Can You Use Cat Litter in a Ferret Litter Box?


Ferrets can be smelly, and cleaning up their litter box can be a real hassle. Because cat litter is exceptionally absorbent, some pet owners may wonder if you can use cat litter in a ferret litter box.

Unfortunately, it isn’t a good idea to use cat litter in a ferret litter box. There are a number of chemicals in cat litter that can be harmful to your ferrets. Not only can the litter be ingested, but the dust that cat litter produces can be extremely harmful to your ferret’s respiratory system.

If you do choose to try a cat litter, make sure you choose a formula that is 99.99% dust-free. You can also try mixing a little bit of kitty litter in with ferret litter to enhance its absorbency.

If the odor is the reason why you’re seeking a new litter, consider dumping the litter box each day instead. Call your veterinary clinic Vancouver, BC for more advice.

Do Pigs Really Eat Anything?

Do Pigs Really Eat Anything

Pigs are known for eating nearly anything and everything under the sun. Is it true that pigs really can eat anything?
Pigs are omnivores, which means they are able to eat meat and plant matter. In addition, pigs are also able to eat worms, dead insects, garbage, and trees. Pigs can also thrive when all they have to eat is roots, fruit, grass, leaves, and flowers. Pigs really can eat almost anything!
Just because a pig can eat almost anything doesn’t mean that you should feed your pig just anything. Pig feed is always a popular choice because it contains all of the nutrients a pig needs. However, pigs can quickly become bored when faced with the same food day in and day out, so you may have to consider switching things up a bit from time to time.
How much you feed your pigs is important too. For more feeding advice, contact your veterinarian Tualatin, OR.

Is a Parrot the Right Pet for You?

Is a Parrot the Right Pet for You

If you’re looking for a pet that’s a bit out-of-the-norm, you may be considering a parrot. Is a parrot the right pet for you?
Many pet parents covet parrots because they are intelligent and affectionate. They can easily be taught a wide variety of tricks and they can provide constant companionship. They tend to live longer than many other pets, which some owners find comforting.
Unfortunately, parrots can also be quite demanding. Because they are a prey animal, they stress easily, which can result in a wide variety of unwanted behaviors. They are easily bored and require consistent mental stimulation, otherwise they are likely to get into trouble. Parrots can also be a challenge for families as they don’t always do well with children.
For more personalized advice and additional information on whether a parrot is the right pet for you, contact your veterinarian Tipp City, OH.

Why Do Turtles Have Shells?

Why Do Turtles Have Shells

The identifying feature of a turtle is its shell. Why do turtles have shells anyway?
No matter what the species, every turtle has a shell. Although some turtles can move faster than others, most turtle species move quite slow. Because they can’t run to escape from predators, they developed a hard, outer shell to keep predators at bay. A turtle can retract its head, limbs, and tail into the shell to keep from being eaten. Even marine turtles have shells in order to discourage potential predators, although some species have softer shells than others.
Contrary to popular belief, turtles are not able to leave their shells. The ribs and vertebrae are attached to the shell itself, which makes it impossible for a turtle to shed his hard, outer shell.
Want to learn more about turtle shells? Call your veterinarian Puyallup, WA, or click here.

Can You Litter Train a Hamster?

Can You Litter Train a Hamster

Although it is more difficult that training a cat or even a rabbit, you can teach your hamster to go to the bathroom in a litter box.
Choose a small box that can easily be placed in the corner of the cage. Thoroughly clean out the cage, paying extra attention to where your hamster tends to go to the bathroom. Place the new litter box in this area.
Purchase a hamster-safe litter at your local pet store. Edible potty pellets are a popular choice. That way, if your hamster ends up ingesting some of the litter, it won’t make him sick.
Lay a thin layer of pellets in the new litter box. Then, place a little bit of soiled bedding on top and finish with another thin layer of pellets. If the litter box smells like a potty, your hamster is more likely to use it as a potty.
Call your veterinarian Seacoast, NH for more tips.

Small Dog Safety

Small Dog Safety

Small dogs are cute and cuddly, but they are also prone to more accidents. Here are some tips on how to keep your small dog safe.
Keep an eye on your small dog if he’s spending time with a larger dog. This is especially true if they are out running around in the backyard or at the dog park. Large dogs can very easily trample small dogs, but you can quickly divert a large dog’s attention and prevent injuries if you’re watching them play.
Poisoning is a real danger for small dogs. Although it might take quite a bit of chocolate to make a large dog sick, it doesn’t take nearly as much to make a small dog sick. Make sure hazardous chemicals and toxic foods are kept out of reach.
Don’t let your dog’s small size convince you that he doesn’t need behavioral training! For a list of trainers in your area, call your vets Hamilton County, IN.



