Your Kitchen Countertop is the Last Place you should Find Your Cat

The one room in your home that should be “cat-free” is the kitchen…specifically, your countertops. Your kitchen is where you prepare food. Although your cat is apparently clean from hours and hours spent daily grooming itself, but its paws pick up every germ around the house that you can think of. The tracking through its litter box, playing with dirt in one of your plants, rolling under a bed that probably has dust and just the overall trucking through your home.

Now, if your cat jumps up on the counter, it will leave residues of these germs where you will prepare food. If you can’t keep your cat off the counter, then scrub it with a generous amount of hot water and soap (no harsh chemicals, as your cat will lick its paw if it feels the film from the chemicals on it) to clean every time you cook. Find out more at this website for the veterinary clinic Montgomery County.

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Understanding Your New Dog only Takes a Pinch of Common Sense and a Dollop of Patience

Dogs are in no way complicated animals. They are as predictable as the Sun is every day. The overall behaviour of a dog is only measured by what its owner does and does not do with it. It’s not all about the training. An easier way to look at this is to break down how you get to know another person. It takes time to get to know a person and throughout different occurrences in everyday life, the person you are trying to get to know will evolve and change subtly.

Your new dog does look to you to guide it. It is eager to please you and will learn what you teach it (and don’t teach it). Learn your dog’s likes, dislikes, tolerance level with emotion, when it has the most energy, where it prefers to go for walks, and everything in-between. Pay a visit to this website for the veterinary clinic Montgomery County.

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Over-the-Counter Flea and Tick Treatments could Actually HARM Your Cat!!!

Do not be too trusting of the tick and flea treatments that you can purchase over-the-counter. Medically proven to land more cats in the emergency department of animal hospitals and private vets, the symptoms from these treatments have been; severe sickness, severe skin irritations, and in a few cases, the death of the cat.

Cheaper does not mean better. Some of the over-the-counter treatments also have been found to fail at protecting cats at all. So…avoid making choices for flea and tick treatments until you can consult with your veterinarian and get the information you need to acquire effective treatments. Go ahead and go to this website for the veterinary clinic Bentwater.

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Being a Dog Owner means keeping an Eye on its Urine and Checking for any Blood

It is much harder for dog owners to be able to detect blood in their dog’s urine, but this is something that should be paid attention to when possible. Blood in a dog’s urine is always a first indicator that there is an internal problem.

Bladder stones are one of the types of medical conditions that can be what caused there to be blood in your dog’s urine. You can look around your yard for stains of blood where your dog may have urinated.

Or, if walking your dog, just keep one eye on its urine to make sure it is not discolored by blood. If you detect blood in your dog’s stool, you will have to take your dog to be examined to see what is wrong with it. If you want to, this website for the veterinary clinic Bentwater has more information for you.

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Feeding off your emotions and reactions is something your cat does really well

Aging Cat Litter Box

If you show your cat anything other than confidence and caring when you’re around it, your cat will become confused and your cat will act either hostile or scared.

Sometimes, just out of the blue, some cat owners experience a huge shift in their cats behaviour and it can frighten the cat owner and to the extent of becoming uncomfortable themselves around their cat.

This type of behaviour from a person will undoubtedly cause some hostility in a cat, they do not understand their humans shift in behaviour (even though it is in response to the cat’s behaviour) and will possibly begin to mistrust the person.

Trust goes a long way with your cat and unless your cat is outright attacking you by biting and severe scratching, you should not fear your cat, the sudden behaviour changed for a reason and you need to find out what happened with your cat. For more information about cats kindly visit at vet neptune beach fl.

The Mother Cat is typically the Hunter for Food to feed her Kittens, but she may enlist the Help to Hunt from her Older Cats

Some feral cats stay with their mother when they get into their “teen” years, but may be enlisted to help with the hunting to help feed the mother’s new litter of kittens.

