Should my pet Finch Travel?

If you’re planning an upcoming trip and you’re not sure if you should take your Finch with you, give your vet a call. It’s common for pet owners to travel with pets such as cats and dogs; however, it is becoming more and more of the norm for owners to travel with birds as well. Talk to your vet about travel safety for your Finch before planning your trip. You need to find out a few things about your bird before traveling as well. For example, does your Finch want to travel? Is he the type of bird that can travel or will he have anxiety issues as a result? Canaries, budgies, and even finches are prone to stress easily and may need to stay at home. If you’re not sure about your finch, try taking him on a short ride in the car to see how he does. Also consult with your vet Welland, ON for additional advice. Or visit this website Main West Animal Hospital and set an appointment.

Should my pet Finch Travel

Choosing a carrier for your cat

Your cat will likely spend the majority of her time in and around your home, but this doesn’t mean that she won’t need to go other places every now and then. Even if it’s just for her regular visits to the vet, your cat will need a carrier to take her from one place to another.

To choose the best carrier for your pet, first consider her size. This can help you decide between a soft, fabric carrier and a hard plastic option. Both have their benefits, but larger cats and those who tend to move around a lot during travel should opt for the plastic version. Make sure your pet has enough room to turn around in her carrier. There are a multitude of different options for these carriers, so choose the one that you feel will work the best to take your cat in and out easily. For additional information, please contact your Holt, MI vet clinic.

Choosing a carrier for your cat

Hay and Your Small Pet

Most small mammals such as guinea pigs, rabbits and hamsters need access to plenty of hay. These pets need hay for its vitamins but also to add fiber to your pet’s diet. This fiber aids in digestion and can help keep your pet’s teeth trim. As a matter of fact, most your pet’s diet should be hay. Timothy hay is the most recommended hay for small pets. For best nutrition, try to find a source of fresh timothy hay. Local farms may be a good source or you can order some fresh timothy hay online. Long fibers are best since they require some work to chew. Make sure your pet has hay in his cage at all times. Your pet may defecate or urinate on the hay, along with the bedding you supply, so replace the hay frequently. Contact your veterinarian Poughkeepsie, NY to learn more.

Hay and Your Small Pet

These Commands Can Save Your Dog's Life

Dog training is not only important to promote polite behavior but some commands could one day save your pet’s life. Experts say that there are three commands that dogs need to know for their own safety and for the safety of other people and dogs they come into contact with. Every dog should be familiar with these basic commands and should be trained to do them anytime, anywhere.

“Down Stay”

This is one of the most important commands taught to search and rescue dogs. One common situation where this command will come in handy is when your dog is on one side of the street and you’re on the other side and there’s a car coming. Telling him to down stay can keep him safe until you can get to him.

“Drop It”

There are many items around the house and outdoors which can be dangerous for dogs. A dog may play or swallow an item unless he learns to respond to the “drop it” command.


A dog should be trained to always come when he is called for even the most-behaved dogs may find themselves in situations that can be truly risky and life-threatening.

Talk to your Rapid City, SD veterinarian if you have any questions and/or concerns about your pet’s behavior. Click here to learn more.

These Commands Can Save Your Dogs Life

Fly Spray for Texas Longhorns

With spring and summer months approaching you may notice that the number of flies pestering your herd of Texas Longhorns is growing in number. Warm weather often brings more flies. You can help keep your longhorns comfortable by covering them on a routine basis with fly spray. Talk with your vet to find out the best brand and most effective spray for your particular area. From equine to bovine, there are numerous kinds of fly sprays on the market. There are all natural sprays available as well as sprays designed to treat specific bugs or all bugs. The best thing to do is to read the label carefully to find out if the spray suits your particular need. If your cows are being raised for beef make sure the label says the spray is safe for cows intended for human consumption. For more details, call your veterinary clinic Gillette, WY.

Fly Spray for Texas Longhorns

How should you train your puppy?

You recently added a puppy to your family, and now that introductions are over, it’s time to train your pet. How should you go about doing so?

There are many options when it comes to training, and some will fit your pet better than others. You can train your dog on your own, and you can utilize training for praise, training for treats, or clicker training when doing so. If a group scenario is more your style, there are obedience classes that you can attend with your pet to help get him started. There are also professionals who can train your dog for you while you learn along with your pet or are otherwise occupied. Think about your pet’s personality, and try to determine what would work best for him. Your local vet Boston, MA can help you offer your pet a wonderful place to call home.

