Choosing cat food for your pet


Your cat is a wonderful part of your life, and you want to make sure she is in top shape. You take her diet seriously since you know it impacts her health significantly. How can you determine what food will suit her needs best?

Your cat will not only need some food to fill her up, but also to meet her individual nutritional needs. These can be determined by looking at your cat’s age, breed, and any other health issues that may impact her food intake, like an injury that prevents her from consuming or digesting dry cat food. Always opt for a high-quality food, as these will be more nutritionally dense and have fewer, if any, artificial ingredients included in them. Also, consider your pet’s changing nutritional needs as she enters new life stages. For more information, please contact your local Carolina Forest, SC vet clinic.

Your cat and sleep


Your cat may love playing with you and your family, but there is also a good possibility that she likes to relax as well. In fact, if your cat is like most pets, she can be found lounging around your home napping throughout the day. This habit stems from her wild ancestors needs. It was important that they replenished their energy whenever they got the chance, as they didn’t know what would be happening at any given point in the day. They may need to flee from predators or chase down their next meal at a moment’s notice, and resting when they can will help keep them ready for any action that presents itself. However, she may now be fueling herself for play sessions with loved ones instead of the activities her ancestors took part in. For more information, please contact your local Happy Valley, OR vet clinic.

Cleaning Your Dog’s Ears


Wet, cold weather can lead to the moist conditions that cause ear infections in your dog. Thus you need to check your dog’s ears for infection regularly. Look for redness and swelling, an odd and unpleasant odor plus dark wax or other debris. Infections need prompt medical attention and treatment. Otherwise, work to keep your dog’s ears clean and dry. Pour a little dog-safe ear rinse into the ear canal and rub gently with the earflap to distribute the fluid and loosen debris. Use cotton balls to remove debris and dry the ears. Only use cotton swabs to reach in as far as you can see so you don’t damage the ear canal or eardrum. Change the cotton often and don’t cross contaminate between ears. Clean the ears several times a week when your dog is prone to getting wet. For more information, contact your Eagle, ID veterinarian.

Exercising Your Dog During the Winter


It is important you maintain a daily exercise program with your dog even during the cold weather. This will help keep your dog’s muscles and bones flexible and strong and keep your dog’s weight under control. However, the cold weather can discourage both humans and dogs alike. Thus pick the warmest part of the day to go on walks. Several short walks may work better than one long one. Protect your dog with a sweater or jacket especially if your dog is small. Consider getting doggy booties to prevent abrasions to your dog’s paws and protect against deicing chemicals and salts. During good weather, take in a good romp in the yard or dog park. Take your dog hiking. And don’t forget indoor play when the weather is especially bad weather. Most importantly, keep it fun and not a chore. For more information, contact your Wake Forest, NC veterinarian.

Why Aren't Hamsters Very Friendly?


Children may love hamsters, and they may be cute, but they aren’t the cuddliest, sweetest animals! Why aren’t hamsters very friendly anyway?

First, consider a hamster’s size. They are very small! A small animal like that learns to be naturally fearful of larger creatures, and it doesn’t get any bigger than being approached by a giant human!

In general, hamsters are pretty solitary creatures. Some can handle living with a friend, but the most common hamster, the Syrian hamster, must live alone. Although they learn to tolerate human touch, they don’t ever really look forward to cuddling up with their human companions.

Want to make sure your hamster likes you? Take things slow and provide him with plenty of treats! To make sure your pet’s bad behavior doesn’t have a medical cause, schedule an appointment with your veterinarian Thorold, ON.

Your cat’s vet visits


Your cat appreciates your care, and you are happy to look after her each and every day. However, you can’t meet all her care needs on your own, so you will need to take her to see a veterinarian for those that fall outside of your comfort or knowledge base. What should you know about these visits?

There are many standard procedures that take place at the vet’s office, but any or all of these may vary based on your pet’s needs. It’s important to talk to your cat’s vet about her care so you can work together in giving her the best life you possibly can. This means taking the time to give your little fur ball routine check-ups as often as her vet recommends, and bringing her into the office whenever you suspect she may be ill or injured. For more information, please contact your local Racine, WI vet clinic.

Bonding with a pocket pet


Your family recently brought home a pocket pet, and you’ve been enjoying caring for her. However, she doesn’t seem as comfortable with you as you’d like her to be. How can you bond with her to form a closer relationship?