Both male and female teenagers will gladly hunt not for just themselves, but to aid in feeding their siblings. The mother is always the provider of food, but if she has lingering teenagers that have not gone off on their own, she would have too many mouths to feed single-handedly.

It is beneficial to have the teens keeping close to their mother, because in the wild, most feral cats are loners and do not hunt together and share the spoils of successful hunting. Take some time to visit this website for the veterinary clinic El Dorado Hills.


Why dogs sniff each other at the base of their tails in greeting

To people, that is about the most disgusting way a dog can greet another dog, but once you understand the reasoning “behind” it, you may not be so shocked.

If you are a dog owner, you already know that your dog’s anus contains two sacs and these sacs have a distinct odor that is very pungent.

Well, these sacs contain glandular secretions that provide valuable information to any other animal that wishes to get close enough to it to take a sniff (every dog has its own scent, no two are alike).

The dogs can determine the rank of each dog, gender, age, sexual status and authority of another.

They can determine, just with one sniff, if they have met before and how their new found meeting will end, friends or not friends?

This method has worked really well for dog all throughout their domesticated history. For more information, head on over to this website for the veterinary clinic Greeley.

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Rawhide for your Pooch

Rawhide for pets is prepared from the inner-hide of cattle and other similar species. The rawhide’s quality varies depending on its source and country of origin. When getting a rawhide treat for your pooch, choose products made by reputable manufacturers to guarantee quality and wholesomeness. Premium rawhide products are made with the strictest standards of quality.

Cowhide has a tough outer layer and a soft inner layer. Dog chews of various shapes and sizes are made from the hide’s softer inner layer. Some fly-by-night manufacturers use harmful chemicals to preserve the hides without concern to the safety of pets which are the end users. Quality rawhide only undergoes cleaning and washing, and refrigeration during transport. These products are processed without any chemical preservatives and are safer for pets.

Collagen is present in substantial amounts in animal hide. It is a protein substance that is tough, yet quite elastic. This is the same protein component found in muscles, bone, cartilage, and teeth. Oven-drying dries up the rawhide to a consistency that slowly softens as dogs chew on it.

Keep your dog healthy and active by bringing him regularly to a Andover veterinarian. Click on this link for more information.


Feeding Box Turtles

Box turtles thrive in a diet that is rich in vitamin A. Some ideal sources will include liver in whole mice, dark leafy greens, and rich yellow or dark orange veggies. Squash can also be steamed (don’t boil) before being offered to your box turtle.

The feeding regimen of adult box turtles involves at least 3 or more weekly feedings, preferably in the morning. On the other hand, younger ones need to be fed daily. Box turtles need to consume food that is fortified with vitamins and minerals or lightly dusted with multivitamins, every two to four weeks. They will also benefit from a dusting of calcium carbonate, gluconate, citrate, or lactate, every other feeding. Adding of multivitamins should be in moderation since too much can be harmful. Variety in their diet will ensure a healthy appetite and balanced diet for your pet.

For more information about your box turtle’s care and dietary needs visit a Santa Rosa vet clinic.

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The harmonic mew your cat chooses when it is asking you to be fed is not by accident

images (2)

As crazy as it seems, you can put this fact to the test with your cat next time it mews to be fed.

Your cat can create different harmonics or sound mews to mean different things and the only time it uses a high pitched “request” is when it wants food.

When you first got your cat, it had to very quickly determine how it was going to get food, its survival instincts kicked in.

One it received a meal from you, it learned immediately that you perceived your cat as one of your babies, so it needed a special mew that would trigger you into putting out food for it.

A baby’s cry and your cat’s high pitched harmonic mew are close in frequency, but not spot on accurate, but it doesn’t matter to your cat, it gets what it wants by asking for food “its way” and it gets it. For more information about cats kindly visit at vet clinic jacksonville fl.

Did you know that Brushing Your Dog's Fur is a MORE EFFECTIVE means of bathing it, Rather than with Soap and Water?

