Catching an Angry or Upset Cat

Catching an Angry or Upset Cat

Even domesticated cats can become angry and upset. If it’s time to go to the veterinary clinic Flower Mound and your cat simply isn’t interested, follow these tips and tricks.
First, corner your cat in an area where it is difficult for him to hide. Unfortunately, this may mean that you have to chase him around the house a bit. Bathrooms are usually a good choice because there isn’t a lot of furniture to hide behind. Shut the door immediately and give your cat a couple of minutes to calm down.
When you’re ready to catch your cat, place a towel over him first. Then, quickly reach down and bundle him up in the towel. Make sure you keep the towel tightly wrapped to avoid getting injured.
Place the cat and the towel in the crate. Even though you may be upset, use a soothing voice throughout the process to try and calm your cat.

Tying Your Dog in the Yard

Dog harnesses

Unfortunately, we can’t always be there to play outside with our dog. But if you don’t have a fenced yard for your pup to roam, make sure you purchase the right equipment to tie him up in your yard.

In general, it is a good idea to avoid metal link chains when you tie your dog outside. As your dog drags the chain across the lawn, sticks and other debris can get caught in the links, which is not only annoying for your dog, but it can actually be dangerous.

Nylon isn’t always the best choice either because it can deteriorate quickly when it is left outdoors. In addition, if your dog gets bored, he may start chewing on it.

Instead, choose a flexible, metal coated cable. They don’t deteriorate, they are difficult to chew, and they won’t catch yard debris.

Click here for more information or call your vet Cherry Hill.

Habits of Pet Rats

Emphasis textratlover-image.jpg

Before you adopt a pet rat, there are a number of behaviors you will want to consider before you bring one home.

Rats are primarily nocturnal, which means your rat is likely going to dig around his cage in the middle of the night.
Some pet owners have had some success training their rats to adjust their schedule, but this does take some time and quite a bit of patience.

Because rats are members of the rodent family, their teeth continually grow throughout their lives, which means they love to chew. It is important for you to provide plenty of chewable material for your rodent friend.

Rats are also very social so you may want to consider adopting more than one. If not, plenty of interactions between you and your rat can also fulfil his social needs.

Click here or contact your veterinarian Indianapolis for more information on pet rats.

Why does my dog dig in the yard?


Your dog likes to dig in your yard, and as hard as you try, you simply can’t determine the reasoning behind this desire. So why does your dog dig in the backyard?

The initial and typically most thought of reasoning has to do with your pet’s entertainment options. Your dog may dig just because it is something fun to do. It also allows your pet to get some physical activity while exploring a part of his territory. Since dogs still exhibit a lot of traits that their wild counter parts rely upon for survival, your pet may also be drawing on these while digging. He may be looking for a place to hide something he values, like a favorite to or some food. Digging may also give him a semi-sheltered place to hide, and offer some relief from the elements. To find answers to any additional questions, please contact your local North Phoenix vet.

What leash length is best for my dog?


Your dog needs a new leash, and you head to your favorite pet store to pick one up. It’s been a while since you’ve purchased one, and you are amazed at the sheer number of options available to you, particularly in the length of the leash. This makes you wonder – what leash length is ideal for your pet?

Your dog is an individual, and will need a leash that gives her the amount of freedom she is ready to handle. A shorter leash gives pet owners more control over where their dog’s roam, making this choice better for urban areas, dogs who are still being trained, and those who tend to get into things they shouldn’t while out for a walk. Longer leashes are designed for dogs that listen well, and are being walked in places where it is alright for them to wander away from their owner a bit. For additional information, please contact your local Hamilton County veterinarian.

Dogs That Need Room to Run


There are many dog breeds that make great companions, but they require a lot of room to run. Make sure you have plenty of space before you adopt one of these breeds.

Many herding breeds require a bit more exercise and space than other breeds. Because they were bred to herd cattle and sheep all day, they have a lot of energy to burn. Breeds include the Australian Shepherd, Border Collie, and the Belgian Shepherd.

Dogs that need a moderate amount of exercise include Labradors and Retrievers. However, a simple walk or jog is often enough for these breeds.

Just because a dog is big doesn’t mean they need a ton of room. Although Greyhouds are great sprinters, they are also huge couch potatoes, and don’t require a lot of space or exercise.

Click here for more information or visit with your veterinary clinic Katy.