Bonding takes time, and it’s important to remember that your pet has been brought into an entirely new situation. It isn’t just getting to know you that’s on her mind, it’s all of her surroundings as she needs to get used to them as well. Make a point to care for her consistently, and with time she will grow to trust you. Be patient with this. You can then bond more thoroughly through playtime, as this companionship will help you understand one another better and home some fun together. For more information, please contact your local North Las Vegas, NV vet clinic.

Could your bird be sick?


Your bird is a wonderful part of your life, and keeping her healthy is one of your top priorities. This means that you need to be aware of the signs of sickness so you can seek out help for her when necessary. What symptoms should you be on the lookout for?

Your bird needs to be watched closely, as this will be how illnesses are spotted. You will likely notice changes in her behavior. She may be less inclined to play, and her energy levels may seem lower than usual. Your bird may also have trouble balancing, and may choose to spend more time on the bottom of her cage than on her perches because of this. There is a good chance she will be showing changes in either her eating or elimination habits as well. For more information, please contact your local Louisville, CO vet clinic.

Hookworm Infection In Cats


Hookworms are common parasites of puppies and dogs, but they can also infect kittens and cats. Immediate treatment is necessary to prevent further loss of blood as a result of serious intestinal bleeding. Hookworms are voracious bloodsuckers and infestations can be fatal without prompt veterinary attention. The good news is that there are safe and effective medications that can be used in getting rid of hookworms in cats.

Cats get hookworms when they ingest the infective larvae from contaminated surfaces or direct contact with fecal waste of infected pets. Living in unsanitary conditions can increase your pet’s risks of being infected. But unlike in puppies, there is no transmission of hookworms in cats via the mother’s milk or while inside the womb.

In addition to assessing the symptoms displayed by your pet, your San Jose, CA veterinarian may choose to conduct stool examination to confirm initial diagnosis. The treatment regimen will be based on the cat’s age as well as the severity of infection. Learn more here.

Causes of Seizures in European Hamsters

Seizures can happen in a variety of hamsters including European hamsters. If you own a European hamster or are thinking of purchasing one, you may want to talk to your vet about the possibility of seizures. Most hamsters will not present abrupt or strong outward symptoms like convulsions or fits. Instead, you may see your hamster tilting his head, walking in circles, having trouble walking, or falling on his back. If this occurs, call your vet right away. In most cases, your European may go into seizures or minor convulsions as a result of diabetes, brain injury, brain defects, poisoning, stroke, or even an inner ear infection. The inner ear, especially, is what helps control your hamster’s balance. If the inner ear is infected you will notice your hamster having extreme difficulty walking around. Contact your veterinarian Omaha, NE for more information about seizures and ways to recognize and treat them. Or click here.
Causes of Seizures in European Hamsters

Why Does My Great Dane Eat Grass?

Eating grass is not uncommon in canines. If you notice your Great Dane excessively licking, chewing, or even eating grass, call your vet to schedule a check-up. Eating grass is not typically dangerous; however, in some cases it could signal stomach distress and should be checked by your vet right away. Different dogs eat different amounts of grass as part of their normal behavior. Some dogs may eat grass because they’re board or it simply tastes good. Many dog owners believe their dog eats grass as a way to relieve indigestion or an up-set stomach. On rare occasions, dogs will eat large amounts of grass and then immediately vomit afterwards. This is usually associated with signs of illness and distress. Even if these signs aren’t present, it’s always good to check with your vet just in case there is something more serious going on. Contact your vet Omaha, NE for more details.

Why Does My Great Dane Eat Grass

Getting Your Dog's Toys on Sale


There’s no doubt that your dog needs plenty of toys to keep him entertained. If he doesn’t have toys, he’s likely to get into a lot of trouble! The problem is, all those toys can cost a lot of money. Instead of paying full price, get your dog’s toys on sale.

Every pet store has a discounted section in the store. It’s usually at the end of an aisle. If you can’t find it, ask one of the employees to show you where it’s located.

One of the best times to shop the sales is after the holidays. The toys may be shaped like candy canes, but your dog won’t care!

You can always take a look at the coupons and sales in the newspaper too! For help finding affordable toys in your area, call your veterinarian Fox Lake, IL.

