Your cat’s diet can be the cause of constipation

Do you feed your cat dry cat food only or do you mix it up with some moist cat food?

Dry cat food is actually very hard on your cat’s digestive system. Your cat is built to process moist foods only and dry cat food can really play havoc on their digestive system and its bowls.

Constipation is only one symptom of a cat that takes in dry foods.

There is not a lot of nutrients or proteins in dry cat food, so although your cat may enjoy the crunchy bits of the dry food, it suffers for it later.

If your cat stays constipated for more than one day, you will have to take it to the vet to make sure it is not the beginning of a more serious problem. If you really want to know more, your curiosity will be satisfied at the website for this veterinary clinic Loveland.

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Creating a special vocabulary with your dog that is unique to just the two of you

Who says you have to use the typical command words that everyone else uses to train your dog to obey?

There are no rules that say you cannot teach your dog to obey whatever command words you choose, so creating a unique vocabulary is not only fun, but will keep you and your dog interested in continuing this process.

Other people may use a typical command word with your dog like “come” so and so, but of course your dog will only do that when you express the secret command word that only you and your dog understand.

Dogs are able to memorize over one hundred and fifty command words and can read your body language if you make a certain gesture to be used with a certain word.

Have fun with your dog and make up a secret language that only you and it understand. With this information, you can take it and get even more by checking out the website of the veterinarian Loveland.

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What do you do if you have bitten off more than you can chew with Your Exotic Pet?

It is almost too hard to believe that some people go to all of the expense, time and trouble to acquire an exotic pet, then turn around and try to get rid of it because it is “too much” to deal with. But, it sadly does happen, and these types of people struggle to now try to re-home their exotic pet.

The level of difficulty in trying to offload an exotic animals is within the realms of extremely hard. Zoos are usually not interested in taking a privately-owned exotic and trying to pawn it off onto family or friends is usually impossible.

These people usually end up seeking advice from their vet to learn about their options. If you would like to know more, do so at this website for the veterinary clinic Thorold.

Monkey See, Monkey Do...Your Monkey will try to imitate you

The saying “monkey see, monkey do” came about for the very reason that monkeys love to imitate other monkeys and people.

Humans are creatures of good and bad habits, so take the time to ensure your monkey is not picking up on your negative habits or behaviour. You will find out very quickly just how much your monkey is observing you because it will copy something you have done in front of it. It is not a good idea to allow your monkey to roam around your home freely, as there are too many dangers, and if your monkey is in imitation mode, it could accidentally become injured.

Your facial expressions, body movements, moods, and overall behaviour can easily be mocked by your monkey if it chose to (grabbing a toy and pretending it is a cellphone would be an example).

To find out more, go to this website of the veterinary clinic Thorold.

Your Cat will not Steal Your New Baby’s Breath…it’s Just a Myth

Put your concerns to rest. Your new baby will be safe in your home with your cat. Cats are drawn to the way a new baby smells. It’s an odor that the cat has not smelled before. In the same way your cat will get close to your face…it is smelling you and your breath…it is not trying to suffocate you.

It’s the exact same response when a cat smells a baby’s face and its breath.

Having that myth cleared up, there is one point of caution for you to consider. A cat (especially a male) may want to mark its territory BECAUSE of the new baby. Marking its territory is done through spraying and it positively stinks. If this occurs, then you may want to put your cat outside, as spraying is a prelude to jealousy, usually.

Click here to visit the website for the veterinary clinic Niagara Falls if you want to learn more.

If you are an Explorer at Heart, then you could have a Fellow Adventurer with a Yorkshire terrier

Yorkie terriers are hands-down the best dog to own if you have the heart and passion of an explorer. Yorkie terriers are very bold, outgoing, and extremely curious dogs, which are the exact characteristics of a human explorer. These dogs, with their beautiful, long, silky hair, can sport any hairstyle (to the owner’s liking usually) and will need to visit a groomer’s in-between adventures. Yorkie terriers are great with families or single individuals, as they will bond equally among its human family. Take the plunge and get the right companion in your adventures, a Yorkshire terrier.

