Rabbits May Not Make Ideal Pets for Kids

Rabbits are among the most common pets in households. They can be trained to use the litter box or come when called. They are sociable, smart, and affectionate. The average lifespan of pet rabbits ranges from 7-10 years with proper care and good nutrition.

Rabbits are often viewed as low-maintenance pets and excellent starter pets for kids. However, this notion is quite far from the truth. Rabbits are actually delicate and fragile creatures, and they will need specialized veterinary facilities.

Since kids love cuddling or carrying their pet around, these actions can terrify rabbits. Since they can’t cry out when scared, they will resort to scratching or biting whoever is holding them. This can certainly have disastrous results, with well-meaning kids ending up distressed by such incidents.

A rabbit can also be dropped accidentally by a child, resulting in broken bones. While rabbits make excellent family pets, there should always be adult supervision to prevent any problems and unfortunate incidents.

Bring your pet rabbit to a Fayette County veterinarian for a regular wellness check. Check out this website to know more about your pet's needs.


Some Amazing Facts about Llamas

Llamas are smart and friendly creatures. They can make excellent guards for herds of sheep or goats. They are very social and will easily treat the group as their own herd, protecting the members from coyotes and other predators.

Here are more amazing facts about Llamas:

• Being very smart, they can easily distinguish between household pets or the neighbor’s pooches.

• Llamas belong to the same group as camels and alpacas. When annoyed, these animals spit or stick out their tongue.

• Llamas are used in studies to determine how specific hormones influence blood sugar. They have very similar metabolism with a person who is diabetic, and the results of the study may provide understanding into the treatment of diabetes in humans.

• Llamas communicate by humming.

• Llamas were primarily domesticated in the Andean highlands of Peru to provide herdsmen with meat, wool for clothing, pellets for fuel, and hide for shelter. They were also used as offering to their gods.

Know more about how to take care of your pet's needs by visiting your Carlisle vets.


The Dangers of Ticks


Ticks are important vectors of disease, however not all species of ticks are capable of transmitting disease; in fact, only a few species are important carriers of disease that may also affect humans.

However, the threat of disease transmission always exists where ticks are concerned. These risks should never be taken lightly.

Tick-borne diseases are usually manifested by fever and lethargy. Weakness, joint swelling, lameness, and anemia may also be displayed by the affected dog. Some species of ticks can cause a condition called “tick paralysis” which is a temporary form of paralysis. Signs of infection eventually resolve after tick infestation has been addressed properly.

If you live in a part of the country where ticks are found, make it a habit to check your pet for ticks after each outdoor excursion. You should also know how to remove ticks safely.

You can ask your Cheney vet to help you formulate a program to protect your pooch against ticks. Read more on this via vets Cheney WA.

Syrian Hamsters


Many hamsters kept as pets today are Golden or Syrian hamsters. Although raised as a part of a litter, hamsters are really solitary creatures. When they reach 10 weeks of age, hamsters tend to fight with each other and should be housed in separate cages. If you want to have several pet hamsters, make sure you have enough enclosures to house them individually. When placed in the same cage, adult males will fight and may result in serious injury or death.
Hamsters are nocturnal creatures and are asleep most of the day. As dusk approaches, they will soon wakeup and become active all throughout the night. To give them adequate rest during the day, it is best to place their enclosures in areas of the house where there’s less traffic.
Mature females undergo a 4-day heat cycle. This means they will go into heat every 4 days except if they get pregnant. If you don’t want to deal with litters of hamsters, you should take preventive measures to stop males and females from mating.
Find out more information about pets at animal hospital Orleans County NY.

Nutrition is very important


The growth and health of a cat’s hair coat are influenced by heredity, the environment, as well as proper nutrition. As temperatures drop during winter, most cats grow a thick coat to protect them from the extreme cold. As the weather turns warm during spring and summer, they shed off their heavy winter coat. Shedding in cats is a normal physiological phenomenon in many cat breeds.

