Teaching Your Dog the COME Command

Teaching Your Dog the COME Command

Teaching your dog to come to you on command is necessary to get your dog back into the house and to bring your furry friend close for cuddling and petting. This command is also essential for safety. This command can stop your dog from running away or into traffic. Your dog should know his own name and respond to it consistently. Start with your dog on a leash and take several quick steps away from your dog as you say your dog’s name, followed by the COME command. When your dog catches up to you, stop and provide a treat and ample praise. Practice this often. Next have your dog sit with an assistant a distance away from you. Hold out a treat as your call your dog’s name and the COME command. Work toward complete consistency as you reduce the number of treats and rely on praise alone. For more information, contact your Smyrna Animal Hospital.

Teaching Your Dog the DOWN Command

Teaching Your Dog the DOWN Command

Teaching your dog to lie down on command helps you get control over your dog and to settle down and relax. It also puts them out of reach to prevent begging or stealing food. Your dog should know his own name and sit on command consistently. Start with your dog in the sitting position. Hold a yummy treat in front of your dog’s nose and slowly lower the treat down in front of your dog’s front paws. This will cause your dog to lower his head and body down to continue following the treat When this happens, say your dog’s name, followed by the DOWN command. At the moment your dog lies down, give him the treat and ample praise. Practice this often and increase the length of time before the treat is presented. Eventually replace the treats with praise alone. Work toward complete consistency. Contact your Marietta, GA veterinary clinic to learn more.

Help Your Pet Cat Overcome His Fears

Help Your Pet Cat Overcome His Fears

Cats can also suffer from certain phobias that can cause them to suffer from anxiety and nervousness. Most cases of phobic behaviors are often caused by specific factors in a cat’s immediate environment. Thus, taking steps to pinpoint the cause is important in helping your pet overcome his fears.
When your kitty appears to be scared or nervous about something, never stare directly into his eyes when trying to calm him down. Cats often perceive staring as a threat and signals aggression. Doing so will only increase your pet’s fear and anxiety.
‘People Phobia’
Some cats are extremely suspicious and even afraid of people. These cats may have been abused or abandoned by their previous owners.
‘Cat Phobia’
A submissive cat may fear another cat in the house; sometimes this is a result of being the target of a dominant cat’s bully behavior or redirected aggression. Sometimes, a cat can get trapped inside a covered litter box by a bully cat.
Ask your Jacksonville, FL veterinarian regarding important pet issues. You can get more information here.

How To Give Your Long-Haired Pooch A Bath

How To Give Your Long-Haired Pooch A Bath

Dogs with long and thick hair coats are prone to forming mats and tangles. Before getting your dog’s hair wet, you need to apply a product that can help untangle and straighten out the knots. It’s difficult to deal with the tangles when your dog’s hair is already wet.
After applying the untangling product, let it soak and set in before running a comb through your pet’s hair. After the tangles and knots have been straightened out, you can now apply shampoo on your dog’s hair. Make sure to use bath products that are specially formulated for dogs. These products are milder compared to shampoos used by people which can contain ingredients that can be harsh on your dog’s hair and skin. Some dogs can also develop allergies to components in shampoos that you apply on your hair. There are also pet owners who choose to use organic soaps and/or shampoo on their pets.
Know more about your pet’s grooming needs by asking your Jacksonville, FL vet. Check out this link to know more.

Is Kennel Training a Dog Cruel ?


Some people cringe when they see a dog in a kennel because it seems so cruel! Is kennel training your dog mean?

Kennel training doesn’t have to be mean. It’s all in the way you use the kennel. Many dogs actually enjoy having one. It provides them with a safe area to call their own. Kennel training can keep your dog from tearing up your home while you’re away, and it can reduce your pup’s anxiety. Some dogs even sleep better when they are allowed to sleep in a kennel.

The exception is if you use the kennel as a punishment. If your dog has a potty accident or makes you unhappy in any other way and he is confined to his kennel as a result, it won’t be a happy place for your pooch.

To learn more about dog kennels, call your Veterinarians Hinesville GA.

Tricks That Will Put Your Dog to Work


Dogs can learn a lot of tricks. Some are obvious, like teaching your dog how to sit or to walk properly on a leash. However, there are a lot of other fun tricks you can each your dog too! Here are just a few that will put your dog to work.

Does your dog still seem to have a lot of energy left over after his walk? Instead of going for longer walks or going for a jog, consider training your pooch to wear a doggy backpack. That way, he can carry water bottles, which will tire him out faster, but he can also carry your purse or cell phone!

