Can a Cockatoo Blink?

galah cockatoo

Birds typically do not blink their eyes in the way we might think. In fact, the Cockatoo can blink, but it’s not in the same way that humans blink. Your vet can tell you that birds, reptiles and sharks blink with a nictitating membrane from one side of the eye to the other. In other words, Cockatoos have what some refer to as a third eyelid that operates in a way to keep the bird’s eye from drying out. Blinking occurs in an effort to provide moisture to the eye via tears and a lubricant the eyes secrete. The moving of the third eyelid in birds allows the eye to “blink” so to speak and remain moist and hydrated. If your Cockatoo’s eyes appear to be dry, call your veterinary clinic Niagara Falls, ON right away. This could be a sign that your Cockatoo’s nictitating membrane is not working properly to keep the eyes moist.

Can my Golden Retriever See in the Dark?


Have you ever noticed how some dogs are naturally comfortable moving around in the dark while others tend to be afraid of dark areas? Your vet can tell you that by nature, dogs like your Golden Retriever can see much better in the dark than people can. This is because dogs have larger pupils in their eyes that allow more light in. It is believed that dogs like our Golden Retriever also have a more sensitive retina that adjusts to lower light levels. However, the main reason dogs see well in the dark is because of a mirror-like structure in the back of their eyes called the tapetum. The tapetum reflects light and improves the dog’s vision in dark settings. This explains why some dogs are comfortable in the dark. If your dog is afraid of the dark, talk with your veterinary clinic Racine, WI. The dog’s fear may be due to another condition or even an illness.

Babies and Cats


Cats and babies can live together if you take a few steps to ensure an easy adjustment. Your cat may not be happy about the changes in the house when a new baby is on the way. Make changes gradually and allow your cat to explore the baby’s things so she gets used to the smells. If you don’t want your cat in certain areas like on the changing table or in the crib, make these unpleasant by putting double-sided tape or aluminum on the surfaces. Cats don’t like the feel of these deterrents and will learn to avoid these areas. When you bring your baby home, introduce him to your cat for just a few minutes at a time. Always supervise these interactions. Take all precautions to protect your baby while making your cat welcome in your life. Don’t forget cuddle time when the baby is sleeping. For more information, contact your Lawrenceville, GA vet.

Dogs susceptible to diabetes


The general consensus is that overweight dogs and female dogs in their middle ages tend to develop diabetes more than others. In addition, some certain breeds can also get this disease more often than. For example, dachshunds, poodles, schnauzers, Australian terriers, and golden retrievers are some of the more common types of dogs to become diabetic.

There is a type of diabetes that is found in dogs that are less than a year old. Generally this means the dog inherited the disease from one of her parents. If your dog hasn’t developed diabetes as a pup, then you can do things to keep it at bay.Make sure she has a proper diet for his breed, age, and weight. She also needs to get plenty of regular exercise in addition to yearly checkups at your Flower Mound, TX veterinary clinic.

To find out more about diabetes in dogs, at Animal Hospital Flower Mound TX.

Exercise for Your Pet Bird


Birds need to exercise every day, both inside and out of its cage. Provide ladders, perches and toys in the cage for your bird to play with. However, don’t put so many things in the cage that your bird can’t move around freely. Hand feed your bird and teach it to jump up on your finger so you can get it in and out of the cage easily. Allowing your bird to fly is the best exercise of all. Be sure the room is secure so your bird can’t escape or be injured. If you hide treats in the room your bird can forage. This encourages exercise and keeps your bird mentally stimulated as well. You can set up larger ladders and swings outside the cage to entice your bird to play. Training your bird can be fun for both you and your bird. For more information, contact your Animal Hospital Craig Road NV.

Cleaners to Have on Hand If You Have a Dog

Cleaners to Have on Hand If You Have a Dog

Dogs may be loveable and cute, but they can be messy too. Fortunately, cleaning up after your canine companion doesn’t have to be a challenge, as long as you have these cleaners on hand.
Every dog cleaning kit needs a pet-friendly carpet cleaner. These cleaners are made with special ingredients that break down enzymes so that last-minute potty spot doesn’t stink up the house. These cleaners can take care of other types of pet stains as well.
You’ll need a good cleaner for your dog too! Choose a hydrating dog shampoo to keep in the bathroom, and keep dog-friendly wipes on-hand for small messes.
A good vacuum is a must, as well as lint rollers that can keep pet hair off of your clothes. For a complete list of dog cleaners, schedule a visit with your veterinarian Fox Chapel, PA.