How should you train your puppy

Tips To Protect Your Dog From Health Issues Linked To Dental Disease

Tips To Protect Your Dog From Health Issues Linked To Dental Disease

Only a small percentage of dog owners recognize the importance and have the will of following a dental routine for their pet dogs. Brushing and cleaning your dog’s teeth prevents tartar and plaque from building up and causing tooth decay and gum problems. Dental sessions are also opportunities to check your pet’s mouth and associated structures closely for any symptoms of tooth and gum disease. Letting your dog chew or gnaw on chew toys can also help address plaques and tartar.

Swollen and infected gums, as well as decaying teeth can eventually pave the way for the increase in the population of bad bacteria that can reach major organs of the body via the bloodstream. These bacteria can incite serious infection and damage to the kidneys, liver, heart, and other important body organs.

You can ask your Fox Chapel, PA veterinarian to show you how to brush and clean your dog’s teeth properly. Visit website for additional information.

Dogs And Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Dogs And Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

A responsible pet owner is fully aware what substances or chemicals are potentially harmful or toxic to their dogs, and will take precautionary measures to make sure that their pets won’t come into contact or be exposed to anything that can put their health in jeopardy. But there is one type of poisoning that may often escapes a pet owner’s vigilance. Carbon monoxide poisoning can affect humans and animals, and cases can easily worsen without prompt medical intervention.

Carbon monoxide is often referred to as a “silent killer” because it cannot be detected—it is a gas that is colorless, odorless, and tasteless. Exposure and inhalation can quickly to serious illness and even death. The amount of gas can easily build up in the blood circulation, causing toxicity.

Carbon monoxide is actually a gas that is present in the environment, but the level is within safe parameters and not high enough to cause toxicity. Pet owners should be aware what situations can possibly increase carbon monoxide levels in the environment. These include atmospheric pollution, car exhaust emissions, certain appliances and devise, etc.

Symptoms of poisoning should be treated as an emergency. Take your dog to your vet Fox Chapel PA immediately.

Allergies In Cats

Allergies In Cats

Cats can suffer from allergy reactions that can leave them uncomfortable. Serious flare-ups can actually be distressing to these poor animals. Some allergy reactions can be life-threatening so knowing what your pet is allergic to and learning to recognize allergy symptoms can go a long way in helping your pet deal with his allergies, as well as reduce or altogether prevent exposure to potential allergens. With the help of your veterinarian, the identification of the potential allergen/s can go a long way in managing your pet’s allergies and prevent or reduce future flare-ups.

Allergies occur when the body overreacts to an allergen that may be present in the animal’s environment or food. Some cats can easily suffer from hypersensitive reactions to specific allergens while others remain totally unaffected.

Important symptoms of allergy in cats

• Runny nose or congestion

• Persistent wheezing or coughing

• Itchy and watery eyes that may appear reddish

• Lose interest in food that contain the allergen

• Lethargy

• Skin problems – itchiness, irritation, etc.

Working with your Fox Chapel, PA veterinarian will help ensure your pet’s comfort and lessen allergy flare-ups that can actually be distressing to your pet. Read more for additional information.

Common Health Issues of Pixie Bobs


The Pixie Bob are adored for their striking features and attractive appearance. Some of these cats are born tailless while others have shorter tails than most cats. Like other breeds of cats with short tails, the Pixie Bob has higher risks of suffering from spinal and neurological problems as a result of a deformed spine tip. This is similar to the Max Syndrome, which affects Manx cats, another tailless feline breed.

Some Pixie Bobs are polydactyl, a term which simply means that the animal is born with more toes than normal. Since it is a genetic defect, a polydactyl cat should not be used for breeding.

The Pixie Bob is actually a breed that was developed by crossing more popular pedigree cats. This is one important reason why these adorable cats are predisposed to hereditary healthy problems.

Keep your pet healthy and active by bringing him regularly to your Animal Health Center.

Cleaning up Cat Hair on Hardwood Floors


There’s a lot of information out there on keeping your carpets and furniture clean of cat hair, but cat hair on hardwood floors can be a real pain too! Here are some tips for cleaning up cat hair on your hardwood floors.

Sweeping is always an option, but it can result in quite a headache. It’s easy for a clump of hair to become dislodged from the bristles of your broom or blow off of the tray when you’re trying to dump it into the garbage.

