Signs of arthritis in your dog

In some pets, it can be very easy to see signs of injury or illness. In others, it can be difficult to recognize. Issues that gradually increase in severity can be particularly difficult to spot since your pet’s behavior may change subtly over time.

Arthritis can be tough to spot on your own, especially if your pet has a mild case. This is one reason why regular vet visits are so important. Your veterinarian may recognize signs that you don’t.

Arthritis can be quite painful, and this means that it can significantly impact your pet’s life. Take notice of changes in your dog’s movement. If he is becoming less active, or showing signs of discomfort ad he moves about, he may be experiencing the joint pain associated with arthritic onset. Your vigilance can be key to spotting the disease early on. Your Indianapolis veterinarian can help you diagnose and treat arthritis in your pet.


Finding an Ideal Boarding Kennel for your Pet Cat

When you need to travel for a few days or months, you won’t have to worry about your pet if you are leaving him in the care of a reputable boarding kennel. These establishments offer the convenience of a place manned by qualified and experienced staff, as well as facilities to cater to your pet’s comfort and wellbeing while you are away.

If there are several boarding kennels in your locality, it is best to visit them one by one and ask about their services. This is also a good time to check out their facilities and how the place is run.

Reliable boarding kennels should implement these practices:

• They should take a proactive approach against protecting your pet’s health and wellbeing by evaluating the health status and medical history of incoming boarders. The staff will also be asking for your pet’s vaccination certificates which are duly signed by a licensed veterinarian.

• Reputable boarding kennels don’t accept cats which are harboring fleas and other parasites. Deworming your kitty regularly will help ensure that your pet is free from any internal parasites.

Bring your cat to a Greenville veterinary clinic for regular checkups. Visit this website for more info.


Does your cat need an automatic water dish?

Every family with a cat is going to have their own feeding routine. Fresh water is something that often isn’t as routine after a morning feeding since it simply gets refilled as your cat drinks it throughout the day. But what happens when you aren’t at home and your cat has an empty water bowl?

An automatic water dish can help you fill your cats needs by refilling her water on an as needed basis. This means that if your cat is extra thirsty while you are at work, you don’t have to worry about your cat going without. You can have piece of mind in knowing that regardless of your time out of the house or busily spent within it, your pet is taken care of. Your local Calabasas vet can help you find a pet supply store near you.

How microchips work

Microchips are becoming increasingly popular among the pet owning population. So what exactly are they?

Microchips are implants that are placed under the skin of a pet, like a cat or a dog, by a veterinarian. They are quite small, roughly the size of a grain of rice. The pet owner then registers the microchip by providing basic information about the animal and both the owner’s address and contact information. This registration should be changed if and when the information changes. Microchips function as a means to identify the animal and its owners in the case that the pet is lost, stolen, or otherwise finds itself away from home. If the animal is found, their chip can be scanned to pull up the information most recently provided by the pet owners. The pet owners are then contacted with the location of their pet. Woodland Hills veterinarian can help you determine if a microchip is right for your pet.

Cat Breed Profile: Cornish Rex

If you want a kitty with an outgoing personality and one that’s considered hypoallergenic, a Cornish Rex is your best choice. These cats possess soft, wavy hair that makes them stand out from the ‘crowd’. Being light shedders, they are ideal pets for people who are hypersensitive to cats.

Your Cornish Rex is a great attention-seeker and very demonstrative of his affection. Your kitty will love jumping between furniture and shelves and is extremely active. He will thrive with lots of playtime and interaction, without which, your kitty can develop specific behavior problems. When he feels that he is often neglected or ignored, your kitty may become quite naughty. So if you are out of the house and don’t have enough time for pet interaction, this breed may not be right for you.

If you are dealing with any aggressive behavior of your pet, you should seek professional help from a Windward, Oahu vet. Click here for more information.

Haiku Veterinary Clinic, Inc

Dog Training Option: Group Dog Obedience Classes

Group dog obedience classes are intended for a group of pet owners and their dogs. The sessions usually include basic obedience commands and training. Some will also cover housetraining and common behavior problems.