How to Help Your Dog and Cat Become Best Friends

How to Help Your Dog and Cat Become Best Friends

Getting a new animal is always exciting, but things can get complicated fast if you already have an animal at home. Whether you bring home a new cat or dog, it’s all about making the cat comfortable.
A cat that’s been in the home for years is likely to feel annoyed and put out by the dog. A new cat is likely to be scared of his new surroundings, which includes the dog. To make sure your cat feels comfortable, provide him with an area that’s all his own.
This might mean a single room in the house where the dog isn’t allowed. It could also mean setting up multiple cat trees and cat-friendly shelving units to get him up off the floor.
You should also keep your cat’s food and litter box away from the dog. For more tips on fostering a positive relationship between your pets, visit with your vet Fox Chapel, PA. For more information about this, click here.

Is It Possible for a Cat to Groom Himself Too Much?

Is It Possible for a Cat to Groom Himself Too Much

One great thing about cats is that they groom themselves, which means you probably won’t ever have to give your furry friend a bath. Unfortunately, some cats don’t groom themselves enough, while other cats can groom themselves too much.
Cats spend a lot of time grooming, but after some time passes, you will be able to tell if your furry friend is taking things a little bit too far. Cats that overgroom often end up with thinning hair or bald spots. You may even notice that the skin under the hair is irritated from all the friction.
Usually, the problem has a medical cause. Cats with fleas will often overgroom themselves, especially if they’re allergic to the fleas. Some cats have psychological disorders, such as anxiety and extreme loneliness, which causes them to overgroom.
To find out why your cat is grooming too much, schedule an appointment with your veterinary clinic Fox Chapel, PA.

Excessive Grooming Problems in Cats


Cats that are burdened with health or behavioral problems may undertake excessive grooming. The cat may be persistently licking, pulling, and chewing on his hair coat. Without appropriate veterinary attention and treatment, the cat can lose excessive amounts of hairs.

Important factors that may cause excessive grooming among cats

External Parasites

Flea or mite infestation can trigger intense itching, thus an affected will tend to persistently scratch at any part of his body to relieve discomfort.

Fungal Infections

Extreme itchiness, skin scaling, and hair loss are important symptoms of ringworm and other fungal infections.

Emotional or Psychological Issues

Cats are such sensitive creatures and they can easily suffer from stress even with minor changes in their daily routine. Sudden changes and new situations are also important stressors of cats. A stressed cat calms himself by engaging in excessive grooming.

You should seek professional help from a Animal Hospital Gresham OR if you are dealing with any undesirable behavior of your pet.

Can my Himalayan Rabbit eat Avocados?

Can my Himalayan Rabbit eat Avocados

Did you know that your Himalayan rabbit most likely loves eating a variety of snacks including fruits and vegetables? In general, most rabbits love leafy greens, carrots and celery and other vegetables. You may have heard that rabbits can eat all kinds of greens. Although this is somewhat true, make sure you always talk with your vet before giving your rabbit any kind of new fruit or vegetable. You should also talk to your vet about the types of fruits and vegetables that you should avoid giving your Himalayan rabbit. For instance, avocados are one of those veggies that are not ideal for consumption. Avocados can cause serious problems in rabbits including death. If you think your rabbit has eaten avocado make sure you call your veterinarian Thousand Oaks, CA immediately. Signs of avocado poisoning include lethargy, refusal to eat or drink, lack of urinating and lack of pooping.

California King Snakes and Stress

California King Snakes and Stress

Stress can affect a variety of creatures including reptiles like the California King snake. If your California King snake is acting strangely or isn’t really moving around as much as usual then he could be experiencing some type of stress. It’s always best to call your vet and talk about your snake’s health. Always be ready to give your vet a detailed account of your California King snake’s symptoms and behavior. If you’ve noticed other things such as our snake not eating or drinking on a routine basis, let your vet know. All of these signs could be an indicator of stress. Stress, itself, can be due to a variety of reasons such as a change in routine, a change in environment, and even anxiety issues. Talk with your vet Thousand Oaks, CA to discuss the best form of treatmetn and care for your California King snake.

Sharing Your Home with a Cat

Sharing Your Home with a Cat

Cats can be destructive to your home if you don’t take some preventive measures. Scratching and clawing is a natural instinct but could result in torn furniture, rugs and drapes. Provide your cat with scratching posts and train her to use these. Clean the litter box needs regularly or your house will smell. Also if the box is dirty, your cat may find other places in your home to eliminate, making a mess. Clean up these messes thoroughly since your cat will use that place again if she can smell even the tiniest bit of evidence. You will need to cat-proof your home to prevent injuries from electrical cords or window blind cords but also to protect your belongings from being broken. And of course the feeding station must be convenient for your cat but kept out of the way so there are no spills. To know more consult your veterinarians Myrtle Beach SC.