If this matter intrigues you, this website of the veterinarian Niagara Falls can help to service your needs.

Do you have Artificial Plants? Your Cat won’t Mind Chewing on Them for Fun

Whether your home was full of artificial plants before you got your cat, or you got them after you got your cat, your cat will have fun with them either way.

There is no real attraction factor to your cat for fake plants. They have no odor or purpose besides looks, but cats will nibble and chew on just about anything. As cats are drawn to anything that would induce coughing up an unwanted fur ball, a plastic plant may become a target.

You can attempt to put all of your plants up high in the hopes your cat will not get at them, but as a cat owner knows, a cat that is focused intently on something will find a way to get to it. Never spray your plants with air freshener or water to “dust” them. Your cat would be licking at this, and you do not want to make it sick.

Learn more about all of this by checking out this link to the site of the vet Roswell.


If you have children and you are getting a puppy… hide the toys!

Your children probably have many toys and they are most likely scattered all around their rooms (as young children pretend they do not grasp the concept of tidying up). You and your family have decided to get a puppy, but there is a lot of work to be done before that puppy can come home with you.

As puppies literally will get into everything and chew anything it can get its paws on, your children’s toys are at risk of being gnawed on and possibly destroyed. Small toys can also be a choking hazard for your puppy, so you and your family will have to be very innovative when deciding how to keep the toys out of puppies reach.

All around the home will also have to be inspected to ensure that all hazards and things that you do not want to end up in your puppy’s mouth are also dealt with in an organized manner.

Lock away chemicals, small items and breakables (at least until your puppy is fully trained and is a bit older). In order to learn more about dogs and the way they behave, you can do your research here, at the website of the vet Roswell.


Cats do not Understand Heights when it is Deeply Focused on Something of Interest

For as clever as cats can be, they get very absorbed when they are fixated on one particular thing. In too many situations where cats are involved, a cat can completely ignore heights and basically gravity itself when they are mesmerized by something, like a bird in a tree. As cats are prone to sitting on window ledges, if the screen was not there and a bird was within jumping distance of the cat, the cat WILL jump out the window with no regard for how high up off the ground it may be…not too clever.

Cats have suffered many different types of injuries this way and also from the balconies of apartment buildings. A cat loses focus on everything else when it is in stalker mode, and putting itself at risk of injury.

If you want to go ahead and learn more about cats or any other pets, check out the link for the veterinary clinic Chesapeake. Discover more at the site of Western Branch Veterinary Hospital.


A Cat can be the Best Companion you will Ever Have

Having human companions is great, but a cat definitely takes first place as the best companion you will ever have. Your cat knows you, all of your habits, how you are emotionally, mentally, and physically...your cat never judges you.

Your cat can be a loyal companion, if in good health, for up to fifteen years where most human companions cannot seem to commit themselves that long. A cat will cuddle and play with you, purr at your touch, listen to you when you need to vent and be accessible all day and all night to you.

Your cat will join you at mealtimes, may keep you company when you clean the house, do the laundry, or dirty dishes. When you watch TV, your cat is usually beside you, on your lap, or playing at your feet.

In order to find out more, you can check out this site of the vet clinic Ashburn VA.

Does Your Dog Harass you wherever you are trying to Cook?

If your dog gets underfoot whenever you are in the kitchen, it is most likely your fault. Once dogs are given people food and if it happens on a regular basis. The dog can anticipate the prepping of these foods. By your dog staying in the kitchen and following you back and forth, it is secretly hoping that it will receive some of whatever you are cooking.

If your dog had never acquired a taste for people food because it simply did not get any, you can bet your dog would be off doing something else unless it heard the familiar rustling of its dog food bag. It is never too late to stop giving your dog your food. The sooner it knows it will not get any, the sooner your dog will stop tailing at your heels.