A dog must first undergo basic training in order to respond correctly to basic commands before specific behavior problems can be addressed. Being able to respond quickly and correctly to their owner’s commands is very important. Many lives (both pets and humans) have been saved because a dog was able to undergo basic obedience training.

There are some dog behavior problems that are better dealt with by professional trainers. Some pet owners misunderstand and fail to pinpoint the root of their pet’s behavior and eventually fail to deal with the problem correctly.

Enrolling your pooch in obedience class handled by a professional dog trainer will help ensure that you have a well-disciplined pet. These classes are designed to meet the dogs’ needs at different training levels.

If you are dealing with any undesirable behavior of your pet, you should seek professional help from a Kaneohe vet. Read more information about pet care here.

How to enjoy life with a ferret

Ferret owners have a unique opportunity when it comes to caring for their pets. This is because ferrets thrive with loads of playtime. In fact, many would argue that their lives are spent seeking out fun. This makes pet owners prime candidates for playmates.

Making a point to incorporate playtime into your schedule will help your ferret live a happy, healthy life. Training your ferret to play nicely will make this time more enjoyable. For example, if your ferret is a bit nippy, try putting some bitter apple on areas he tends to bite to break him of the habit. Time outs can also be effective since ferrets really enjoy playing and taking them out of the action for a few minutes will be very undesirable for them.

Popular play items include tubing, slides, balls, and items to play tug-of-war with.

A Canal Winchester vet clinic can address any concerns you may have.


Feeding your horse

The options for feeding your horse may seem endless. So what exactly is the best way to feed your horse?

To put it simply, the best way to feed your horse is the way that works for the both of you. So long as your horse is getting the nutrition he needs and you are able to keep up the routine, you’ve found an option that works. Keep in mind that water should be a large part of your horse’s daily consumption, and should not to be overlooked. Other essential nutrients include carbohydrates, protein, fats, and vitamins. It is also essential to recognize that every horse is different, and each will require a different amount and type of food. This will be dependent upon activity level, age, health, and individual circumstances.

A Pickerington veterinarian can help you find the right feeding routine for your horse.


Chinchillas exercise needs

Every pet is going to have its own individual care needs. Chinchillas, as with many rodents, have a great need for exercise. In fact, it is necessary that they exercise outside of their cage as well as inside to meet this requirement. You must have a safe space in your home for your pet to run around and jump. Please keep in mind that chinchillas can jump quite high – some can even jump higher than six feet!

You must also provide your pet with some means to exercise within his cage. A good exercise wheel for him to run on can make a huge difference in your pet’s quality of life. This can also be said about toys to keep your pet busy.

Multitasking toys that allow your pet to chew a bit are an added bonus! A San Jose vet clinic can give you more information on your chinchilla’s needs.


Do you have a Friendly Bird?

One common concern that many bird owners often have is that their pet birds are not friendly enough. In most cases, however, the problem is more on the owner’s part than the birds. Fortunately, there are ways to help you and your bird bond together and improve your relationship. With time, patience, and consistency, you will soon find distinct changes in the way you and your feathered friend interact with each other.

Bring your bird to the vet for regular checkups

You may think this is a far-fetched idea but there may be underlying health issues that can have an influence on your bird’s personality. Who can be on their best behavior when they are not feeling great?

Engage in training sessions

The time that you spend teaching your feathered friend a trick is important to the bonding process. Training sessions will take time, and accomplishing something together will certainly improve your relationship.

Handle your pet every day

Handling your pet bird every day is a very important part of your responsibility as a bird owner. This is an opportunity for one-on-one time spent interacting with your pet.

Your Folsom veterinarian can be a good source of information regarding the care and management of pet birds. Check out this link.

Veterinary Healing Center of Folsom

Feeding Pet Birds

Many bird owners now realize that their pets need more than pure bird seed to thrive. The practice of feeding only bird seed has resulted in undernourished pet birds. In addition to bird feeders, birds in the wild meet their nutritional requirements by feeding on fruits, insects, plants, and other natural sources of nutrients.

Optimum nutrition of pet birds is now possible with specially formulated pellets. These contain a healthy combination of protein sources, grains, fruits, seeds, vegetables, vitamins, and minerals. Pellets are easier to grasp and eat, and less messy than other bird food preparations.