How to help your dog lose weight


Whether your pooch has packed on a few extra pounds or is dangerously obese, there are things you can do to help get your pup to a healthier weight and prolong his life. The first thing to remember is that you can’t do it overnight. It is a gradual process, but it’s an important one.

First, if you aren’t measuring your dog’s food at each mealtime, make sure you do so. Do not fill up a cup and not know how much you are giving your dog. Feed your pooch at the same time each day, so your dog’s internal clock learns to be hungry at that time.

Write down the measurements you are giving your dog, as well as any snacks. Try not to overdo the snacks. Make them in between feeding times to get your pup through from meal to meal.

Take the notes of how much and how often you feed your dog to your veterinarians Pickerington OH and see if it’s an appropriate amount for your canine.

Trimming your Red Ackie’s Nails

Trimming your Red Ackie’s Nails

If you’re Red Ackie needs his nails or claws trimmed then you may want to call your vet. Some vets will trim the nails during a routine office visit. Other vets may be able to offer assistance and even a couple of lessons on how to trim the nails at home. If you’re trimming at home you should make sure you have the appropriate clippers. Young Red Ackies can have their nails trimmed with human nail clippers, but specific lizard clippers are needed for older Red Ackies. If you’re right-handed, hold the Red Ackie in your left hand with his belly in your palm and trim the nails to the right. Do the reverse if you’re left-handed. If your Red Ackie protests, try wrapping him in a towel and placing him in your lap. Simply bring out one foot at a time for trimming. Contact your veterinary clinic Thousand Oaks, CA for additional support.

What Are Dog Muzzles For?


Muzzles seem cruel, but they are a necessary training aid in some circumstances. Here are some reasons why you might want to use a dog muzzle during training.

Primarily, muzzles are used on aggressive dogs during training. However, they can also be helpful when used on overly anxious or poorly socialized dogs. They prevent the dog from hurting anyone while being trained.

Muzzles are used for training purposes and training purposes only. A muzzle should never be used as a punishment. Using a muzzle in this way may actually end up making the dog more aggressive.

Muzzles can be used when socializing a dog to other humans or animals. It can also be used to treat fear responses in various situations, like cars and bicycles.

It’s best to seek help when using a muzzle. Your veterinary clinic Cherry Hill, NJ can provide you with a list of trainers in the area who can help.

Assuring Your Cat Uses the Litter Box


Cats adapt fairly easily to using a litter box. However, some issues may cause trouble. Check that the litter box is large enough and is easy for your cat to get in and out of. Her needs may change from being a kitten through active adulthood to senior cat. Make sure each cat has her own litter box and there is one on each level of your home. Some cats will share but others definitely will not. Keep the box clean at all times. If it is dirty, your cat may find a less appropriate place to go. And once your cat uses thisplace, it may be difficult to deter her from going there again. Place the litter box where your cat can get to it easily but not in the main flow of household traffic. She will want her privacy. Check with your vets villa Rica Area, GA for more information.

What Happens If You Don't Clip Your Dog's Nails?


Just because you know that you need to clip your dog’s nails doesn’t mean it always gets done in a timely fashion. What happens if you don’t clip your dog’s nails?

The longer you allow your dog’s nails to grow, the more uncomfortable it is for him. Long nails make it difficult to walk, changing your dog’s entire gait. The longer he walks in this modified way, the more at-risk he is of developing a chronic condition.

Long nails tend to get caught in things easily. They can also splinter and crack as they’re pressed against the sidewalk. Both of these scenarios are extremely painful.

If your dog spends a lot of time outside, or if he walks on cement frequently, you may find that his nails take care of themselves. If you need help clipping your dog’s nails, ask your veterinary clinic Wilson County, TN for a list of groomers in the area.

Making Sure Your Dog Likes His Kennel


Kennel training isn’t a must, but it is sure a great way to keep your dog out of trouble when you’re away from home! The key is making sure that your dog likes his kennel.

The kennel is not meant to be a timeout spot. You should never banish your dog to the kennel because he’s done something bad. If you do, he’ll associate the kennel with bad things and he’ll never want to go in there. He’ll start to think he’s in trouble every time he does!

Instead, the kennel should only be a place for your dog to rest. He should look forward to spending time in his kennel! As a matter of fact, with the right training, you may find that your dog rests in his kennel without even being told.

For kennel training tips, click here, or schedule a visit with your veterinary clinic Bucks County, PA.

