Do you think a large bird like a raven will be your next exotic pet?

The intelligence of a raven is highly attractive as far as a potential pet, its calls to other ravens is a language all bird experts are intrigued with.

It’s calls to other ravens….this is one example of why not too many people keep ravens as pets, their large size and wild mannerisms would be first considerations, but its need to be among other ravens in its community is far too important to its survival.

Ravens are also clever at mocking human sounds and at one point in time, ravens were considered better pets than parrots because although still thought of as exotic, they are more related with generally as local birds.

These birds are highly adaptable in the wild, they will critique their diet to suit the area in which they live, from berries and plants to rodents and garbage. If you are of a curious mind to know more, this website of the vet Vancouver can satiate your appetite for knowledge.


Toygers are not felines that have any degree of wild cat in them, yet they have the strikingly beautiful tiger stripes to show off

A completely domesticated cat with no wild cat crossbreeding, the Toygers give you that wild cat feel without all of the chaos that can come with a crossbred cat with varying degrees of wild in it.

The tiger stripes are so captivating to people (they are beautiful) that some breeders took it upon themselves to develop a completely domesticated cat the size of a tabby cat that carried the striping of a tiger and in recent crossbreeding, Bengal felines have now been utilized to increase the body size of the Toygers.

Being short haired, the Toygers are very unique in having very strong and muscular looking bodies (lending to that exotic cat look) even though it is a shorthaired tabby crossbreed. The veterinarian Vancouver’s site, found here, has a wealth of info that can help you out in your research on exotic animals.


Breed Profile: Cymric

The Cymric is often viewed by many pet owners are the long-haired version of the Manx. Its name comes from the word “Cyru”, a Welsh name for Wales since both the Manx and the Cymric came from a place near Wales, known as the Isle of Man.

Before the breed was accepted by the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA), the Cymric was first showed as a “Manx Mutant” or Longhaired version of the Manx. The breed’s name was later changed to Cymric around the mid-70s.

Cymrics are well loved for their loyalty and gentle temperament. They can also live well in a multi-pet household, especially dogs.

Cymrics are very smart and can be trained to do some tricks. However, your kitty can easily get injured when leaping down from high places, thus it is best to keep your pet from reaching high shelves.

Know more about your cat's nutritional needs by visiting your South Boston vet. Check out this link.


Is your Pet in Pain?

Many pet owners don’t have any idea their pet is in pain, since some dogs and most cats are more stoic in dealing with pain. This makes it more difficult to know when your pet is actually suffering or in pain. Most importantly, your pet cannot open his mouth and say, “hey, I’m in pain.”

By paying attention to some specific signals exhibited by your pet, you will be able to have an idea if your pet is suffering from pain.

• Unusually restless, unresponsive, or quiet

• Whimpering, whining, howling or meowing persistently

• Biting itself

• Constantly licking a specific part of the body

• Displaying overly aggressive or submissive behavior

• Ears flattened against its head

• Sleeping or eating problems

• Seeking a lot more attention than usual

If you suspect your dog or cat is in pain, contact your Diamond Bar vet immediately. Pain management is a team effort and you can only properly deal with it if you know what you are dealing with.


Obedience School for your Pooch

If you wish to enroll your pooch in obedience school, you don’t need to dive in and enroll in the first obedience school you can find. Remember, obedience school is expensive and you should be sure to have your money’s worth. Take your time to check out schools in your area and their rates. Ask for recommendations from pet owners, and if you have time to spare, observe dogs which are graduates of the school. You can also go online and read up on reviews about obedience schools near you.  If you have the list, take time off to visit their premises and see their facilities and activities.

Obedience school never comes cheap because a professional dog trainer takes charge of your dog’s training. Your pet will also have access to the latest facilities and training methods to enhance his learning experience.

Ask your Henry County vet regarding important pet issues. You can get more information here.

Creeping Critters and Your Cat's Attraction to eating them

Ants, spiders, earwigs and other creepy, crawling critters (that make your skin crawl) are loads of fun for your cat. Cats will play with insects for long periods of time because they are just fascinated with the way they can catch one, release it, and catch it again.