Your dog and shedding


Your dog tends to shed around your home on a regular basis. How can you minimize this?

Your pet needs to shed in order to maintain a healthy coat, and it’s important that you take the time to help keep his coat looking great as well. This will mean bathing him from time to time, and brushing him. The frequency of both of these will depend on your individual pet, as every dog is different and therefore requires different care. Researching his breed will help you understand what is typical for shedding amounts, and may help you understand what nutrients to offer him come mealtime to enhance his coat as well. Shedding amount may also differ seasonally, particularly if you live in a temperature that has drastic seasonal changes. For more information, please contact your local Moorpark, CA vet clinic.

Can You Take Your Cat to a Feline Daycare?


Doggy daycares are pretty popular. They are a great way to keep your canine companion entertained while you’re away from home, but what about your cat? Can you drop your feline friend off at a cat daycare too?

Cat daycares are much less popular than their doggy counterparts. That’s because cats don’t like change. Where a dog may find a new room fascinating, it’s likely to scare a cat. In addition, dogs are very social, and many cats aren’t.

However, that doesn’t mean dropping your cat off at a boarding facility for a few hours is a bad idea. You may want to drop off your cat if there’s construction taking place in your home, or if you’re showing your home.

Ask your veterinarian Poway, CA for a list of daycares and boarding facilities that take cats in your area.

How to Get Your Cat to Like Being Brushed


Have a cat with long hair? If you don’t want it to mat, and if you don’t want it to end up all over your home, you need to brush your feline friend frequently. Unfortunately, cats don’t usually like to be brushed. How do you get your cat to like being brushed?

Consistency is key. If you only try and brush your cat once every blue moon, your cat won’t like it. You need to plan on brushing your cat at least once a day until he gets used to it.

Choose a time when your cat is naturally at rest. If he’s sleeping anyway, he’ll be more likely to put up with the brush than if you try and brush him during his playtime.

It’s a good idea to give your cat treats afterward so he looks forward to next time! Your veterinarian Ellicott City, MD can give you more tips.

It's Never Too Late to Take Your Cat in for a Dental Exam


Do you take your cat in for an annual exam? Even if you do, you may be shocked to discover that your feline’s dental health isn’t properly being cared for! No matter how long your cat has gone without professional dental care, it’s never too late for a checkup.

Gum disease is progressive, which means it doesn’t just show up overnight. Even if your cat has tartar, plaque buildup, and even gingivitis, an experienced vet may be able to undo the damage.

If it is discovered that your cat has gum disease, there are some things you can do to slow its progress so that your cat doesn’t end up losing his teeth.

Did you know you can even brush your cat’s teeth at home? To learn more about how to care for your cat’s dental health, schedule a visit with your veterinarian Cherry Hill, NJ.

Identification for Your Akita

Identification for Your Akita

If you want to learn about the different ways you can provide your Akita with identification, please talk with your vet. He may suggest microchipping your Akita. If your pup gets lost, you want to make sure the person who finds her will be able to contact you. Unlike small children, you cannot teach your dog to memorize her address or phone number, but you can equip her with ID tags or a microchip. Your vet can help you obtain an ID tag or microchip for your Akita. If you choose to microchip, make sure you register your dog with the monitoring company and keep your most recent contact information on file with them. If you opt for an ID tag, you may be able to design and engrave one at a local pet store. Talk with a reputed veterinary clinic London, ON for more information, suggestions and tips.

Diabetic Neuropathy in Aegeans

Diabetic Neuropathy in Aegeans

Has your Aegean cat has been diagnosed with feline diabetes? If so, give your vet a call to talk about additional illnesses that could occur as a result of diabetes. For instance, some vets have reported that cats with diabetes are prone to visible nerve problems. An example would be cats that start walking on their hocks. The hocks are located on the back of the cat’s legs. A cat will typically walk on his “toes.” However, cats that have not undergone treatment for diabetes often develop a condition called diabetic neuropathy which can cause nerve damage to cats. This is when the cat will go from walking on his toes to walking on his hocks, which gives him the appearance of walking flat-footed. Although this can be severe, there is treatment available which can reverse the condition. Your veterinary clinic London, ON may tell you that most cats generally recover and begin walking normally. Click here to know more.