When they need to grow a thick hair coat, cats need a higher amount of fat in their diet. Fats are more concentrated sources of energy for the body. The nutrient promotes absorption and metabolism of fat-soluble vitamins (vitamin A, D, E, and K) which can result in increased production of essential fatty acids that are important for healthy skin and hair coat.

Since most indoor cats won’t need to grow a thick hair coat during winter, supplementation of fatty acid may not be undertaken. Over-consumption of fats can worsen some pre-existing health problems and interfere in the metabolism of vitamin E.

Before giving any supplements or adjusting the dietary fat content of your pet cat’s diet, make sure to discuss the matter with your Kingston vet. Read more information from veterinary clinic Kingston ON.

Your cat does not want any part of receiving negative emotions from you


In your cats mind, it can do no wrong and is justified in anything that it does, even when it provokes a negative response from you.

Ranting and raving at your cat will go in one ear and out the other, your cat does not response to negative emotions in the same manner that other animals (like dogs) do, it simply just withdraws from you in slight confusion.

Your cat is not being arrogant or “nose up”, it is just being a cat and their perception of a humans negative emotions are usually tossed into the “I don’t know what brought THAT on” list.

Very rarely are cat owners able to respond to a situation as it happens with their cat, it is usually some time later, well after your cat did whatever upset you and therefore would be confused by your reaction. Pay a visit to veterinary clinic Colorado Springs CO for the veterinarian Colorado Springs.

If your dog shows you its front teeth

Proper Dog Training

Through the intelligence of some dogs, they have quickly learned that showing both its upper and lower front teeth is a way to express submission when they are “catching it” and being disciplined or scolded.

This submissive grin is quite comical, it can even be accompanied by squinting eyes and a lowered head, all in the attempts to have to “mellow out” and forgive your dog for whatever it is that it did.

In most cases, the dog will win over their owner with this display of apology, it is not something the owner sees very often and it does show a certain aptitude with the canine, the effort alone is worth some points of redemption.

Next time your dog flashes its pearly whites at you, it will now be understood that your dog is smarter than the average canine and maybe that will subdue your anger and the degree of correction. Pay a visit to pet clinic Chesapeake VA of the vet Chesapeake to know more.

Your cat will be in tune with your tenseness


Your cat is clever enough to not miss a beat when it comes to your emotions, whether they are positive or negative.

Living in a high crime area will lend to your arriving home and leaving home in a state of defensiveness and alertness, which your cat may sense, but it will not understand what has you uptight and on guard all of the time.

How does this affect your cat?

Your cat will also become defensive and may even act a little strange with you directly, not knowing what is causing your tension will put your cat into an uneasy mode, both mentally and emotionally.

You may also find your cat does not bode well with strangers that might come to visit you and worst case scenario, it may develop health concerns because of the constant tension in your home. Find out more information at veterinarians Temecula CA.

Your dog appreciates a steady schedule

Best Friend Dog

Your dog loves to be able to anticipate many of its daily activities besides meal times, so keeping a steady routine each day is all about your dog being able to look forward to what is coming next.

Times that you take it for walks outside of its own environment is anticipated and your dog gets excited waiting for it, but to add to your dog’s excitement, you can change up the destinations and provide some additional anticipation.

Meal times are a given, so choosing special times of the day or evening that you spend with your dog playing is also something it looks forward to, changing up which game will be played will heighten your dog’s anticipation.

If you are consistent and keep to your schedule, your dog’s excitement will comes in waves, just like a tsunami and it will keep your dog stimulated mentally, physically and your bond with it will grow to new depths. Find out more information about dog at vets upper Arlington OH.

You should never use fear or pain as a means for training your dog, the results are NOT what you are going to expect

Your dog may be displaying difficulty during its training and possibly not picking it up as quickly or as proficiently as you had hoped for.

This is the exact point that some dog owners go the totally wrong way with the training, they begin to implement fear or pain as a way of trying to get the dog to obey and this is just wrong, on so many levels.