Eventually, your cat will get tired of this repetitive game and attempt a small lick of the insect. Your cat may spit the insect off its tongue and lick it up again several times before promptly deciding to eat it. This whole process will start all over again the next time your cat finds an unsuspecting insect. Research more on this at this website for the veterinary clinic Strongsville.

You can get a Cat that just LOOKS Exotic without Actually Getting an Exotic Cat

There are many cross-breeders out there that breed certain domesticated cats to resemble wild and exotic-looking cats. They may look exotic, but the specially-bred domestics are far safer and much easier to handle and care for than real exotic felines. You may have to do some travelling in order to pick out a cat at a breeder’s. Specialty breeders are usually not easily accessed. Utilizing the Internet to locate different breeders of cats would be a good place to start.

Make sure you are only contacting legal, registered breeders and not some “black market” cat seller. You want to be assured you are getting a high-quality, healthy cat. Also be sure to have your new cat examined by your veterinarian. Go ahead and check out this website of the vet Strongsville to find out more about this and other cat topics.

Your Dog may have a Serious Reaction to Bacteria or Fungi

Did you know that your dog may suffer fevers or dermatitis skin issues from being exposed to different fungi or bacteria? It is true, and a couple of examples would be valley fever and yeast dermatitis, both conditions resulting from fungus exposure.

People react to black mould, mouldy cheeses and mushrooms by sneezing, getting a headache, feeling nauseous and the like. Your dog also reacts to bacteria and fungi and it can seem like an allergic reaction. If your dog is showing signs of irritation around certain foreign/bacterial substances, you should have your dog looked at by your veterinarian to ascertain if your dog is just reacting this one time, or if this reaction will be permanent. Follow this link to the website for the veterinary clinic Strongsville to find out more.

If Your Cat Cannot deliver her Kittens Naturally, she will have to be rushed to the Vet’s for an Emergency Cesarean Section

Although cats are expected to give birth naturally, there is the odd time that a cat needs help in delivering her litter. If your cat is pregnant, you should plan out getting her to the nearest veterinarian or animal hospital, in the event she cannot deliver the kittens on her own. Plan out the most direct route to the animal hospital’s emergency ward (your cat will require emergency surgery), and be prepared to pay for the surgery up-front or upon your cat’s release.

The surgery consists of removing the kittens from your cat’s uterus, so it is a major surgery and your cat will require some post-operation care. The survival of your cat and her kittens depends on your quick response, so even if you suspect your cat is in distress trying to deliver her kittens, act on your instincts and get her to the hospital. Go ahead and travel to this site of the veterinarian Strongsville to know more.

Amazing Facts about Exotic Pets

Even if you have been a pet owner for a long time, here are some fun facts about your exotic pet that may have escaped your notice:

• A bird’s heart beat while its resting is 400 beats per minute.

• Iguanas are able to hold their breath for up to 30 minutes.

• Hamsters can blink only one eye at a time.

• Armadillos can give birth to four babies at a time, all of the same sex.

• A goldfish can live up to a ripe old age of 40 years.

• Macaws, cockatoos, and other large parrot species can live more than 75 years.

• A bird must eat about half of its own weight in food to survive each day.

• Armadillos are the only animal besides humans that can get infected with leprosy.

• A garter snake can have 85 babies in a single birth.

• Ferrets are currently considered the third most popular household pet in the US.

Bring your pet to a Lafayette veterinarian for a regular wellness check. Click on this link to know more about your pet's needs and set an appointment.


If Your Dog is battling with you for the Alpha Position, then you need to Force it to Submit to you

Big or small, your dog NEEDS to know who is the boss in your home. Some dogs will try to “take on” their owners by not obeying and showing assertive behaviour. This is typical “alpha” behaviour and you need to quash this the moment it begins (unless you want an unruly dog who never listens). By the word “alpha”, this simply means the “leader” of the pack, a.k.a the leader of its family members.

