Choosing a collar for your cat


Your cat needs a collar in order to show others that she has a loving home. This can make it difficult when your pet keeps losing her collar, or seems uncomfortable wearing it. How can you choose a collar that she won’t mind wearing?

Your cat needs you to find her a collar that will fit her properly so she can wear it on a regular basis without having it bother her. You want the collar to be snug enough to stay on, but not so tight that she can’t move freely. Choose a collar that is a lightweight and able to be worn on a daily basis throughout the activities that your pet typically enjoys. Be sure to offer your pet a collar with a breakaway feature in case she gets stuck in any sticky situations and needs some help to get free. Your local vet clinic Olathe KS can offer additional advice.

Is Your Cat Affected by the Television?

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The television is a staple in many homes. As a matter of fact, most families have multiple TVs! Everyone in your family probably has certain programs they can’t miss, but your kitty isn’t lucky enough to choose shows that he likes. Do cats even care about the TV?

Chances are, your cat probably doesn’t care what’s on TV. You’ll likely find your cat napping the evening away instead of watching your favorite drama. However, there are a few exceptions.

Loud noises may be disturbing to your kitty, since they have such good hearing. Allow your cat to retreat to another room in the house, or turn down the volume, when watching a particularly loud show or movie.

Some cats likes to watch animal shows! To learn more about the effects of the television on your feline friend, call your veterinary clinic Carmel, IN.

Why Verbal Reprimands Won’t Work On Your Cat

Endearing Personalities of Ragdoll Cats

The urge to raise your voice at a misbehaving pet may be insurmountable at times, but does it have any effect on the animal’s behavior? When it comes to cats, the logic suggests that it doesn’t.

Cats are smart; it’s one of the qualities that makes them so much fun. Keeping that in mind while training them is the key to building good rapport with your feline friend, however, so realize that yelling at your pet when it scratches the couch won’t help you in the long term.

Spur-of-the-moment discipline on a cat will teach it at least one thing--that it can’t scratch the couch when you’re at home. When you’re at work, though, the couch is fair game. Rather than relying on your voice or the spray bottle to get your cat’s attention, try making the couch an undesirable place to abuse, perhaps by covering it with bubble wrap. Stop by your Greer, SC veterinary for more advice, or visit online.

Should You Allow Dogs in Your Apartment?


If you own an apartment complex, there are many things you need to consider before renting your units to tenants. One important decision is whether or not you will allow dogs in the apartment.

This can be a tricky issue to address, which is why so many landlords prefer to say no and skip the issue altogether. However, there are some reasons why you might want to consider allowing dogs on your property.

Although this isn’t always the case, many pet owners are responsible. Having a dog means feeding him regularly and taking him outside for regular walks. These kinds of people tend to be responsible in other areas of their lives as well, so you can expect to see rent on time.

Allowing dogs can also attract more potential tenants to your property! If you still have questions, your local veterinarian Palatine, IL can provide you with answers and suggestions.

Exercising your sugar glider


Your sugar glider is a wonderful part of your family, and you want to make sure you are able to offer her everything she needs to stay fit and healthy. This means not only offering her a quality food and a stable home life, but also plenty of exercise as well. Your sugar glider will need you to offer her an enclosure that will allow her to move about freely, in addition to allowing her to play and jump. Your pet will need a lot of exercise to stay healthy, and it’s important that she gets this on a regular basis. She will need time outside of her enclosure on a daily basis, and will also require you to play with her. Try to encourage movement, and help her to take advantage of her time outside of her cage since she will be able to move differently outside of it. For more information, please contact your Puyallup, WA veterinarian.

Why dogs crave routine


Your dog is a creature of habit, and he thrives when a well-maintained routine is set in place. This is because your pet is able to anticipate what is coming up around the corner when he knows the routine. It gives him a chance to relax and understand that his needs will be met in time. This makes him less anxious about the world around him, and can help him to gain a sense of control over his daily activities. This way, when he knows what’s next, he will be able to recognize what will happen and when, allowing him to prepare both mentally and physically for upcoming activities. With these transitional periods being easier for your dog, he will feel better adjusted and able to handle the given tasks. Your local Clay, NY vet can help you determine the best routine for your dog.

Choosing treats for your dog

Does your dog beg for food

Your dog is big part of your life, and you want to make sure you are able to show him some affection when you can. While this may mostly mean offering him some extra playtime, you will sometimes want to give him something extra special to snack on.

