Do Snakes need a Vet?

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Bone Health and Your Dog


Caring for your dog’s bones and joints is extremely important as it can make life easier when your pup ages. Here are some tips for caring for your dog’s bone health throughout his life.

Choosing the right diet is always the first step to a healthy dog. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in a dog food, there are also many pet treats that are created with bone and joint health in mind.

Regular activity is also important. Bones can lose strength if they aren’t used regularly, so make sure you take your dog for walks and play with him in the backyard.

One of the easiest ways to provide your pup with strong bones is to provide him with a supplement. Just make sure you check with your veterinary clinic Katy, TX before you choose a supplement for your dog.

Reducing Litter Box Odors

Reducing Litter Box Odors

Cats are generally one of the cleanest and nicest smelling pets you can have in your home. However, their litter box is another story. Here are some tips on how to reduce litter box odors.

Although it may be a dreaded chore, scooping the box really is the best way to reduce litter box odors. If you hate scooping, consider purchasing a self-scooping litter box. You should also dispose of any scooped waste immediately.

Choosing the right litter can reduce litter box odors as well. Some formulas contain baking soda, and other formulas aren’t clay based, so they don’t have that gross, wet litter box smell. Just make sure you choose a brand that your cat likes too!

Change the litter often and wipe out the litter box. In some cases, you may even want to consider purchasing a brand new litter box. For more tips, call your vet Greenwood, IN.

Taking Care of Your Bird's Feathers

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What to Expect from Your Cat When You First Bring Him Home


Bringing home a cat from the animal shelter can be an exciting experience for your whole family. Just make sure you know what to expect during your cat’s first days in his new home.

Cats can be very territorial, which means your new feline friend is likely to feel uneasy in your home. Don’t be surprised if he takes off and hides underneath a couch or a bed when you first bring him home. To make things easier for your cat, consider confining him to a small room for the first few days.

Your new cat is likely to be a bit bashful during the first few weeks as he’s getting to know your family and the layout of your home. During this time, don’t force your cat to interact with you. Instead, encourage him to approach you by calling his name and offering him treats.

For more tips, click here, or call your veterinary clinic Santa Clarita, CA.

Exercising Your Guinea Pig

Exercising Your Guinea Pig

All pets need regular exercise, but the exercise needs of a guinea pig are often overlooked because they are a small caged critter. Here are some tips to help you make sure that your guinea pig gets plenty of exercise.

First, consider the size of your pig’s cage. Large cages provide plenty of opportunities for your guinea pig to exercise. Unlike dogs and cats that need to run and play hard, guinea pigs only need room to roam around.

If your pet doesn’t have a lot of space in his cage, make sure you take him out of the cage often. Set up a protected indoor play area for your guinea pig to explore. You can even provide your pig with interesting items, like new toys and toilet paper rolls, which will encourage him to play. You should also try taking him outside!

For more exercising tips, click here, or call your veterinary clinic Sugar Land, TX.

Getting Your Dog to Stop Snoring


Although a snoring dog can be pretty cute, it can also be frustrating if his snoring keeps you up at night. Here are some tips to keep your dog from snoring.

Overweight dogs are more likely to snore. To help keep your dog at a healthy weight, make sure you feed him a high-quality pet food. You should also spend time walking your dog each and every day.

Allergies can be a real problem for some dogs. Vacuum regularly and clean bedding frequently. Cigarette smoke can also be a serious problem. If someone in your family smokes, they should step outside to keep smoke out of the house.

Even placing a pillow on your dog’s bed may help elevate his head enough to stop his snoring. However, some dogs are more prone to snoring than others. In some cases, your veterinarian Montgomery, TX may be able to offer a surgical procedure that can reduce snoring.