To squash your dog’s intentions of being the boss, you only have to do one simple thing. If you can roll your dog over onto its back and force it to stay in that position for at least one minute, then you are forcing it to be submissive and acknowledge YOU are the boss. This website for the veterinary clinic South Jordan has more info for you.


Are you Informed Enough to make the Decision to have Your Cat De-Clawed?

Removing your cat’s main ability to defend itself is never an easy choice. More cat owners struggle over this dilemma more than any other decision regarding their cats. The fact that amputation of the first joint of each toe is what transpires during de-clawing is usually enough to deter most cat owners from going through with the surgery, but there are still some that proceed.

Is de-clawing humane? That is a question that can only be answered per the individual situations each owner is faced with. It is up to each cat owner to determine what is in the best interest of their own cat and to go from there. Learn more about this and other cat topics at this site for the veterinarian South Jordan.

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Your Veterinarian is on the Ball when it comes to Your Dog’s Pain, how to prevent it, Treat it, how it affects all of the Body Systems and how it occurs

When it comes to your dog, you already know a dog expert…your veterinarian! Anything that could possibly go wrong with your dog’s health, from the head to the tip of the tail…your vet has the answers and the ability to treat it.

The trick is to keep your dog exposed to the vet with regular visits and examinations. By seeing your vet routinely, your vet will have a better chance at spotting the early and subtle signs of medical conditions. This is preventive maintenance that both you and your vet take together for the best interests and well-being of your dog’s health and welfare. Know more by visiting the link for the veterinary clinic South Jordan. Check out the website of A Gentle Vet, Inc. to get more information.


Indoor Cats need to be Very Creative to Self-Amuse... Realize this when you Feel Yourself Getting Annoyed with Your Cat

Cats will do the craziest things when they are bored and looking to entertain themselves. This is usually about the time when a cat will become very creative and begin to do things it has never done up to this point.

A tube of lipstick is a potential hockey puck because it rolls and can be batted around with a paw. An unsuspecting pillow can become a wrestling partner. Under your bed is more interesting when your cat lays on its back and begins to pick away at the material around the box spring. Those are just a few examples of the silly things your cat may get up to if it is bored. It is not an attempt to make you angry. If you want to know more, visit this site for the veterinarian U Street Corridor.

Weighing out the Costs of Taking Your Dog on Vacation or leaving it behind and Boarding it

You could be facing some heavy expenses if you are not only planning for your vacation, but also planning for your dog’s as well.

If you are vacationing in another country, you are looking at the costs of crating your dog for air travel, locating occupational rooms that allow dogs and bringing your dog on all of your excursions/tourist attractions (if dogs are permitted).

The cost of also returning home, the expense of your dog having all proper shots to go over on a boarder to another country and so on.

On the other hand, the costs of boarding your dog while you go on vacation would certainly create less hassle. It would be a huge drop in expense and would remain locally until your return.

You have a lot to consider, but also keep in mind what is in your dog’s best interest. Feel free to check up on this at this website for the veterinary clinic U Street Corridor.

City Paws Animal Hospital

Chartreux Cats

Chartreux cats originally came from France. The first Chartreux were brought to the US in 1970. These cats with wide-set eyes are friendly and devoted pets. They have a luxuriant, thick, and woolly blue-gray colored coat that is water-repellent. They make wonderful pets for kids.

Though they have large muscular bodies, these cats are extremely supple, agile, and refined. Males are slower to mature compared to females. The colors of their eyes and hair coats, as well as their coat texture are influenced by age, sex, and several other natural factors. The females are permitted to have a silkier, thinner coat.
The calm personality of the Chartreux makes them excellent hunters. Their engagingly rounded appearance has earned them the moniker ‘the smiling cat’. They are prone to being a couch potato—until a potential prey is spotted.

The Chartreux colors officially recognized by CFA include any blue-gray shade ranging from ash to slate. The tips may be slightly dipped in silver. But the preferred tone is an overall iridescent sheen of bright, unblemished blue.

Talk with your Greenwood vet to make sure that your cat is receiving the right amount of exercise that he needs to stay in tip-top shape. Get more information here.