Commercial bird pellets also contain lesser amount of fat compared to a pure bird seed diet. While pellets have been formulated to contain nutrients that are essential to birds, a pure seed diet has been linked to obesity and nutritional imbalances.

Know more about how to take care of your pet's needs by visiting your St. Thomas veterinary clinic. Check out the website of Imperial Veterinary Clinic to find out more.


Feeding Timothy Hay to your Pocket Pet

Timothy hay is a basic staple of a pocket pet’s diet. In order to ensure a complete and balanced diet, hay must be supplemented with pellets and fresh vegetables. Munching on hay wears down the teeth of pocket pets which are continuously growing. Thus, your pet won’t have the need for tooth trimming.

Timothy hay is also a good source of dietary fiber which is necessary to keep your pet’s digestive system functioning at its optimum. While it is available in its natural state, Timothy hay can be bought in various forms from pet stores.

Regular Timothy Hay

This is the standard dried form which is given to rabbits, chinchillas, and guinea pigs. Your pet will spend a lot of time chewing hay, thus preventing boredom, while supplying nutrition. You can offer hay loose or in tubes.

Timothy Hay Cubes

Timothy hay cubes are pressed blocks that can easily be fed to your pocket pet. These are quite hard, making them ideal for keeping your pet’s teeth trimmed. However, some pocket pets don’t like their consistency. You can break the cube into smaller pieces to make them more appealing to your pet.

Know more about your pet’s nutritional needs by asking your El Dorado Hills veterinarian. Visit this link to know more.

Why dogs chase their tails

Most dogs are playful creatures and enjoy spending time frolicking around. This is the reason behind most tail chasing adventures. It is simply something to do, an activity that allows your dog to have some harmless fun. Dogs will often see their owner’s smiles as they chase their tails and will keep it up for the attention.

Still, the behavior may be a cause for concern if it becomes excessive or shows up in your dog out of nowhere. It could be a sign that your pet isn’t getting the right amount of physical activity, and that he is trying to up the amount on his own. A dog may also try to catch his tail if something feels off about it, like if an injury has occurred. The behavior can also be a sign of anxiety.

Visit your veterinarian if you have any concerns about your dog’s tail chasing. Your Linda Vista vet can answer any additional questions you may have.


Keeping your dog from chewing your things


Chewing is a natural behavior for dogs. They utilize it as a means to learn more about their environment, ease teething pain, and also simply as something to keep them busy. So how do you keep your pet from chewing on your possessions?

Your Ellicott City vet clinic can recommend many options that will help meet your dogs chewing needs in a safer way. Specific toys and treats are made just for this purpose. Proper training can also help your dog understand what is expected of her and allow you to teach her to exercise her needs in a more appropriate manner. If you are having trouble getting through to your dog about this issue, there are sprays you can buy that, when applied to items your dog frequently chews, will make them taste unappealing and increase the likelihood that your dog will back off before doing any real damage. Find out more information about your dog at veterinarian Ellicott City MD.

Would your pet like a cat condo?

The vast array of things available for purchase for your pet is staggering. This is where multitasking items can help to save your sanity. A cat condo is a product that combines features of several other common purchases for your cat. They function as a small piece of furniture that your cat can use as a toy, a bed, a scratching post, and something to climb on. With comfortable cubby areas, your cat can have a secluded area all to herself to relax in.

While the prices run a bit steeper than each of the items it is replacing on their own, a smart shopper may find that the overall cost would be less than purchasing everything separately. If your cat is in need of an area in your house to call her own, a cat condo may be the way for you to meet her needs.

Your Richmond veterinarian can help you decide what supplies are necessary for your cat.


Is your Cat Happy and Contented?

Cats can be quite transparent when it comes to showing their happiness and contentment.


You will know that your cat is happy when he engages in long drawn-out conversations. These vocalizations are usually high-pitched, since lower-pitched sounds usually convey frustration or demand.

For the more quiet and serene cats, their silence may already be expressions of happiness. These pets usually vocalize to express unhappiness. Purrs aren’t always expressions of happiness; although cats engage in the habit to express contentment or even bliss.