Some especially intelligent breeds can retrieve many objects. From asking your dog to bring you your slippers to grabbing you a beer from the fridge, you may never have to get up off the couch again!

For help training your dog, you can consult veterinary clinic Hinesville, GA. Visit http://vetrichmondhill.com/.

Is your cat overweight?

Is your cat overweight

Your cat is an important part of your family, and you want to make sure she is as healthy as she can be. However, lately you’ve noticed that she’s become a bit overweight. How can you help her get back into shape?

Your cat is likely overweight because her lifestyle isn’t as healthy as it could be, so you’ll want to make a point to figure out which areas could use some improvement. This will include both her eating and exercising habits, so take the time to look at them both individually. Your cat may need a healthier food, or maybe a more appropriate portion when it mealtimes comes around. Take into account her treat consumption as well, as this can impact her eating habits overall. She may also need more physical activity, so be sure to play with your pet whenever you can, making an effort to encourage movement. Your Ellicott City, MD veterinarian can offer additional advice.

Why your dog digs in the yard

Why your dog digs in the yard

Your dog enjoys a variety of activities, and digging in your backyard seems to be one of them lately. However, this doesn’t mean that he is doing it simply for something to do. Digging can be a fun way to expend some energy and satisfy some of your dog’s curiosity about what’s underneath the grass, but it can also be a functional action as well. Your pet may be digging to bury something for safekeeping, or to try and mimic the dens his ancestors used for shelter from predators and the elements. He may also be trying to find something he had buried in the past and has yet to recover, or he could be trying to seek out an animal he saw retreat underground at one point or another. For additional information, please contact your local Ellicott City, MD vet clinic.

How to Keep Your Cat from Going Crazy in the Middle of the Night


Cats may sleep a lot, but when they’re ready to play, you’ll know it. Unfortunately, they are most likely to want to tear through the house at one o’clock in the morning! Here are some tips for keeping your cat from going crazy in the middle of the night.

Cats are crepuscular, which means they are most active at dusk and dawn, but your cat isn’t opposed to spending some time awake in the middle of the night too. To keep your cat calm through the evening hours, you should spend plenty of time playing with him just before bed.

Making sure he has things to keep him occupied at night is a good strategy too. Just make sure that his toys aren’t so loud they wake you up!

To know more, call your Vet Clinic Hinesville GA.

Why Hedgehogs Aren't Allowed in Some Cities and States


There are a lot of laws across the country regarding exotic animals. It’s obvious why some animals, like tigers, aren’t allowed as pets, but what about other animals, like the hedgehog? Why aren’t they allowed in some cities and states?

Invasive species are a way of life all around the world, but preventing new invasive species from taking up residence is extremely important. In some areas, the hedgehog may be able to escape and make himself at home in an environment where he could wreak havoc.

The point of origin of a hedgehog, or they are coming from, is also an important consideration. In addition, some states have very bizarre laws. For example Georgia doesn’t allow hedgehogs, but they allow breeders, as long as the animals are shipped out of state.

To find out if hedgehogs are allowed in your area, visit http://vetcostamesa.com/ your veterinary clinic Newport Beach, CA.

Natural Remedies for Urinary Tract Infections in Dogs


It isn’t all that uncommon for a dog to end up with a urinary tract infection. Because it’s a fairly common problem, it’s also fairly easy to treat, but what if you don’t want to use potentially harmful medications? Here are a few natural remedies for urinary tract infections in dogs.

In some cases, it might simply be a case of how much fluid your dog is ingesting. To help your dog flush his system and eliminate the problem, provide him with plenty of water. Encourage him to drink more by adding a little bit of chicken broth to his bowl.

There are a number of bacterial plants that can also be effective. They include St. John’s wort, rosewood, sandalwood, chamomile, and sweet almond.

For help treating your dog’s UTI, schedule an appointment with your Vet Clinic Newport Beach CA.

Choosing toys for a ferret

You recently brought home a ferret, and you’ve been enjoying spending time with him. However, you’ve noticed that he likes to play a lot more than you’ve anticipated. How can you keep him entertained?

Your ferret needs you to offer him plenty of toys in order to keep him happily engaged in a task. These pets are known for being very smart, and they require plenty of mental stimulation throughout the day to remain content. They also need a fair amount of physical movement to stay healthy, so combining these two through play is a natural way to keep your pet happy in your home. Try to find toys that utilize his natural instincts, like hunting and tunneling, to spark his interest. Toys that incorporate these will become quick favorites, but also make a point to offer some variety as well. For more information, please contact your local Marion, IA veterinarian.

Can Dogs Have Fun in Cardboard Boxes Too?