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Heaping your Praise on your Pooch

Most dogs thirst for their owner’s praise. In fact, some dogs go bonkers and become so excited when given lavish praise by their alpha leader. However, you should be aware that there is a proper and a wrong way of giving praise to your dog. The phrase ‘too much of a good thing’ certainly applies to this situation.

When you say “good dog”, you are appealing to the mood of belonging. This shows psychologically positive reinforcement which works effectively well with dogs. In contrast, patting your dog is an example of physical positive reinforcement, given for displaying desirable behavior.

Because of the positive things that happen as a result of his actions, a dog learns to single out behaviors that will bring on these positive reinforcements. Thus, elimination of a particular undesirable behavior can be successful if positive reinforcement is not given when the action is displayed.

When patting your dog, remember not to pet him on the head or shoulders so hard that it causes a jarring motion. This can be irritating to your pet, just as when it’s done to you or other people. The best place to pat your pooch is on his ribcage behind his shoulder, or his chest between the forelegs.

Asking assistance from your Greenwood veterinary clinic will also go a long way in addressing any behavior problem. Visit this website to know more about your pet's needs.

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Search Dogs

• The nature of the work of search dogs differs from that of tracking dogs. Here are the specifics of how a search dog works:

• A search dog does not require any scent article.

• No tracks are required to begin work.

• The search area does not need to be cleared of other searchers. People can continue searching while the canine search unit is also doing their job.

• Search dogs don’t require a starting point. They can start anywhere as long as they the area is covered systematically.

Although there may be variations in the condition of different settings, most are more conducive to the search rather tracking dogs. A search dog can begin to work with no scent and search until it detects a track or air scent. These are then used to locate the lost person. Most search dogs may abandon a ground scent in favor of a fresher air scent.

Ask your Greenwood veterinarian regarding important pet issues. You can get more information here.


More Distinct Cat Behaviors

If you think you already know and understand behaviors exhibited by cats, here are two distinct feline behaviors that you may not know about.

The Fluttering Blink

The fluttering blink is displayed when a kitty greets another cat, or a familiar person. It is a slow, languid blink to communicate affection. A cat closes one’s eye in the presence of another cat or person as a sign of ultimate trust. Respond to your cat’s action by blinking slowly at him. This is your way of showing your pet that you are aware of his presence and pose no danger. Make sure the next time your kitty blinks at you, be sure to return the gesture.

Classic Halloween Pose

A cat’s tail can tell you so much about your pet’s food. When the tail is held high, it shows confidence. When it is curled around your let or on another cat’s tail, it communicates friendliness. And when it’s tucked between or below his legs, your cat is getting apprehensive or anxious.

A tail that is held upright like a bottle brush is a clear sign that your kitty is feeling threatened. And when this posture is combined with an arched back, unsheathed claws, with the hair along the spine standing up, this is definitely a good time to back off.

If you are dealing with any negative behavior of your pet, you should seek professional help from pet clinic Indianapolis.

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Does your Dog Possess a C-Factor?

Many breeds of dogs have become status symbols in a culture where importance is placed on the price or value of something. In this case, being a popular dog breed does not always mean it has a higher monetary value.
There are many factors that will determine whether or not a specific canine breed will land a place in the list of the world’s most expensive dogs.

A dog is expensive when it is a purebred or it is a rare breed of dog. Its price can also go sky-high when it is an offspring of prize-winning parents.

However, one factor that can increase a dog’s value by leaps and bounds is when it is owned or seen in the possession of a famous personality or celebrity. This is called the “C-factor”. When a certain dog breed has a C-factor, potential dog owners will certainly be in a mad dash to own one, for the status symbol it will bring to its owners.

Asking assistance from your Indianapolis vet clinic will also go a long way in addressing any behavior problem. Click on the link to know more about your pet's needs and set an appointment.


An angry Iguana? When it reaches maturity….anything goes, especially its temper

Iguanas are a handful on their best days, but as they reach maturity, the challenges of everyday life with it can become more intense.