A vacuum cleaner with an attachment is arguably the best method, especially since it allows you to clean up underneath couches and tables. If you’re tired of lugging around that huge vacuum cleaner, opt for a handheld model instead.

These tips work for tile and linoleum too! For more tips, Call your animal hospital Golden Valley MN.

Does your cat need her teeth brushed?

You’ve noticed that your cat’s breath has been a bit off lately, and you can’t help but wonder if brushing her teeth would help solve the issue. Do cats need their teeth brushed too?

While many cat owners don’t know it, their pet can actually benefit from regular brushing. In fact, this is due to many of the same reasons that people brush their teeth. Your cat needs help balancing the amount of bacteria in her mouth, and she also needs assistance preventing the buildup of plaque and tartar. There are feline dental care products on the market to help make the process easier for you and your pet as well as professionals that can help you get started. It may take a while for your cat to get used to you having this type of contact with her mouth, but over time it will become more familiar to her. For more information, please contact your Ludington, MI vet.

Does your cat need her teeth brushed

Cats and Ringworm

Cats and Ringworm

Cats can have a lot of trouble when it comes to parasites, but few are as strange as the ringworm.

Although the name will lead you to believe that your pet has a problem with worms, ringworm isn’t actually a worm. Instead, it’s a fungus that lives on the skin, hair, and nails. Your cat may be suffering from ringworm if he loses his hair and develops pink rings on his skin.

It’s actually pretty easy for a cat to end up with ringworm. A cat can get ringworm from direct contact with an animal, but he can also end up with ringworm through contact with bedding, dishes, and other objects. Ringworm can survive for up to a year without a host, making it even easier to catch!

Unfortunately, humans can get ringworm too, so it’s important to take care of the problem quickly. To rid your cat of ringworm, schedule an appointment with your vet Milwaukie OR.

Do Dogs Like to Be Brushed?


There are a lot of things that dogs like. They enjoy being walked. They like snuggling up on the couch. They definitely appreciate being fed on time each day. Do dogs also like to be brushed?

Whether your dog enjoys being brushed or not depends on how you brush him. Are you gentle, teasing apart mats carefully? Or do you tug and pull on his fur? Dogs that are treated gently are more likely to like being brushed.

How often you brush your dog matters too. If you only brush him once or twice a year, he won’t be as likely to enjoy it as a dog that is used to being brushed once every week.

In addition, dogs that are brushed when they are napping or relaxing are more likely to enjoy being brushed than dogs that are ready to play. For help grooming your dog, call your veterinarian Guilford College Area.

How a Dog Can Damage Your Property


Whether you’re a new landlord or you’ve just bought a house and you’re deciding if you should adopt a dog, you should first know how a dog can damage your property.

Dogs can be very hard on the interior of a house or an apartment. They can scratch hard flooring, pull up carpeting, and scratch the walls. Dogs that aren’t properly cared for can also go potty indoors, staining carpet that will most certainly need to be replaced.

The yard isn’t safe either. You’ll have to clean up after your dog if you don’t want the yard looking like a jungle. However, dog urine can stain the lawn, killing grass in small spots all over the lawn.

Some dogs love to dig, which means giant holes in the yard! For more information, click here, or call your veterinarian Huntington Beach, CA.

Reasons Why Cats Are a Good Choice for Seniors


Senior citizens can greatly benefit from sharing their home with a furry friend. Although a dog may come to mind first, there are actually a few reasons why a cat may be a better choice.

Although some seniors would love to be more active, they simply can’t walk like they used to. This can cause problems with a dog, but not a cat! As a matter of fact, it’s better for a cat if he lives indoors. Even if the cat is allowed outside, he isn’t likely to need any supervision.

Dogs must be let outside frequently to go to the bathroom. Cats, on the other hand, go to the bathroom indoors in a litter box. This makes life a lot easier for seniors with mobility issues.

Cats also don’t require as much attention or training. For help finding a cat for the senior in your life, contact your veterinarian Philadelphia MS.

Dealing with a Dog That Slides on the Floor

Read more

Your Cat May Not Need a Collar After All


Most cats wear a collar. For cats that go outside, it’s a necessity so others know that your feline friend already has a home. Indoor cats often wear a collar too so they can safely be returned home if they end up outside. However, there are some instances when your cat may not need a collar at all.

