How Do You Use Flea Powder on a Dog?

How Do You Use Flea Powder on a Dog

There are tons of ways to keep fleas at bay. Topical medications and shampoos are some of the most popular ways to deal with these creepy crawlies, but you have other options too. Here’s how to use flea powder on a dog.

Flea powder must be sprinkled evenly all over your dog’s body. Pay special attention to areas where fleas like to congregate, like on the belly, behind the ears, and around the neck.

The powder will have to sit undisturbed in order for it to work, which can be challenging if you have a hyperactive dog. It may also have to be reapplied often.

Flea powder isn’t necessarily the most effective method when used on a dog, but it can be very effective when sprinkled in your dog’s kennel or on his bedding.

To learn more about using flea powder, you can contact your Veterinarians Lafayette LA.

Why Do Hamsters Stuff Their Cheeks?

Why Do Hamsters Stuff Their Cheeks

Hamsters are awfully cute. One of their most endearing characteristics is that they love stuffing their cheeks full of tasty treats. Why do hamsters stuff their cheeks anyway?

In the wild, food isn’t always easy to come by. Hamsters adapted by developing large cheek pouches that can hold vast amounts of supplies. That way, a hamster always has something to eat, even if there isn’t any food to be found in the area.

Even if your hamster has access to food at all times in his cage, he still engages in this curious activity. Some hamsters will also pack away bedding material. After all, it’s the easiest way to transport materials in the wild or in a cage!

Keep an eye on your hamster’s cheek pouches to make sure they’re healthy. If something seems off, schedule an appointment with your vet San Jose, CA right away.

How Neutering Your Dog Will Change His Behavior

How Neutering Your Dog Will Change His Behavior

Although it may seem a bit unkind to have your dog neutered, you will enjoy some behavior changes if you decide to schedule an appointment.

Mounting can be a serious behavioral concern, especially if your dog is engaging in this embarrassing behavior when you have company over. In many cases, having your dog neutered will cure him of his need to mount anything that walks.

If you have your dog neutered when he’s still a puppy, you may also be able to avoid aggressive behavior that often accompanies a dog that’s looking for a mate.

Having your dog neutered can also keep him safe, as he’s less likely to take off across a busy street in search of a mate.
To enjoy a mellower, more well-behaved dog, schedule an appointment with your veterinarian San Jose, CA to have him fixed.

Tips for Keeping Your Cat Clean without a Bath

Tips for Keeping Your Cat Clean without a Bath

Cats and water are mortal enemies. At least that’s the case for most felines! Because they can easily clean themselves, you should avoid traditional baths at all costs, but there are a few ways you can make sure that your cat stays clean so you never have to consider giving your pet a bath.

First, keep your cat indoors. It’s extremely easy for an outdoor cat to get dirty. Not only might an outdoor cat require regular baths, he’s likely to bring all that dirt into your home. Not to mention, indoor cats live a lot longer than outdoor cats.

Accidents happen, even inside, which is where cat-friendly wipes come in. They are great at taking care of messes quickly. They can even help keep your cat’s tear ducts and ears clean.

For more tips on keeping your pet clean, plan a visit with your veterinary clinic San Jose, CA.

Complications Relating to Diabetic Japanese Bobtails

Complications Relating to Diabetic Japanese Bobtails

Diabetes has become somewhat of a regular term in many of today’s households whether it’s in relation to human diabetes or canine or feline diabetes. The knowledge of diabetes can often give a false pretense that the disease itself is not that serious. However, feline diabetes and the way it affects your Japanese Bobtail or other cat is a serious matter. When treatment is not given correctly or in a timely manner, complications can arise. Complications can even develop through no fault of your own, but simply because of the complexity of the disease as well. For instance, if an overdose of insulin is given then your bobtail may develop Hypoglycemia, which is low blood sugar. This is a dangerous complication which includes signs of weakness, listlessness, lack of coordination, convulsions and even coma. Immediate corrective action is required. Always contact your vet Westlake Village, CA if your cat is not behaving normally.

