Which training method should you use for your dog ?

Which training method should you use for your dog

Your dog is an excellent listener, and you want to make sure to capitalize on this throughout his training. However, there are several different training methods to choose from. How can you decide which would work best for your little fur ball?

Your pet needs you to take the time to determine what would keep him interested in his training with you. This means looking at what is fun for him, what is easier for him to understand, and how you can motivate him. Different training methods focus on different areas, so it’s likely that your pet will be more receptive to one than another. You should also consider your training abilities, as it will be important to remain consistent once you’ve decided which method you plan on utilizing in your family. Your local Indianapolis, IN veterinarian can offer additional guidance. Learn more here.

Adopting through a Shelter

Adopting through a Shelter

When it comes to adopting a dog or cat most people immediately think of adopting through a shelter. Local SPCA or ISPCA facilities often hold weekly or monthly adoption days at shelters to give potential pet owners a chance to meet dogs and cats available for adoption. Adopting through a shelter can be an excellent way to bring a pet into your home. Shelter dogs and cats are often pets that have been given up because previous owners are unable to care for them. Contrary to popular belief, not all shelter animals live on the street or come from rough situations. Pets that come through a shelter often receive better vet care than those from a pet store. Typically, when animals come into a shelter they receive immediate vet care, vaccination updates, needed surgeries or other medical treatment. Shelters often provide low-cost vet care to adopters as well. For more details, call your vet Oshawa, ON.

Throwback Pomeranians

Throwback Pomeranians

Have you heard of the Throwback Pomeranian? If you own a Pomeranian that is a little larger than the average Pomeranian, then you may own a Throwback Pomeranian. Today’s typical Pomeranians are small in stature whether they are teacup size or simply small. They can range anywhere between 5 and 12 pounds. However, the Pomeranian originated from sled dogs and in the beginning was actually a larger breed dog. They were bred down to a smaller size to become more accepted as inside lap dogs. The Throwback Pomeranian is a closer version to the original size. These dogs have long legs and weigh anywhere from 12 to 22 pounds. If your Pomeranian weighs between this higher range, check with your vet to make sure that your pup is not overweight. If this is your Pommie’s average weight then you have a Throwback Pomeranian. For more information on the breeding, consult with your veterinarians Oshawa, ON.

Keeping your dog clean

Keeping your dog clean

Your dog is a big part of your life, and you want to keep him as healthy as he can be. Keeping him clean is one way for you to do this, as it will help keep him from having continual exposure to harmful germs and bacteria.

To keep your pet clean, you will need to make sure you are paying attention to when he needs to be bathed. Brushing him can be a great way to do this as it offers you the chance to thoroughly check him over and evaluate his cleanliness level. Be sure to use a canine safe shampoo when you bring your pet in for a bath, and that you try to keep the water at a comfortable temperature. Be sure to make the process as fun as it can be so he will be more apt to enjoy it. For additional information, please contact your local Indianapolis IN pet clinic.

Dental Hygiene and Your Dog


Dental hygiene is essential since decay can cause your dog pain and trouble eating while introducing dangerous bacteria into his bloodstream. Thus you need to clean your dog’s teeth regularly. Start while he is young so it becomes routine. Start cleaning with cotton balls or a gauze pad and work up to a doggy toothbrush. Use only toothpaste that is safe for dogs since human toothpaste can be toxic to dogs. Don’t forget to stimulate the gums. Look for loose teeth and signs of infection that may need medical attention such as redness, swelling or a bad odor. Some dogs do well with dental treats that reduce tarter while other dogs just swallow them whole or after a few chews, doing little to clean the teeth. Consider adding a dental water supplement to your dog’s water to manage tarter buildup while giving your dog minty clean breath. For more information, contact your Upper Arlington, OH veterinarian.

Cat treat basics

Your cat loves when mealtime comes around, as she likes to have something tasty to munch on. However, while this is wonderful, it still doesn’t quite hold the allure that treats do. These small little snacks can give your pet great joy, so you want to offer them whenever you can.