Believe it or not, but broken bones are more common in hamster than you might think.

Broken bones usually occur due to mishandling. Pet owners who aren’t used to handling a hamster can easily drop one on the floor, which can easily result in a broken bone. Wire hamster wheels can also pose a danger. Your hamster’s foot can get stuck between the bars, which can end up breaking his little leg.

If your hamster has a broken bone, the area is likely to be swollen and tender. Your veterinary clinic Vancouver, BC may recommend an x-ray just to be sure.

The bone cannot be reset, but your vet will likely wrap the affected area to help encourage it to heal properly. When you bring your hamster home, make sure you allow him to rest and restrict his adventures outside the cage.

Removing Kitty Litter from Cat Paws

Why Some Cats are SO Lethargic during the Day

Litter is extremely absorbent, which means it can quickly trap liquids. Unfortunately, it can also clump quite easily on your cat’s paws.

Ask a friend or family member to help restrain your cat by wrapping him up in a towel. Pull one foot out at a time and try to break the clump apart with your fingers. Most cat litters will come free with very little effort.

For stubborn litter clumps or litter that has become lodged between the pads of your cat’s foot, use a damp washrag. If the clump is particularly stubborn, you may have to get your cat’s foot completely wet. After the clump has dissolved, wipe any remaining debris away.

To keep litter from clumping on your cat’s paws, consider trimming his hair. For assistance getting litter out of your cat’s fur, schedule an appointment with your vet Vancouver, BC.

What You Need in Order to Give Your Bird a Bath


Just like most pets, birds need a little grooming every now and then. Fortunately, you don’t need a whole lot in order to give your bird a bath.

It can be harmful to use soap on your bird’s feathers as it strips away your bird’s natural oils, so no shampoo is needed. So, you’ll only need a small, shallow dish. For large birds, you can use the sink. Create a small pool of warm water and watch your feathered friend go to work. Large basins of water can be scary for a small bird, so consider cupping the water in your hands instead. Some bird species will actually take a bath in your hands!

Because birds are social animals, some parrots actually prefer to take showers with their owners! Just make sure you do not accidentally splash any soap onto your bird.

For assistance, schedule an appointment with your veterinary clinic Minnetonka, MN.

How Many Rats Can Live in a Single Cage?


Rats are social creatures that are happiest when allowed to live with others of their own kind. However, you may be wondering how many rats can live in a single cage.

In general, you should allow for two square feet for each rat that you have. Most standard aquariums can hold up to two rats. If you have a wire or plastic cage, you can easily attach multiple cages together with tubing systems.

You can get the most out of your cage by installing shelving units and hammocks. With additional features like these, you may be able to reduce the overall square footage of the cage itself.

If your rats start fighting or acting out, they likely feel cramped, which means you’ll have to start shopping around for a new cage. For personaedliz advice on what size of cage is right for you, contact your vetrinariaen Minnetona, MN.

What Can a Dog Catch from a Cat?


There are many illnesses that aren’t transmutable between you and your pets, but are there things that a dog can catch from a cat.

Fleas and ticks can be transmitted between cats and dogs. That’s why it’s so important to provide all of your pets with regular flea and tick medication, even if your cat doesn’t go outside.

Ringworm can also move back and forth between cats and dogs. Animals are most likely to catch ringworm from another animal, but dogs that love to dig in the dirt can pick up the fungus and transmit it to indoor cats.

Internal parasites can also be a problem. Hookworm, roundworm, tapeworm, and whipworm can all be caught by both your cat and your dog.

The rabies virus is dangerous because you can get it too. If you worry that your pet has an illness, schedule an appointment with your veterinary clinic Minnetonka, MN.

Snakes as Pets


If you’re considering a snake for a pet, there are a few things you should keep in mind before purchasing your snake. First, some people may not realize that snakes need regular veterinarian Marin County, CA care. Like other pets, your snake will need an initial check-up with your vet and future visits to discuss overall wellness. Trips to the vet may be one of the main costs for your snake’s care. Additional costs and considerations include where and how you will house your snake and what you will feed your snake. Perhaps the most important question to consider is what type of snake should you buy? How big will the snake be? How long will he live and are you willing and able to commit to his lifelong care? Snakes can make great pets, but it’s important to make sure you’re up for the challenge.