Adjusting your Aegean’s Insulin Dosage

Adjusting your Aegean’s Insulin Dosage

Has your Aegean cat recently been diagnosed with feline diabetes? If so, you may need to test your cat’s blood sugar levels at home. Your vet can help you learn how to do this as well as learn to monitor the results over time. It’s common for some cats to be labeled “insulin resistant” when blood sugar levels reveal a larger dose of insulin is needed. If your cat is insulin resistant talk to your vet about changing the insulin dose. Sometimes a cat’s body needs a stronger dose while other times an illness or infection could be causing a change in blood sugar levels. Your vet will need to run tests to find the cause. If your cat appears to be disoriented, confused, weak, restless, has an appetite change or even shivering then she may be suffering from hypoglycemia which can occur if you give her too much insulin. Schedule an appointment with your veterinary clinic London, ON.

Can your dog handle a longer leash?


Your dog is no longer a puppy, and you are trying to keep up with the changes in his life and adjust your care accordingly. He still has a reasonably short leash. Is he ready for a longer one?

Your pet is likely ready for a longer leash if he has been sufficiently trained on a shorter one. If he listens to you and follows commands, he may be able to handle this freedom. However, your leash length choice doesn’t just depend on this. You will also need to take into account where you walk with your pet. There are many places where your pet needs to stay close to you to be safe, and this means that a shorter leash will be more appropriate in these settings. For more information, please contact your local Cameron Park, CA vet clinic.

Exercising Your Rex Guinea Pig

Exercising Your Rex Guinea Pig

Did you know that Rex guinea pigs need lots of exercise to maintain overall wellness? Talk to your vet to learn ways that you can exercise your guinea pig safely at home. Providing your Rex with a large cage to run around and play in will help keep him happy and entertained. Adding plenty of toys can also help motivate your cavy to walk, run and play in his cage. If your cavy lives in a small cage then he will need additional time to play. It is recommended that your guinea pig have free range play time at one to two hours a day. No matter the size of the cage, all guinea pigs typically enjoy free range play. Make sure you have a safe area free of wires and other choking hazards set aside for your guinea pig. For more exercising suggestions, talk with your vet Greensboro, NC.

Treatment for Fatty Liver Disease in Toy Poodles

Treatment for Fatty Liver Disease in Toy Poodles

If your Toy Poodle has been diagnosed with fatty liver disease, contact your vet to learn more about treatment and medication options. Fatty liver disease (also known as Hepatic Lipidosis) is a common liver disease in dogs and cats. The disease may be caused by lack of a nutritious diet, cancer, diabetes, pancreatitis, kidney disease, and other liver diseases. If the primary cause of the fatty liver disease can be indentified then treatment will be given to fight that particular illness. The fatty liver disease will most likely clear up once the main illness is treated. If the fatty liver disease is the main illness and no other illness or cause can be determined then your veterinary clinic Greensboro, NC may recommend a strict and highly nutritious diet rich in soy-based or milk-based proteins to prevent the liver cells from storing additional fat. Fluids may also need to be administered.

Managing shed fur in your home

Managing shed fur in your home

Your pet needs to shed in order to maintain a healthy coat, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to live with fur all over your home. In fact, there are many ways you can prevent this from becoming an issue.

To help keep the shed fur from pets manageable in your household, be sure to purchase a brush that is designed for your pet’s fur type. This will not only work the best with your pet’s fur, but it will also remove the fur she sheds in a controlled manner where it can easily be discarded. You can also make a point to purchase cleaning products designed for homes with pets. For example, a vacuum made for dealing with pet hair will be able to clean it much more efficiently than a traditional model that doesn’t take it into account. Your Aurora, CO vet clinic can help you care for your pet. You can find more information on their site.

Basset Hounds and Eating Real Meat

Basset Hounds and Eating Real Meat

You may be aware that dogs like the Basset Hound are carnivores, but did you know that if they’re on a steady diet of dry or wet dog food, then they may not be able to handle real meat? Talk with your vet before giving your Basset Hound any kind of meat. In general, many dogs are OK with eating small amounts of raw beef for a treat every now and then. If your vet gives you the OK to give your Basset Hound raw beef, be careful on the amount and how often. Your Basset Hound may develop diarrhea or vomit if given large portions. Some experts believe chicken and pork should not be fed to dogs as it may cause illness due to the presence of bacteria. If you do feed your Basset Hound chicken or pork make sure it is thoroughly cooked and talks with your vets Greensboro, NC first.