Swimming with Horses

Swimming with Horses

Most horses know how to swim and may even enjoy a dip in the pond or lake during the hot summer months. If you’re thinking about taking a swim with your horse, talk with your veterinarian Mattoon, IL first. He may be able to give you some guidelines and safety tips for having fun in the water with your horse. Here are a few general guidelines to keep you safe on your water adventure. First, it’s best to attempt a swim with your horse minus your tack. You do not want you or your horse to get entangled in any loose objects. It’s a good idea to go in with just a halter and lead rope. Just be sure to keep the lead rope from entangling you, your horse, or both of you. It’s also a recommended that you let your horse explore the water and go willingly in on his own. You can join him afterwards. Click here for more information on swimming with horses.

Rabbits and Ticks

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How to Choose a Puppy Food


Choosing the right puppy food for your growing pup is an important part of his overall health and well being. Different breeds of pups may require different nutritional ingredients in their puppy chow. Your vet can help you determine what well balanced and specifically formulated puppy chow will work for your pup. Experts suggest that you first choose the brand of puppy food. Pay attention to the calorie count on the bag as well as the specific ingredients used and the suggested serving sizes. Determine if the size of the morsels in the food are the appropriate size for your puppy. The size of your dog and the size of the food matters when it comes to whether or not your puppy can chew and digest it. Talk to your veterinarian Racine, WI to find out the best type of food to feed your particular puppy.

Applying Bug Spray to Horses

Bug Spray to Horses

Most horses don’t mind being sprayed with a mist of bug spray every now and again, but there are some horses that are terrified of the bottle, the sound, and even the smell of the spray. If your horse is nervous or anxious when applying bug spray or any other sprays, talk to your vet NW Las Vegas, NV. He may be able to give you some helpful hints to reduce your horse’s stress level. For instance, when you approach your horse with a spray bottle, hold it so your horse can see it. Allow your horse to smell the bottle and explore it a bit. Next, spray the mist near the horse, but not on him. This will help your horse adjust to hearing the sound of the mist being released. Always apply to the legs first as this also helps the horse adjust to the initial feel of the spray.

Weaning in Cats and Dogs

Weaning in Cats and Dogs

If you have experienced weaning kittens and puppies then you may have noticed that the weaning processes can be both similar and different. Generally puppies start the weaning process at three or four weeks of age while kittens start around four weeks of age. Puppies end the weaning process at around six to eight weeks of age while kittens end around eight to ten weeks of age. Both kittens and puppies should be weaned by starting with small amounts of times away from the mother. The separation times should be increased daily. During separation times solid foods should be introduced. The goal of weaning is to help the puppy or kitten become independent. Although humans can step in and help with weaning puppies, it is recommended that the mother cat goes through the weaning process with her kittens. Talk to your veterinarian Costa Mesa, CA about the differences and similarities between weaning kittens and puppies.

Stenciling for Dogs

Stenciling for Dogs

Most pet owners love to have their pets groomed and looking sharp for special occasions of all kinds. Some pet owners have even had stenciling done on their dogs to celebrate different events. If you’re wondering if stenciling is safe and if you should have it done for your dog, just talk with your veterinary clinic Gresham, OR staff and they can help you out. Stenciling is similar to the chalking process in dogs except it involves creating actual designs with letters and shapes. The process is safe and non toxic and the colors used are completely washable. Stenciling is recommended for healthy dogs with healthy coats. The paints, chalks, or markers used to stencil will not harm your dog’s coat. However, your dog may have a skin reaction so it’s best to try it on a small area first. Always call your vet if your dog appears to have any type of allergic reaction.

Why do Birds Sing?


Some bird enthusiasts my tell you that birds typically sing because they are happy and content; however, this is not always true. Talk to your local veterinarian Cameron Park, CA and he may tell you that birds sing for a variety of reason. It is believed that some male birds sing as a form of aggression. Their song is their way of warning competing males to stay away from their girl. Other experts have noted that male birds also sing as a way of showing off their qualities to the female species. In fact, research shows that females typically prefer males who sing and even show preference to males that sing more complex songs. It’s partly true that birds sing because they are happy and content. However, it can’t be assumed that a bird is singing simply because he is happy. He may actually be looking for a mate. Visit the website to know more about birds singing.