Cat Urinating Outside the Litter Box

Cat Urinating Outside the Litter Box

Cats are creatures of habit and can be easily trained to use a litter box. However, there are times when your cat may urinate outside the litter box. If your cat is stressed because of changes in the household such as construction work, a new household member or even a houseguest, she may feel insecure about getting to the litter box. Keep the path to the litter box clear and make sure your cat has privacy when she is in the box. If the box is particularly dirty or stinky, your cat will find a less appropriate place to go so always keep the box clean. Your cat may also urinate outside the litter box if she is not feeling well. Look for blood in the urine, an excessive amount of urine or straining to urinate. Any of these signs require medical intervention. Contact your vet Myrtle Beach SC to learn more.

What Do Hamsters Use Their Cheeks For?


Hamsters have pouches in their cheeks. It’s one of the things that makes them so cute and endearing, but what in the world do hamsters use those cheeks for?

Primarily, hamsters use their cheek pouches to transport food. In the wild, this would be important. It means that the hamster could stock up on food while making fewer trips that could put him in danger of becoming another animal’s meal.

Not only do hamsters use their cheek pouches to transport food, you may also catch your hamster transporting other items as well. Bedding material is a favorite item for hamster to move around in their mouths.

Keep an eye on your hamster’s cheek pouches to make sure they’re healthy, as sometimes the pouch can become inverted. If something looks a bit off, schedule an appointment with your Patterson Veterinary Hospital right away.

Teaching Your Puppy His Name

Teaching Your Puppy His Name

After you choose your puppy’s name, you need to teach him to respond to it. Your puppy’s name is his cue to look at you for further direction and praise. All obedience commands should start with your puppy’s name and followed by the command. While learning, keep your puppy’s name associated with good things. Don’t call your puppy to punish or reprimand him. To start teaching your puppy his name, say the name and offer a treat when he turns his head to look at you. Practice till he looks at you consistently when you say his name. Wean him off the treats gradually so your puppy responds to you when you call his name alone. Praise him or play a bit to reinforce how fun it is to listen. Practice with distractions such as other people talking or other things to look at. For more information, click here to contact your Myrtle Beach, SC vet.

Signs That Your Cat is a Senior

Signs That Your Cat is a Senior

Some people define a senior cat as one that is over seven years old. However, many cats are very active and healthy well past this milestone. Exercise, good nutrition and proper medical care can help your cat remain healthy for many years. At some point your kitty may start shows signs of aging. She may show some mobility issues. Keeping your cat trim can help prevent this but stiffness or osteoarthritis may be inevitable. Watch your cat’s eating and drinking habits and keep an eye on the litter box. You may see signs of chronic diseases such as diabetes, hyperthyroidism or even cancer. As your cat ages, she may have issues with dental disease. This can make chewing difficult, cause pain and introduce dangerous bacteria into your cat’s bloodstream. Supplements, a change in diet and medical care can help your cat in her senior years. Contact your veterinarian Westlake Village, CA to learn more.

Helping Your Dog Live Longer

Helping Your Dog Live Longer

Most people don’t believe their furry friends live nearly long enough but there are a few things you can do for your dog to better his chances for a long life. Obesity can cause mobility issues and pet your dog at a higher risk for many diseases so keep your dog at the right weight. Feed your dog a high-quality, nutritionally complete dog food to strengthen his immune system and keep him healthy. Exercise also helps with your dog’s immune system and keeps him mentally stimulated too. Clean your dog’s teeth and mouth frequently. Dirty teeth can be painful and cause your dog to have problems eating. Also the bacteria introduced into the bloodstream from dirty teeth can cause major health issues. Keep up on your dog’s well visits and his vaccination schedule. Prevention is the best medicine. Learn more from your veterinary clinic Westlake Village, CA.

Simple Ways To Curb Barking in Dogs


Dogs are fond of barking to get the attention of their owners or just to express their moods. While some barking puppies can easily be commanded to stop, some pet owners have to employ particular deterrents and/or subject their pets to more training to stop persistent barking.

Common Barking Deterrents

• Ultrasonic Deterren
t – ultrasonic sounds are produced when a dog starts barking. Humans are unable to hear any of these ultra-high frequency sounds.

• Citrus Collar – generally, dogs dislike the odor of citrus. Barking activates the collar to release a citrusy scent near the dog’s face.

• More Training – Training teaches your pet to look up to you as the alpha leader and one who keeps the members of the pack in their place.

Employing someone to walk or play with your pet during the day to help release pent-up energy and ease boredom.

Consult with your Animal Hospital Marion IA if you have any concerns about your pet’s behavior.