If you would like to find out more, please go and visit this site for the vet Ashburn.

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Get Your Cat Some Sun

A cat needs adequate exposure to sunshine to help their body produce vitamin D, a nutrient which is essential for their bones and immune functions. With regular exposure to sunshine, your cat’s body will have adequate sources of this nutrient. Vitamin D is also important in regulating your pet’s temperament and mental health.

If you don’t want to bring your cat outdoors, you can give him access to sunshine by having a part of your house screened off and turned into a sun room for your cat. If you don’t have a screened porch, you can also have a window seat, either one that’s inside your house or one that is actually outside the window, where your kitty can sit suspended above ground. These are safe ways for your indoor kitty to get enough sunshine without the risk of outdoor hazards. There are also commercially available ‘kitty compounds’ which are actually pens that are fully enclosed and placed in the backyard or balcony so your indoor cat can safely stay outside.

An indoor cat can still suffer from potential health problems thus regular check-ups with your Fort Collins vet is recommended. Click here for more information.

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Distinct Changes in Senior Cats

As your cat ages, you will observe some distinct changes in his physical appearance as well as his behavior. Improved nutrition and advances in pet care have made it possible for cats to live longer and lead healthy lives. Here are some distinct changes that your senior cat may display in due time:

  • As your senior cat slows down, he can suffer from joint problems. Living a sedentary lifestyle and spending a good part of the day sleeping can worsen arthritis symptoms.

  • Changes in feeding behavior are brought about by the digestive system’s decreased efficiency. Degenerative changes in major organs of the body may also take place as a consequence of aging. Aging cats also suffer from a gradual decline of their sense of taste and smell, which can greatly contribute to their poor appetite.

  • Senior cats are prone to dental problems, an important factor that can also influence their appetite.

Older cats are prone to certain age-related diseases thus be sure to have your senior cat regularly checked by a Northeast Kingdom veterinary clinic. For more information, check out the website of East Haven Veterinary Service.


Visit Your Local Animal Shelter to get Your New Cat

Do you know that there are SO MANY cats that need homes, love, and care all waiting for you at your local animal shelter?

Cats that wind up in shelters are fantastic cats that were abandoned by their previous, irresponsible owners. These cats are in perfect health, as they are examined by a vet and any medical issues are attended to right away.

There are always a variety of cats available for adoption to the right home. You should take the time to visit the animal shelter and check out all of your options before you decide on where to get your next cat. You will be glad you did, as you never know, your next best friend may be waiting there for you.

If you want to know more, follow the link to the site for the veterinary clinic Glen Burnie.

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Cats have been worshipped throughout the ages, so your cat is not trying to act arrogant, it just wants the attention

Does a cat loved to be pampered? Absolutely!

It is inbred in a domesticated cat to be pampered and loved and well taken care of. Some cats can come across like they are arrogant and unaffectionate which is of course, is the complete opposite to what people look for in a pet cat.

If your cat acts standoffish, then you may have a “spoiler” on your hands. You can break your cat of this little instinct by simply just giving it the basic care each day like you normally would (feedings, clean litterbox, etc.) but do not invite petting or joining you on the couch.

Your cat will eventually come to you as it does have times where it wants to interact with you for quality time, to show affection. Cats do not like to be ignored so you will not have to wait long before your feline tries to snuggle up to you. In order to find out more, go ahead and click the link for the veterinary clinic Apple Valley. Visit the site of Shamrock Animal Hospital to get more information.

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Your cat’s tongue and sandpaper have a lot in common

It is hard to believe just how rough a cat’s tongue is and people notice this every time their cat licks them.

Is there a purpose for your cat’s tongue to be so rough and sandpapery feeling?