My Cat is Constantly Scratching Furniture

My Cat is Constantly Scratching Furniture

Is your cat constantly scratching or clawing at the walls, curtains, furniture, and other parts of your home? If so, your cat may be trying to tell you that she’s bored. Scratching is a common behavior in cats and is often a way for cats to release extra energy. Talk with your local veterinary clinic Poway, CA to find out ways to help stop your cat’s constant scratching or clawing. If your cat is constantly clawing at household items, you may need to provide her with additional toys or even a scratching post to keep her busy. In addition, make sure your cat is getting plenty of exercise, eating appropriate food, and staying hydrated. Also ask yourself if anything in the cat’s routine has changed. If so, find a way to make it a smoother transition or change it back as this may also contribute to her clawing and scratching.

When to Sheer Sheep

When to Sheer Sheep

Sheep are typically sheered in the spring time in order to avoid overheating during the summer. It is also suggested that sheep be sheered prior to lambing. The sheering process varies from farm to farm and sheep to sheep. Consult your local veterinary clinic Effingham, IL to find out the best time to sheer your sheep in your particular area. Generally, sheep are sheered once per year; however, there are some farmers that sheer their sheep twice a year. If your sheep are set to be shorn in the winter, make sure they have plenty of food and shelter as they will be missing their warm coats during the colder months. If you’re going to sheer your sheep yourself, make sure you are adequately prepared with the right shears, blades, combs, and other tools. You can ask your vet or other sheep owners what type of tools they recommend.
For more information about vet Effingham, IL you can click on given link.

Feeding a Puppy


Providing your puppy with the right nutrition is a great way to give your pup the best start in life. Unfortunately, feeding your puppy can be tricky.

It all starts with the right food. Choose a specially formulated puppy food that is approved by the Association of American Feed Control Officials. Look for packages that say “Complete and Balanced.” You should also consider the breed of your dog. Small breeds have faster metabolisms than large dogs and require a slightly different diet.

Pay closer attention to your dog than the directions on the packaging when it comes to making sure you are feeding your dog the right amount of food. Establish a feeding schedule right away so your puppy knows exactly when he can expect to be fed.

For food and supplement recommendations, schedule an appointment with your veterinarian Southside, IN.

Preventing and Treating Adverse Vaccine Reactions in Cats

Preventing and Treating Adverse Vaccine Reactions in Cats

No matter how safe, there is always a possibility that your cat may suffer an adverse reaction after getting vaccinated. Fortunately, there are some things you can do go minimize the possibility, as well as treat possible reactions.
First, only provide your cat with essential vaccines. The rabies vaccine and the FVRCP vaccine are two that must be administered to your cat. However, you can opt out of vaccines like the FIV vaccine, the feline leukemia virus shot, and the chlamydia shot. However, some cats are prone to diseases that these vaccines prevent, so make sure you follow the recommendations of your veterinary clinic Fort Worth, TX.
After your cat has been vaccinated, keep an eye on the injection site. If your kitty seems a little swollen or red, you can apply a cold compress to help alleviate pain and reduce swelling. If your cat has an immunity disorder, you can even provide him with supplements.
For more information click here.

The Best Way to Dry off Your Cat


Whether your cat got into a bit of an accident or your cat has just finished with a bath, drying off your feline friend can be a real challenge.

If your cat is extremely upset and tries to make a run for it, allow him some time to air dry. This will enable him the chance to calm down a bit before you help dry him off.

Once he’s had a few minutes to relax, take a large towel and rub your cat in a circular motion. If this is too much for your cat, you can use a smaller towel and rub it along your cat’s body, much like you would if you were petting him.

Some cats enjoy the blow dryer! Start out on the lowest and coolest setting. You can progressively try warmer, faster settings to see which your cat likes best. To learn more, call your vet Southside, IN.

Cooling Your Cat in the Summer


If you don’t have air conditioning or if you have an outdoor cat, it is important to know how to keep your feline friend cool in the summer.

Provide a cool, dark place for your indoor cat to rest. A shallow cardboard box can be a comfortable and cool place for a cat to sleep. You can even fill a hot water bottle with cool water and lay it in the bottom of the box for your cat to lay on.

Don’t encourage playtime during the hottest parts of the day. If the sun is shining in through the windows, close the curtains.

Make sure your outdoor cat has a shady spot to rest. You can even provide your outdoor cat with an insulated cat house that will keep the heat out in the summer.

Always remember to provide your feline with plenty of water. If your cat has heat stroke, call your veterinary clinic Southside, IN. Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Care (Noah's).

Cognitive Dysfunction in Dogs


As dogs age, they can develop a wide range of cognitive problems, just like us. Here are some signs that your dog is suffering from cognitive dysfunction.