The fact of the matter is, if you are bathing your dog more than twice in a twelve-month period of time, you are over-bathing your dog.

A dog’s skin and fur has evolved from its lineage to keep clean with the licking, scratching, and nibbling of a dog’s mouth.

Regular brushing of your dog’s fur will release loose hairs, massage its skin and loosen any dead skin and follicles. Dog shampoo will dry out your dog’s fur and skin, especially if your dog is not rinsed completely (rinsing is very time-consuming, as the fur holds residue of shampoo). Feel free to pay a visit to this website for the veterinary clinic Poway.

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Your cat’s vision care is just as important

Cat Whiskers

As you age, you might be concerned with your vision, especially if you find that you are squinting more often to read things or to make out something far away and you most likely set up an appointment to have your eyes professionally examined at some point.

Because your cat cannot talk to let you know that it is possibly having vision concerns, it is vital to keep up on those veterinarian visits so your vet can keep a close “eye” on your cat’s health and anything that could arise that would affect your cat’s vision.

Your cat can suffer from retina deterioration or cataracts or glaucoma just like you can.

Regular examinations is your cat’s best defense against vision impairment and early warning detection is also paramount. As more can be found about cats at pet clinic jacksonville fl.

Basic Nutrition in Dogs

One basic component in a dog’s daily ration is carbohydrate, usually compromising 30-70% of the total amount of food. Dogs are omnivores, so they derive their nutrients from both animal and plant sources.

Dogs are able to efficiently digest carbohydrates from plants and utilize as the main source of energy for the body. Unlike cats, a dog’s digestive system can efficiently break down carbohydrates into simple sugars (glucose) so they can be assimilated and utilized by the body.

Carbohydrates are also incorporated in dog food rations to help preserve the structure and texture of the kibble. The kibble’s form and structure makes it possible to scrape the tooth surface and eliminate buildup of tartar. Carbs also increase the palatability of kibbles and canned dog food products. They can also help boost the product’s shelf life and stability. Another important function of the nutrient is providing bulk to the product so pets won’t be hungry all the time.

Know more about your dog's nutritional needs by visiting your Southeast Denver veterinarian. Check out this link.

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Your dog’s breed that would be obviously mixed

Hygienic Dog

If you have a mixed breed dog and it looks like it has unique features or temperament, then your instincts about your dogs breed might be spot on.

Most dog breeds that are mixed is done through the breeding of two purebred dogs, but on occasion, dogs will mate with each other on their own and actually create strains of breeds that are not pure and pure.

If enough crossbreeding of different mixes mate and continue having litters, then there are new breeds being bred and you could have one of those mixed (naturally) breeds of dog.

Little differences is what gives your dog its uniqueness, there could be a few different strains of breeding within your dog’s chemical and gene makeup.

Professional breeders that breed generations of dogs, can trace a dog’s lineage back if it is a mix of two purebred dogs or a pedigree dog. For more info can be found at pet clinic daybreak, ut

Safety Tips when Applying Topical Flea Products

Pet owners can apply anti-flea products on their pets. Since these products may contain ingredients that may be harmful to pets, you should be aware of important safety tips to protect your pet from harm.
  • If you are applying the product to your dog, make sure to keep your kitty away from your pooch for at least a day or two, since an ingredient may be toxic to your cat.
  • Always wash your hands thoroughly using soap and water after applying the anti-flea product.
  • Product container should be disposed of properly.
  • Since the product is applied on your pet’s body, avoid handling your dog for a day or two to prevent getting some of the product on your hands.

There are also oral preparations of anti-flea products. These offer a certain degree of safety for your pets and everyone else in the household.

Ask your Southeast Denver veterinary clinic regarding important pet issues. You can get more information here.

Your dog needs carbohydrates in its diet

Dogs are also Attention-Seekers

As doggy sweaters are unnecessary for your dog (unless it is hairless), so is a bunch of carbohydrates in its diet.