What is a “Rumpy” Cat?

What is a “Rumpy” Cat

The term “rumpy” refers to a cat with no tail such as the Manx or the American Bobtail. The Manx cat is born without a tail while the American Bobtail is born with a bobbed tail or a stub that can be one to four inches in length. On occasion the American Bobtail can be born without a tail making him a “rumpy” cat like the Manx. A “rumpy” riser or a riser is the term given to a cat with small vertebra or cartilage under its fur normally where a tail would be. The term “stumpy” is used to refer to a partial tail that is longer than a stub, but shorter than a regular tail. Cats born without tails are susceptible to various illnesses and spine related conditions that can affect their posture due to the lack of balance from a tail. Talk with your veterinarian Westlake Village, CA for additional details.

Interesting Facts about the American Bobtail

Interesting Facts about the American Bobtail

Did you know that the American Bobtail is a favorite cat among long haul truck drivers? This friendly feline is an excellent companion even on the road. Unlike many other cat breeds, the American Bobtail loves the road and is a great traveler. The key is to introduce the cat to the world of traveling at an early age. In addition to loving car rides, the American Bobtail loves people, other cats, dogs, and even children. This particular cat is a great companion or house cat for just about anyone. They are exceptionally playful and love attention. At the same time, they don’t mind being on their own and can be independent when they need to be. The American Bobtail is one of the most sought after cats. If you think you might want one, be sure to ask your veterinary clinic Westlake Village, CA if they know of a local breeder.

How to Treat Seizures in Golden Hamsters

How to Treat Seizures in Golden Hamsters

Seizures can occur in hamsters for a variety of reasons including diabetes, brain injury, brain defects, poisoning, stroke, or even an inner ear infection. If you suspect your Golden hamster is having seizures, call your vet. Symptoms may include your hamster walking around with a tilted head, walking in circles, inability to walk, and even frequent collapse or falling onto his back. Your vet will most likely want to examine your hamster to determine an exact cause of the seizures. If there is no underlying cause then the seizures are most likely the result of a genetic disorder. However, if there is an underlying cause then your vet will recommend a treatment to treat the cause first and then the seizures second. In most cases, if the underlying cause is treated then the seizures will subside on their own. Talk to your vet Thousand Oaks, CA to learn more.

Feeding multiple dogs

Buying Dog Toys

Are you finding it challenging to feed your multiple dogs at the same time? Here are some tips to try the next time you feed them:

- If your dogs eat at different speeds and the one who finishes first goes to help eat the food of the other dog, consider putting a little extra in the bowl of the slower eating dog.

- Feed the dogs in different rooms and close one of the doors.

- Only feed one dog at a time and put the other dog or dogs either outside or in another room. Then switch them out until they are all fed.

- Once one of your dogs is done eating, call him over to you and give him special cuddle time while the other finishes. Then pick up all of the dog bowls and give the other dog individual attention.

Your Gresham, OR veterinary clinic may have additional reading materials for tips on feeding multiple dogs, or find out more here.

The Pirate Dog

The Pirate Dog

There are several canine breeds that have picked up the name of “pirate” dog or “pirate masked” dog simply because of their colorings and markings. The Australian Cattle Dog is one of these particular breeds. The Australian Cattle Dog is a cross between the Blue Merle Collie and the Australian Dingo. He has a bluish grey or a reddish brown coloring. Some of these dogs also have masked faces. For instance, you may find an Australian Cattle Dog with one eye masked in a dark patch or even both eyes masked in a dark patch. The markings give an added sense of toughness as these canines love to play rough. But all pirate jokes aside, the Australian Cattle Dog is a loving canine companion that is known for his affection and loyalty. Contact your veterinary clinic Thousand Oaks, CA to learn more about this particular breed.

An Electric or Traditional Fence?


When it comes to keeping your dog safe in your yard, you have quite a few choices. Should you choose an electric fence or a traditional fence?