Yes, your cat has a very rough tongue because it needs it to be as close to a hairbrush as possible. Your cat uses its tongue to comb out and clean its fur when it is grooming itself. The rough tongue also acts like a vacuum cleaner by pulling out loose hairs and disposing of them (this is how cats get fur balls).

If a cat’s tongue was not rough but smooth, it would just simply glide over the fur and not accomplish anything except to wet the fur, which of course would not work out for the cat as it wants to be super clean.

Next time your cat licks you it will be then that you understand that although the tongue feels strange, it is very important to your cat for grooming purposes. Curious to know more about cats? Satiate the palette of your curiosity by checking out this site for the veterinarian East Greenwich.

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When an Outside Cat is watching over her Playing Kittens

A mother cat, who is an outdoor cat, has just had a litter of kittens. In about six weeks, she will allow her kittens to begin straying around, to begin the task of learning about a brand-new world.

The mother cat can look deceivingly pre-occupied watching her kittens, but do not be fooled. This mother is paying way more attention to every sound and movement of anything in close proximity to her kittens.

An outdoor cat teaches her kittens how to scatter and run back to the safety of their den with just a small sound or a particular movement, in case there is something dangerous nearby.

You can go ahead and check out this website for the veterinarian Indianapolis to find out more about cats and other animals. They will have the helpful information you would be seeking.

Janets cats and 5 kittens

More Cats are Euthanized (put down) Than Any Other Animal

To cat lovers, it is so heartbreaking to know that cats are not treated the way that any animal should be and are euthanized as a means of “disposing” of them. Too many people take on the responsibility of kitten/cat ownership and allow it to go downhill, which is negligence.

Cat owners need to first understand that when they brought this pet home, they agreed to provide proper shelter, healthy food, fun toys, a litterbox and clean litter, a safe environment, regular visits to the vet, and most of all, love and affection. Spaying or controlling the cat so it does not produce litters is optional, but far too many people decide (after the fact) that cat ownership is not for them and discard the cat to the street, or take it to the vet to be euthanized, or just chuck them in the middle of nowhere to fend for themselves.

What kind of human society have we become to allow living creatures to be tossed away as if they were our garbage? Have we become such creatures of convenience that we have a cat dumped on the streets or killed by euthanizing just because we encounter a couple of hardships with them?

If you want to know how YOU can treat your cat well and face a minimal amount of hardships, you would do well to pay a visit to this website for the veterinarian Central Indianapolis. They can provide you with the information that you need to raise your cat properly and not discard it.

Your Dog's Nose is Dry and a Little Bit Cruelty, Should you be Concerned?

If your dog’s nose is dry (first thing in the morning, for example), but becomes wet throughout the day, your dog is fine.

When a dog has a dry nose and a bit of crustiness, then there should be some concern, especially if this persists more than forty-eight hours.

Taking your dog to the vet is required, although a dry nose is not due to a medical condition that is life-threatening, but it does need to be addressed.

Your vet will examine your dog to determine the cause of the dry nose and may prescribe a simple method of taking care of the problem, or prescribe a medication for your dog to alleviate the problem. If you would like to learn more regarding dogs, or you just want to know more about animals in general, then you can visit this website for the vet Montgomery to do your research.

You Know Your Dog is Maybe a Little Too Bonded to you if it Displays Behaviour Resembling Separation Anxiety

Large or small, any breed and temperament, if a dog is acting “stuck” to your side, you can bet it bonded with you to the point it cannot ever be left alone.

It is a “feel-good” pleasure when your dog constantly follows you around and seems to need to be touching you when in tow.

You enjoy your dog’s attention and its need for attention until one day, you leave your dog at home alone. Your dog will either behave positively or negatively in your absence.

If your dog just goes about its business and it self-amuses, then your dog is okay with being alone.

If your dog misbehaves in your absence, including urinating or pooping inappropriately in your home, then you do have a problem.

Your dog is going through separation anxiety and your next step should be to talk to your vet for advice.

You can also do research on dogs at this website of the veterinary clinic Carlsbad.