But, the truth of the matter is, most of your dog food is likely jammed-packed full of carbohydrates because dog food producers love to use carbohydrates as a filler…lots of carbs and hardly any real nutrition.

If you check the label of the dog food that you buy, you might not even see a carbohydrate percentage in the list of ingredients (which is the worst), but unless the dog food says that it is covering all of the essential nutrition required or, it is boasting a well-balanced diet somewhere on the food product, your dog is probably being duped out of proper nutrition.

You can check the dog food ingredients against what your vet says your dog should be receiving as a good diet and see if they are even close to being on target with each other. Check out more information about dogs at veterinarian daybreak, ut.

Stop your Puppy's Destructive Chewing

While teething, puppies usually like to chew on anything they can get their mouths on. Most will outgrow this behavior but there are those that will continue chewing on things and destroying them. You need to correct this undesirable behavior before your puppy chews your shoes and furniture.


Put your puppy in a crate if you need to go out of the room even for just a short time. A room that has been puppy-proofed or one with a pet-proof enclosure will also be a secure place to leave your puppy. Put in some of his favorite chew toys to keep him from being bored. Try leaving the radio or TV on, if your puppy seems to be anxious when left alone.


Keep your puppy under close supervision and always be quick to correct a negative behavior. When left alone for a longer period of time, your puppy may suffer from separation anxiety. You can leave your puppy an old shirt with your scent or roll his favorite toy between your hands to leave your scent.


Visit this website to know more about your pet's needs and set an appointment with an Aurora veterinarian.

Dogs are also Attention-Seekers

Some pet dogs have perfectly honed ways of getting their owner’s attention. In addition to barking and whining, some dogs display seemingly abnormal behavior such as vomiting, snapping at imaginary objects, chasing lights or shadows, and even pretending lameness just to have their owner’s attention.

A pooch that frequently engages in attention-seeking behavior should not be given any attention. Some dogs can take attention-seeking behavior to another level and you should try your best to ignore his antics. Doing so will eventually deliver a message to your pooch that he won’t get anywhere with his behavior, thereby reducing and eventually eliminating the habit.

When you pay attention to your dog as he misbehaves, you are actually conveying a wrong message to your pooch. He will soon learn that with persistence he will eventually have your full attention.

There are cases when a dog that constantly engages in attention-seeking behavior may be suffering from emotional or behavioral problems. Knowing the underlying cause will help you address the problem before it can get worse.

If you are having problems with your pet’s behavior, talk with an Aurora vet. Find out more from this website.

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Your Canine Buddy Also Needs a Bed

Like you, your canine buddy will also need a bed for a more comfortable sleep. A good bed provides excellent support for your pet’s back and joints. It will also provide proper insulation, warmth, and a feeling of security to your pet. Dog beds are a necessity for all pets regardless of breed or age.

Here are more reasons for getting a bed for your pooch:

  • A good bed protects your pet from extreme environmental temperatures.
  • A bed can be a den where your pet can have a sense of privacy and security.
  • Senior dogs suffering from weight issues and joint problems benefit from specially designed beds that promote extra joint support.
  • If your dog is a shedder, a bed helps concentrate shedding in one location.
  • When a dog loves his bed, it will prevent him from taking over your sofa.

Click here to know more about your pet's needs and set an appointment with a Milford vet.

Milford Veterinary Hospital

You will not be able to figure your dog and its behaviour out, just by staring at it in bewilderment

Your dog may have already proven to you just how unique and special it is by its odd behaviour and strange disposition or temperament.

Does your dog display behaviour that has you puzzled? Are you pretty sure that sometimes, your dog does not act like a typical dog?

Go with your instincts, if your dog strikes you as acting strange and out of the realms of normal, it probably is and you might need some help to figure your dog out.

Dig a bit deeper into your dog’s breed and see if you notice any similar behaviour with its general breed.