Cognitive dysfunction is very similar to Alzheimer’s in that your dog is likely to forget some things. Unfortunately, being able to tell if your dog is having cognitive problems can be extremely difficult. This is especially true because some signs may just simply mean that your dog is aging.

Dogs that have cognitive dysfunction problems may begin going to the bathroom indoors because they forget that they’re supposed to go outside. It can be very hard to get their attention and these dogs can often be caught staring at walls.

Although there isn’t a sure-fire treatment to cure cognitive dysfunction, your vet Greenwood, IN can provide you with ways to slow the progression of the disease.

Creatures That Pose the Most Danger to Your Dog

Best Service Dog Breeds

Spending time with your dog outdoors is vital to his overall well-being. In order to keep your dog safe outside, keep your eye open for these dangerous creatures.

A rattlesnakes can pose a serious threat to a dog. Because rattlers are poisonous, getting bitten by one can have very serious health effects. Make sure you take your dog into your vet Greenwood, IN if he has been bitten by a rattlesnake.

Some spiders are just as dangerous as a rattlesnake. Brown recluse spiders are poisonous. A bite from this spider can be hard to identify because it isn’t very painful right away. Instead, the bite site develops into a wound that doesn’t want to heal.

The black widow is also dangerous, but it isn’t likely to come after your pooch. Most dogs that are bitten accidentally come across a web. The black widow has venom more poisonous than a rattlesnake’s, so it’s important to seek veterinary care right away.

Safe Outdoor Experiences for Your Cat

Signs That Your Cat Is in Shock

Most pet parents prefer to keep their cats indoors because indoor cats live longer than outdoor cats. That doesn’t mean you can supervise safe outdoor experiences for your cat!

Setting up an outdoor play pen is a great way to protect your cat while he’s outdoors. Just make sure that the fencing extends into the ground. You will also want to cover the pen so your cat can’t jump out.

If you don’t want to create a whole new area, consider transforming your patio into a catio. Simply hang netting at an angle so your cat can’t climb it and get out.

Some cats can be leash trained. Just make sure that you let your cat practice before you head outside.

If you don’t want to let your cat outside, plant a small patch of grass in an indoor pot. For additional advice, call your veterinary clinic Greenwood, IN.

Dog Constantly Licking Paws

Dog Constantly Licking Paws

Most dogs lick their paws on a regular basis in an effort to groom themselves. It’s a common and natural behavior. However, if you’re dog is constantly licking his paws or appears to be biting at them you should schedule an appointment with your vet Katy, TX. Your dog’s excessive licking could be due to a skin irritation or other condition. In some cases, abnormal paw licking could be the result of boredom or stress. Again, your vet should be able to help you find a cause and solution. For some dogs, the licking of the paws, even in excess, is a breed specific habit or condition. For instance, Labrador retrievers, terriers, poodles, Chihuahuas and Maltese tend to be known for paw licking. White and blond-haired dogs tend not to lick their paws as much, but when they do their saliva discolors their fur bringing more attention to their actions.

Are You Allergic to Your Rabbit?

All about Rabbit Vision

Although not as common as a cat or a dog allergy, people can be allergic to rabbits. Here are some ways to help cut back on the symptoms.

If you’re allergic to your rabbit, you’re likely to have a stuffed, runny nose whenever your rabbit is close. It may seem like the fur is the reason for the reaction, but it’s actually the saliva or dander that causes problems for allergy sufferers.

There are things you can do to reduce or eliminate your symptoms without getting rid of your bunny. First, make sure you groom your long-eared friend regularly. Brush your rabbit on a daily basis to get rid of stray hairs and dander. If your allergy is particularly bad, you may want to ask someone else in the house to do this for you. You can also try giving your rabbit a bath with a special allergy formulated rabbit shampoo.

To learn more, call your animal hospital orangevale ca.

Sun Safety for Dogs


There’s nothing like spending time with your furry friend outdoors. However, prolonged exposure to the sun can be damaging to your pup. Here are some important tips to keep your dog safe in the sun.

Dogs can quickly become overheated, especially in high temperatures. Make sure your dog has access to a clean, fresh source of water at all times. You will also want to make sure that your dog has access to a shady area when it’s time to rest.

Not only does drinking water keep your dog cool, but playing in water can be a lot of fun too! Let your dog run through the sprinkler or fill a small plastic pool with water for your pup.

Don’t forget to put a bit of sunscreen on the tip of your dog’s nose to prevent a sunburn! For more tips, contact your veterinary clinic Orangevale, CA. Veterinary Healing Center of Folsom.