What Makes the Cat Tongue so Unique?


The tongue of a cat is very different than the tongue of a dog. What makes the cat tongue so unique?

First, the barbs on the tongue make it stand out from others. Not only do the backwards facing barbs make it easier for an outdoor feline to rasp the meat from small critter bones, they also aid in grooming. Each barb separates hairs, making the tongue act a lot like a comb.

The saliva on your cat’s tongue is also unique. It contains a detergent-like substance that actually helps clean the fur as if it were being washed with soap and water. Unfortunately, it’s the saliva of a cat that causes allergies in some people.

Want to learn more about the cat tongue and what makes it so unique? Visit with your veterinarian Pickerington, OH for more information.

Cat Bath Wipes

cat bath wipes

Giving a cat a traditional bath can be a nightmare. Fortunately, most cats don’t need regular bathing, but whatdo you do if your cat gets a bit messy? Consider cat bathing wipes.

Have an elderly cat that doesn’t clean himself properly? Cat bathing wipes can help keep his backside clean without the trauma associated with a traditional water bath. Even cats that have gotten into something particularly dirty or sticky can quickly be cleaned off with a cat bath wipe.

Cat bath wipes can also be helpful for people who suffer from allergies. By wiping the surface of the fur, you can clean away much of the saliva that causes your allergic reaction.

Cat bath wipes can even help distribute oils evenly over the coat to keep it shiny. To learn more about cat bath wipes, call your vet Marion, IA.

Water Safety and Your Dog

Water Safety and Your Dog

Swimming is a fun way to cool off and get some exercise. Some dogs are natural swimmers and jump right in. Reluctant swimmers can be comforted with a leash or a pet-approved life jacket. Start in a quiet, shallow spot and get in the water with your pet. Stay close to the edge and move further away as they become more comfortable. Be aware of strong currents in rivers or in the ocean. Don’t let them drink the water since it may contain parasites or algae that could make them sick. If you have a pool, install a fence to prevent unattended drowning. Teach your dog how to get out of the pool and be sure there are steps or a ramp to help them climb out. And finally, thoroughly rinse your dog with fresh water to avoid irritation and damage to your dog’s skin and fur. For more information, see your Burnsville, MN vet.

Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Itch Ointments


When we get a minor cut or a small insect bite, we often run to the medicine cabinet for anti-bacterial and anti-itch creams. We may go for the same topical creams and ointments when our pets receive minor cuts or bites as well, but is it safe for them? Some experts believe that using the antibacterial brands on your pup’s minor wounds is safe. Others; however, believe that if the cut is minor, it should be cleaned and left to scab over and heal on its’ own. It’s important that you follow your vet’s instructions as he most likely knows your pet pretty well. Your best option is to always call your vet before treating any cuts or insect bites on your own just in case your pet requires additional treatment or an exam. Talk to your vet Jacksonville, FL about the use of topical creams and ointments on your pet.

Ways to Tire Your Dog


Living with a hyper or energetic dog can be absolutely exhausting. Although you may be frustrated with your pup’s behavior, he’s only trying to burn excess energy. Here are some creative ways to make your dog tired.

Everyone knows that an energetic dog needs regular exercise. You can always try going for a longer walk or jogging with your dog instead, but have you ever thought about making your dog work during his walk? Put a specially designed doggy backpack on your dog and put water bottles and first aid kit items inside it. The extra weight will help tire your dog.

Can’t get outside for a walk? Most people understand the importance of playtime. Have you ever thought about playing fetch up and down the stairs? It’s a great way to burn extra energy!

For more tips, visit with your veterinarian Katy, TX.

