Leaving a Dog or Cat in a Boiling-Hot Vehicle in summer: Why you mustn’t ?

When you leave a cat or a dog in a hot vehicle in summer and you leave it there for a couple of hours, and you came back to find it dead from heat exhaustion…that’s on you, as dogs and cats both have large fur coats, and giving them some water to have can keep them from dehydrating.

It has been shown to be possible, in the usually cooler areas of the United States, Canada, and other places, for being able to actually bake cookies in the summer heat nowadays.
You’re going to leave your pet in that?


In order to do that, you need to make sure that your dog and/or cat both have enough food and water to last them a while, this way they don’t get too hot.

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Why Cats Crave Attention so Much

Cats have always been known to be the animals who “steal the show”. Most cats want to be the center of attention because that’s just who they are. The thing is, though…why do they want to be center stage?

Cats have always craved attention simply BECAUSE it is their nature. To be loved, to be petted, to be rubbed…most cats crave these things.

cats attntn

So, don’t become angry because your cat won’t leave you alone. In fact, try embracing your cat (both literally and figuratively) and accepting your cat’s desire to spend time with you.

Turning a cat away makes them feel much more hurt than they would if they were a dog.
If a cat REALLY craves attention, it will go to almost any lengths to get that from you.

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Brushing your Cat’s Hair

Even if your cat is a fastidious groomer, regular brushing removes dirt and dead hair from your pet’s coat, while removing dander and promoting blood circulation. One or two brushing sessions per week will help your feline friend keep his healthy glow while enjoying your bonding time together. These grooming sessions will certainly become more precious and beneficial when your cat is growing old and is no longer able to groom so efficiently on his own.

These grooming sessions are also a good time to check your cat’s body for any bald patches, signs of ticks or fleas, or any abnormal lumps or bumps.

When brushing your cat’s hair, always run the comb in the direction of hair growth, since brushing in the reverse direction can be uncomfortable for your cat.

Long-haired cats, especially those who spend most of their time indoors tend to shed throughout the year thus they will need grooming sessions every few days to prevent tangles and remove dead hair.

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Do Cats Really Purr Just when they’re Happy?

If you have ever given a cat a back rub or scratched behind its ears, you’ve likely heard your cat purring.
However, did you know that cats will also purr when feeling other emotions? For more Healing Paws Veterinary.

A cat will actually purr on the rare off-chance when it is in pain. It may seem odd, but it’s been known to happen.
So, don’t always think that purring means your cat is content and happy. Check the rest of your cat’s body language, such as the way its tail moves and such, to make sure that your cat is actually enjoying itself in the reality of things.

So, keep note: if a cat’s tail is flicking wildly and it’s purring, believe it or not, your cat may actually be aggravated and ready to attack.
happy cat

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In Being the Owner of a Pet Reptile

Owning a reptile is not the easiest task in the world, and owning a reptile definitely has its downsides. However, being a reptile owner has its benefits. For one, reptiles have a unique way of being raised and taken care of, which can be construed as being easier than a cat or dog.
For one, most reptiles are herbivores or omnivores, with very few being outright carnivores.

To raise a reptile, you must give it ideal living conditions to live in, first of all. Some reptiles prefer to bask in the sunlight, which would require a tank with an artificial light. On the other hand, some reptiles prefer a mixture of light and shade, in which case you have to provide a sort of overhang that creates a shady spot for your reptile to retreat to.

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Feeding your Crested Gecko

Crested geckos are omnivores and thrive well on a diet of live prey and fruits. If you have access to a commercially available quality crested gecko diet, make a paste by mixing a little bit of the powdered meal with water. You can give this diet to your gecko every day, by placing a dish in its enclosure at night and removing it in the morning.
The best protein source for crested geckos is gut-loaded crickets which have been dusted with supplement powder. You should refrain from giving wild-caught insects since these can carry disease. Insects that are given to your crested gecko should be gut-loaded, that is, fed a nutritious diet at least 24 hours before being fed to your pet.

When feeding your gecko, always consider the size of the prey. As a rule of thumb, a cricket should never be larger than the distance between the gecko’s eyes, or the distance from its eyes to its nose. Adult geckos are given 4-6 crickets at least 2-3 times a week. If there are uneaten insects left on its dish, this should be removed from the enclosure since they can bite your lizard and cause injury, especially the area near its eyes.

Feeding your Crested Gecko

Some gecko owners choose to feed their pet in a separate enclosure to ensure that the lizard eats all its insects. The separate enclosure is often free of bedding and furniture where the prey can hide. Lizards may also pick on the bedding when grabbing prey and unintentionally ingesting some along with the prey. What is the best diet plan for geckos Hollyberry Animal Hospital ?