Your dog is struggling with the training because of the techniques you are using, you are not being clear enough to your dog as to what you expect in lieu of a command or, you are showing very little patience and lots of frustration to your dog.

Your dog can only learn by the cues you provide it, so it may not be your dog at all as to the reason the training is failing, you should double check your methods before you attempt to “step it up”. Pay this website for the veterinary clinic Ashburn a visit to know more.

Lansdowne Animal Hospital

Your Dog is most likely the Best Friend you will Ever Have

There is not one human on the planet that knows you and cares about you like your dog does. Your dog is loyal, trustworthy, and always there for you, which cannot always be said for some people. How your dog feels about you will last for its entire life and the duration of your companionship which, if strong enough, can even transcend your dog’s lifespan.

When you think about your dog and the bond you have with it…does it make you smile and give you a sense of true friendship? To get the most out of your time with your dog, you only need to maintain its health (with the help of your veterinarian), diet, exercise, stimulation, and by as much love and kindness as you can muster. This website for the vets Northeast Kingdom can help you in knowing more.

East Haven Veterinary Service

Your cat is most active at nighttime


There should be one fantastic and irresistible thing that you only bring out at night, for your cat.

This could be a piece of climbing equipment, a puzzle feeder that has treats sprinkled throughout it or another very interesting toy that will occupy your cat for quite a while.

Just before you go to bed at night, this “special object” should magically appear for your cat to enjoy and this will lend to a good night sleep for you because your cat is not bored and getting into everything as you try to sleep.

You know the old saying “if you can’t beat them, join them”? This would be applicable to providing a great source of entertainment for your cat that only appears at nighttime. Find out more information about your cat at pet clinic Simpsonville SC.

If your dog stays on your heels

Basic Nutrition in Dogs

You are a prime candidate for an accident and a quick trip to the emergency room at your local hospital.

There are a numerous amount of people that end up at emergency departments with various injuries, which are all related to tripping over their dogs and falling hard to the floor or down a flight of stairs.

The one room in your home that is the dangerous is your kitchen, there is sharp knives, red hot elements on a stove when it is switched on and other countless major injury-related objects.

If your dog is trailing behind you and right at your heels, then it is only a matter of time before you forget your dog is right there and tripping over it.

You could fall quickly towards a stove top full of hot elements or boiling pots and be burned on the steam, you could land on a sharp knife or, you could just land badly, not having time to put your hands down before you hit the floor. For more info, Kindly visit at animal hospital Apple Valley MN.

Do you have a budget for a new cat?

Deciding to share your life and home with a cat carries with it important financial obligations. If your budget does not allow you to meet these costs, it may be better to wait for the right time to bring home a cat.

Cats have basic needs that responsible owners have to provide. These needs include:


Different life stages have specific nutritional requirements. Get the best one you can afford and never compromise quality with quantity.

A safe environment indoors

A cat that is not allowed outdoors is protected against encounters with potential predators and animals that may be carrying diseases and parasites.

Spaying or neutering

Having your kitty spayed or neutered is one sure way to prevent dealing with a litter of kittens in the future. This will also be your way of dealing with the rising feline population.

Core vaccinations

Core vaccinations are mandatory. A responsible cat owner should see to it that his fur ball is given all core vaccines.

Veterinary care

A cat needs to be brought to the Troy veterinarian for regular wellness checks. You should also be prepared to pay for your pet’s emergency veterinary care, if the need arises. Visit the website of Troy Animal Hospital for more valuable information.


Making your own dog food

There is a growing trend for pet owners to lessen their purchases of store bought, commercially processed dog foods and try their hand at making their own at home.

Many pet owners begin making their own dog food because they can’t find exactly what they are looking for in a mass produced brand. If they are going a very natural route, or have a pet that needs to avoid certain ingredients, they often prefer to create a food that allows them to determine what goes into it. Also, homemade dog food often doesn’t need the preservatives or additives that are highly prevalent in commercial food. High quality dog food has been known to come with a high price tag, and a smart shopper may be able to lessen the cost going the do-it-yourself route. Please consult your Henry County vet for information on what feeding option is right for your pet.