If you don’t like the way chain link or wooden fences look, you may want to consider an electric fence. They are completely invisible, so they won’t interfere with your curb appeal.

Unfortunately, electric fences aren’t foolproof, and they can be uncomfortable for your furry friend. They essentially scare your dog into staying in the yard. Some dogs won’t ever want to leave to go on a walk again, while other dogs may blast through the fence and be too afraid to return to the yard.

It’s probably best if you seek out advice from a professional. Visit here for help deciding which kind of fence is best for you and your dog.

Celebrities and their Australian Cattle Dogs

Celebrities and their Australian Cattle Dogs

Are you looking for a popular dog breed to bring into your home? Have you ever thought about the Australian Cattle Dog? This dog is rough and tough and always ready for an adventure. He’s also a popular pick among celebrities like Mel Gibson, Matthew McConaughey, and country music singer George Strait. The Australian Cattle Dog was bred for endurance and stamina. As the name indicates, this is a working breed used mainly to herd livestock such as cows and sheep. The breed is known for its ability to nip at the heels of livestock and drive them forward along the range. Because of this, if you bring an Australian Cattle Dog into your home, be prepared to exercise him at least two to three hours a day! Besides energetic, this is also an intelligent breed that is easy to train. Talk with your veterinarian Thousand Oaks, CA to learn more.

Do Cats Always Land on Their Feet?

Do Cats Always Land on Their Feet

Cats are agile and are known for always landing on their feet. Part of this is true since your cat has a righting reflex to turn in mid-air and land upright. Your cat’s legs and feet also act as shock absorbers to prevent injury. However, if your cat falls from too much of a height, she can suffer from a sprain, broken bones or even internal injuries. Your cat can also suffer injuries if she falls from a low height if she doesn’t have the time to right herself. To be safe, take an effort to prevent falls. Check that window screens are secure and don’t have any holes in them. Your cat may love to climb on your shelves and tabletops but make sure there is enough room for your cat to perch so she doesn’t fall in an awkward way. For more information you can contact your Vet Clinic Myrtle Beach SC.

Important Facts About Rabbits That Pet Owners Know


Bunnies are adorable pets. Although they make ideal pets for a lot of people, they are not right for everyone. Many well-intentioned pet owners soon learn this after they have brought home rabbits that turn out not to be what they have expected.

Before bringing home a rabbit, here are some important facts you should know:

• Rabbits are herbivores. A good part of their diet consists of a lot of hay, some rabbit food pellets, and a daily serving of fresh fruits and vegetables. They thrive with a high fiber diet.

• Rabbits need proper care and attention, as well as regular interaction and socialization. Regular handling will teach a rabbit to tolerate being held and cuddled.

• Rabbits can poop a lot! This may be attributed to their high metabolic rate, and because they are natural grazers. They prefer eating small meals at a time throughout the day. Frequent food intake, will also mean frequent elimination.

Consult your Flushing, MI veterinarian for nutritional advice, especially if you notice any changes in your pet's health.

Transporting Your Hamster


You may need to transport your hamster for vet appointments, when you’re moving or if a friend will be watching your hamster while you are on vacation. You will need a carrier for your hamster to keep him warm, out of drafts and so he doesn’t escape. Some people use a cardboard box but he may chew through the box and escape. You can purchase a hamster carrier or make one from a plastic food storage container. Poke holes in the lid to give your hamster sufficient air to breath but make sure the holes aren’t so big that your hamster could squeeze through. Line the container with some bedding to keep your hamster comfortable and a bit of food to keep him occupied. Heat or cool the car to a normal temperature before putting your hamster in it. Never leave your hamster unattended in the car. Learn more from your Coon Rapids, MN vet.

Why Apartments Don't Allow Some Dog Breeds


Finding an apartment is a pretty frustrating experience, especially if you have a dog, but there’s nothing worse than finding a complex that allows dogs but won’t allow your dog. Why don’t apartments allow some dog breeds anyway?

