Options for Disabled Dogs


No matter what your dog’s disability, making the choice to put him to sleep is difficult. Here are some alternatives for you to consider before you choose euthanasia.

For dogs that have to have one or more legs amputated, there are a number of options available. In some cases, three legged dogs can get along quite well without any assistance, although they are likely to move more slowly than their four legged counterparts. For smaller dogs that are missing a leg, or dogs with multiple amputations, a wheelchair may be the best solution. Most have two wheels and work best when the back leg or legs are missing.

Prosthetics are also available, but they can be quite costly. A more cost-effective option is to walk your dog with a sling. However, this method does take a bit of coordination.

To learn more about your options, call your veterinarian Indianapolis.

Treatment for Ear Mites in Cats


Mites can cause extreme itchiness for your cat as they move around inside the ear canal, feeding on ear wax and dead skin cells. Fortunately, they are easy to treat.

Cats with ear mites willscratch and paw at their ears frequently. They may also shake their head in an attempt to rid themselves of the mites. However, the most obvious sign that your cat has mites is the foul odor that comes from the ear canal itself.

It is important that you take your cat to your veterinary clinic Livonia if you suspect your cat has mites. Your vet will also be able to prescribe you medication.

As long as there is no secondary infection, the only treatment is a mineral oil that must be rubbed into the ear canal twice a day for one to two weeks, depending on the severity of the mites that are present.

Playtime with Your Gerbil


Just like every pet, gerbils enjoy playtime! Not only does regular playtime help keep your gerbil healthy, it also solidifies your friendship.

Although gerbils are social creatures, they do need regular socialization in order to remain friendly and tame. This means you should set aside a little bit of time each day to remove your gerbil from his cage.

Set up a cardboard box fort and allow your gerbil to explore it. You can even create a playpen outdoors! Gerbils can also be trained quite easily, considering they are rodents. Many pet parents are able to shoulder train their gerbil which can be a lot of fun for your furry friend.

Exercise can be a lot of fun for your gerbil as well. Purchase a clear plastic exercise ball and allow your pet to explore the whole house.

To learn more about playing with your gerbil, contact your veterinary clinic Garden City.

Keeping your cat’s paws in top shape

Signs That Your Cat Is in Shock

Your cat relies on her paws to carry her throughout the world each and every day. They travel over frigid sidewalks and hard rocky areas in addition to the carpeting in your home. This may cause some people to believe they are tough and ready to handle anything that comes their way, but they are far from it. Your cat’s paw pads are quite sensitive, particularly to extreme temperatures and sharp objects. They may even require your assistance from time to time. Regularly inspecting your cat’s paws will help you notice when this is the case. Keep an eye out for any foreign debris that needs to be removed, or cracking and bleeding that must be immediately tended to. Be mindful of the surfaces that your pet frequently walks over, and try to lessen the severity of the terrain he covers when possible. Your local Lansing veterinarian can help you in caring for your pet’s paws.

Feeding your guinea pig


You know that a lot of your guinea pig’s health is dependent upon your pet’s eating habits. This means that he needs to be fed high quality food day after day in order to be in top shape. Many people believe that the commercially made pellet mixes are enough to sustain a guinea pig, but this simply isn’t the case. While pellets can be a good part of your pet’s diet, they shouldn’t make it up entirely. Your pet will need plenty of hay on a daily basis as well. In addition to this, your pet should be offered fresh fruits and vegetables in appropriate portions. Be sure to vary these, as each will offer your pet different nutrients and it is essential that he consume a variety on a regular basis. Your Lansing veterinarian can help you determine the best food for your pet.

Do Birds Need a Bed?

Do Birds Need a Bed

Many people envision a bird snoozing away while standing upright on their perch. Although some birds like to nap this way, many birds actually prefer having their own bed!
Beds for birds look a lot different than the beds we use. Most birds prefer a hanging, enclosed area where they can snuggle up away from prying eyes. Bird tents come in many different sizes, making them a good choice for almost every bird species.
Some birds prefer to rest on the bottom of the cage, so beds can be purchased for this purpose as well. Many of them actually look like miniature dog beds!
If your bird prefers having a snuggle buddy, you can even provide your bird with a little stuffed animal!
If you’re having trouble finding the right bird bed for your feathered friend, contact your veterinary clinic Fayetteville NC for more information.