To make sure you choose treats that your pet will like, think about the flavors she gravitates toward. Try to find these in a treat, then choose a texture that she will find pleasing. You can find high-quality options that will give her a nutritional boost along with something scrumptious to munch on if you take the time to read the labels. Opt for natural treats with recognizable ingredients to give your pet the best there is to offer. Your local vets Wake Forest, NC can help you care for your pet.

Cat treat basics

Your cat’s sleeping habits


Your cat loves to relax in your home, and you frequently see him napping in various parts of your home. Why does he sleep so much?

Your pet needs the time to replenish all the energy he uses throughout the day, and to help his body focus on certain processes, like digestion. His body is made to use energy in short bursts, as his wild ancestors needed to be able to chase food when they spotted it or to flee from predators when they approached. Your pet sleeps whenever things are calm around him, which is likely quite often in your living space. His high protein diet also takes a lot to process fully, so sleep is essential to help his body make the most of his meals. For additional information, please contact your local Coon Rapids, MN vet clinic.

Does your dog need some booties?

You have seen a lot of different booties on the market, and you sometimes wonder if your dog would benefit from owning a pair. How can you determine if this is the case?

Booties can be a great pet supply item for certain canine friends. Those who typically need them are out and about a lot, and utilize them as a way to protect sensitive paw pads. Your pet needs you to consider the temperature of the surfaces he is walking on in addition to the level of roughness your pet is being exposed to. Booties can help keep both these issues from damaging his paws. Also, consider how receptive your pet will be to wearing them prior to purchasing. Not all dogs are excited about the idea, while others don’t mind them. Your local Wake Forest, NC vet can offer additional guidance. Click here for more details.

Does your dog need some booties

Switching your cat over to a new food

Your cat needs to switch over to a new food for one reason or another, and you know she will be a bit hesitant to do so. How can you get her used to the new option that she will be better off eating?

Your pet is likely hesitant to switch foods because she likes her current option and she knows that it is safe to consume. She still has some natural instincts from her wild ancestors, and being unsure of new things like this helped to keep them from ingesting things they shouldn’t. To counter this, offer the food in a different form, like as treats. A piece here and there can help her get familiar with the taste and texture while also giving her a small enough portion that she won’t feel too intimidated to eat it. For additional information, please contact your local Wake Forest, NC veterinarian. Read more here.

Switching your cat over to a new food

Does my Canary need to be Groomed?


Canaries do not need to be groomed in the general sense of daily brushings and primping. Birds in general do pretty well self grooming, which includes fluffing their own feathers and keeping their feet clean. You can help your canary stay clean by offering him the opportunity to take frequent baths. Simply provide a small weighted dish with about an inch of water for your bird to bathe in. Most birds like to bathe in cool water so no need to warm it or use hot water when filling. This dish should be separate from your bird’s water dish. You can remove the dish later or leave it in the cage, but make sure to refresh the water. If your bird doesn’t want to bathe in the dish you can try enticing him by placing a few greens (spinach, kale, baby lettuce) in the dish as well. Talk with your veterinarian Cherry Hill, NJ for more tips.

Hair Color for the Bichon Frise


Most Bichon Frise pups are solid white or primarily white. Because of this, some owners like to get a little creative and add some color to their pup’s fur. If you’re thinking about coloring your Bichon’s fur, keep a few of these tips in mind. First, it’s best if you let the professionals color your pup’s hair. Many grooming salons offer coloring services such as dying the fur and stenciling the fur. If you do go with the grooming salon, ask and make sure they are suing toxic free dyes and coloring to ensure your pet’s health and skin safety. You may also check into grooming salons that are using chalking technique for colors and stenciling. Chalking is temporary and generally washes out in a few baths. If you try to color your pup’s fur on your own, check with your veterinarian Newmarket, ON first to find out what will be safe for your dog’s skin. Click here.