Working With Your Vet to Keep Your Dog Healthy

Working With Your Vet to Keep Your Dog Healthy

Once you choose a reputable veterinarian that you trust with your dog’s care, there are a number of things you can do to work with you vet to keep your dog healthy. Stick to the well visit and vaccination schedule. Most vets will call you or send out reminder cards when you need to bring your dog in for routine care but it is up to you to make and appointment and bring your dog to the office. Work with your dog so he is comfortable in the car and will obey you in the office so you can concentrate on answering questions and discussing any issues you may have. Write down any unusual observations you have made since the last visit and anything you may have questions about so you don’t forget to ask them. Most importantly, follow your vet’s instructions for your dog’s care. For more information, contact your Westlake Village, CA vet East West Veterinary Clinic.

Are All Pet Birds High Maintenance?

Are All Pet Birds High Maintenance

There are quite a few horror stories out there about birds that are destructive, pluck out their own feathers, squawk, and live to be 100 years old. Are all birds so high maintenance?

Parrots tend to be high maintenance because they are very intelligent. However, there are plenty of birds that don’t require so much attention.

Finches and canaries are especially easy pets to own. They do not like being removed from the cage, and because they are so small, they don’t take up a lot of space or cause a lot of messes.

If you’re looking for a bird that’s a bit more interactive, consider the budgie. They are a nice compromise between the easy-to-care for canary and intelligent parrot.

No matter what kind of bird you bring home, it’s important that you schedule annual appointments with your veterinarian in Moorpark CA, the American Veterinary Hospital.

Senior Cats Cat Commit Litter Accidents


As their bodies gradually suffer from the years of wear and tear, senior cats tend to have potty problems even if they have been successfully toilet-trained. While this is not a very common behavior problem among senior cats, knowing what your pet may be going through will help you deal with any problems appropriately.

• Seniors cats seem to become more specific about doing their thing in a litter box that is clean and odor-free. Even if their sense of sense of smell is slowly deteriorating with age, what may seem relatively odor-free to their pet owners may still be met with dissatisfaction.

• Litter boxes must be positioned in areas with low household traffic because cats of any age like to do their thing in places where they won’t be disturbed, frightened, or even threatened.

• Most senior cats have poor bladder and bowel control. Make sure your cat won’t have to go far to do his thing by placing several litter boxes around the house.

Older cats are predisposed to to certain age-linked diseases thus be sure to have your senior cat regularly examined by your vets Upper Arlington OH.

Should You Carry Your Dog When He Gets Tired on a Walk?


Gauging a walk can be difficult with a dog, especially if he’s small or he isn’t used to getting a lot of exercise. Is it okay to carry your dog if he gets tired?

If at all possible, allow your dog to continue walking until you reach an area where you can rest and he can take a drink. If you bend over and pick up your dog every time he’s in distress, he’ll start depending on you to take care of all his problems for him.

However, if you suspect that your dog is dehydrated or beginning to suffer from heat stroke, it is important that you pick up your dog and carry him to an area where he can get a drink of water and sit in the shade.

If you worry that your dog is dehydrated or suffering from heat stroke, click here, or call your veterinary clinic Cameron Park, CA.

Eye Diseases Caused by Viral Infections in Parakeets


Did you know that a bird’s eyes can be sensitive to common eye injuries? Your vet may tell you that some birds like your Parakeet may develop various eye illnesses throughout his lifetime. There are two particular eye conditions that can develop as a result of a viral infection. Those conditions are known as Marek’s disease and Avian Pox. Marek’s disease is a disorder of the eye that can lead to irregularly shaped pupils, problems in the iris, blindness and even cancer. A vaccination is available for this disease so be sure to ask your vet about it. Avian Pox also occurs as a result of a viral infection and can include symptoms of swollen eyes, redness, blisters and loss of vision. They eye itself is not affected by this condition. Vision and swelling most often return to normal when the infection is treated. Talk with your veterinary clinic Fox Lake, IL for more details.

How to trim your Albino Iguana’s Claws


Trimming your Albino iguana’s claws on your own can be difficult, but with the right training it can be done. If you need assistance or to be shown how to trim the claws or your Albino iguana, give your vet a call. Once you have the right clippers, you will want to restrain your Albino Iguana in a non threatening way. If you’re right-handed, hold the Albino Iguana in your left hand with his belly in your palm and cut to the right. Do the reverse if you’re left-handed. If your Albino Iguana protests try wrapping him in a towel and placing him in your lap. Simply bring out one foot at a time for trimming. You may also want someone else to hold the Albino Iguana so you can focus on trimming. If you notice the Albino Iguana’s nails are brittle, try cutting them while wet. Always call your veterinary clinic Coon Rapids, MN if you need help.
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