Toys for Hamsters Made with Household Items


Entertaining your hamster is as easy as taking a stroll around your home! Use these household items to entertain your furry friend for hours.

Cardboard tubes make a great toy for hamsters. Place a variety of short, toilet paper tubes and long, paper towel tubes in the cage. You can even cut holes and connect them to create a maze. If you really want to present your hamster with a challenge, bury the tubes under extra bedding and make your hamster burrow to find them.

Hiding berries and other small treats in your hamster’s cage can be a lot of fun. Consider placing treats under milk caps and inside plastic containers. You can also place treats in buried toilet paper tubes to encourage your hamster to dig. Freshly cut pieces of wood can also make a great treat.

Visit with your veterinary clinic Oceanside for more homemade toy ideas.

Questions to Ask a Pet Sitting Service


If you’re considering hiring a pet sitting service, there are some essential questions you will want to ask to ensure the health and safety of your dog while you’re away.

First, find out how many people will be watching over your pet. It is a good idea to meet each of the people that will be responsible for caring for your dog. This is also a great time to obtain contact information.

A reputable pet sitter will be licensed, insured, and bonded. Do not be afraid to ask for credentials.

Don’t forget to ask for references! You can also search the company or service online and see if anyone has left any reviews.

Does this pet sitter work with any specific dog breeds? You may also want to ask which breeds they have the most experience with.

Your veterinary clinic Fort Worth can also provide you with recommendations.

Why should I brush my cat’s teeth?

Signs Your Cat Might Be Pregnant

Every cat owner is going to have their own unique flair when caring for their pet. Some may pay particular attention to one area or another because of specific reasons, but this doesn’t mean that other care necessities can fall by the wayside. This makes some people wonder if they are hitting all the marks that their pet needs them to.

Dental care is one area that gets frequently overlooked because your pet’s teeth aren’t front and center begging for assistance. This doesn’t mean that they don’t require regular attention though. Daily brushings can help your cat avoid plaque and tartar buildup, and it also allows you to regularly check over your pet’s mouth for any potential issues that may be present. If you haven’t been caring for your pet’s oral hygiene needs, a visit to a professional may be in order to get things started. For more information, please contact your local El Dorado Hills veterinarian.

What toys will my cat enjoy?

Right Toys For Cat

Your Broken Arrow vet knows how large the market is for cat toys. They also know how difficult it can be to weed through all these options when you are looking for some new toys for your pet. How can you find the best toys for your cat?

Before you head to the store to look for new cat toys, take a look around at what your pet already has. There may be some toys that are scattered around your home that your pet hasn’t played with in quite a while. If a certain type of toy doesn’t interest her, you don’t want to purchase any more of them since it would be a waste. Try to choose different toys that your cat hasn’t seen before, or variations of her favorites at home so you’re sure she will like them. For additional information, please visit this site.

Easing a shy cat into family life

images (1)

Your Eagles Landing veterinarian knows that you love to spend time with your cat, but this can be a bit difficult to do if your pet is shy. Luckily, there are many ways to get her to come out of her shell.

Before urging your pet to come out, realize that each cat is going to have her own unique personality. Your cat may enjoy more alone time that others you’ve spent time with in the past, and this must be respected. If your pet is playing shy, try to get her to come out by being welcoming, but not forceful. Give her the space she needs while giving lots of positive reinforcement when she does venture out to visit. More often than not, it will just take some time for her to become comfortable in your home. Once this happens, she will probably come out more often. For additional advice, please visit this site.

Choosing a dog groomer

Your Racine vet knows that it can be difficult to choose between different care options for your pet. However, knowing exactly what you are looking for can be a great way to lessen the pressure.


When looking for a groomer, think about what your pet really needs, and don’t bother to look at groomers who don’t offer these services. Next, take a walk through the facility with your pet and meet the people who would be caring for your dog. If either you or your dog are uncomfortable somewhere, scratch that place off the list. You can then narrow the list by price and other amenities that matter to you, like a convenient location or nice waiting room. Additionally, if your state has any particular rules or regulations regarding grooming, be sure that the place you choose is in compliance with them. To read more, please click here.

Should you be brushing your cat’s teeth?

images (1)

You care for your cat’s needs as they present themselves, and even anticipate a lot of her needs before they begin to show. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that all her needs are cared for. Dental care, for example, is a part of pet ownership that often gets overlooked. Should you be brushing your cat’s teeth?