Treats can be a great way to supplement your pets diet in addition to offering your little fur ball something different to eat. Try to find a treat that will offer your pet something that his food doesn’t. This may be an alternate ingredient, an unusual texture, or a new flavor. Either way, it will help switch up your pet’s food, and you will be able to give him some variety in his diet. Take your pet’s preferences in mind, but also take the time to make sure you are choosing an all natural option with whole food ingredients. Your local Sayville, NY veterinarian can offer additional guidance.

What to Expect when Showing Your Havana Rabbit

What to Expect when Showing Your Havana Rabbit

Your vet can probably tell you that there will be a lot of prep work when it comes to showing your Havana rabbit. From pre-show work to the actual set up and take down on the day of the show, showing your Havana rabbit can be fun and hectic at the same time. It’s always beneficial if you can connect with another rabbit owner that will be showing. Traveling to the show together and helping each other out while at the show can help take a lot of pressure off everyone involved. On the day of the show, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to unload and set up your rabbit’s station, check in with the secretary, pay fees, make any last minute changes, and have your rabbit in the right place on time. Don’t forget to get a copy of vaccination records from your veterinary clinic Lawrenceville, GA.

Diagnosing Canine Diabetes in Pit Bulls

Diagnosing Canine Diabetes in Pit Bulls

Canine diabetes is a common occurrence in most breeds of dogs including Pit Bulls. If you suspect your Pit Bull is ill or you notice he isn’t acting his normal self give your vet a call. If your Pit Bull has diabetes he could be showing signs such as weight loss, excessive thirst, excessive urination, lack of energy, hunger, etc. You can schedule a wellness exam to find out if your dog is diabetic or if he is coming down with some other type of illness. General symptoms of diabetes may also include lethargy, depression, enlarged liver, cataracts, bladder or kidney infection and even obesity. Your veterinarian Lawrenceville, GA will need to run lab tests that include blood work and a urinary analysis to make a diagnosis. In most cases abnormally high levels of sugar will be present in both blood and urine.

Using Walks to Socialize Your Dog


Socializing your dog is extremely important, no matter what his age. Unfortunately, socialization can be difficult if you spend most of your time at home. Here are some tips for socializing your dog by taking him for walks.

By going for a walk, you can get your dog used to lots of things in his environment. Cars, skateboard, and bikes can all cause problems for dogs, but by surrounding your pup with these contraptions, he soon won’t be bothered by them.

Going for regular walks will also expose your dog to other people in the neighborhood. If you’re lucky, one of your neighbors will be walking his dog too so you can practice pleasant interactions with other animals.

The dog park is also a great place to practice socialization skills. For help socializing your dog, visit with your veterinary clinic Minnetonka, MN.

Preventing Future Feline Potty Accidents


There are many reasons why a cat might not use the litter box. Unfortunately, once he’s gone to the bathroom outside the box once, he’s likely to do it again. Here are some tips for preventing future feline potty accidents.
First, clean the spot thoroughly with a pet-formulated cleaner. Specialty cleaners contain an enzyme that will eat away at your pet’s unique smell, discouraging him from returning to the same spot again and again.
To further keep your cat away, cover the spot with tin foil. If that doesn’t dissuade your cat from going potty in the area, cover it with a plastic carpet liner that has been turned upside down so the poky spikes are exposed.
To make sure that your cat’s bad potty behavior doesn’t have a medical cause, schedule an appointment with your veterinary clinicGreensboro, NC.

Choosing toys for your bird


Your bird is a wonderful companion, and you enjoy spending time with him. However, this doesn’t mean that you will be able to spend all your time with her. Your bird will have time on her own, and she will need ways to spend this time. Toys can be a great way for her to relax and enjoy herself. To choose the best toys for your bird, take the time to figure out what would fit nicely in your pet’s cage, and choose a few different options. Your pet will enjoy some variety, so choose toys she can play with in different ways. Colorful toys of varying complexity will help her have things to choose from whenever she needs an activity. Pay attention to the toys she favors, and you will have a better idea of what to choose next time she needs a few new toys. For more information, please contact your local Flower Mound, TX veterinarian.

How to Tell If the Dog in the Animal Shelter


Adopting a new animal is a serious commitment. That means, you’ll likely want to take plenty of time deciding which dog at the animal shelter is right for you, but exactly how do you know which dog is your forever friend?

First, focus on the dogs that appear healthy. The last thing you want to do when you bring your dog home is pay hundreds of dollars in extra veterinary care.