Although a dog breed isn’t inherently violent, a landlord doesn’t know you well enough to know how you’ve trained your dog. If your dog is violent, your landlord could be held liable for the damages your dog causes to someone else who lives near you. In addition, some homeowner’s policies won’t cover some breeds.

Not only is having certain breeds around a liability for landlords, they also have to deal with the mess after you move out. Even the most well-behaved dogs can have pottyaccidents or go on a destructive rampage when left alone.

For help finding an apartment in your area that allows your specific breed, ask your veterinary clinic Marion, IA for recommendations.

Causes Of Behavior Changes In Senior Pets


Changes in behavior can occur as a result of changes in a pet’s routine, disease, cognitive dysfunction, and even senility. Your pet, regardless of age, can suffer from stress when there is a drastic change in lifestyle. As your pet gets older, he is less capable of adapting to changes in his environment. Even the arrival of a new baby or the loss of a family member can fuel a change in the pet’s behavior.

Changes within the major organs of the body can result in medical and degenerative problems that can also exert a profound influence on a pet’s behavior. Endocrine disorders, liver and kidney disease, or diabetes can all have an impact on your pet’s behavior and personality.

As your pet ages, their sense of sight and hearing may deteriorate, thus influencing their ability to react, which can sometimes cause a dog to be anxious or fearful. Changes in a pet’s attitude may also be a result of pain and discomfort associated with arthritis. Keep your pet healthy and active by bringing him regularly to a Pickerington, OH veterinary clinic.

A Kitten’s Eyes

A Kitten’s Eyes

When kittens first open their eyes, you will immediately see that they are a gorgeous blue. In time, the melanin pigment that is found in the cat’s iris will eventually determine the ultimate color of the cat’s eyes. The cat’s breed will dictate the color of their eyes. Eye colors of cats range from yellow, brown, green, gold, and orange. Some breeds retain their blue eyes even as adults.
A kitten’s blue eyes are not brought about by color pigmentation; it is caused by the refraction of light. Kittens are born with underdeveloped eyes. Their eyes will continue to develop until they can be first opened when the kittens are around second week of age. However, it will still take a couple of days for their eyes to become fully opened, and their vision becomes good.
Bring your pet to your Greenville, SC animal hospital for a regular wellness check.

Dental Problems of Chihuahuas

Dental Problems of Chihuahuas

Chihuahuas are quite prone to dental problems, including tooth decay, tooth loss, and gum disease. Dental problems can make a Chihuahua’s life uncomfortable; these can even pave the way for the development of serious health problems affecting the heart, liver, kidneys, and other major organs of the body.
The Chihuahua’s predisposition to dental problems is attributed to the fact that they have small mouths, which often means they don’t have enough space in their mouth for teeth to grow as they should. This can eventually lead to teeth becoming impacted. However, not all Chihuahuas suffer from dental issues, but keeping a close eye on your pet’s mouth and take them on regular dental visits to the veterinary clinic will help ensure things are going to be okay.
Dental issues in Chihuahuas typically develop when they are about 4 years of age. An early sign is bad breath, which can be followed by pain and discomfort, if left untreated. The pain may also prevent your pet from eating normally.
Take your pet on regular dental visits to your Greenville, SC animal hospital. Check out this website to know more.

Spaying or Neutering Your Rabbit


Spaying or neutering can help your rabbit live a longer life by lowering the risk of reproductive cancers. A neutered male rabbit can also expect a longer life since he won’t feel the need to fight with other rabbits or cats because he is so aggressive. Your rabbit will also be less likely to spray your home with strong smelling urine to mark his territory. An altered rabbit is a calmer rabbit that is easier to litter train. These rabbits are also less destructive and less aggressive. If your bunny is altered, you can get a companion bunny to keep your resident bunny company. You won’t have to worry about unwanted pregnancies or aggression caused by hormones. Plan to have your rabbit spayed or neutered by about six months of age for best results. Make an appointment with your animal hospital upper arlington oh to discuss spaying or neutering options.

