Why do Pets Bury Their Stool?

For your information, in case you’re not aware, a ‘stool’ is basically poop, and cats and dogs love to bury it.
Why, you may ask? Well, dogs and cats do it as a very intelligent way of marking their territory.
To any human (except for the sick-minded) cat and dog stools smell the exact same to everyone; foul.
To an animal, every single cat and dog has a different-smelling stool.
Cats and dogs bury their stools, often in a circle around where they reside, in an effort to ward off intruders.
It’s robust, but it’s very effective in keeping all but the bravest and most powerful wild animals away from your home.
Cats and dogs also used to do this back when they were animals in the wild, so it’s second nature to them to bury their stool in a circle around your house.
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