Spend time playing with each dog that interests you. Consider their level of energy first. If you want to snuggle on the couch, look for a low-energy dog. If you want a jogging partner, a dog that bounces off the walls might be right for you.

Go with your gut. Most people say they have an immediate connection with the pet they bring home! For more advice, click here, or call your veterinary clinic Poway, CA.

It’s Ok--Keep Talking to Your Dog


Have you ever wondered if you’re the only one who talks to his dog when no one else is around? Have you ever thought that your dog’s eyes look at you with far too much intelligence for your words to be falling on uncomprehending ears? Good news--your dog may understand more than you previously knew.

NBC reported the discovery of a border collie that can recognize more than 200 words. No, not every dog is capable of such brilliance, but most dogs are probably able to comprehend more than just “ball” and “outside.” Therefore, it would stand to reason that stronger relational bonds exist between owner and dog when conversation is present. A discussion of Frankl’s “Man’s Search for Meaning” won’t yield rich results, but mindless and friendly chatter with your pet may improve your friendship and increase the amount of “keywords” it recognizes. Visit your Cedar Park, TX veterinarian online to learn more.

Making a Kennel Comfortable for Your Dog

Making a Kennel Comfortable for Your Dog

There are many reasons why you might want to consider kennel training your dog. Not only will it keep him out of trouble while you’re away from home, it also provides him with a safe place to call his own. Just make sure you make it comfortable for your pooch!
Although wire cages are convenient for many pet parents, they aren’t the most comfortable option. Dogs are den animals, which means they like feeling like they’re in an enclosed area. Choose a plastic kennel or cover your wire kennel with a blanket.
Place a blanket on the bottom of the kennel to make laying in it more comfortable. Provide him with a favorite toy or chew toy, but refrain from providing him with food or water, as it can cause potty accidents.
For more tips, click here, or call your vet Ellicott City, MD.

Managing Your Aging Dog's Weight


Weight can be a huge issue for both humans and dogs, and being overweight can be extremely hard on the elderly. Fortunately, there are some easy things you can do to manage your older dog’s weight.

Start with your dog’s food first. Many dogs end up eating the same formula their entire lives, but as their bodies change, so should their diet. Look for a formula that is made to target the issues associated with aging. It’s even better if you can find a formula that addresses a healthy weight as well.

Cut back on the treats. If you do have to provide your pup with treats, go shopping for low calorie options, or try giving him his favorite morsels less often.

Don’t forget the exercise! For professional tips and advice, click here, or call your veterinary clinic Oconomowoc, WI.

What to Do If Your Dog's Nose Gets Scratched

What to Do If Your Dogs Nose Gets Scratched

Caring for an injured dog can be a real challenge. Most cuts can easily be bandaged, but what about a dog’s nose? What in the world do you do if your dog’s snout gets scratched?
First, make sure your dog is calm. If your dog is panicked, his heart rate will skyrocket, causing the wound to bleed even more. Sit with him on the floor or tie him in one spot with a leash and spend a little bit of time comforting him.
Place gauze on his nose and apply pressure until the wound stops bleeding. When it finally does stop bleeding, apply antibiotic ointment. Because you can’t place a bandage on the cut, you’ll want to make sure you reapply the ointment a few times a day.
If you can’t get your dog’s nose to stop bleeding, schedule an appointment with your veterinary clinic Ellicott City, MD right away.

Is your pocket pet getting enough exercise?


Your pocket pet’s health is important to you, and you want to make sure that you are able to offer her everything she needs to lead a healthy life. Since you know that most pocket pets get a lot of exercise in the wild, you want to try to offer your pet the opportunity to move about freely as she needs to. This will need to take place both inside of her enclosure as well as outside of it. When she is in her cage she can play with toys that encourage movement, enjoy some time digging in her bedding material, and climb on the objects you provide her with. She can also enjoy some playtime with you outside of her enclosure, where she will be less hindered and have more space available to her. For additional information, please contact your local Paramus, NJ veterinarian.

Can Cats Have Asthma?

Can Cats Have Asthma

Asthma can make life difficult for humans. If you catch your cat wheezing and coughing, is it safe to assume that he has asthma too?
Cats can have asthma. The symptoms of asthma include wheezing, coughing, and difficulty breathing. They may also be less likely to engage in exercise.
An asthma attack can be prompted by a wide range of stimuli that include smoke, pollen, cat litter dust, aerosol sprays, and even cold weather.
Treating asthma can be difficult, so it’s best to prevent symptoms in the first place. Keep your air conditioning and heating systems clean by replacing the filter often, refrain from smoking, use a cat litter that doesn’t produce dust, and limit the use of scented products inside the home.
To learn if your cat has asthma, click here, or schedule an appointment with your veterinarian Ellicott City, MD.