Body Language

A cat’s feelings are also reflected in his eyes, ears, fur, and even body positions. A contented cat relaxes with his front paws tucked under his body, with ears forward, most often with “sleepy” eyelids that are half closed. You will also know that your kitty is happy as he returns your stare with a blink of an eye.

Sudden eye dilation can also indicate happiness; this is often seen when you put a food bowl filled with cat food or when you offer your kitty a treat or two. Happy cats also have a relaxed tail and smooth fur. The whiskers are slightly held forward.

Your Portland veterinary clinic is a good source of information on how you can best satisfy to your pet’s needs. This site contains more information about pet care.

happy cat

Does your Puppy Suffer from Insomnia?

Dogs can also suffer from insomnia. For a puppy that has just arrived in a new home, it is usual for them to cry and have trouble sleeping. Being in a strange new place, away from their mother and siblings can certainly be frightening. Even older puppies go through issues with sleeping through the night.

However, as a puppy becomes settled in his new home, he will rarely have trouble sleeping. Your puppy will have plenty of naps throughout the day while you’re out of the house. Thus your puppy is bursting with energy at night, playing and being a nuisance to everyone else in the household.

There are various ways of prompting your pet to sleep based on your timetable. Some pet owners use natural treatments including the pup’s physical environment, the use of pheromone products to relieve stress and fear.

Some pet owners gained success using music therapy, where music acts as a sedative lulling their pets to sleep.

Your Gresham vet can also offer valuable insights on how to deal with puppy insomnia. Read more information on this website.

puppy suffer

The Mating Game in Cats

Unless a female cat gets pregnant or spayed, she will undergo estrus every two or three weeks. Distinct signs of heat exhibited by a female cat can be distressing for everyone in the household, including the neighbors.

When in heat, the female’s energies are entirely focused on escaping from the house to find a mate, or mate with a resident male cat.

A female cat that is in heat will vocalize loudly, stay near doorways, waiting for a chance to escape and meet up with male cats clustered near your home, fighting for the privilege of mating with the queen.

Estrus is a period of sexual receptivity, influenced by the production of estrogen in the ovaries. Female cats are induced ovulators, that is, ovulation will only take place if there is mating or manual stimulation. If mating does not occur, the signs of heat will cease, until it returns in two or three weeks time.

Ask your Neptune Beach veterinary clinic about the benefits of having your pet spayed or neutered. Check out more here.


Does your Dog have Fleas?

If your dog seems to be constantly itching, your pet may be playing host to a healthy flea population. These bloodsucking parasites are truly a nuisance.
The best way to spot fleas is to use a flea comb. This is a small comb with teeth which are very close. As you run the comb through your dog’s hair coat, you will be able to pick up everything. Make sure to pay close attention to the dog’s “flea zone”, located at the lower back around the tail region.
Sometimes all you get are tiny pieces of black debris, called flea dirt. This is the fecal material deposited by fleas. It is mainly composed of dried animal blood, hence the color.
The best way to deal with flea problems in pets is prevention. A major infestation can be a problem to deal with.
Your Jacksonville vet can help you formulate a flea preventive program or map out a flea eradication program for your pet. Here’s more information on this site.

Signs your dog is having teeth problems

It can be difficult to determine if your pet is having dental problems since this area isn’t always clearly visible, but there are signs that something may not be quite right. Refusing food or showing visible discomfort while eating is a good indicator of a potential issue. Continual pawing or rubbing in this area may also let you know that something is wrong.

If you regularly brush your dog’s teeth, you are likely familiar with the look of your pet’s mouth and can possibly notice a problem before your dog starts showing signs of one. Keep an eye out for redness, swelling, and bleeding. Also be on the lookout for foreign debris that may be stuck between teeth or in the gums. If you think your dog may be in need of assistance, please contact your local Malvern veterinarians to schedule an appointment.

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Why does your cat like boxes?

If you own a cat, you know how much they love to climb into small spaces like boxes and paper bags. You may have wondered why these spaces would appeal to them. Your local Hutchinson Island vet sees how domesticated housecats have become, but recognizes the desire for safety still engrained within them. In the wild, both small and enclosed places offered shelter from predators and uncomfortable weather conditions. In addition, the hunter in your cat wishes to stalk prey while remaining unseen.