Henry County Veterinary Hospital

If you observe less Urine than Usual in Your Cat’s Litter Box

Cat Ear Infection

This is a strong indicator that your cat is or has developed a serious medical concern. There are many reasons as to why your cat may be having difficulty passing its urine naturally, but it is recommended that you permit your vet to examine your cat and possibly run some tests in order to ascertain why this is happening.

Your cat could be passing less or no urine at all, from a bladder issue (either bladder stones or a bladder infection), it could be the onset of heart or kidney disease, a urinary tract infection.

Diabetes or intestinal blockages could also be considered as a reason for your cat’s problem urinating. Although the possibility of your cat having something life-threatening is slim to none. Postponing having your cat examined could place it at risk for death, as most medical conditions that are left to increase in severity, often fatal. Find out more information at veterinarian Fulshear TX.

Enroll your Pet Cat in Kitty Kindergarten

Cat Playtime

Enrolling your kitten in training class will give him various opportunities for socialization. Interacting with other “students” and their human teachers will help them become better adults. Kitty training class should be taught and managed by a certified training specialist.

Many cats end up in shelters or abandoned by their owners because of undesirable behavior. Being in kitty kindergarten will help your kitten adjust better with any changes in his environment as he grows and matures.

Before sending your kitten to training class, make sure his vaccinations are complete and he has been dewormed. His immune system is still developing and he is not quite as hardy as adults. If your kitten has just been vaccinated, his body needs time to develop immunity for at least 10-14 days, after which he can now attend classes.

Reputable institutions require vaccination certificates from your veterinarian verifying that your pet is negative for feline AIDS and feline leukemia virus.

Ask your Myrtle Beach veterinarian when your kitten is ready for class and how to comply with the requirements of the training facility. Find out more information at veterinarians Myrtle Beach SC.

Warming up Your Dog’s Toes Before you Clip its Toenails


If your dog spends a good deal of time outside and in all kinds of weather, then you should make a conscious effort to allow your dog’s paws and toes warm completely up before attempting to clip any toenails. Your dog’s paws and nails are slightly more sensitive when the temperature is switched drastically, like bringing it in after being outside all day in the cold and right into a very warm house.

A good and safe waiting time would be one hour. This gives your dog time to regulate its body temperature to suit the temperature in your home. Toenails are also a little more brittle when they are cold, so warming them up will provide an easier time for you during clipping.

Let the toenails warm up naturally. Do not be tempted to speed up the process by means of warm water. Learn more by visiting vets Boynton Beach FL..

Should Your Dog Really be Kept Outside if it is so old

New Dog Training

In some areas, winters can be brutally cold and snow and ice are present quite often through the winter months. When the temperature drops to negative double digits, your dog does feel that biting cold, despite having a fur coat on.

Its fur, combined with its body temperature, can resist some pretty cold temperatures, but if it is so cold outside that you cannot start your cat, then chances are your dog will succumb to frostbite soon enough. Good dog ownership entails knowing when to relieve your dog of the cold weather conditions. Your dog’s food and water source would be useless outside, as they’ll be blocks of ice by the time your dog went to eat them. For more information about your dog kindly visit at veterinary clinic Woodbridge VA.

The Dog Food Manufacturers are not trying to rip you off...Your Dog Really Does Need Different Levels of Nutrition during the Different Stages of its Life

The dog food isle at your pet store or grocery store can be a very daunting place because of the many rows of bags, boxes, and cans and also the variety can be a little intimidating.

You can quickly narrow down all of those choices by purchasing only foods that cover the nutrition your dog needs for its age group and size/breed. Dog food manufacturers try to simplify the process for their consumers, as these companies know that, as dogs age, their nutritional requirements fluctuate.

Foods that provide a well-balanced diet or that contain all of the essential nutrients, are your best options for a proper diet for your dog. There is no marketing strategy here. It is all about your dog’s changing needs and constantly altering its diet. Read more on this by way of this site for the veterinarian Dunedin.