Trimming Your Dog’s Nails


Start trimming your dog’s nails when they are young to establish a routine. If your dog resists nail trimming, you may need to reintroduce him to the routine. Handle your dog’s feet and nails to help him feel comfortable. Put the clipper near your dog so it becomes non-threatening. Touch your dog’s nails with the clipper without actually clipping. As your dog becomes comfortable with the clipper, trim one nail so your dog gets used to the pressure. Trim the curved part of the nail, a little at a time, while avoiding the quick. The quick is the blood and nerve supply to the nail and will hurt and bleed if cut. Continue if your dog allows you to cut more nails. Otherwise, stop and continue at another time. Use plenty of praise and treats so your dog associates nail trimming with something good. Contact your Barrie ON veterinarian to learn more.

Cleaning your Havana Rabbit’s Cage


There are no set rules for cleaning your Havana rabbit’s cage or dwelling place; however, there are several basic guidelines that can help you keep your rabbit’s environment clean and comfortable. One of the first things you can do is talk to your vet about the type of bedding you should use for your Havana rabbit. Your vet can also tell you that you should clean your Havana rabbit’s cage at least once a week or twice a week if you have more than one rabbit. Tidying up your rabbit’s cage daily can help cut down on additional cleaning as well. Remove any uneaten food or wet hay on a daily basis. Wipe out food bowls and clean and refill water bottles. Once a week dump all bedding into the trash, wipe down the cage and dry if necessary. Your veterinary clinic Pickerington, OH can help you with additional cleaning tasks.

How is Heartworm Disease Transmitted in Black Sable Ferrets?


Did you know that Black Sable ferrets are susceptible to heartworms in much the same way as dogs and cats? The disease; however, is more serious for ferrets due to their size. A heartworm is usually a foot-long worm that is capable of invading the heart, lungs and blood vessels of your ferret. The disease can be fatal as it can cause permanent damage to your ferret’s heart and lungs. Unlike dogs and cats, it only takes a single heartworm to cause permanent damage to your ferret’s organs. Heartworm disease is transmitted in ferrets from mosquitoes. Adult female heartworms produce baby worms that circulate in the bloodstream. The mosquito picks up these baby worms when it sucks the blood from the infected ferret. It takes 10 to 14 days for the baby worms to enter the infective stage. Larvae are then deposited when the mosquito bites another ferret. Talk to your veterinary clinic Tualatin, OR for more information.

Choosing toys for your dog


Your dog loves to play, and toys offer your pet a great way to occupy his time. Because play is also a great way for your pet to burn some energy, it’s important that you are able to offer him toys that will get him moving. Your pet will enjoy toys that can be used in multiple ways as well. This is particularly true when your pet can play with a toy on his own, as well as with you. It also increases the chances that the item will get used. Try to choose toys that allow your pet to play as he likes. If he enjoys tugging at things, make sure some of the toys you purchase allow him to do this. Having some variety is also a good idea, as it will allow him to switch around his activities as he sees fit. For more information, please contact your local Katy, TX vet.

Necrotic Stomatitis (Mouth Rot) in Red-Eared Sliders

Necrotic Stomatitis (Mouth Rot) in Red-Eared Sliders

Did you know that there are several types of health risks that are common to turtles living as pets and in the wild? In fact, turtles like the Red-Eared Slider are susceptible to a variety of health conditions including necrotic stomatitis also known as mouth rot. Stomatitis refers to an inflammation of the mouth or the oral cavity. The condition generally appears as small hemorrhages on the gums or as excessive amounts of mucus in the mouth that may contain blood or pus. These could also appear on the inside edge of the lip area. When mouth rot occurs your Red-Eared Slider may have a severely swollen mouth and may appear to be breathing through his mouth. In most cases mouth rot occurs as a secondary condition of another illness or injury including poor nutrition, stress, improper environmental temperatures or overcrowding. Talk to your veterinarian Moorpark, CA for more information.