Since your cat’s oral hygiene can impact many other aspects of her life, it is important that you take the time to address it. Your pets overall health could be in danger if an issue arises and it is overlooked. Regular brushings help prevent plaque and tartar just like they do on your own teeth, and they also help you familiarize yourself with your pet’s mouth. This gives you the opportunity to notice a problem if and when one comes up. Your local Grayson veterinarian can help you get started with brushing your cat’s teeth. Visit this site for more information.

Feeding your gecko

Feeding your gecko

You are excited to bring home your very first gecko, and want to get everything ready ahead of time. What should you get for your new pet to eat?

Like many other reptiles, geckos are quite happy munching on some live prey. This often includes crickets, very young mice, and a variety of worms like wax worms, mealworms, and super worms. Be sure to load your insects before sending them off to be eaten so they will be packed with nutrients for your gecko. Early evening feedings are ideal as this is the time most geckos would be searching for food in the wild. Since it is easy to overfeed a gecko, consult a professional as to the amount of food your pet needs to keep healthy. Your local Houston vet clinic can answer any additional questions you may have about your gecko.

Signs Your Cat Might Be Pregnant

Signs Your Cat Might Be Pregnant

If your kitty hasn’t been spayed and she regularly ventures outside, she might get pregnant. Use these signs to figure out if your cat is going to be a mom soon.

Because your cat is eating for a little family, she’s going to spend more time chowing down at her food bowl. Regularly monitor your cat’s intake to learn if she’s eating more than usual.

Pregnant cats can be extremely affectionate. If your cat spends more time bunting your legs and wants to spend more time lounging in your lap, she might be pregnant.

The most obvious sign of pregnancy, but one that is often overlooked in cats with long hair, is a distended abdomen. Your cat will likely begin showing this pregnancy sign when she’s at least 4 weeks pregnant.

If you suspect that your cat is pregnant, make sure you schedule an appointment with your veterinarian Summerfield to confirm your suspicions.

Some Little-Known Facts about Cats

Choosing toys for your cat

Even if you consider yourself a ‘cat person’ there is some little known facts about your furball that you may not know yet.
• Indoor cats have been shown to live longer than cats which are allowed outdoors. There are countless risks present outdoors that a cat can be exposed to including potential predators, parasites, disease, and even passing vehicles. Being confined indoors does not mean your kitty will have a boring life. With the proper environmental enrichment, and his basic needs met, your pet will be happy and contented living indoors.
• If a new cat has just arrived in the house, he needs to be introduced to his litter box. Although using a litter box to do his business is an instinct, a new cat still needs to adjust to his new environment and establish his bearings so he will know where to go.
Be sure to have your cat checked regularly by a San Leandro veterinarian. Visit at Veterinary Clinic San leandro CA for more pet care information.

Does your pet have bad breath?


Some pet owners have to deal constantly with their pet’s bad breath or halitosis. In many cases the foul odor seems to persist, even with regular tooth brushing. Here are some recommended ways of dealing with bad breath in pets:
Health check
A visit to the vet can help identify the underlying cause of your pet’s bad breath. There are instances when the foul odor is a red flag of a more serious health problem. If regular tooth brushing won’t get rid of your pet’s bad breath, a visit to the vet should be made as soon as possible.
Dental Care
Cats and dogs benefit from having regular dental care. Tooth decay, plaque and tartar buildup can all cause bad breath and will require considerable dental work.
Daily Dental Care
Your pet should get used to having his teeth brushed regularly while still very young.

Know more about your pet’s dental needs by visiting a San Lorenzo veterinary clinic. More information about pets can be found in this vet san lorenzo ca.

Handling Pet Mice


Mice are quite suspicious of people, and it may take some time to earn your pet’s trust, coupled with lots of treats. Handling mice can be quite difficult because they can move quickly and are very small. However, once they are used to handling, they will stay put as you pick them up.

A pet mouse, even one that is used to being handled, can bite or nip when it feels frightened or there is a perceived threat. When your pet bites your finger, don’t try to shake it off or react loudly for this can only aggravate the situation. Biting and nipping serves to warn people and other pets to back off.

While you are still trying to get your pet’s trust, avoid any movement or vocalization that can stress or frighten your pet. Always move slowly and gently, even if you are cleaning your pet’s cage. In time, your pet will get used to your presence and will tolerate being handled.

Bring your pet mice to a Newport Beach veterinary clinic for a regular wellness check. Click on link to know more about your pet's needs and set an appointment.