Highland Animal Hospital

An Ear Infection will seriously hamper Your Cat's Ability to maintain its Proper Balance

How can you tell if your cat has an ear infection? You really cannot tell for sure. There are only a couple of outward signs that would tip you off that your cat may have an ear infection. It may rub its ear with its paw, clearly indicating something could be wrong with its ear, or it will physically act unbalanced.

Your cat’s ears rarely would show any visual discharge, as an ear infection would take place in and around or just behind the inner ear canal. This lends to the importance of regular checkups executed by your veterinarian. Only a thorough examination can determine if an ear infection is developing or is present in a more advanced stage.

Ear infections are treatable by your vet, but only if your cat is being seen regularly. Take some time to read up on your cat via this website for the veterinary clinic Tigard.

Willowbrook Veterinary Hospital

The Proper Daily Function of Your Cat’s Colon is Vital to its Overall Good Health

You might not give your cat’s colon much thought, but the importance of it and its daily function is vital to your cat’s overall health. Because of the varieties of medical issues that can arise with your cat that would have an indirect impact on its colon, regular examinations of your cat’s state of health is high up on the list of important things to do with your cat.

Gastrointestinal tract infections and intestinal infections would have an impact on your cat’s colon. The feline colon is a tubular organ that absorbs the water it drinks and is the “holding area” for the cat’s fecal matter (poop). It all starts with the gastrointestinal tract that goes to the large intestine and then the colon, so any infections or other medical problem would definitely alter the proper functions of your cat’s “plumbing”. Head on over to the site for the veterinarian Calabasas to know more.


Housing for your Ferret

Pet ferrets need an enclosure with adequate ventilation, so glass or plastic enclosures are not ideal for them. They also like living in a multi-level “apartment” to mimic their natural habit. To meet this need, you can put in climbing blocks, steps, stairs, and shelves inside an enclosure that is made of wire or mesh.

The cage opening should be less than 1x2 inches and can be securely locked. These animals are excellent escape artists so you should check their enclosure thoroughly for all possible routes of escape. To prevent injuries and ensure your pet’s comfort, cover the cage floor with vinyl or linoleum. This flooring will also make it easier to clean the enclosure. Mild soap is used for cleaning the ferret’s enclosure and wash the beddings.

The cage should be placed in a cooler part of the house, away from direct sunlight.

Know more about how to take care of your pet ferret's needs by visiting your Markham veterinarian. Click here to find out more.


Your Puppy and the Vaccinations it Could Need…

chihuahua with dog treats

Vaccinating your puppy now with all of the pertinent and prescribed vaccinations “guard” it in the future against multiple health conditions and risks. The breed of your puppy can also be a contributing factor on any additional vaccinations that your vet deems necessary (some breeds are predisposed to certain medical conditions). If your puppy is not properly vaccinated, it will be left wide open to developing all types of medical issues and you will be spending a lot more time at your veterinarian’s because your pup contracted many illnesses because it was not protected via the necessary vaccines.

You should want to give your puppy the best start in life and help it to be protected to the fullest available extent. Anything less is not being a responsible owner. Find out more information about your puppy at veterinary clinic Houston TX.

Your Cat’s Gums tell a Story to Your Veterinarian during an Examination


Did you know that your cat’s gums tell a lot regarding its health to your veterinarian? You can even check your cat’s gums during routine dental brushing of its teeth to be able to address any issues that could be developing with your cat’s internal health. Your cat’s gums should always be a healthy pink color. Any discoloration could spell out a serious medical problem.

The discolouration colors are brown, yellow, bright red, blue, or pale pink. Each color is a tip-off to your vet that particular medical problems could be apparent in your cat. Make checking your cat’s gums a regular priority when you are taking care of its dental hygiene, and if you notice any discoloring, your cat will need an examination by your vet. Read more about this by visiting veterinarians London ON.