Treating Seizures in a Goffin’s Cockatoo

Treating Seizures in a Goffin’s Cockatoo
Seizures affect a variety of birds including Goffin’s, budgies, the Amazon parrot, African grey parrots, finches and lovebirds. When a parrot or bird has a seizure he may fall from his perch, act disoriented, restless, agitated, and may even go into sporadic convulsions. If this happens to your Goffin’s Cockatoo, notify your vet immediately. Your vet may run a variety of tests to determine a cause for the seizure. If an underlying cause is found then treatment will start there. For instance, if a vitamin deficiency is discovered, your vet will most likely treat that first. Your vet may also treat the seizure directly through medication. Please note that there is not a specific cure for seizures. Most treatments are used in an effort to lessen the occurrence and severity of seizures. Always ask your vet Moorpark, CA additional questions if you are unsure about a treatment for your Goffin’s.

Fun Facts About the Goffin’s Cockatoo

Fun fact Goffins_Cockatoo

A Tanimbar is a type of cockatoo that is often referred to as Goffin’s Cockatoo. Unlike typical cockatoos these predominantly white birds love to socialize, play, and talk. They also enjoy being held and petted. The Goffin’s is not an overly loud bird; in fact, he’s known as the “quieter cockatoo.” He talks and occasionally screeches, but mostly when he wants attention. In addition, this medium sized bird loves music and may often be found dancing or swaying along to a tune. The average size of a Goffin’s Cockatoo is around 12 inches long from head to tail. They can live up to 30 years or longer. These birds are known to be more “needy” than other birds so it’s recommended that boundaries be set at an early age. Your vets Moorpark, CA may also advise you to keep your Goffin’s busy as he may become bored when he’s not the center of attention.

Playing with your ferret


You recently brought a ferret into your home, and you’re looking forward to bonding with her. Since you know that she loves to play, you figure that this will be the best way to interact with her. Playing can be a great way for you to get to know each other, and it can be a wonderful way to help your pet get the exercise she needs to stay healthy. Opt for games that bring her natural instincts into play. Your ferret will naturally be interested in activities where she gets to chase after something, tunnel through an item, or seek out an object. This will also reinforce the survival instincts that her wild counterparts need to survive. As you spend more time with your ferret, you will find that more opportunities for play will arise on their own. Your local Long Beach, CA veterinarian can help you care for your pet.

Giving Your Guinea Pig a Bath


Bathe your guinea pig three or four times a year unless your pig gets particularly dirty. Prepare the bathing area and make sure the water is lukewarm. Have all supplies ready. Use a plastic basin on the counter with a towel on the bottom so your pig doesn’t slip. Add a few inches of warm water to the basin and some in the sink to use for rinsing. Gently put your pig in the basin and use a plastic cup to wet her thoroughly. Use a small amount of small animal shampoo. Lather gently while taking care to avoid the eyes, nose and mouth. Use the plastic cup to rinse the shampoo away. Dry thoroughly with a clean towel. Brush your pig to keep knots from forming. Trim your pig’s nails to complete the grooming. Put your pig back into her cage only after she is thoroughly dry. Learn more from your Markham ON veterinarian.

Why Does My Beagle Eat Grass?

Why Does My Beagle Eat Grass

Have you ever noticed your Beagle outside just “grazing” away at the grass? If so, then you may want to give your vet a call to find out if you should be alarmed or not. In general, eating grass is fairly normal, but it could signal stomach distress and should probably be checked by your vet just in case. Different dogs eat different amounts of grass as part of their normal behavior. Some Beagles may eat grass because they’re board or it simply tastes good. Some Beagle owners believe their Beagle eats grass as a way to relieve indigestion or an up-set stomach. On rare occasions, Beagles may eat large amounts of grass and then immediately vomit afterwards. This is usually associated with signs of illness and distress. Even if these signs aren’t present, it’s always good to check with your vet Floyds Knob, IN.

Caval Syndrome in Burmese Cats

Caval Syndrome in

If your Burmese cat tests positive for heartworm disease talk with your vet about other ongoing symptoms that are related with the disease. For instance, your Burmese may already be experiencing heartworm symptoms of coughing, asthma, vomiting, decreased appetite, and weight loss. Additional symptoms such as difficulty walking, fainting, seizures, and the buildup of fluid in the abdomen may also develop. Heartworm disease can often cause a blockage of blood flow that may lead to something known as Caval Synrdrome. Symptoms may include labored breathing, pale gums, and bloody or brown colored urine. Radical surgery is required to remove the heartworm blockage. Chances of recovery are generally low. In order to protect your Burmese against heartworms and related disease ask your veterinary clinic Floyds Knob, IN about yearly heartworm screening and a monthly prevention program. Taking a proactive stand for your Burmese cat is one of the best defenses.
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