Mature iguanas are now in touch with a more aggressive side and it will take it out on the closest thing to it….you.

You would not believe just how much a whip from an iguana’s tail can hurt, but until you experience this first-hand, you will want to steer clear of being within tail-length of your now moody iguana.

The bite from your iguana can be just as painful as its tail whipping at you, a bite will be substantial enough to warrant cleaning and band aids.

Reaching maturity for an iguana means that it is all ready to find a mate, but when it knows there are no other iguanas around to “date”, then the aggression can also cause stress and this amplifies its aggression. Find out more here. The link takes you to the website for the veterinarian Poway.

Carmel Mountain Ranch Veterinary Hospital

You want an exotic bird for a pet, but you feel that you do not want to have it for an extended amount of years?

Your answer lays within the exciting realm of parakeets.

Parakeets are so close in nature to larger parrots that you would think that these little parakeets are miniature versions of the much larger (usually preferred) parrot.

The lifespan of a parakeet is maximum ten years, so the very long term commitment of a large parrot is bypassed and will suit your needs.

Parakeets possess the bright and beautiful colouring that you would find in larger parrots and the behaviour is just as enticing and interesting as a larger bird.

This particular exotic bird does bond very closely with its owner/handler and is very socially inclined, especially in the company of other parakeets. The parakeet is also very clever, interestingly energetic and oddly outgoing. Use this link to go to the site of the vet Poway to find out more.

Carmel Mountain Ranch Veterinary Hospital

Your Dog’s Ability to Sense the Signs that Come from a Person with Negative Intentions

Your dog is equipped with a heightened sense of people’s body language and emotions and, in an instant, a dog can surmise the intentions of an approaching person.

A person with bad or negative intentions lets off little subtle signs that your dog can immediately pick up on. The person (a criminal, for example) will begin to sweat, shift their body weight and be tense when he/she is on the verge of doing something bad or negative in its intent. Your dog senses this and will react by barking directly at the person (also keeping steady eye contact) and its tail may be straight out or slightly tucked under its belly (ears will be back as well).

Always trust your dog’s instincts. If it is acting aggressively, or it is in total defense mode, your dog is sensing something is wrong. Read more on this at this website for the veterinary clinic Central Indianapolis.

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If Your Bird is Perching on One Foot, you are doing an Excellent Job with the Care of Your Bird

One sure-fire way to tell if your bird is well-adjusted and comfortable in the environment you have created for it is to look for a one-footed perch. A pet bird will only perch on one foot if it feels very safe, content with its habitat and feels secure. If your bird has this stance when it is awake, you have done an excellent job caring for your pet bird.

Now, if your bird has the one-footed perching stance while it is sleeping, then your bird is completely at peace and feels exceptionally safe in its environment. It is happy and content. It is not an easy task to get a bird to that level of comfort, so a pat on the back to you for a job well-done. Feel free to pay a visit to this site of the veterinarian Treasure Coast to learn more.


Adopting a Basenji

Basenjis belong to the same family as other sighthounds and scenthounds. These dogs originated from Central Africa where they were used for hunting small game. They are also called Congo dog or Congo terrier.

The Basenjis that are raised as pets today still possess strong hunting instincts. They are full of energy and make excellent watchdogs, but can warm up to strangers.

Your pet will need regular exercise to release pent-up energy. They are quite tolerant to heat but not so much with cold weather conditions. Although friendly with people, Basenjis are not so friendly towards other household pets including dogs. This may be attributed to their strong hunting instincts. They can also be quite obstinate thus they need an owner who displays authority. Consistency is very important when training your Basenji. Without a dominant alpha leader, your pet won’t hesitate to assume the role of pack leader.

Aside from socialization, bringing your pet to a Henry County veterinary clinic for regular check-ups will ensure your puppy will grow up healthy and well-behaved. For more information, visit this link.


Anything you wish to Know about Your Dog Should be acquired by Talking to the Staff at Your Local Hospital for Animals

Animal hospitals are the “dream haven” for all knowledge and expertise when it comes to most animals’ health and well-being, dogs included. The friendly and professional staff at your local animal hospital are there for YOU and your dog, in whatever capacity that your dog requires clinical aid.