Why You Should Train Your Dog

Why You Should Train Your Dog

Many people don’t want to make the effort needed to train their dogs properly. These same people often say NO, NO, NO whenever their dog misbehaves. NO is much too vague and is confusing to dogs. The message your dog receives is that something they are doing makes you unhappy but without direction on what the appropriate behavior is, your dog doesn’t know what to do. Teaching your dog the basic commands such as SIT, STAY, DOWN and COME help you keep your dog under control and communications what your dog should be doing. Positive reinforcement to deter jumping up, barking, digging and chewing teaches your dog what not to do. Consistent training and application of training makes it so your dog can act in confidence as he navigates the human world. Training also makes it easier for your dog to earn a GOOD BOY. For more information, you can contact your Vets Myrtle Beach SC.

Destructive Behavior In Dogs

Destructive Behavior In Dogs

Destructive behavior in dogs is one important reason why many owners ultimately decide to turn over their pets to the animal shelter. Destructive behavior may be fueled by a variety of factors. Taking steps to identify the root of the problem will enable pet owners to deal with the it appropriately and find a positive solution for the dog’s behavior.
Play Behavior
Puppies and young dogs that are often left alone unsupervised or do not have enough ‘legal’ avenues for appropriate play behavior can engage in destructive behavior. Digging, chewing, and shaking of objects are common play behaviors that result in destruction of things.
Investigative Behavior
Dogs are such inquisitive creatures and when they go exploring or investigating their environment, they may unintentionally damage items they have access to. Dogs paw at strange or unfamiliar objects, or they use their mouth and nose to explore. Some breeds of dogs, such as retrievers, like to fetch and carry things. Objects can be damaged in this manner, especially when dogs are bored and left alone for considerable lengths of time.
Talk with your Greenville, SC vet if you are having problems with your pet’s behavior.

Litter Training Your Rabbit


Rabbits need to be out of their cages daily for socialization and exercise. It is more pleasant for the humans in the household if your rabbit is litter trained. A litter-trained rabbit will hop back to his litter box to urinate or defecate as needed. Most rabbits may not be absolutely consistent but will comply most of the time. Place the box in a convenient place for you where your bunny can get to it easily. Put your bunny in the box often and once he eliminates in there a few times, he is likely to go there all the time. Other people watch to where their rabbit choses to go and they put the litter box there. Use an organic litter made from alfalfa or paper since your rabbit will nibble on it. Keep it clean since rabbit urine gives off a pretty potent odor. Contact your McHenry vet to learn more.

Dogs and Separation Anxiety

How Neutering Your Dog Will Change His Behavior

Have you ever wondered why your dog is so excited for your return? A dog that is left alone during the day can get bored, especially if they lack the necessary physical and mental motivation that they need. As their owner’s time of arrival approaches, they will become excited because it will mean they will be able to engage in activities that are interesting and motivating; they get to burn off steam with play and exercise, as well as interact and cuddle with their owners.

Dogs that don’t receive adequate physical and mental stimulation, and are left alone for many hours during the day is at high risk of developing separation anxiety. As their owners prepare to leave, some dogs experience mild to moderate stress upon their owner’s departure. The level of anxiety often depends on the personality, development, training, and environment of the dog. These dogs usually greet their owners effusively to express their relief and joy upon their return.

Consult with your vets burnsville mn if you have any concerns about your pet’s behavior..

Simple Hacks For Cat Parents


Even with domestication, pet cats still possess natural instincts that they have inherited from their ancestors, who had to sharpen their instincts and behaviors in order to survive the perils of the wild. Here are some mischievous antics of cats and how to deal with them:.

When indoor plants become litter boxes
For some reasons, a cat may stop using their litter box and choose to do their business in potted plants inside the house. If you have trouble keeping your kitty using your potted indoor plants as potty areas, try putting a layer of pine cones on top of the soil.

Running water dishes
It can be a challenge to ensure that pet cats consume adequate amounts of water each day. Some cats love to drink from water that is flowing, such as from dripping faucets or water fountains. Adequate water intake will also help prevent urethral obstruction in cats.