Personalities of Some of the Most Popular Cat

Signs That Your Cat Is in Shock

Before deciding to adopt a cat, it is important to considergeneral breed personalities. Here are personality details of some of the most popular cat breeds.

The Persian is a loving breed that likes to cuddle. They are also fairly relaxed and easygoing, which makes them a good choice for families with children or other pets. However, their long, luxurious coat requires a lot of grooming.

Siamese cats are also popular with pet owners, especially since they require very little grooming. Although they are friendly, Siamese cats are also extremely vocal, so make sure you don’t mind loud meows before you adopt this breed.

Have trouble with mice? A Main Coon might be a good choice. They have a long, beautiful coat that doesn’t require as much grooming as the Persian, but this cat is still extremely friendly and gentle.

To learn more about these or other breeds, call your veterinary clinic Montgomery, TX.

Helping Your Elderly Cat Gain Weight

Helping your cat deal with stress

Although obesity in cats is rather well-known, many people don’t know that elderly cats can actually have the opposite problem. Here are some ways you can help your elderly cat gain weight.

In many cases, the cause is a medical one, so it is important that you schedule an appointment with your veterinary clinic Austin, TX. Things like cancer, kidney disease, arthritis, and dental disease can all cause your cat to lose weight. Your veterinarian can run tests to determine if there are any treatment options available for your feline friend.

If your cat is healthy overall and he just hasn’t been eating, he may not like the way his food tastes. In this case, you might want to try a more appetizing wet food. If he’s eating normally, you should switch your cat to a high-calorie food that is specially designed for senior cats. Austin Urban Vet Center.

Exercises for Aging Dogs


No matter how old your dog gets, exercise is always important. However, exercising may look a little different as your dog ages.

Walking is always a good exercise, no matter how old the dog. Take your elderly dog on short, leisurely strolls often. To help with arthritis pain, allow your dog to walk in the grass. Believe it or not, but it provides a lower impact walk than cement. Be prepared to turn around and go home as soon as your dog shows any sign of pain.

Playing fetch can be fun for elderly dogs. Not only does it provide them with exercise, but they get to dictate how fast they want to move when retrieving the item. Tug-of-war games can also be used to strengthen jaw muscles in old age.

For more exercise ideas, click here Austin Urban Vet Center.

Physical Therapy for Dogs


Life can be very difficult for your dog after an accident or surgery. Fortunately, there are a number of physical therapy techniques that can help your dog recover.

Hydrotherapy is gaining in popularity because it can help dogs lose weight and maintain strength without putting stress on the joints. Dogs with hip dysplasia, spinal problems, and arthritis benefit the most from hydrotherapy.

Heat therapy can be used to relax tense muscles. Massage can also be extremely helpful during physical therapy.

In some cases, electrical therapy may even be used. This therapy strengthens muscles and nerves by stimulating them with very little effort from your dog. In some modern clinics, lasers are even used to help the dog’s body heal from within.

To learn more about these innovative physical therapy options, schedule an appointment with your veterinary clinic Montgomery County, TX. Lake Conroe - Bridgeway Animal Clinic.

Battling canine obesity


In today’s society, it can be easy for a dog to become overweight. Unhealthy pet foods line shelves at many pet stores, causing malnutrition due to lack of nutrients. Busy family schedules prevent dogs from getting the exercise they need as walks often get cut short. How can you help your dog stay fit and trim?

Take the time to seek out high quality dog food and treats. These should be absent of fillers and artificial ingredients, and packed with whole foods. This will probably take up a bit of your time, but remember, you really only need to do the bulk of this work once. Make a point to offer your dog plenty of outdoor time. If you can’t do this, consider hiring a dog walker or utilizing a doggy day care where you pet will get the physical exercise he needs. For information on keeping your pet in top shape, contact your local Santa Clarita, CA veterinarian.

What Is Hedgehog Anointing?


Whether you’ve heard the term or not, anointing is an interesting process that many hedgehog owners witness, but don’t entirely understand.

Anointing is the process of covering the quills with saliva. In many ways, it resembles grooming, but because the hedgehog is not actually cleaning the quills, anointing serves another purpose. Although there is still some debate about what this behavior is for, most scientists believe that covering the quills in saliva will make them more irritating to predators. Unfortunately, this also means that your skin may become irritated if you accidentally get poked. If you do get poked by a quill, wash your hands with soap and water immediately.

This behavior is a positive one as only hedgehogs that feel comfortable and safe are willing to anoint themselves. To learn more about this interesting behavior or other behaviors that you don’t understand, schedule an appointment with your veterinary clinic Doylestown. For More information kindly visit at Ark Animal Hospital of Chalfont.
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