Signs That Your Cat Is in Shock

Signs That Your Cat Is in Shock

During extreme circumstances and trauma, your cat may experience shock. Here are some ways you can tell if your cat needs medical attention from your veterinary clinic Jacksonville.
Shock occurs when the cardiovascular system doesn’t provide enough oxygen and nutrients to the tissues. This can occur for a number of reasons including an accident, trauma, injury, poisoning, allergy, illness, heat stroke, or blood loss.
Identifying the signs that your cat is in shock is extremely important. Cats that are experiencing shock may stagger due to poor blood circulation. They are also likely to become extremely lethargic. Pale skin and discolored gums are also a sure sign that something is seriously wrong with your kitty. Keep your eyes open for rapid breathing and make sure your cat’s symptoms don’t cause your cat to pass out.
If you want to learn more about shock in cats, click here for more information.

Plants that Are Not Pet Friendly

Plants that Are Not Pet Friendly

Many people enjoy the beauty of plants and flowers inside and outside their home, but some of those plants may be harmful to pets. Talk with your vet Greensboro to find out if any of the plants around your home are harmful to your pets. There are nearly 700 types of plants that may be harmful to pets if ingested. Some of these include lilies, bulbs of tulips, azaleas, elephant ears, a variety of ferns, and even the aloe plant just to name a few. If ingested, these plants may cause intense gastrointestinal irritation, drooling, loss of appetite, seizures, vomiting, damage to the central nervous system and cardiac abnormalities. If for any reason you believe your pet may have ingested a toxic plant, call your vet right away. For a complete list of both toxic and non-toxic plants, consult your vet and refer to the ASPCA.

All about Rabbit Vision

All about Rabbit Vision

Ever wonder what your rabbit sees? Their world looks a lot different than ours does!
Rabbits are partially color blind. They do have cones, which are responsible for allowing them to see color, but they are missing the cones needed to see red. Rabbits do have more rods than humans, which would normally mean that they can see well in the dark. Unfortunately, they are missing the tapetum, so they can really only see the best at dawn and dusk.
Rabbit eyes are situated on either side of the head. Because of this, they are able to see nearly 365 degrees, including above the head, without moving very much. This is especially helpful to an animal like the rabbit that is a prey animal in the wild.
Want to learn more? Click here or call your veterinary clinic King West for more information.

Helping your cat deal with stress

Helping your cat deal with stress

Your cat is a very independent pet in many ways, but she still needs you in many others. Feline stress is seldom spoken of, but it is something that can severely impact the life of your pet if the right situation presents itself. While some cats certainly experience more anxiety than others, it is likely that you will see your pet anxious at one time or another. While many cats withdraw during these times, your pet may be in need of reassurance of her safety. What she needs from you is respect, and this may come in the form of leaving her alone to cope or sitting close by so she can be comforted by your presence. If you notice certain circumstances bother your pet, do your best to eliminate them. Your local Apple Valley veterinarian can help you care for your pet’s needs. Schedule an appointment today to discuss your options.

The Best Way to Approach a Stray Cat

Helping your cat entertain herself through the night

Stray cats can cause a lot of problems for people and other animals that live near them. Whether you want to welcome a stray into your home or you want to take a stray to the animal shelter, make sure you approach the cat cautiously.

Don’t come at the cat quickly. Instead, stay in one spot, crouch down to make yourself smaller, and blink slowly at the cat. This shows him that you are a friend. If the cat responds with a slow blink of his own, you can continue. If he doesn’t, he isn’t interested in your friendship.

Try offering the stray a treat to see if he approaches you. If he doesn’t, try and move a bit closer. You may have to repeat this process quite a few times before the cat trusts you enough to approach you.

If you’ve caught a stray, schedule a checkup with your veterinary clinic Fort Collins.

Exercise for your senior cat


Your cat has stuck by your side since she was a young kitten sprinting throughout your home. Now that she is getting older, she may not be running beneath your feet as much, but exercise still plays a vital role in her health. This means that she will still need to exercise, but she may also need to be careful about doing so. Instead of focusing on the intensity of her physical activity, try looking at its frequency. Even if she isn’t pouncing on toys again and again, she is still getting quite a bit of exercise if she plays frequently. These short bursts of play should be taken advantage of, so make a point to take some time out of your busy day to play with your pet. Your local Colorado Springs veterinarian can help you care for your senior cat. Read more here.