Boxes are often the most secure hiding place your cat can find within the home. They give your pet the security of knowing what is around her is stable and unchanging, thus allowing her to focus on a single entry point. The dangers may not be as intense as in the wild, but it is comforting to know that she won’t have any surprises sneaking up behind her. If you would like to read more, please visit this site.


Do cats see in color?

Your local Herndon veterinarian knows how different feline eyesight is from human eyesight. Certain differences are more obvious, like humans lack of night vision in comparison to their feline friend’s, while others can be a bit subtler. Contrary to many people’s beliefs, cats can and do see color in the world around them. They do, however, see it in a different way.

For example, a cat may be able to identify certain main colors in a similar way to a human, but different variations and levels of richness in the color may be lost. It is very similar to a person that is colorblind in that your cat may be able to tell blue and green apart with relative ease while red and pink may bring about more questions than answers.

If you would like to read more about your cat’s vision, please visit the site of Herndon Animal Medical Center.


Dietary Supplements for Dogs with Dementia

Senior dogs are prone to dementia, a condition that is commonly known as senility. Even though there is no guaranteed cure for dementia, dietary supplements have been shown to alleviate specific symptoms of cognitive dysfunction.

Dietary supplements such as melatonin, SAMe, and omega-3 fatty acids have been recognized to improve cognitive function in some dogs. There are also some other nutritional supplements, homeopathics, or herbal remedies that can benefit dogs diagnosed with cognitive dysfunction.

One dietary supplement popular among owners of dogs with dementia is made from calcium binding protein that is found in Aequoria victoria, a species of jellyfish.

There are also Chinese herbs which may be used to alleviate symptoms of dementia. You can consult your vet about potential options to make your dog’s senior years more comfortable. Your Janesville vet can also advise you on dosing instructions and also where to find the right supplements for your dog.


Homemade cat food

Like many other cat owners, you may be concerned with your pet’s diet. Quality cat food can be a bit expensive, so some animal lovers are taking another route. Homemade cat food is gaining in popularity because it allows pet owners to determine exactly what will be given to their precious little fur balls.

Whole grains and nutritious meats can be mixed with other quality ingredients that will keep your cat in top health. Be sure to avoid any artificial and unnecessary ingredients, like colorings and preservatives. When done at home, this can be done at a much lower cost than purchasing commercially made cat food. It also offers you the opportunity to tailor the new food to your cat’s tastes.

You’re local Liberty vet clinic can help you in determining what diet is best for your cat. Visit the website of Ark Animal Hospital for more details.


Cold weather cat paws

Colder weather brings with it concerns for your cat’s safety. Your pet’s paws are particularly sensitive to the cold, and to keep them safe some extra attention must given. As the temperature drops, your cat’s chances of frostbite increase. Encourage your cat to spend extra time indoors in order to prevent this and other discomfort due to the cold.

Thoroughly check over your cat’s paws upon coming inside from frigid temperatures. Check for any redness, swelling, or bleeding, and remove and foreign debris. Be particularly careful in wiping off your pet’s paws after he has outside since salt from roads and sidewalks can irritate the skin, and the longer it remains the better the chances that your cat will lick it off to clean himself.

Your local Ludington veterinarian can assist you with any cold weather concerns you may have.


Determining your Kitty’s Age

A cat’s teeth and onset of sexual maturity can provide clues as to its age.


Teeth are a reliable indicator of a kitten’s age. The first set of teeth (“baby teeth” or deciduous teeth) first emerges between two to four weeks of age. Permanent teeth soon come out by the time kittens are three to four months old.

The age of older cats can be determined by the amount of tartar or stain. Veterinarians use this method if the owner is unsure of his pet’s age. With the availability of commercial tooth cleaning products formulated for pets, teeth stains may not be a reliable indicator of age.

Sexual Maturity

Most male cats are sexually mature as they reach five months of age. Secondary sex characters soon become distinct and the cat start to engage in territorial spraying.

Depending on the breed, female cats usually have their first heat between five to twelve months of age. You will know your female cat is experiencing estrus (heat) because she can get very noisy. She will also be manifesting physical signs of heat.

Bring your cat to a Cumberland County veterinarian for regular check-ups. Click on this link for more info.


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