Your animal hospital is there for all emergencies, non-emergencies and many other situations that may arise for your dog, including overnight stays from injuries and surgeries. Staff members of the hospital all are practicing professionals that are not only passionate about the care of animals, but excel in professionalism when handling your dog.

If you want, head over to this site of the vet Greer. You can learn much more there.

Chilean Rose Tarantula (Grammostola rosea)

The Chilean Rose Tarantula’s natural habitats are the deserts and scrublands of Northern Chile, Argentina, and Bolivia. Their large, hairy, and heavy body has two distinct parts, with eight hairy legs with two small claws at each end.

To recreate the natural habitat of your pet tarantula, use a 5-10 gallon tank fitted with a screen top. Make sure that the width of the tank is 2-3 times the leg span of your tarantula. If the temperature inside your house does not fall below 65º F, you don’t need to put in special lighting. You can use an incandescent black light to maintain the enclosure’s temperature, if your house is cool. Tarantulas thrive well in temperatures ranging from 70ºF to 85ºF.

Humidity inside the tank should never fall below 55%. The ideal range is from 75% to 80%. It is best to have a hygrometer to monitor the enclosure’s humidity.

Bring your pet tarantula to a Lake Ridge veterinarian for regular checkups. Visit this website for more info.

Ridge Lake Animal Hospital

Getting Your Cat’s Diet in Line with its Daily Requirements is something a Veterinarian Nutritionist can help you with

Yes, it may be hard to believe, but animals that are pets also have access to their own nutritionist (just like people). A veterinary nutritionist is exceptionally knowledgeable and skilled with formulating the perfect diet for your specific cat.

Every single animal is unique and each requires an individual evaluation in order for the nutritionist to find the right diet per the animal.

Not all cats are alike. Some cats have health issues that require different diets and some cats have mental issues that dictate another type of diet. Your cat is special too, so it will need to be analyzed by a nutritionist to ensure you are providing EXACTLY what your cat requires every day in its diet to be successful and in top-notch health. In order to learn more, do your research at this site for the veterinarian Unionville.

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Cat Breed Profile: German Rex

The less popular German Rex looks like the famous British Cornish Rex. However, the German Rex tends to be on the heavier side.

The German Rex is recognizable for the breed’s short and silky hair coat with very short awn hairs. They appear to be woollier compared to the Cornish Rex because their awn hairs are thicker than their undercoat.

The breed’s short hair does not need much grooming. Apart from taking care of its daily grooming needs, your kitty can benefit from a once- or twice-a-week brushing using a fine comb or bristle brush. The Cornish Rex is one of the breeds of cats that lack hair to absorb the oily secretions of the skin, so they need to be given regular baths to prevent from getting greasy.

Known for being friendly and outgoing, these cats can get along well with everyone in the household, including pets and children.

Have your cat check regularly by an Ingersoll vet. Find out more here.

Ingersoll Animal Hospital

Your Puppy will chew up Everything, Including Your Watch, Cigarettes, even a Wallet Full of Money

Puppies are living, breathing paper shredders (and shredders of other materials) and if you do not put certain items where they cannot reach it, then consider those items degutted, decimated, and destroyed utterly, as they are fair game for your puppy.

Jewellery, money, USB memory sticks, cords, cigarettes, stuffed animals, toys, important documents…these and anything else around your house that is not as large as your couch may be investigated and chewed up by your puppy. How can such a loveable little pup be so destructive?

It is teething, and just like a human baby that teethes, it needs to gnaw on things during the entire teething process to help their teeth come in. But it does not end with that process. Your pup, as it ages, will still chew on things because it has become accustomed to doing it.

That is when the training begins. Once your pup is out of the stage of chewing out of necessity, you can focus on training it to stop chewing on your stuff and chew on its own toys. Go ahead and check out this website for the veterinary clinic Mcdonough to learn more about this and other dog topics.

East Lake Veterinary Hospital

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