Outdoor safety for dogs

Best Service Dog Breeds

If your dog is like most, he enjoys his outdoor time more than any other portion of the day. Now that the weather is warming up, you’re sure he will be outside more often, and you want to make sure he is safe. How can you help make this happen?

Your pet needs your supervision when enjoying the great outdoors. Depending on the space available to him and your individual pet, the amount of supervision will vary, but even the most independent of pooches should have someone keeping an eye on them from time to time. Be mindful of temperature changes outside, and make sure your pet has a safe place to get some shade. Also make a point to always have fresh water available for your pet, and to bring him inside periodically if it is very hot out. Your local Oconomowoc veterinarian can offer additional advice on keeping your pet safe.

Caring for your cat’s paws

images (1)

Your cat relies on her paws to carry her throughout the world every day. She also relies on you to care for her in any way she may need you to. Caring for your pet’s paws is an important, yet often overlooked, part of cat ownership. Check over your cat’s paws often, particularly when she is returning indoors from an adventure. If there are any pieces of foreign debris like small sticks or rocks, remove them. If you notice any irregularities on your cat’s paw pads, like cracking or bleeding, be sure to tend to them as needed. If you live in an area where your cat’s paws are exposed to hot asphalt or cold, icy terrain, you will want to try to take precautions to help your pet’s paws stay safe. A simple barrier, like petroleum jelly, can help to keep your pets paws feeling great. Your Union City veterinarian can help you care for your pet’s paws.

Becoming a Professional Dog Walker


If you love dogs and are looking for a way to integrate them into your working life, you may want to consider becoming a professional dog walker.

Start by building up your experience. The easiest way to get experience is to have a dog of your own! However, you should also start asking friends and family members if you can walk their dogs. Don’t forget to tell them to recommend you to their friends, family, and coworkers!

Consider getting certified and joining an agency. The certification shows pet owners that you’re serious and an agency can help you find work.

Spend some time really getting to know the city you live in. Know where all the dog parks are and the best places to walk anxious dogs, excitable dogs, and calm dogs.

For help getting your dog walking business started, contact your vet Grand Prairie.

Do You Have to Groom a Chinchilla?

Groom a Chinchilla

Chinchillas are well-loved by their owners because of their soft, downy fur. But does that soft, downy furneed to be groomed on a regular basis?

Unlike dogs that need regular baths and some cats that need regular brushing, chinchillas do not need a lot of grooming. However, it is important that you provide your chinchilla with a dust bath every now and then. Although it may seem counterintuitive, the dust absorbs excess oil, restoring the soft, fluffy appearance of his coat.

Never give your chinchilla a bath using water. Water can cause a fungal infection which in turn will make your pet’s hair fall out.

Chinchillas do have tiny nails on their tiny paws. But because those nails are so small, they do not need to be clipped.

Want to learn more about caring for your chinchilla? Contact your vet Grand Prairie and schedule an appointment.

Stopping Your Dog from Chewing the Furniture

Stopping Your Dog from Chewing the Furniture

If you have a dog that loves to chew on furniture, you know how difficult it can be to get your dog to stop. Here are some tips on how you can try to get your dog to stop chewing on your furniture.

Dogs that chew tend to be bored. Even a dog that gets to spend a large portion of his day outside can get bored quickly. If your dog is indoors, he’s likely to chew anything he can get his mouth on. Before you go to work, spend some time playing with your dog or take him for a walk.

You should also make sure that there are plenty of things to entertain your dog while you’re away. Provide your pup with plenty of chew toys and bones. You can also give treat toys a try.

To learn more, click here, or call your veterinary clinic Grand Prairie.

Grooming Tips for Guinea Pigs


Although guinea pigs may not need as much grooming attention as a dog, they still require a little bit of grooming every now and then!

The most important thing to remember about guinea pigs is that their teeth continually grow. Make sure you provide your piggy friend with plenty of chewable toys to keep those chompers at bay.

Your guinea pig’s nails can quickly get out of hand if they aren’t clipped regularly. Choose a sturdy, sharp pair of clippers and make sure that you have styptic powder ready just in case you clip the quick.

Short haired guinea pigs do not need to be brushed, but long haired guinea pigs will need to be brushed regularly. Some guinea pig parents will even trim their hair in order to keep them cleaner.

If your guinea pig gets particularly dirty, you may have to give him a bath. For more information, contact your vet Arlington.

Filing a Complaint about a Barking Dog

Best Service Dog Breeds

If you live in a pet-friendly apartment or your neighbor leaves his dog outside all day, there are some things you can do to eliminate pesky barking behavior.