How to Hold a Kitten

How to Hold a Kitten

Newborn kittens are fragile and should probably not be held right away. Allow time for the newborns and their mother to bond before stepping in to hold them. A good rule of thumb is to start handling them after they’ve had time to make that initial connection with their mother and other siblings. When you do start handling the kittens, try holding them for short periods of time at first. For instance, hold them for around five to ten minutes. When holding the kitten, make sure to support its entire body. Always remember to hold the kitten in the presence of the mother cat. This will help the kittens feel secure and safe. It will also help keep the mother cat calm if she can see her babies. Always check with your veterinary clinic Greenwood, IN staff if you’re not sure when or how to hold a newborn kitten.

Do Chinchillas Make Noise?

Do Chinchillas Make Noise

In general, chinchillas are fairly quiet pets. However, there are a wide variety of sounds a chinchilla makes depending on the situation he’s in.
Fear, pain, rage, and anger are all likely to make your chinchilla vocal. Sometimes, a chinchilla will make these loud noises because he is in a new environment. Hearing and seeing new things can be quite scary for a small chinchilla!
Chinchillas may also make sounds if they are looking for your attention. Some chinchillas will even make noises when begging for a snack or if they’re lonely and looking for a companion to play with.
Chinchillas that are housed together may make more noises than a chinchilla that lives alone. However, they are social creatures, so keeping more than one chinchilla in a cage is always a good idea.
To learn more about chinchilla sounds, call your veterinarian Arlington, TX.

Does your cat really need a break away collar?


You love your cat, and want to make sure that she will come home after heading out into the great outdoors. You put a collar on her to make sure others know that she has a loving home to return to, but she often comes home without it. Would she keep them on better if you forgo the break away feature?

Your cat may be an expert in losing her collars, but she still needs the break away feature in any new collars you purchase for her. This is because your pet can get into some sticky situations out in the wild, and her collar can become a hindrance in these circumstances. Your pet may not be able to free herself without this feature, so it is essential that she has it available to her. Your local Orangevale, CA veterinarian can offer additional advice.

When to Call the Cat Groomer

Grooming is an essential part of cat ownership. Although there are many things you can do to keep your cat looking and feeling good at home, there are some instances where you’ll want to give your local groomer a call.

Most cats hate water, which can make bathing your furry friend a nightmare. Fortunately, most cats don’t have to be bathed regularly. However, if your cat has gotten into something sticky or dirty, he’s going to need to be scrubbed. A professional groomer can clean your kitty quickly and efficiently.

Cats with a fluffy undercoat can have a lot of trouble with matting. If left to develop, a mat can grow quite large and pull on the skin, which is very painful for your cat. If large mats have developed in your cat’s fur, you should probably visit the groomer.

For a list of groomers in your area, call your veterinarian Santa Clarita, CA.

Guinea Pigs Are Social Animals

Guinea Pigs Are Social Animals

Guinea pigs or cavies possess a sociable nature and will be happy being around other guinea pigs. If you have cavies that are placed together in the same enclosure, you may have observed them vocalizing and engaging in natural behaviors spontaneously, a behavior that is seldom in cavies that are housed alone. Thus if you have only one cavy, consider bringing home another one so they can keep each other company.

Like most people, the compatibility of two adult cavies usually depends on their individual temperaments rather than their gender. There are some cavies that are quite aggressive and can easily pick a fight with other guinea pigs, while there are those that rejoice in having a companion.

The best pairing is done when they are still babies; a baby and adult cavy can also be an excellent combination. Adult cavies can also be paired without major hassles or problems.

Bring your Guinea pig to a Sugar Land, TX veterinary hospital for a regular wellness check. Click here to know more about your pet's needs.