Keeping your Pooch Healthy

pet healthy
It is the aim of every responsible pet owner to keep their dogs healthy and happy. Here are some ways to help ensure your pet’s path to wellness:

High Quality Veterinary Care

Excellent veterinary care is the cornerstone of every pet’s overall health. Suffice to say, having a veterinarian whom you can trust and visit regularly is very important. Wellness checks are usually performed twice a year by your vet. Puppies and senior dogs may need to visit the vet more frequently.

Optimum Nutrition

A nutritious and balanced diet is a basic need of dogs. In addition to growth and development, a dog’s diet exerts a direct influence on their coat, energy level, weight, and physiological function.

Physical and Mental Stimulation

Dogs need adequate regular exercise, though they vary in terms of how much each requires. Without adequate physical and mental stimulation, dogs may develop destructive behavior and other behavior problems.

For more information about your cat's dietary needs visit a Costa Mesa vet. Check out this website.

Helping Your Dog Adjust to a New Baby


Welcoming home a new baby can be very exciting. To avoid possible problems with your existing pet, take some time to help your dog adjust to your new baby.

Introduce your newborn slowly. Allow your dog to experience the way your baby smells without actually allowing an interaction with your child. The easiest way to do this is to present your pup with clothes or bedding that your baby has used.

When you do introduce your baby to your dog, make sure that the interaction is fully supervised. It is also helpful to enlist the assistance of a friend or significant other who can restrain or move your dog, if needed.

Get into the habit of clipping your pup’s nails regularly to prevent injury. You will also want to make sure you visit your veterinary clinic Fort Collins regularly to ensure that your dog is healthy enough for regular interactions with your newborn.

Should You Be Concerned about Your Dog Getting Worms?

Most pet owners hear about the dangers of worms, but how worried should you really be?

The majority of worms that your pup can catch live in the intestine. These worms rob your pup of the nutrients he needs to stay healthy. Some worms, like the tapeworm, can actually grow to be more than three feet long! These worms are not deadly, but some of them can be caught by humans, so guarding against these worms is important.

Heartworms are very serious because they live in the heart and lungs. Although they are curable, the longer you wait to provide your dog with treatment, the more difficult it is to get rid of them.

The easiest way to treat your dog for worms is to prevent them in the first place. Your veterinary clinic Leesburg can provide you with all of the important worm medications you need.

Should you hire a dog walker?


Your Hancock County veterinarian knows that you want to make sure your pet is well taken care of. They also know that sometimes life can get very busy and you might need a hand taking care of things.

Daily walks are essential for your pet’s health, both mental and physical. If you are having trouble keeping up with your dog’s walks or find that you are gone for long periods of time every now and then, consider hiring someone to walk your dog for you. A dog walker can come to your home and bring your dog out and about for some much needed stimulation. This can save you time, and offer your pet the exercise he deserves. It can also serve as a way to break up the day for your pet while he awaits your arrival home. For more information, please visit this site.

Early Signs That Your Cat May Be Ill

Choosing toys for your cat

The easiest way to make sure your cat is happy and healthy is to prevent illness in the first place. Look for these early signs that your cat may be ill.
Many cats like to alert their owner that there is a problem is by urinating outside the litter box. The most common medical problem associated with this behavior is urinary tract infections, although cats that are stressed may also urinate outside the box.
Behavioral changes are also an important indication that something is wrong. Anything from spending less time in the window to grooming less and sleeping more than usual can all be signs that your kitty isn’t feeling well.
You should also look out for a sudden change in appetite. This includes eating more and less than usual.
If you suspect your cat is ill, make sure you contact your veterinary clinic San Jose.

Should you hire a dog walker?


Your Hancock County veterinarian knows that you want to make sure your pet is well taken care of. They also know that sometimes life can get very busy and you might need a hand taking care of things.

Daily walks are essential for your pet’s health, both mental and physical. If you are having trouble keeping up with your dog’s walks or find that you are gone for long periods of time every now and then, consider hiring someone to walk your dog for you. A dog walker can come to your home and bring your dog out and about for some much needed stimulation. This can save you time, and offer your pet the exercise he deserves. It can also serve as a way to break up the day for your pet while he awaits your arrival home. For more information, please visit this site.

The Best Ways to Exercise an Older Dog

Exercise an Older Dog

As dogs age, they can develop arthritis. They also lose energy, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be exercised!

