Taking Care of the French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is fast-becoming a dog of choice for many city dwellers. The breed’s small frame coupled with an easy to care hair coat makes them popular for people with busy lifestyles.Since he does not need a great deal of exercise and is far less likely to bark compared to other small dog breeds, the French Bulldog can easily fit into an apartment or condo.

The French Bulldog is well-loved for their sweet demeanor and sense of humor. They can be quite stubborn at times thus a Frenchie can be a challenge to housetrain. Being brachycephalic or flat faced, they have difficulty regulating their body temperature and are sensitive to heat. When exposed to high environmental temperatures for a considerably long period of time, they can quickly succumb to heatstroke. This is also the reason why French Bulldogs are not good to take along for hiking or jogging.

Have your dog checked regularly at a veterinary clinic Livonia.
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Caring for American Wirehair Cats

The American Wirehair has bright rounds eyes that slant upward on its corners. The breed comes in a variety of colors. Its wiry hair is caused by a mutation that must be encouraged, it being an incomplete dominant gene.

Suffice to say, the breed’s wiry haircoat is the most important feature of the breed. Although soft to touch, its coat is tight, resilient, springy, and coarse. The individual hairs are crimped or kinky and may sometimes form tight ringlets. The hair in the cat’s ears and whiskers should also be spiky or curly, just like the hair of the rest of the body.

A Wirehair is an excellent cat for families with kids. Being gentle and affectionate, it is a people oriented cat. In fact, it is said to be able to sense people’s moods. They love to be in the company of family members, and bask in their attention. It can also live harmoniously with other pets.

Bring your cat to a veterinary clinic Ceres for regular checkups.

Important Reasons why Cats Tend to Sleep the Day Away

Cats are indeed impressive sleepers. They have been shown to get 10-16 hours of shut-eye each day. That’s more hours spent sleeping than most mammals.

The feline’s love for sleep have been linked to two things—their protein-rich diet and their predatory behavior. A diet rich in protein requires a considerable period of time to digest. On the other hand, cats have nocturnal hunting instincts that keep them awake from dusk to dawn.

Indoor cats have been shown to be more likely to spend most of the day sleeping while free-roaming cats are likely to hunt for small prey during daytime.

Knowing the aforementioned reasons, you don’t need to lose sleep over your cat’s seemingly excessive love for sleeping the day away. However, when your cat’s energy levels are lower than what he normally possesses or when your cat stops playing or eating, you should make an appointment with a veterinary clinic Logan Circle.


Stress Relief to Prevent Bad Behavior in Pets

The development of undesirable behavior in pets is often linked to boredom, pent-up energy, and stress. The need to provide opportunities for your dog to release stress and expend energy is important to provide both an avenue for physical and mental stimulation and keep unwanted behaviors at bay.

Here are some ways to enrich your pet’s life and help him from being bored:

• Find the tasty nugget

Dogs and cats possess natural hunting instincts. Home in on this behavior by hiding his favorite treat in a food puzzle or in specific places around your house. At first, you may need to assist your pet to show him how to play the game. Be sure to praise him each time he finds a tasty nugget.

• Rotate toys

Instead of putting all of your pet’s toys scattered around the house for him to play with, try putting half of them into a location where he can’t find them. Each week, make it a point to bring out the toys from the cabinet and store the other toys which were recently played with. Finding a long lost toy will certainly provide your pet some excitement.

Have your pet checked regularly by a vet Vancouver. Here’s more information on this site.

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Is Your Cat Aloof and Unfriendly?

Although cats require regular interaction with their owners, they can be distant sometimes. If a quite affectionate cat

gives you a cold shoulder, he may be telling you something. Knowing the reasons will help you take steps toward improving your pet’s demeanor.

• Arrival of a new baby

If your pet has been used to being the only “baby” in the family, he won’t possibly like the arrival of a new baby. You may find him giving you the cold shoulder, reluctant to interact with you and the rest of the household eversince the arrival of the new baby. Make extra effort to let him feel that nothing has changed and you still have time to play with him. At first, you have to keep your cat away from the baby to give everybody some space.

• Arrival of a new pet

The arrival of a new pet may stir feelings of animosity in your cat. He will feel threatened by the newcomer and views him as a competitor for food, space, and attention of the family. Take time to introduce your cat to the new arrival, and giving them time to get to know each other.

You can ask your vet Matthews for more tips.

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Bath Time Fun for your Pet

Bathing your pet is an essential part of good grooming, thus it is important to get them used to the regimen while still very young. Since they can have an aversion to bathing, you need to develop a strategy to enjoy bath time.

Since your pet love to play, make bath time another way to spend time playing with your pet. Playing with toys during bath time will teach your pet that bathing is not something to be scared about.

Since puppies and kittens are quite sensitive to extreme water temperatures, make sure that water is lukewarm.

Use only bath products that are specially formulated for pets. These products are made up of ingredients which are gentle to their skin, unlike shampoos formulated for humans.
Don’t forget your dog’s favorite treats. This is a “must-have” to any pet bath time. Make sure to give you dog a treat before, during, and after his bath time.

Ask your vet Colorado Springs regarding important pet issues. You can get more information here.
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