You should ask for help from your pet clinic rockville centre ny when dealing with deeply-rooted behavior problems displayed by your pet.

Does your hamster need more time outside of his enclosure?


You love your hamster, and you want to make sure you offer her everything she needs to have a wonderful life in your home. Like most pocket pets, she needs an extraordinary amount of physical exercise to stay fit and healthy. Should you offer her some more time outside of her enclosure?

Your hamster will need time outside of her enclosure each and every day. This time allows her to move about more freely than she can in her cage, and it also gives her a change of scenery. You can bond with your pet through play when she is in safe places within your home. To determine if your pet needs more time outside her enclosure, look at her behavior. If she is filled with energy, it would be a good idea to bring her out more so she can burn it off. For more information, please contact your local Fayetteville NC veterinarian.

What to Consider When Boarding a Bird

What to Consider When Boarding a Bird

Birds can get just as lonely as cats and dogs when left alone for a long period of time. Instead of leaving your pet at home while you’re on vacation, consider having him boarded. Just make sure you take these things into consideration.

You aren’t likely to find a boarding facility that caters to birds only, but the facility should have a special way for birds to enter and exit the facility. Walking into a lobby full of cats and dogs will be stressful for your pet.

Your bird should also be kept separate from other animals in the facility. There should literally be no point in the day where your bird is exposed to cats or dogs.

Of course, you should also consider the facility’s experience with your species too! To learn more, click here, or schedule a visit with your vet Moorpark, CA.

Can Your Dog Handle the Stairs?

Can Your Dog Handle the Stairs

For some dogs, the stairs can be a lot of fun. If your dog is particularly energetic, you can even play fetch on the stairs! However, not all dogs can handle the stairs.

Dogs with short, stumpy legs may have a hard time going up and down the stairs. Breeds like Corgis, Bulldogs, and Pugs may find large flights of stairs challenging.

Puppies can have a hard time too. Not only are their legs small, they are generally uncoordinated. It isn’t uncommon to see a puppy tumble down the stairs.

Elderly dogs may also have a hard time with stairs. Joints and muscles can become stiff, and arthritis can make the act of climbing painful.

Carpet the stairs, cover them in grippy stickers, or consider installing a ramp if your dog has trouble with the stairs. For more tips, click here, or call your veterinarian Moorpark, CA.

Do You Really Have to Change Your Cat's Water Every Day?

Do You Really Have to Change Your Cats Water Every Day

There’s a lot that goes into taking care of a pet, and cats are no different. One common piece of advice is to change your cat’s water each and every day. Is it really that important for you to change your cat’s water on a daily basis?

Your cat will definitely appreciate having clean, fresh water each and every day. That’s because as water sits, it becomes pretty unappetizing. Not only does it get a bit stale, it can also accumulate dust and dander, as well as develop a slimy film.

With that said, it isn’t the end of the world if you forget to change your cat’s water every once in a while. This is especially true if you have to leave your cat alone for a day or two at a time.

For more advice on watering your cat, click here, or call your veterinary clinic Moorpark, CA.

Important Reasons For Choosing An Exotic Pet


Exotic pets such as guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets, chinchillas, sugar gliders, hedgehogs, etc. are now fast-becoming popular household pets. Here are some very important reasons why many people share their life and home with an exotic pet:

You are in for an incredible learning experience

Care and management of exotic pets differ from that of dogs and cats. Their behaviors are quite unique and their social interactions complicated. They have very special environmental and social needs. So if you are bent on owning an exotic pet, make sure to learn as much as you can about the needs of the exotic pet species you are interested in so you won’t end up with more than you bargained for.

Many exotic pets don’t need as much space

Exotic pets can make ideal pets for city dwellers who live in cramped accommodations. Pocket pets such as chinchillas, guinea pigs, gerbils, or hamsters, can thrive in a fairly small enclosure.

Bring your pet to your Cypress, TX animal hospital for regular wellness checks.
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