Before filing a formal complaint, approach the owner of the dog. In a very calm and concerned manor, let them know about the behavior you have been observing. It is important to understand that a dog’s relentless barking is a sign of distress, and make sure the owner knows that you care about the welfare of his dog.

If the problem isn’t resolved, you can try calling your landlord. If you own your home, you’ll likely have to contact your local animal control agency. Make sure that you have been documenting the dates and duration of the barking behavior and be prepared to share your personal information, in addition to the description of the dog
For more assistance, call your veterinary clinic Arlington.

Best Service Dog Breeds

Best Service Dog Breeds

If you’re looking for a new furry friend that will provide you with more than just companionship, consider one of these breeds.

German Shepherds are a popular choice for people looking for a service dog. Not only are they easily trainable, but their dedication also makes them a great choice for police officers.

Golden Retrievers are used by many as service dogs because they are extremely gentle and intuitive. Golden Retrievers make great therapy dogs, they can provide physical assistance, and they can even tell when their owner is having a seizure.

If you’re looking for protection, Dobermans, Rottweilers, and Pit Bulls have a menacing bark. However, they can all be trained to be loving family pets too.

For more information on service dogs and breeds or to find an agency in the area who trains service dogs, contact your veterinary clinic Neptune Beach.

Dangers to Outdoor Cats

Helping your cat entertain herself through the night

Whether you have a cat that lives outdoors all the time or you have an indoor cat that you let outside every once in a while, there are some dangers you should be aware of.

Cats that are allowed to roam outdoors may roam for miles and miles. Although that can be very exciting for your kitty, it is also extremely dangerous. The more miles the cover, the more dangerous the possible situations. Many cats lose their lives each year after being hit by a car. In areas where natural predators abound, cats can even become dinner for larger creatures.

Many outdoor cats contract a variety of illnesses as well. Not only are they susceptible to fleas, ticks, and worms, but your cat can also get rabies, cat scratch fever, feline leukemia, and feline immunodeficiency virus.

No matter what kind of cat you have, make sure you schedule regular appointments with your veterinary clinic Woodland Hills.

Interacting with your iguana

Your East Greenwich vet clinic knows that not every household is going to be the same, and that each pet will have their own individual needs. However, while your iguana is an individual, his needs are very similar to that of other iguanas. This means that he will need to be handled regularly, particularly when he is young, so he can get used to the idea of having someone hold him. This will make cage cleanings and vet visits much easier for him to handle.

It will take time to develop trust between you and your pet, so have some patience. Over time, it will get easier and your pet will begin to see you as something other than a predator. Continuing this interaction into adulthood is important as this tends to be when iguanas become more aggressive.


Traveling in a Car with a New Kitten

No matter how far the distance, traveling with a new kitten in a vehicle can be a real challenge. Here are some ways you can make the trip more comfortable for your new furry friend.

Although it may seem like more fun to hold your kitten in your lap during the drive, it is never a good idea to allow your cat free reign in the car. Even cats that aren’t fearful of the car ride itself may become curious and block your view out of the back window or crawl underneath your feet while driving.

Make sure your kitten has a comfortable cat carrier full of soft blankets and fun toys. Avoid feeding and watering during short trips so your cat so he doesn’t have an accident during the drive.

To learn more about traveling with a kitten, visit the website of Noah’s Animal Clinic at Carmel, or call your vet Carmel.


Why Wild Snakes Do Not Make Good Pets

For many children, owning a pet snake is a dream come true. Although you may be able to go outside and catch a snake, it’s not a good idea to keep one as a pet.

In some cases, you may be putting yourself in danger by catching the snake. Not only do many wild snakes bite, but they can actually be poisonous, depending on the species.

You are unlikely to tame an adult snake that was caught in the wild. Snakes in captivity are bred to be indoor pets and many are handled from a young age. Wild snakes grow up fearing humans and will likely never enjoy being handled.

Finding the right diet for an outdoor snake can also be difficult. If they’re used to eating fresh, outdoor prey when you try and feed them something from the pet store, they may refuse to eat altogether.

Learn more by calling your veterinary clinic Indianapolis.


Why Should You Consider Adopting a Senior Dog?

Choosing the ideal dog for your home

When most people are looking for a new family member, they usually head straight for a puppy. However, there are many reasons why you should consider adopting a senior dog.