The biggest reason not to make your cat wear a collar is if he has a fluffy coat. Thick, fluffy coats can make wearing a collar uncomfortable. Not to mention, they can easily slide off if they can’t be tightened around the neck.
Have to brush your cat a lot? That collar sure can get in the way! If you’re removing the collar for grooming purposes, you may not have to put it back on.

If you choose not to put a collar on your cat, he needs to be microchipped. Call your Carmel Mountain Ranch Veterinary Hospital for more information.

The Gentle Leader for Keeshonds


Have you heard about the gentle leader training tool for dogs like the Keeshond? The gentle leader can help teach dogs how to walk correctly on a leash. If you’re having trouble teaching your Keeshond manners while on a leash, ask your vet about the gentle leader. This tool works by gently moving your Keeshond’s head and body back towards you each time he tries to pull on the leash. The action can help your Keeshond refocus on the task at hand and follow your commands. The gentle leader head collar fits over your Keeshond’s nose. The nose loop is what redirects your pup’s head and body back to you. The gentle leader helps reduce pulling on the leash, assists in training dogs to heel, is easy to place on your dog and is available in 5 sizes. Some versions come with a DVD. Talk with your Armitage Animal Hospital for more details.

Keeping Your Cat from Getting Lost


Keeping your cat indoors at all times is the best prevention against losing your cat. Check that all doors and windows are secure. Look for any tears in window screens that your cat can escape through. Secure any other possible escape routes such as through the garage or the basement. Take special care when you have houseguests or construction workers in your home since they might not be as diligent as you are in keeping your cat indoors. Always use a cat carrier whenever you take your cat outside the house. Make sure your cat is microchipped so if she gets lost, anyone who finds her can have her scanned at the police station or an animal shelter so your cat can be returned. Also keep a breakaway collar with an identification tag is on your cat at all times. For more information, contact your Menomonee Falls, WI veterinarian.

Does Your Dog Love Rolling Around On The Grass?


Have you ever seen your dog rolling around on the grass while wiggling and making strange noises as he savors the experience?

These seemingly strange actions are actually natural and deeply-rooted behavior that they have inherited from their ancestors. In the wild, a dog investigates unfamiliar territory or objects by sniffing at it, before rolling in it. The behavior is an effort to cover his body with the new scent. When the dog returns to the place where the other members of the pack are gathered, other dogs will eventually seek and investigate the new scent, and roll in it too.

Because of their keen sense of smell, a dog will roll around on the grass at the first opportunity in an effort of getting rid of the odor of soap on their body. An excellent technique to prevent your pet from rolling around on the grass after a bath is to use an odorless pet shampoo.

Your animal hospital Effingham IL can also help decipher odd behaviors displayed by your pet.

Symptomatic Epilepsy in American Eskimos

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Diagnosing Bloat in Australian Shepherds

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Manx Cats and Milk Products

Did you know that milk and other dairy products are not the best choices of food or snack sources for your Manx cat? Contrary to popular belief, cats and milk do not go together. Cats, in general, are lactose intolerant creatures. This means that not all Manx cats or other breeds can have milk because not all cats can digest it. Kittens are generally able to digest milk, but not adults. Why? Researchers believe that as cats grow older they lose the enzyme that enables digestion of milk products. Because grown cats cannot digest lactose, it starts to ferment in their stomachs causing diarrhea or in worse cases vomiting. Symptoms of lactose intolerance usually occur within 8 to 12 hours. If your Manx has diarrhea or is vomiting, please call your veterinarian San Jose, CA right away. Some cats, however, can tolerate milk or even other dairy products such as yogurt and cheese. To learn more, click here.

Manx Cats and Milk Products

Medication Therapy for DM in Dachshunds

Medication Therapy for DM in Dachshunds

Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) is an incurable disease of the nerves and spinal cord, which can cause loss of mobility and numbness or loss of feeling in the legs. If your vet has diagnosed your Dachshund with DM then you may want to schedule a time to talk with your vet about medications and other therapeutic treatment options for your dog. It’s important to understand that there is no cure for DM and that therapeutic exercises, medications and other treatments are provided in an effort to slow the progression of the disease and prolong quality of life. Drugs that are available to help slow the onset of DM include N-Acetylcysteine (an antioxidant), Aminocaproic acid (inhibits the breakdown of fibrin needed for blood clots), Antiox-Q (vitamins and minerals to help the nervous system), and Antiox-QCB (like Antiox-Q but also contains an anti-inflammatory). Talk to your veterinary clinic Westlake Village, CA for more details. Visit website to make an appointment.