Can Dogs Have Fun in Cardboard Boxes Too

It’s no secret that cats love cardboard boxes. The internet is plastered with photos and videos of felines having a blast with boxes of all shapes and sizes! Can dogs have fun with cardboard boxes too?
Although your dog isn’t likely to have as much fun with a cardboard box as your cat, he will definitely enjoy inspecting it, especially if it’s large enough for him to fit inside. To make it more interesting, consider hiding a treat in the cardboard box to encourage him to jump in.
For dogs that love to dig, a cardboard box full of shredded paper or packing peanuts can be a lot fun. You just have to be ready to pick up the mess after your dog is done!
For more fun tips on keeping your pooch engaged, plan a visit with your vet Sun Prairie, WI.

Clever Ways to Keep Your Cat Entertained

Clever Ways to Keep Your Cat Entertained

Cats spend a lot of time sleeping, but they can also turn into little monsters if they aren’t properly played with. If you spend a lot of time away from home, but want to make sure that your cat is fully entertained, follow these tips.
Nothing beats leaving cardboard boxes empty and lying around. If you really want to make things fun, try placing treats in the bottom of the box covered by pieces of paper.
Another easy way to keep your cat entertained is to hang or tape a string toy to a doorway or ceiling. If you don’t want to risk scratched trim, consider buying an electronic or spring action toy from the pet store.
Puzzle boxes and mechanical toys are also a great way to keep your cat engaged while you’re away from home! For more tips, call your veterinarian Sun Prairie, WI.

Bathing Your Cat


There are some circumstances where you will need to bathe the cat. Sometimes your vet will prescribe a therapeutic, medicated bath for a fungal issue or a flea infestation. Your cat may have something undesirable on their fur such as toxins or oil, food spills or feces. Work quickly and efficiently. Trim your cat’s nails first to lessen the affect of any swipes at you. Enlist a helper to bribe your kitty with treats throughout the process and help as needed. Gather all your supplies in one place. Use a sink or basin with a towel in the bottom so your cat doesn’t slip. Keep one hand on your cat at all times. Gently wet your cat with lukewarm water using a pitcher since the sink sprayer may scare her. Use cat-safe shampoo or the medicated shampoo prescribed. Lather quickly and rinse. Towel dry gently and brush. For more information, contact your Sandy Springs, GA veterinarian, Animal Hospital of Sandy Springs.

Road Trips With Your Canine Buddy – Safety Tips

Road Trips With Your Canine Buddy – Safety Tips

Road trips with your pet should be fun and enjoyable for you and your canine buddy. Preparing well ahead of time and attention to details are very important to prevent last minutes hassles and problems on your trip. You should also take extra measures to ensure everyone’s safety while in the vehicle.
• Place your pooch in a crate or carrier – This is a very important precautionary measure, thus it is a good idea to have your pet crate-trained while he is still very young. Even a short trip to the vet clinic or the groomer’s will mean less stress to everyone if your pet is inside a crate that he is comfortable with.
• You can also choose to restrain your pet dog in the backseat using a special pet harness that can be attached to the buckle of a seatbelt.
Call your San Antonio, TX veterinarian for more helpful tips on keeping your pet safe and happy on your next trip. Visit this website to know more about your pet’s needs.

Over-Indulgence Can Increase Your Cat’s Predisposition To Obesity

Over-Indulgence Can Increase Your Cat’s Predisposition To Obesity

Many cat parents think that over-indulging their pets when it comes to treat and pet food is an excellent way to show their care and affection. However, the practice has been identified as an important predisposing factor of pet obesity. A lack of physical activity can also contribute further to the problem.
A pet that is overweight or obese needs additional attention from its owner. The excess pounds that they are lugging around can increase a pet’s risk to serious health problems including heart and kidney problems, diabetes, various types of cancers, and even osteoarthritis. Obese cats can have reduced flexibility thus they are not able to groom their entire body efficiently.
Taking your pet on leash walks around the block, regular playtime, and even visits to the dog park all encourage physical activity that burns off excess pounds.
Keep your pet healthy and active by bringing him regularly to a San Antonio, TX veterinary clinic. Know more about your pet’s behavior on this website.

Your Dog and Separation Anxiety


Some dogs get very anxious when left alone in your home. This could result in barking and howling, destructive behavior, accidents in the house and other signs of distress. To avoid triggering this anxiety, don’t make a big deal when leaving your home or when you return. It needs to become a normal part of your dog’s routine. Put out ample toys to play with while you are gone. A special toy such one that has a treat inside or requires your dog to work out a puzzle to get a treat will keep your dog busy and also help him associate your time away with something fun. Determine how long is too long to be away. Start with very short departures and work your way up to longer periods. Consider having someone stop by if your will be gone for extended periods of time. Learn more from your Vet Clinic Sandy Springs GA.