Most senior dogs are already trained. Not only can many senior dogs sit on command, but they are also potty trained, which is a huge plus for busy families. And contrary to popular belief, old dogs can learn new tricks, so you can even teach your senior dog a new trick or two.

Due to the decrease in energy levels, senior dogs are extremely patient. This is an especially good trait for families with very young children. It also makes them extremely easy to live with. While a young puppy may bug you for playtime, a senior dog is content resting on the couch while you watch TV.

No matter what dog you adopt, make sure you schedule an appointment with your veterinary clinic Flower Mound.

Plants That Are Poisonous to Your Bird

Birds are curious creatures. Whether you’re looking for a new treat to feed your bird or you allow your bird out to explore your home, you’ll want to make sure that you prevent your feathered from eating these poisonous plants.

Many birds like a fruit or vegetable treat every now and then. However, stay away from avocados. The flesh of an avocado contains a toxin that affects heart function, making even small amounts potentially fatal to your bird.

Azaleas can often be found in hanging baskets around many homes, but keep your bird away from this plant. Although not as toxic as avocados, the leaves of this plant can be potentially fatal, depending on the breed of your bird.

Although it’s not fatal like the other plants listed above, poinsettias can irritate the digestive system. To learn more about additional poisonous plants, visit with your veterinarian Poway.


Most Popular Cat Breeds


Everyone has their favorite cat breeds. But which breeds are the most popular among cat owners?

Persian cats are at the top of many cat lovers’ lists. Their long, luxurious coats, adorable faces, and beautiful blue eyes are hard to deny. However, these cats also require a lot of extra care in the form of grooming and brushing.

Maine Coons are popular among many pet owners, especially if you have a rodent or a bug problem. Many farmers especially love Maine Coons for this reason. And because many of these cats don’t have a troublesome undercoat, they don’t need as much grooming as Persians do.

Siamese cats are also quite popular due to their unique markings and striking blue eyes. However, they can be extremely chatty, so you have to be willing to put up with some serious conversation from these felines.

Learn more about popular cat breeds by calling your vet North Phoenix.

Can Adult Cats Have Milk?

Helping your cat entertain herself through the night

Young kittens need milk from their mothers for the first few weeks of their lives. But that doesn’t mean cats stop craving milk! Is it safe for adult cats to have milk?

Unfortunately, most adult cats are lactose intolerant. If your cat is lactose intolerant, after ingesting milk, he will get a gurgly stomach, have diarrhea, or even vomit. Because none of these symptoms are life threatening, you can give your cat a bit of milk to learn whether he’s lactose intolerant or not.

If he’s not, you can give him milk periodically. However, he shouldn’t have it often and it shouldn’t replace his regular meals. Some pet owners will even mix milk in with their pet’s soft food. Just make sure you choose an organic milk as it is less upsetting to the stomach.

For more advice, call your veterinary clinic North Phoenix.

Helping Your Dog Get a Good Night's Sleep


A good night’s sleep is just as important to your dog as it is to you. Here are some ways you can help your dog get a good night’s sleep.

Establish a nighttime routine early on. Provide your pup with his own place to sleep and take him outside right before bedtime. Your dog will soon come to expect this routine so he’ll settle in and go to sleep quickly.

Make sure your dog gets adequate exercise throughout the day. If your dog has already been resting all day, chances are, he won’t be ready to sleep when bedtime rolls around.

Find out where your dog likes to sleep the most. Although many dogs love having their own doggy bed, some dogs prefer to sleep on the floor or on the couch. Never force your dog to sleep somewhere where he isn’t comfortable.

If you’re still having trouble getting your dog to sleep, call your vet Glendale.

When to Take a Cat into the Emergency Vet

Our feline friends quickly become beloved members of the family, which is why so many pet parents try and provide their cats with the best care. But when do you know if you should take your cat into the emergency vet?
The obvious time to take your cat into the emergency vet is if he’s been seriously injured or he is bleeding. This is especially true if your cat is bleeding from the eyes or ears, or if the blood is spurting or pulsing.

Difficulty breathing is always dangerous. Your cat could be having an asthma attack, heart problems, or he could be experiencing anaphylactic shock. No matter what the cause, breathing issues need to be addressed right away.
Continuous vomiting is also a sign of trouble. Your cat may have swallowed something dangerous.
If your cat is experiencing any of these symptoms, call your vet Doylestown right away.


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