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Teaching an Old Dog a New Trick is not as challenging as Teaching a New Puppy Old Tricks

Old dogs (contrary to popular belief) can be taught new tricks with just a little bit more effort from you. Training an older dog is about half the challenge of training an energetic puppy, so it is all about your tolerance level for executing patience.

An older dog is not overly energetic and may look at you like you are from the loony bin if you try to teach it a new command word. Older dogs tend to be set in their ways (kind of like older people), but if you are patient and you praise the older dog for obeying and executing the proper action to the new command, then this should be a piece of cake.

Dogs can learn over one hundred command words, so one can only hope that an older dog will obey the new command happily.

You can learn more about this by visiting the website for the vet Conway.


Sometimes Cats Get Their Claws Stuck into Something and Cannot Free Itself- You Will Hear Their Cry for Help

Your cat is making a different sound that you have not heard it make before. Of course, your first reaction should be one of concern.

Investigating the matter immediately, you find your cat completely stretched out and tugging hard with one paw. Your cat is actually stuck with one or more claws into something and it is unable to retract its claws to let go. Your cat is in need of rescuing, but be careful…your cat may act annoyed with your assistance (which does not make any sense to you).

Your cat feels completely vulnerable and does not completely understand why it cannot retract its claws. Your cat is not as capable of defending itself and may be somewhat aggressive with your presence.

Gently squeeze the top and bottom of your cat’s stuck paw between two fingers. You want to help your cat EXTEND its claws a bit more, then unhook them from the item they are stuck in.

You can find out more about cats by heading on over to this site for the veterinary clinic West Houston.


If you live in the Country, you should be Checking Your Dog Regularly for Ticks

Ticks are not only annoying, but they are also dangerous to your dog and yourself.
A dog can be the carrier of a tick and it can bring it into your home, where it may attach itself to you or another person/pet in the family.

Ticks can be found in the woods and in tall grass, so giving your dog the “once-over” before letting it into the home should become a daily routine.

You can enlist the help of other family members to assist in this chore. Everyone should be knowledgeable in how to spot and remove a tick from your dog. Check your dog’s ENTIRE body for ticks, not just its back or something.

Use a brush or fine-tooth comb to separate the fur so you can see down to the skin. Your dog will become accustomed to this process and eventually stay still, as it knows it cannot come inside until you are finished checking it.

Read more about this and other dog topics at the website for the vet Gardner.


Changes in Senior Dogs

One of the consequences of aging is the onset of health problems that may affect your senior dog’s ability to enjoy life to the fullest, even during his twilight years. Here are some tips to ensure that your geriatric dog remains happy and healthy:


  • Regular visits to the veterinarian

Senior dogs need to undergo health checks at least twice a year; more so, if your pooch is suffering from a serious health problem.


  • Keep alert for behavioral changes

Your senior dog may suddenly manifest distinct changes in behavior as a result of a health problem. So it is important to be alert for any changes not only in your pet’s behavior but also in his appetite, water consumption, urinary and bowel habits, and deviations in his sleep routine. A dog with a deteriorating eyesight or sense of hearing may suddenly become irritable for no particular reason.

Any changes in your senior dog's routines or behaviors should promptly be consulted with your Jacksonville vet. Visit this site for more information.


Taking Your Cat Camping with you and Your Family

Every year, you and your family go camping in a beautiful, remote area. This year though, your kitten has grown up and is now an you bring it camping, too?

As much as you would love to bring your cat on vacation with the family, it truly is not advisable.

There are many things that happen during your camping time that can possibly draw wild animals to your site (smells of raw food and cooking food, children’s voices, etc.).

Having your cat on a leash, in a carrier or zipped up in a tent is putting your cat in a position where it could not properly defend itself...a little cornered.

Leaving your cat at home and being cared for daily by a friend, neighbor, family member or sitter is the better alternative for your cat.