Light walking is a great exercise option for dogs with arthritis. Choose flat routes and make sure that you can get back to your car or walk home quickly when your pup tires. It’s also a good idea to avoid stairs and uneven walkways.

Playing fetch is a great way to get a little exercise, even indoors. The best part about playing fetch is that you can dictate how far your pooch has to run in order to retrieve his toy.

If your dog enjoys the water, consider a romp in the pool. Water is not only soothing on hot days, but it also eliminates pressure on your dog’s joints. Some communities schedule doggy days at the local pool. You can even ask your veterinary clinic Colorado Springs if there are any water treadmills available in the area.

Teaching a Cat to Mouse Hunt

Teaching a Cat to Mouse Hunt

If you live in an area where mice are a problem, you may want to consider adopting a cat. Here are some tips and tricks on how to raise a mouser.

Start with a kitten. Many adult cats who never learned how to hunt aren’t likely to start once they are fully grown.
Regularly play with your kitten using toys that resemble mice. Pull mice on strings or consider purchasing a motorized mouse. Mice that are covered in natural rabbit hair are also a good choice. Just make sure that you praise your kitten every time she catches her prey.

When your kitten does bring you a mouse, make sure you reward her for this behavior. If you want to continue having mousers around, consider breeding your cat and keeping some of the kittens as the mother cat will teach this skill to her young.

Click here for more information or visit with your veterinary clinic Southeast Denver.

Housing Needs of Degus

Housing your pet degus in one enclosure will fulfill their needs as social animals. In their natural habitat, degus live in communities in elaborate burrow systems.

The minimum size of an enclosure for a couple of degus is 24 inches x 18 inches x 24 inches. However, a more spacious enclosure will mean they have more place to run and play. Having a multi-level cage will also enrich both their physical and mental stimulation.

Degus are enthusiastic chewers, so a wire cage is best for them. A solid floor will protect their foot from injuries. Instead of cedar or pine shavings, place a layer of bedding made up of a good absorbent material. Place a nest box inside your pet’s cage; you can use paper towel, tissue paper, or shredded paper as nesting material.

Consult with your Indianapolis veterinary clinic if you have any questions and/or concerns about the needs of your pet degus. Check out this website for more pet care information.

Fruits and Vegetables for your Pet Dog


Dogs are omnivores, so fruits and vegetables are important components of their diet. These are important sources of fiber and essential nutrients which are often insufficient or absent in an all-meat diet. Fibers also exert a laxative effect and promote easy elimination.
Fruits and veggies are rich in antioxidants that can help boost your pet’s health and immunity. They are also nutrient-dense, a feature which is often lacking in many commercial pet food products.
However, plants contain a component that a dog’s digestive system is unable to metabolize. Canines have simple stomachs and don’t have the specific enzymes that can facilitate the digestion of the fibrous component of plants, unlike sheep and cattle which have compound stomachs. Some owners cook or steam food to ‘pre-digest’ fiber. This can also be done using a blender or food processor.
Know more about your dog's nutritional needs by visiting your Farmington Hills vet. Check out this link.

Picking the right toys for your cat

You want to make sure your pet has plenty to keep her occupied, and it seems that a few new toys are needed for this to happen. How can you choose toys she will be happy to play with again and again?

Take into account your cats interests. Does she enjoy chasing things all over the place? Try to find a toy that you can toss and she can then bat around the house. If she is more of a calm pet, try something that would be more her speed and find a stationary toy she can bat at. Try to choose toys that are well made so they will last through many play sessions, and make an effort to choose a variety of options so your pet will have plenty to choose from whenever she is feeling playful. For additional information, please contact your local pet clinic Marietta.

Preventing puppy accidents

Keeping your Pooch Happy Indoors

You’ve brought a new puppy into your home and are wondering if there is a way to avoid having to clean up so many accidents. How can you help your pet become housetrained?

Realize that younger puppies are incapable of controlling their elimination regardless of how much assistance they receive from you. This means that you may simply need to wait out the situation until your pet is ready to be trained. Once the time comes, a vigilant eye can help keep messes out of your home. Your pet needs to associate bathroom activities with the outdoors, so bring her out whenever you think she may need to go. This will likely be after she has been in the house for a while, first thing in the morning, and after meals. Your local Grays Harbor County vet can help you care for your new addition. Schedule an appointment today.
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