Bathing Your Dog


Bathing your dog doesn’t have to be a hard job. Routine baths starting when your dog is a puppy should help to keep anxiety at a minimum. On bath day, choose a place where you can confine your dog. Gather all your supplies ready in one place to be most efficient. Brush your dog first to remove loose hair. Wet your dog thoroughly with lukewarm water. Lather up with a dog-safe shampoo. Avoid getting shampoo in the eyes, nose or mouth. Don’t forget the groin, armpits and between the toes. Rinse completely. Squeeze water from your dog’s fur, towel completely and brush again. Now is a good time to clean the ears with cotton balls and trim your dog’s nails. Keep your dog warm and don’t let him outside till he is totally dry. Read more from your Atlanta, GA veterinary clinic for additional information.

What to Feed your Algerian Hedgehog


If you own an Algerian hedgehog or are thinking of owning one then you might want to talk to your local vet or pet store owner about basic care and feed. Your vet can help you put together a suitable meal plan for your Algerian hedgehog when you bring him in for his first routine visit. In general, Algerian hedgehogs need a diet of quality protein, low fat and 15% fiber. Hedgehogs living in the wild tend to eat a lot of beetles. Your local pet store may offer a specified hedgehog feed, but experts have found that a dry low-fat cat formula is often preferred. If you’re feeding a commercial food you will need to supplement a variety of other foods like vegetables, mealworms, crickets, cooked meats and fruits. Always check with your Veterinarians Terre Haute IN before giving your hedgehog any new kinds of food.

Symptoms of Mouth Rot in Red Ackies


Mouth rot is a common occurrence in various types of reptiles including snakes, turtles and even Red Ackies. If you own a Red Ackie lizard then you may want to talk to your vet about the causes and symptoms of mouth rot. In general, mouth rot appears as inflammation or small hemorrhages on the gums or as large amounts of mucus in the mouth. It can also appear on the inside edge of the mouth near the lip area. Causes include stress, poorly regulated temperature in the enclosure, parasites, trauma, malnutrition, and overcrowding. If your Red Ackie has mouth rot then you may notice a swelling in the mouth or head area. Most Red Ackies will stop eating when mouth rot occurs so you may also notice a dramatic weight loss due to lack of appetite. Call your Veterinary Clinic Terre Haute IN right away if your Red Ackie has any of these symptoms.

How is Heartworm Disease Transmitted in Chocolate Ferrets?


Heartworm disease is a dangerous and potentially fatal condition in a variety of animals including dogs, cats, and ferrets. Chocolate ferrets are especially at risk of fatality from heartworm disease due to their size. In general, a heartworm is a foot-long worm that is capable of invading the heart, lungs and blood vessels of your Chocolate ferret. The disease, if not caught early, can be fatal as it can cause permanent damage to your ferret’s main organs including the heart and lungs. Heartworm disease is transmitted in ferrets from mosquitoes. Adult female heartworms produce baby worms that circulate in the bloodstream. The mosquito picks up these baby worms when it sucks the blood from the infected ferret. It takes 10 to 14 days for the baby worms to enter the infective stage. Talk to your Pet Clinic Terre Haute IN for more information about heartworm disease and prevention.

Properly Cleaning Your Hamster’s Cage


Caring for your furry little friend means helping clean up after him. Ideally your hamster’s cage should be cleaned and bedding replaced every week. Read below for the proper steps.

First, you’ll want to carefully catch your hamster and keep him safe in an exercise ball or other contained area while you care for the cage.

Remove all toys, tunnels, water bottles, and food dishes. You’ll need to wash all of these items separately with warm, soapy water and allow to dry.

Remove all bedding wood shavings and prepare to clean the inside of the cage. Use a disinfectant designed for cleaning hamster cages. If you prefer natural cleaning agents, be sure to ask your Highland, MI vet which are best.

Once the inside of the cage is cleaned, disinfected, and completely dry, fill with fresh bedding. Then replace all toys and accessories, food bowl, and water. Finally, reintroduce your hamster to his fresh, clean living area.

Click here for other tips on hamster and pocket pet care.