Feel free to head to this site for the vet Pickerington to learn more.

Pekingese Temperament

Pekingese are stubborn as dogs can be. Although there are many words that have been used to describe a Pekingese, but the best one is stubborn. Like the Chihuahua and Dachshund, their bullheadedness can sometime escalate into aggression towards other dogs in the household or in the neighborhood. Thus it is important for your Pekingese to receive early socialization.

The breed’s temperament makes it less friendly to other pets in the pack however, with proper training and socialization, your pet can learn to tolerate other pets when given sufficient time and effort and when these pets have been together for quite a considerable period of time.

The Pekingese temperament may be partly blamed on the royal status their ancestors have been receiving in the past. Unlike many canine breeds, a Pekingese is not out to please his owner. He will do anything that will be self-advantageous at his own pace and time.

Keep your dog healthy and active by bringing him regularly to an animal hospital Racine WI.

Why can you carry a Small Dog in a Purse, but not a Cat?

Occasionally, you may see a very small dog’s head pop up from a woman’s handbag, but never a cat’s. Why is this?

The answer is simple. It is virtually impossible to keep a cat or kitten confined in such a tiny place for any length of time. Cats are far too independent and would be constantly meowing and trying to get out of the bag to explore the environment around them.

Due to dogs being naturally and instinctively den dwellers, they are quite content at not only being lugged around in a purse, but also snuggled up into a small space.

A cat will have an absolute fit of panic and aggression if an attempt is made to plop them into a bag, and forced to be kept there.

Discover more about the problems that one can face owning a cat by following this link to the site for the veterinary clinic Montgomery County.

Why Your Dog Acts Vicious When the Mail Gets Delivered to Your Door

For some unknown reason, your dog completely loses its mind and acts vicious when the mailman/mailwoman approaches your home to deposit the mail. Why does your dog do this?

Firstly, the mailperson comes up to your home each day at approximately the same time, so your dog learns to anticipate this.

The mailperson does not knock on the door or ring the doorbell like other visitors, which can make your dog rather suspicious. This person rattles the mailbox or opens the mail slot and then walks away.

Your dog does not get to see this particular person ever, and you do not greet this visitor “ever”. To a dog, the lack of interaction from you with the mail person leaves your dog in a rather defensive mood.

In order to learn more about dogs and other animals, please visit this site for the veterinarian Fulshear.

Introducing the Clown of the Exotic Bird World…the Caique

This little exotic bird is a real pleasure to have and enjoy…especially when it is in a playful mood and begins to exert some of its energy (and to show off). One of the best features of the caique is it’s like getting a miniature parrot. Its coloring will captivate you, as well as its intelligence.

Watching it roll onto its back to play with a toy will entertain you.

Full of energy, the caique climbs, plays, and chews on its toys, but not for long. As if it has a built-in timer, quite often the caique will begin to hang from the rope or the bars of its cage and ‘clown around’ for your amusement.

Over time and with practice, you can handle and be affectionate with your bird.

Click here to visit the website of the veterinarian St. Thomas. There, you can learn more about the caique and various other bird species of the world.


Do you wish you had an Exotic Pet that Eats Decayed or Older Vegetables? Get an African Millipede

African millipedes are maybe not the most attractive arthropods and not the “cuddly” sort either, but it is easy to care for, as far as exotic pets go.
This particular millipede enjoys a spacious five gallon tank filled with bits of this and that that would be found on a forest floor (moss, twigs, small rocks, dirt, etc.).
This forest floor substitute needs to be kept damp, just as a normal forest floor would be, so utilize a spray bottle and lightly moisten the area for your millipede.
A millipede’s diet consists of the titular food: old, rotting vegetables. The older, the better! Millipedes go crazy for decaying vegetables, so your fridge’s vegetable-related waste will be heaven for your millipede.
Feel free to learn more about this unique creature by following this link to the website of the veterinary clinic Sugar Land.

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