You can then look at the age of your dog and see if this is just an age related behaviour, younger dogs tend to still be “finding themselves” and display some weird behaviour.

Lastly, you can have your vet give your dog the “once over” to confirm whether or not this can be attributed to a health thing. Read more on this via the website for the vet clinic San Jose.

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Is the dog that you got recently not child-friendly?

You are not alone in choosing the wrong type of dog that is obviously not suitable for families with children.

Mixed breeds seem to do well with children, Labs and Retrievers are the best even when they are crossbred.

So, now what do you do, you have a dog that is less than ideally friendly with your child or children, what are your options?

You already know you have to get the dog out of the house and into a new home, you cannot take the chance that it will hurt one of your children.

You can contact the person or pet shop where you purchased the dog to see if a return is possible, sometimes in these types of circumstances, they may take the dog back if only a little time has gone by after the purchase. In order to know more, visit this site of the veterinarian East Greenwich.

If you apply common sense when you are raising your dog, you will be able to "lick" any problems that may arise

Your dog is not some mystery that you have to decipher and decode, it is a simple animal that is instinct driven, coupled with what you teach it.

That is the key right there….what you teach it.

You will learn very quickly how you are doing with your skills as a dog trainer once you begin the training process. How and what your dog learns is going to dictate what it has absorbed and what it isn’t getting.

Take your time training and raising your dog and keep it simple, the easier it is for your dog, the better it will feel that it is pleasing you.

Praise is the best reward for a job well done by your dog, treats are usually used when a dog takes the initiative and does not have to be given a command for the appropriate action. You can follow this link to the website for the veterinary clinic East Greenwich.

Wickford Veterinary Clinic

If Your Dog is a Chew-Monster, Hit the Yard Sales for Good, Used Leather Shoes

Leather shoes without high heels will serve as the absolute best chew toys for your “always chewing on something” dog. If you understood why your dog needs to continuously chew, you might be slightly more sympathetic to its needs. Think about all of the things your dog uses its jaws and mouth for. Would it be safe that your dog uses its mouth the same way that you utilize your hands?

If you agree, then you are on the right track with your line of thinking. Your dog needs (even obsesses) to chew in order to keep its jaws or jowls in excellent shape. The stronger its jaws are, the better. Your dog also uses its jaws for its main form of defense, so again, strength is everything, and so constant chewing on durable items like leather shoes keeps the jaws strong. Find out more here, at the website of the vet North Kingstown.

The Longer you have Your Dog...the more Attached to it you will be

Whether you got your dog as a pup or as an adult dog, the time that you have it will go by more quickly than you realize. If you got your dog as a pup, you could be looking at about fourteen to fifteen years with your dog by your side. If your dog was already adult and mature, then you will have considerably less time with it.

The fact you will most likely outlive your dog is never on the forefront of dog owners’ minds. As your dog ages and possibly begins to experience medical problems with its body, this is around the time that you will realize that your dog is only mortal and one day, you will have to say good-bye to it. It is never too soon to mentally prepare yourself for when you no longer will have access to your dog.

It is sad to think about, but putting it off until that time will undoubtedly make the process more difficult to cope with. Head on over to this website of the vet North Kingstown.

Wickford Veterinary Clinic

You suddenly see Your Dog Dragging its Rear End along Your Carpet...Your Reaction to this WILL Confuse Your Dog

Your dog was only trying to be hygienic and clean when it used your carpet to remove some residue on its rear from its last release of stool. Your dog would believe it did a good thing, the same as if it wiped its paws on the mat by the door before entering the house.

Your reaction, however, will probably be one of disgust, horror and disbelief. The volume of your voice and the fact you’re screaming “No, bad dog!” is what will confuse your dog.

Normally, your dog’s instincts tell it to drag its rear on grass to clean it, but on occasion, your dog excitably may have caused it to rush the cleaning and needed to pick it up again when it got back into the house. Discover more by visiting this site for the veterinarian Montgomery.

