for your gerbil’s tank or cage. Be sure that the tip of the water bottle does not get buried in the bedding material to keep the habitat hygienic and also to prevent confusing your gerbil. Test the water bottle and ensure that it runs smoothly before using it.

With regard to food, conduct research on what brand will benefit your gerbils the most and where you can purchase it in your area. Sunflower seeds should be fed sparingly throughout the day because of their high fat content. As a rule of thumb, non-breeding gerbils that are below 2 years of age should receive 12% protein and 7% fat while gerbils older than 2 years of age should consume 10.5$ protein and 4% fat in their diet. Lastly, breeders should receive 15.5% protein and 8% fat. Head here for more info on pet care in Poulsbo

Playtime for Cats

By nature, cats love to play. Playtime is important in the development and nurture of their physical and psychological health.

Being carnivores, cats are born predators. It should not come as a surprise if your cat brings you a "present" such as a dead rodent. Play time is a certified outlet for pent-up energy since domestication has not gotten rid of excess predatory instincts of felines. Exercise also promotes physical activity, which is especially vital for cats that are overweight.

Toys which are safe for cats need not be expensive. Your feline friend will have a grand time playing with balls, fishing pole toys, plastic birds or a mouse. When choosing toys for your pet, be sure to steer clear of small toys that can become choking hazards.

Be sure to pay a visit to West Greenwich veterinarian to know more about your pet's needs and set an appointment.

Prerequisites for a New Cat

Are you thinking of bringing home a new cat? Before you decide to get a new kitten, here are some important questions you need to ask yourself:

1. Can I afford a cat?
Aside from the initial purchase price or adoption fee, keeping a cat will entail other costs including food, litter, litter box, toys, scratching posts, cat trees, and veterinary care.

2. What breed of cat?
Some prefer a pedigreed cat because of desirable breed characteristics. However, there are those who prefer a mixed breed cat. You should think about the breed's grooming requirements and whether it can get along well with other members of the household including other pets.

3. A kitten or adult cat?
Some people chose an adult cat because it already possesses a developed personality. It has also been litter box trained and given core vaccines. Adult cats have gone through the stage of "raging hormones" and they can easily bond just as well as a kitten with the members of the family. Be sure to have your cat checked by a veterinarian D’Iberville.

Budgie Breeding Tips

• Check the nest box ideally when the hen is outside stretching its wings.

Don’t allow any pairs to raise a third clutch if their efforts have been successful from the first two rounds. This will endanger the health of your budgies. They may also end up producing weaker chicks. Instead, allow the pair to rest for at least one year.

• To prevent the hen from starting a third clutch, pull her out while the youngest chick is 10 days of age. The father will be in charge of the chicks. You may need to hand rear if daddy doesn’t take over.

• Wash your hands thoroughly with hands and water prior to handling eggs or chicks.

• If you have a large clutch (5 or more especially), always check on the younger chicks to ensure they aren’t getting trampled and that they are receiving food. If not, try fostering or feeding the chicks yourself. Visit pet clinic Pasadena for more tips on animal care

How to Convince Parents to Purchase a Budgie

If you’ve been wanting a pet budgie for the longest time and aren’t sure how to get your parents on board with the idea, here are a few suggestions to help convince them:

Demonstrate your responsibility – complete all your chores on time without having to be asked twice. Go the extra mile whenever possible!

Provide a presentation on budgie care – show them that while budgies need a considerable amount of care, they won’t take up as much space or resources as other pets like cats or dogs. This is also the time to communicate to your folks that you’ve done your research and will be able to properly care for your budgie with minimal assistance and supervision.

Save cash for a rainy day – put aside a portion of your allowance each week or take up an after school job to finance your purchase.

For more tips visit Fayetteville animal clinic

What to Know about Your Rabbit’s Eating Habits

While rabbits can live from 10 to 12 years in captivity, this rarely happens due to a slew of preventable diseases. The good news is that these can be avoided just by feeding your rabbit a proper diet. Rabbits thrive heavily on greens and plants. In the wild they are herbivorous. Rabbits do not need a high number of calories in their diet and feeding them such can lead to obesity and other health problems.

Rabbits use their teeth to grind their food and wear it down before it even enters their digestive system. They will also eat their faeces when it is in its soft pellet form. These hold a vast wealth of nutrient and it is essential that rabbits are able to eat them especially young ones since their digestive systems are still sensitive and susceptible to problems. Head to Ludington vet clinic to learn more on pet care

How to Treat a Sick Budgie

If there’s one thing that you need to know about birds, it’s that as soon as they start to look sick, they are at a point where they are already very ill as birds do everything possible to mask their weaknesses. It is an instinct developed from their time in the wild. If you notice your bird looking unwell, here are a few tips:

1. Observe its symptoms and physical appearance. Is its nose runny? Are its feathers fluffed up? Has its appetite changed? Does it keep away from the rest of the flock? These are all very important questions to answer and will help a vet diagnose its exact illness.

2. Isolate it from the rest of the flock. Whether your bird leaves with one bird or five others, you need to isolate it in order to avoid spreading the illness and to protect your bird as well.

3. Visit Animal Clinic in Jacksonville for more info on your Pet's wellness.

What You Need to Know About Breeding Gerbils

While the gerbil is pregnant, feed it a high quality food that is composed of 15% protein. Supplying it with dry kitten food or scrambled eggs will also help keep it healthy. Ensure that fresh water is always readily available as well. This is extremely important as if a nursing gerbil feels that she lacks nutrients or hydration, she may eat one of her babies in order to sustain herself and the rest of the litter. Carlisle vet clinic can provide some useful tips on how to take proper care of your pets.

Gerbils will be capable of and start mating as early as three months old. Once you put the breeding pair together, it is possible for them to produce babies within a few weeks. The mating ritual typically happens in the early evening and will involve two hours of chasing one another around the tank and inspecting one another’s undersides.
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