Scat Mats


If you’re having difficulty training your cat or dog to stay off of the furniture then you may want to consider using a scat mat. Talk with your veterinary clinic Fayetteville, NC staff about the pros and cons of using a scat mat. They may be able to help you decide if it is the right training method for your four legged friend. A scat mat is a touch sensitive training pad that teaches your pet to stay off of the furniture or away from other prohibited areas. The scat mat releases a low power electronic pulse similar to static electricity. The clear and flexible vinyl scat mat can be placed at the entrance to a room, on furniture, or on counter tops. If your pet touches the mat he will feel three small zaps that will warn him to stay away. Most pets seem to understand the zaps and refrain from the mats and the protected furniture. For more information visit the website.

Protecting your Pet from Household Dangers

Protecting your Pet from Household Dangers
Protecting pets from poisonous and toxic chemicals is a serious matter. Carefully pet-proof your home. Keep prescription and over-the-counter medicines out of reach, including products made for pets. Often pet medications are manufactured to taste good so it is easy to ingest a lethal amount. Take care in storing insecticides, including flea/tick prevention products, and household cleaning/maintenance products. Be especially diligentwith products for the lawn and garden. They can be dangerous if ingestedbut can also be absorbedwhile walkingthrough a treated area or from paw licking afterwards. Keep poisonous plants out of your home and yard. Check the toxicity of any human food before feeding it to your pet. Seemingly innocent foods such as chocolate, alcohol, avocadoes or even grapes can be disastrous to your pet. If your pet ingests any of these substances, contact your San Diego, CA veterinary clinic or pet poison hotline immediately. Click to learn more.

Choosing a bed for your cat


Your cat sleeps quite a bit, and needs this time to recharge throughout the day. A quality cat bed will help your pet get the most out of her rest time, so how do you choose the best option for your cat?

To find the bed that is ideal for your cat, take the time to evaluate your pet’s likes. If there seems to be a particular feel she likes to the places she sleeps, like soft pillows, or firm carpeting, try to mimic it in a bed. This way, her new bed will appeal to her tastes. Make sure you choose an option that your pet will be able to fit comfortably in when stretched out to sleep. Picking a bed that can be easily cleaned will also help to make your life a bit easier, since you will need to clean it on a regular basis. For more information, please contact your local Montgomery, TX vet.

Ferret proofing your home


If you are considering bringing a ferret into your home, you are likely looking over your living space and noticing changes that will need to be made to your living environment. In addition to placing additional items in your home for your pet to utilize, there are quite a few things to be aware of. In an effort to keep your pet safe, all small areas she could climb into should be thoroughly blocked off. This will help your pet stay in places you can supervise her properly. Also make a point to remove anything that could be hazardous if chewed on or ingested. Keep in mind that ferrets are very curious, and like to explore their environments. If you are unsure of an item, it’s better to remove it just in case. Your local Arlington, TX vet clinic can offer additional advice.

How much space does an iguana need?

How much space does an iguana need

You love reptiles, and now that you’re searching for a new pet you are considering an iguana. You’ve brushed up on their care needs, but there is still one requirement that you are a bit fuzzy on – how much space does an iguana need?
Iguanas are interesting creatures, and can make great pets for the right family. However, they do require a significant commitment on the part of the pet owner in terms of both time and space. They may seem small when you first bring them home, but iguanas are known to grow longer than six feet in total length. Much of this length is in their tail, but it still must be accounted for. Your pet will need ample room to stretch out, as well as move about freely within his living environment. Your veterinarians Arlington, TX can help you decide if an iguana is right for your family.

Bad Luck Black Cat

Bad Luck Black Cat

As a cat owner, you may wonder why black cats are considered to be bad luck by some. You can always ask your vet Colorado Springs, CO as he may have his own theory on black cats. Research suggests that black cats have been associated with bad luck since the middle of the fourteenth century. During this time black cats became associated with unlucky happenings simply because of their color. What started as rumors soon became such a strong belief that nearly all cats were exterminated during the Black Death pandemic. What people did not realize was that killing off the cats gave way for a growth in the rodent population which was later attributed for spreading the deadly plague. Worldwide folklore has since spread the idea of black cats being associated with all things unlucky. However, some countries now honor the black cat as lucky.
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