Crested geckos also need fresh fruits to balance their diet. Don’t feed baby food since most are high in sugar. Some good choices include bananas, mangoes, apricots, and peaches.
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Making Your Move Easier For Your Cat

By nature cats are territorial thus moving can definitely be a stressful situation for your feline friend. The frenzied packing activities and preparations before moving day can certainly bother your pet. To make matters worse, moving day is filled with unfamiliar people, strange sounds, new activities, and a new home which may still have a “cat smell” of the previous owner’s pet.
Making Your Move Easier For Your Cat

Moving is distressing for your cat and it is up to you to make the transition and adjustment easier for your pet. Planning and preparation are very important to guarantee your cat’s smooth transition from your old home to the new one.

Once your moving plans have been finalized, packing and preparation should immediately be undertaken so your pet can get used to the changes in your routine. If you have an indoor cat, you need to take him outside more often and gradually expose him to new surroundings. Taking your cat on car rides will also get him used to being in a moving vehicle. Regular exposure will prepare your cat for the new sounds, new surroundings, and new activities during and after your move.

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Why Some Cats are SO Lethargic during the Day

You may notice as you’re going to bed, that your cat is winding up and being a bit more active than it has been all day, and you roll your eyes and say; “NOW you want to play…”

Cats aren’t trying to be mischievous about this…this is their nature. A cat is more active at night, and always has been, right back to the time period where they were wild and feral.Why Some Cats are SO Lethargic during the Day

That concept of “hunting by night” hasn’t left your cat, and in most cases, won’t anytime soon.
Cats usually try to sleep during the day because they exerted themselves the night before, and unfortunately, this is when you want to play with them the most.

Now, not all cats are like this, but most cats are.
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Why is My Dog Not Barking?

Dogs can sometimes be quite moody creatures, albeit not more than the cat.
Sometimes, if a dog is in a very sullen mood, the dog may not bark for long periods at a time. This is nothing really to be concerned about. Your dog is likely just bored, or tired.

One thing you should know about a non-barking dog is that sometimes it’sWhy is My Dog Not Barking?
just lack of desire to bark…but sometimes it may actually be something medical in nature.
If your dog goes a really long time without barking, it may have a medical problem with it.
If this is such a case, consider bringing your pet to the veterinary clinic to have them checked for any underlying issues with their bodies.

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How Cats are Able to Strike so Quickly

It’s not what you may think. A cat does have incredible speed when attacking their enemy with their claws, but usually a cat’s response time comes from its natural response in the wild, which is to be always fast and alert to sounds and other attacks.

A cat has been and always will be programmed to react VERY quickly to an out-of-hand situation that threatens it in any way. A cat’s first reaction is to usually hiss, but if the issue in question has gone beyond hissing, a cat will make a less-than-split-second decision and strike fast at whatever’s causing the cat grief.

Just keep in mind though that your cat does not consider you an exception. If you aggravate your cat too much, prepare for a lightning-fast swipe of its paws followed by a hiss.

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What should you do if Your Cat has Flatulence?

It is perfectly normal for your cat to let one go every once in a while, just as humans do.
Just like a human does, a cat expresses excess gas in its body from gaseous foods, or too much air in their stomachs, and such things as those.

However, if you find your cat is having extremely excess flatulence, as in cannot stop, then you should really take your rear-singing cat to the veterinarian’s office right away.

Thing is though, don’t be on alert to take your cat to the vet if you hear a toot once a week. Once or twice every other day is pretty much the norm for cats, although they have a sense of privacy and try to hide it.

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Strange Cat Cravings

Pica, or the craving to eat non-edible items, is common even in cats. Some cats nurse on fabric especially when they have been weaned too early. It has been observed that the younger a kitten is weaned, the stronger its drive to suck on wool or its owner’s arms, hair, or even earlobes. Some cats may only suck on items but others progress to eating these fabrics. Some also eat shoelaces, paper, plastic goods, and even electrical cords.

There are many factors which are thought to cause unusual cravings in cats:

• Nutritional deficiencies

Cats that are anemic may eat their cat litter. Eating a little grass may be quite normal, but eating a lot of plant materials may indicate there is something missing in your pet’s diet.

• Health problems

Some medical conditions may trigger unusual cravings in cats including diabetes, brain tumors, leukemia, and feline immunodeficiency virus.

• Genetic predisposition

Some cats may be genetically predisposed to pica. Wool sucking has been observed to be common in Siamese and Birman cats.

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