Autumn Leaves...the Hours you spent raking them up...Your Dog is Eyeing that Big Pile

Somehow, your dog knows that if it begins to play in that big pile of leaves, the response from you may not be a good one. This is one of those times where you find out how well your dog does or does NOT know you, and how it copes with the concept of restraint.

If your dog keeps charging at the leaf pile while you are still raking, it does not put any thought into how you will react and it has very little restraint.

Now…if your dog is clever enough and can restrain itself until you are done raking and you go into your house, your dog has figured out and can anticipate you might not be happy when your dog spreads that pile out while romping and playing in it. Restraint? Your dog did a beautiful job holding back its urges until you were out of sight. Feel free to check out this site for the veterinarian Willis if you are interested in learning more.

Lakeway Animal Medical & Surgical Clinic

Pet Frogs

Frogs are amphibians and if you want to keep one as a pet, you should research on its care and management before making a commitment. Frogs have different requirements than other pets. So if you decide to bring home one, you should know that it’s a big responsibility. There are many valuable sources of comprehensive information about frog species that are kept as pets.

Frogs are most active at night time because they are nocturnal creatures. They don’t like being handled and often have complex housing needs. They will thrive well in an enclosure which has been made to closely mimic their natural habitat.

They are very sensitive to environmental fluctuations so there is a need for constant monitoring of the environmental temperature, humidity, and day length to ensure your pet’s environmental requirements are met.

Know more about how to take care of your pet frog's needs by visiting a Niagara Falls veterinarian. Click here to find out more.


How you can tell if Your Cat is just Napping or if it is Sound Asleep?

When you look at your cat and it appears to be sleeping, are you able to tell if it is just having a “catnap” or if it is actually in a deep sleep?

Your cat, when it is in a deep sleep, will have (similar to humans) R.E.M (rapid-eye movement), and so its eyelids will keep twitching slightly.

Also, if your cat is in a deep sleep, its legs may twitch, and this shows you cat is likely dreaming.

If your cat is only having a nap, it is more like a peaceful rest. Its eyes will be closed, but you may see its ears moving slightly on occasion. This is an indication that it is still alert, listening to sounds, but just having a rest. Your cat requires so much sleep and naps each day, especially if it is young, or if it is senior. For more info, take some time to visit the site of the veterinarian Caledonia.


Your vet only wants to hear the truth from you about your cat, there is no sense "embellishing"

Your vet has seen and heard it all, so there is no sense in embellishing or withholding information as to why you are there with your cat.

Only in abused situations does a vet judge someone, other than that, the vet will only ascertain if what is wrong with your cat was an accident via its owner, or something caused by the cat.

A cat’s body is an open book and its current state of health tells the vet an entire story, how long since the cat’s last visit to a vet, how its diet at home is, the care of its fur, nails and teeth, etc.

Injuries tell a story, infections tell a story, disease, viruses and allergies tell the vet a story, so your vet only has to read the obvious (to him/her) signs and proceed to diagnoses and treat the cat.

The vet is the “good guy” so treat him or her as such. In order to know more, head over to this site for the veterinarian Hamilton County.

Noah's Animal Hospital - Carmel

The clearest indicator that your cat is not happy is, if it lashes out at you, there is no guessing if it resorts to this

Your cat has to be beyond angry if all of a sudden it lashes out at you and scratches you or even resorts to biting you.

Your cat is going to make how it is feeling perfectly clear and you are going to get the message very loudly, but it is up to you to understand what got your cat to this point in anger.

Your cat may not even be angry, it may be reacting to being startled or felt pain as you happened to walk by, but if your cat is behaving like this on a regular basis, you can rule out a one-time scenario.

You know your cat best, it should not be too difficult for you to determine what is causing your cat to lash out at you, but for a more defining explanation, you can take your cat to the vet for a more thorough look into it. Feel free to follow this link to the site of the veterinarian Hamilton County in order to have more knowledge on cats.

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