Diagnosing Epilepsy in Japanese Bobtails

Diagnosing Epilepsy in Japanese Bobtails

Are you with the fact that epilepsy has a tendency to affect cats of various ages and breeds? If your Japanese Bobtail is suffering from periodic seizures then he may be suffering from epilepsy. Some experts believe that like human seizures, feline seizures occur with the miscommunication of neurons in the cerebrum of the brain. Your vet will need to exam your cat to make a diagnosis of the condition and propose suitable treatment options. Be prepared to give your vet a detailed history of your cat’s health including when the seizures started and how long they last. In addition to a physical exam, a neurological exam may be needed. Laboratory tests and X-rays are often part of the examination process. If a trigger or underlying cause for the seizure cannot be determined then it will be classified as an idiopathic or a genetic seizure. Your vet clinic Westlake Village CA can tell you more.

Schiff-Sherrington Phenomenon in Japanese Bobtails

Schiff-Sherrington Phenomenon in Japanese Bobtails

Is your Japanese Bobtail having trouble getting in and out of his litter box? Does he appear to be moving around a lot slower these days? It may be a good idea to call your vet to schedule an exam. Your bobtail’s lack of mobility could be from a number of issues including one called Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD), or Schiff-Sherrington phenomenon. Schiff-Sherrington phenomenon occurs when the Japanese Bobtail’s spinal cord is severed or cut across by a small yet severe lesion on the lower back. This can cause extreme posturing of the upper limbs. The hind limbs may also suffer from paralysis or loss of strength and muscle. This occurs due to the damage to the border cells and inter-neurons that are located in the second lumbar vertebrae. Your vet Westlake Village, CA will need to examine your cat. Not all Japanese Bobtails with mobility issues have Schiff-Sherrington phenomenon. Read more for additional information.

Why Your Cat Is Driving You Crazy


Cats have a real knack for driving their owners crazy. Although you may think your cat is acting up just to be annoying, there’s probably something he’s trying to tell you.

When was the last time you fed your furry friend? Even if he isn’t hungry, if his food bowl is empty, he’s likely to bug you until he gets fed. The same is true if his water bowl is empty.

How long has it been since you scooped the litter box? Some cats get pretty vocal if their box is full of waste and they want to go potty.

Of course, your cat may be meowing loudly or weaving in and out of your legs as you walk because he wants a little attention!

Having trouble dealing with your cat’s bad behavior? Ask your pet clinic Tigard OR for advice.

Reasons Why You Should Bathe Your Dog


Dogs can survive without regular baths. As a matter of fact, some people choose not to bathe their outdoor dogs at all. However, there are a few reasons why you might want to consider bathing your dog regularly.

Dogs have a natural smell that isn’t very pleasant. If you bring your dog indoors regularly, you should definitely consider giving him baths. That way he doesn’t stink up your house!

You don’t want to bathe a dog too much, as it can irritate his skin, but all that dirt on your dog’s skin isn’t good for him either! Bathing your dog clears way all the dirt and grime, allowing his skin to breath.

You may want to bathe your dog simply because he loves playing in the water! If you need help giving your dog a bath, click here, or call your veterinarian Mt. Airy, GA.

Insect Stings Can Trigger A Severe Reaction In Pets


A pet that is bitten or stung by insects may suffer from a severe reaction that is technically called “anaphylaxis”. Important signs of anaphylactic reaction include breathing difficulties, diarrhea, trembling, weakness, and pale gums. The animal may even be unconscious. Cases of anaphylaxis are always a medical emergency that warrants a visit to the animal hospital immediately. In order to reverse the problems experienced by your pet, your veterinarian needs to administer steroids, antihistamines, and other medications. Some animals can be so sensitive that they can suffer from anaphylaxis even from a single sting. For pets with a history of anaphylaxis, veterinarians may prescribe epi-pen auto injectors. Their owners are taught how to use the auto injector so treatment can be started on the way to the veterinarian.

Pet encounters with Africanized bees can have fatal results as a result of multiple organ failure. If you see that your pet has multiple stings, get him to your pet clinic Troy OH immediately.

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