Tips for Making Sure Your Rat Doesn't Escape

Tips for Making Sure Your Rat Doesnt Escape

Keeping your rat in a cage is enough to keep him from escaping, isn’t it? Not necessarily! Here are a few tips to make sure your pet doesn’t end up running for the hills.

The type of cage you purchase is extremely important. Rats are great climbers, so don’t think they can’t escape out of the top of the cage. If your pet is in an aquarium, place something heavy on the lid. If your rat is in a metal cage with bars, make sure all of the entrances are secured.

Create a safe area for your rat to play when he comes out of the cage. Never let him run around on the floor. Place him on the bed or inside a cardboard box.

Have you lost your rat and need help finding him? Your most recommended Livonia Mi veterinarians can provide you with advice that will help you find your furry little friend.

Reasons to Give Your Cat a Bath

Reasons to Give Your Cat a Bath

If you’ve spent time around cats, you know giving one a bath isn’t a very good idea. Most cats hate the water! Not to mention, most felines are good at bathing themselves. Is there ever a reason to give your cat a bath?

Many pet parents bathe their furry friends because of allergies. Not just for the sake of their allergies, but it can cut back on the allergies your cat experiences as well.

Cats are good groomers, but not all cats are created equal. If your cat is overweight, or if your feline friend suffers from arthritis, he may find it hard to groom certain areas of his body. That means you’re left to wash him in a bath.

Need help giving your kitty a bath? Your veterinary clinic Livonia, MI can help you find a groomer in your area who can do the work for you. Click here to know more.

Mange in Pomeranians

Mange in Pomeranians

Did you know that dogs like the Pomeranian can contract a skin disease known as mange? Mange is highly contagious and is often seen in dogs living on the streets or in overcrowded shelters. The skin condition is caused by mites and parasites that are found on dogs. There are different types of mange and different ways it can appear and affect your pup. Generally, manage comes from the mites living on the skin and hair follicles. Mites differ from dog to dog. Demodectic mange mites are common in almost all dogs. These mites are typically passed from mother to pup within the first few days of giving birth. These mites may cause skin irritation or infection if they are not treated quickly. Another name for mange is canine scabies. The condition can cause hair loss, itching, irritation, and even stress and anxiety. Please talk with your vet Lakeville, MN to learn how to identify, treat and even prevent mange.

How to Treat a Rottweiler with Hypothyroidism

How to Treat a Rottweiler with Hypothyroidism

If your Rottweiler has been diagnosed with hypothyroidism don’t panic. This is a very common health condition that occurs in medium to large dogs between the ages of 4 and 10. It is also treatable through prescription medications and even hormone injections. Most dogs make a complete recovery and go on to live a normal life. Hypothyroidism is simply a disease that results in the insufficiency of T3 and T4 hormones, which are supposed to be produced by the thyroid gland. When the gland doesn’t produce them hormone levels drop and your dog’s metabolism begins to slow down. This is why common symptoms are lethargy, weakness and brain fog. Once your vet makes a diagnosis he can prescribe medication. It may take the time to find the right dosage for your pup. In addition, your vet clinic Lakeville, MN will need to check your Rottweiler’s hormone levels throughout its lifetime.

Dealing With Grass Stains on Your Dog's Fur

Dealing With Grass Stains on Your Dogs Fur

You probably don’t think about the fact that your dog’s fur can get stained. That is, until he comes in from outside right after you’ve mowed the lawn! How in the world are you supposed to clean up your furry friend?

If you can keep him outside, it’s much better to try and hose him off before he possibly stains the carpet in your home. However, if the hose outside isn’t an option, try and get your dog into the tub as quickly as you can.

In some cases, just rinsing your dog will help. If it doesn’t, you can try using soap. Spend extra time creating suds and let the soap soak a bit longer than you normally would.

Having a hard time getting rid of the green on your dog’s beautiful coat? Give your vet clinic Livonia MI a call for advice.