Lighting and Temperature Needs of Painted Turtles

Painted turtles spend a good part of their day basking, so they will need a good source of light in their enclosure. Exposure to light also promotes production of vitamin D in the body.

If your pet has a viable source of dietary vitamin D, you may forego installing a UVA/UVB light in the turtle’s enclosure. When housed outdoors, the sun becomes their sole source of heat.

Ideal conditions in the turtles’ enclosure— whether indoors or outdoors— should include a temperature gradient provided by the basking area, water, and ambient air. Ideal temperature range for water is 75-80F; ambient air 80-85F; and basking area 85-95F.

If the enclosure has a hood or cover, take note that the temperature inside will vary from the surrounding area. You should make a habit of checking the actual temperature in the enclosure regularly rather than depending on your indoor thermometer or thermostat.

Know more about how to take care of your pet's needs by visiting your 4S Ranch vet. Read more important information about pet care on vets 4S Ranch CA.

If you give your cat any type of dairy product


Your cat cannot digest dairy products properly that are meant for your own consumption, its digestive system just simply will not allow it.

The only milk-like substance your cat can and could digest was its own mother’s milk, which is a far cry from the milk that is produced by a cow.

Your cat could become dehydrated or develop other clinical issues if it has ongoing diarrhea as its stool because of milk, cheese, cream or other dairy products.

As soon as possible, you should discontinue giving your cat any dairy products, even if it just loves things like cheese slices or milk. Your cat rather eat or lap it up and suffer later, but of course, your cat does not understand the risks that are involved to its health. For more information kindly visit at veterinarian San Diego CA.

When Bringing your Kitty on Holiday is a Hassle


There are cat owners who choose to leave their kitty at a local cattery or a reliable friend or neighbor when they go on holidays. With so many details involved in preparation including looking for pet-friendly hotels and resorts and complying a long-list of must-haves, many cat owners find the undertaking impractical.

If you are planning an out of town trip and you are not up to the hassle of bringing along your cat, you can make arrangements with a reliable facility or person to take care of your pet while you’re on vacation.

If you want your cat to stay at home while you’re away, you can ask a trusted friend or neighbor to come to your house every day to feed your cat and clean the litter box. If you can’t find a close acquaintance for this task, you can ask other pet owners, pet stores, or your veterinarian for local reputable agencies that offer these services.

You can also leave your pet in a cattery or boarding facility. Just make sure to visit and check out the place before deciding.

Be sure to have your cat checked by a Thorold veterinary clinic. For more information kindly visit at vet clinic Thorold ON.

As much as you want to try to ascertain why your cat has stopped eating, you just will not be able to come to the correct conclusion on your own, without your vet’s assistance

Because your cat’s body is complex, a lack of appetite could be derived from a whole slew of reasons and all of which should be analyzed by your veterinarian.

Only your vet can go through the process of elimination because quite simply, there are far too many variables for you to be able to narrow down the list yourself.

If people were able to determine the cases for any ailment that a cat could develop, then there would be no need for veterinarians, but this is not the case, right?

Your cat could not only become more ill from a lack of food intake, it could also become dehydrated, so your fast response to noticing a change in your cats eating habit and taking it to your vet, will help get to the bottom of things more quickly. If you’d like to learn more, pay this website of the vet El Dorado Hills a visit.


How your dog greets visitors to your home

Dog Training

Almost all dogs will run full speed at the front door and wait for their owner to open the door, in order for the dog to properly greet the visitor.

Jumping up on anyone and everyone is a “canine thing” and is not specific to just your dog, all dogs do this in greeting and it stems right from when they were a puppy.

Puppies carry on the generational and traditional ways of greeting each other by jumping onto each other, licking and barking.

As dogs age, they continue this display of greeting as it is the canine way of being polite and although people do not like being jumped up on, it is the only way dogs know how to greet people and other animals.

Disciplining your dog for doing what it only knows naturally to do, will send very mixed signals to your dog and most likely confuse it. For more information, please visit vet Mcdonough GA.
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