Treating Fatty Liver Disease in Toy Fox Terriers


Has your Toy Fox Terrier been diagnosed with fatty liver disease? If so, talk to your vet about treatment options. Fatty liver disease (also known as Hepatic Lipidosis) is a common liver disease in dogs and cats. The disease may be caused by lack of a nutritious diet, cancer, diabetes, pancreatitis, kidney disease, and other liver diseases. If the primary cause of the fatty liver disease can be indentified then treatment will be given to fight that particular illness. The fatty liver disease will most likely clear up once the main illness is treated. If the fatty liver disease is the main illness and no other illness or cause can be determined then your Veterinarians Savannah GA may recommend a strict and highly nutritious diet rich in soy-based or milk-based proteins to prevent the liver cells from storing additional fat. Fluids may also need to be administered.

Can My Beagle Eat Real Meat?

Read more

How Often Should My Boxer Be Vaccinated?


Most dogs receive a variety of vaccinations over the course of their lifetime. In general, puppies receive a series of vaccines at their initial vet visit and are then placed on a vaccination schedule by their vet. Your Boxer’s vaccination schedule should also be determined by your vet. Call your veterinary clinic to find out what vaccines your Boxer needs and when he should receive them. Vaccinations can differ as your dog grows older. There is, however, a series of vaccines called ‘core’ vaccines that most dogs receive on a routine basis. These vaccines may include canine parvovirus, distemper, canine hepatitis and rabies. Other vaccinations are determined by your Boxer’s lifestyle. For instance, if your Boxer is frequently around other dogs in a kennel type environment then a Bordetella bronchiseptica vaccine may be recommended. It’s also important to ask your Pet Clinic Savannah GA what vaccines are required by law for your area.

Your Cat’s Body


Your cat’s body is designed for specific tasks. It’s obvious that teeth and claws are made for killing prey and efficient eating. However, other body parts work to support your cat’s needs too. Your cat’s leg joints are ideally suited for pouncing and climbing. And pawsturnin for efficient cleaning. The back and torso are flexible for pouncing but also strong in the middle to carry dead prey for long distances. The ears can turn to detect the direction and distance of sound and the inner ear helps with balance. And the large eyes aren’t just cute. They make it easier to judge distances while jumping and to focus on prey during the dawn and dusk hours when your kitty would be hunting in the wild. And finally, the flexible neck provides a greater range of motion for spotting prey. For more information, you can contact Angel Animal Hospital.

Keeping Your Dog from Biting


A dog who bites is a nuisance and dangerous and as a responsible dog owner you need to do everything possible to prevent your dog from biting. Spay or neuter your dog to reduce aggression. Train your dog to follow basic obedience commands. Getting your dog to sit and stay at your side on command is the fastest way to get your dog under control. Socialize your dog to become acclimated to other humans, dogs and other animals. Expose your dog to a variety of situations so he won’t be nervous or frightened. Stressful situations occur at home such as when service people or the mail delivery person comes to your home. Train your dog to sit quietly during these times as well. Keep your dog on a leash when off of your property. Only allow people or other dogs to approach if your dog appears comfortable. For more information you can consult Angel Animal Hospital.

Causes of Bloat in King Charles Spaniels

Causes of Bloat in King Charles Spaniels

Canine bloat is a serious condition that requires immediate vet care. Talk to your vet about your King Charles Spaniel’s risk for bloat and find out what signs to look for. If you suspect your Spaniel has bloat call your vet or emergency vet center immediately. Bloat is also known as Gastric-Volvulus and happens when unusual amounts of air, fluid, gas, food or even foam forms in the stomach. The pressure can cause the stomach to swell, which in turn blocks blood flow to vital organs such as the heart. It can lead to low blood pressure, shock and even organ damage. The most general causes of bloat are stress, hereditary genes, temperament that causes stress, anxiety or aggression, eating habits such as elevated food bowls, rapid eating, eating of the wrong diet, eating gassy foods, drinking too much too quickly, deep and narrow build of chest, etc. Talk to your veterinary clinic Greensboro, NC for more information.

Peruvian Guinea Pig’s Eye out of Socket

Peruvian Guinea Pig’s Eye out of Socket

Pocket pets are especially small creatures and can end up with a variety of illnesses or injuries. It’s important to keep an eye on your Peruvian guinea pig to make sure he is behaving normally and in overall good health. There are times; however, when your cavy will have an injury. If you notice something out of the ordinary with your Peruvian’s eyes, please call your vet right away. It’s not uncommon for a guinea pig to have a bulging eye or an eye out of socket. If this is the case, call your vet and do not try to repair the eye yourself. Follow your vet’s instructions, which may include covering the eye with a damp, clean cloth and holding it in place with a loosely wrapped bandage. You may need to soak the cloth in warm, salty water to help preserve the eye. Remain calm and allow your veterinarian Greensboro, NC to do the work.
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