Does your hamster need more exercise ?

Does your hamster need more exercise

Your hamster depends on you to help her in keeping healthy and staying fit. You know that her exercise habits are a big part of this, and you want to make sure you are able to give her everything she needs to thoroughly enjoy her time in your care.

To get your pet up and moving, consider what she already has at her disposal, and what she needs in addition to this. Her enclosure should be large enough to move around in while still housing all the items she needs for daily tasks. Consider purchasing a larger cage if possible, to give her more room to roam around. Toys that will encourage movement can be a great tool as well. However, nothing will beat her time spent outside of her enclosure, since this is what will really allow her to move about unhindered. Your experienced vet clinic Aurora, CO can offer additional guidance.

Bathing Your Cat

Cats are pretty fastidious groomers so they pretty much keep themselves clean. However, if something sticky spills on your cat or she gets into something stinky, you may need to give her a bath. Trim your cat’s nails to lessen the chance of injury if she lashes out at you. Gather all your supplies into a room with a door that closes. When you are ready to bath your cat, act quickly and efficiently. Spot clean your cat with a wet cloth or just wash the dirty part if possible. Use a basin with a cloth in the bottom so your cat doesn’t slip. Wet your cat with a small container of lukewarm water since running water or a sprayer could frighten her. Lather your cat with cat-safe shampoo and rinse thoroughly. Towel dry and brush your cat. Keep her warm until she is completely dry. For more information, contact your Marietta, GA veterinarian or visit this site.

Bathing Your Cat

Where to place your cat’s litter box

Where to place your cat’s litter box

Your cat is a wonderful part of your household, and she deserves to have some space of her own within your home. Part of this will need to house her litter box. Where should you put it?

The key to finding the best spot for her litter box is determining where she will actually use it. This means it will need to be convenient, so place it nearby to areas she frequents throughout the day. It should also be safely tucked away from things she may find undesirable, like drafts from a nearby door or from nosey pets who may interfere with her litter box use. Be sure to consider how large the litter box is, and place it in a spot that it will fit properly and not hinder other family members. For more information schedule an appointment with your local Aurora, CO veterinarian.

Household Dangers and Your Dog

Your dog relies on you to keep him safe. Keep all household and lawn chemicals securely stored. And follow all directions for their use so you don’t put your dog at risk of poisoning. Better yet, choose pet-safe chemicals. Many human foods can cause damage to your dog so become familiar with the toxicity of any foods before you give them to your dog. Take care to examine hidden ingredients within dishes too. Human and pet medications can put your dog’s health at risk or even cause death. Keep these medications in child-safe containers and up and out of reach of your dog. Examine your home from your dog’s point of view and protect him from items that could fall on him, electric cords that could electric and strangulation hazards. And make sure your doors are secure so your dog doesn’t slip outside inadvertently and get lost. Learn more from your best vets Marietta, GA.

Household Dangers and Your Dog

Feeding your cat


Your cat needs your help in keeping healthy, and you are willing to go above and beyond to make sure this happens. However, that doesn’t mean that this is always going to be easy. In fact, there is a good chance that you may need some help figuring out what’s best for your pet, like what she should be eating.

Your cat’s vet can help you with this, as there are a few different factors that will need to be evaluated. Your pet’s age and breed will play a big role in your choices, as will your pet’s lifestyle. Different nutrients will be needed for different cats, so it’s important that you look at her capabilities and preferences in reference to food. This way, you will not only find something she likes to munch on come mealtime, but something that will also give you an opportunity to nourish her body. For more information, please contact your San Leandro, CA vet clinic.

Tricks to getting the most out of play sessions with your cat

Your cat is a big part of your family, and you seek out opportunities to spend time with her whenever you can. This means scheduling the time to spend together, and making it a priority. How can you make the most of this when it’s time to interact?

The most important thing you can do with your pet is offer her your undivided attention. Let her know that you value her company, and that you are eager to spend some time with her. Go with the flow as far as activities are concerned so you can both enjoy yourselves. This may mean having a rigorous play session involving some of her natural hunting instincts, or it may mean petting her while she relaxes on your couch. Your local Livonia, MI vet clinic can help you care for your pet. Schedule an appointment today.

Tricks to getting the most out of play sessions with your cat
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