How Pet Insurance Can Save You Money on Your Dog's Care

How Pet Insurance Can Save You Money on Your Dogs Care

Many people avoid pet insurance. It’s just another bill you have to pay every month! It is true that paying for pet insurance will cost you upfront, but it can also save you money down the road.

As is the case with most insurance, regular care is usually covered. That means you can reduce or eliminate the fees associated with your dog’s annual appointment. Depending on your plan, this can include vaccinations and preventative medications as well.

Pet insurance can be a lifesaver if your pooch ever needs surgery. Many families won’t be able to pay the thousands of dollars some procedures cost. With pet insurance, you can greatly reduce your financial burden.

Understanding the details of your particular plan is vital. To learn more about pet insurance, visit this website http://beecavetxvet.com or ask your veterinary clinic Bee Cave TX for advice.

Doggy Clothing


Dog clothing is often just for fun but can protect your dog from the weather. This is especially true for small dogs.If your dog hates the rain, protective clothing can make walks more pleasant and your dog is more likely to go outside. Booties can protect your dog’s feet from both icy cold and the burning heat from pavement. Almost every pet store has a doggy clothing department that specializes in dog fashion. You can measure your dog but taking him to the store to try on clothes will help ensure that you get the right fit.You can also be confident that your dog is comfortable in his new clothes. Make sure dog clothing is not tight or restrict movement. Check that your dog doesn’t trip on dresses or jacket fronts. Your dog should only wear clothes for a short period of time and always under supervision. For more information, contact your Bayside, NY veterinarian.

Cat Hair in the Laundry

Cat Hair in the Laundry

Dealing with cat hair all over your clothes? It’s true that the cat hair could be settling on your pants and shirts when they’re hanging up in the closet, but they could also be getting covered in cat hair in the laundry.

If you get cat hair on your clothing throughout the day, and you throw it in the hamper, all that hair is going to end up in the washing machine. Unfortunately, not all of it will get washed away. It will end up getting redeposited on your clothes.

Before you throw your clothes in the washing machine, go over them with a lint roller. That way the cat hair won’t spread itself all over your shirts and pants.

There are many ways to tackle cat hair in your home! For help finding a method that works best for you, plan to visit your veterinary clinic Bee Cave TX or visit their site.

Can Cats Use Dog Houses ?

Can Cats Use Dog Houses

Dog houses can really come in handy for canines that spend time outdoors. They can keep your furry friend from getting soaked by the rain or blown over by the wind. They can keep your pet out of the sun too! If you have a cat that goes outside, can he use a dog house?

Cats can definitely use dog houses! But, you do have to be careful about choosing the right one. Houses that are too big won’t do their job properly. In order to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer, it has to be a cozy place that can maintain your cat’s body temperature.

Make sure you purchase a new house just for your cat! Don’t think that he’ll be happy curling up inside an old dog house that smells stinky.

For help finding the right house for your cat, contact your local pet clinic Bee Cave TX.

Important Factors That Trigger Stress In Cats

Stress is a powerful fuel of various behavior problems in cats. They can easily be affected by stressors in their immediate environment. Even sudden changes in their daily routine or the routine of the household can have negative effects in cats. When cats are exposed to specific stressors for a considerable length of time, they can suffer from health and/or behavior problems. Existing health problems can possibly become aggravated when ill cats are exposed to stress.

Sudden changes in your pet’s behavior, such as nervousness, anxiety, aggression, or litter box problems should be brought to the attention of your veterinarian.

If your Frisco, TX veterinarian rules out health problems as potential cause of your pet’s behavior, you should take a closer look at your pet’s immediate surrounding for stressors that may be causing his behavior. Once a potential stressor has been identified, take steps to eliminate it from your pet’s immediate environment; but if it’s not possible, you can try limiting your pet’s exposure to the stressor. Visit this site to know more.

Important Factors That Trigger Stress In Cats

Persian Cats And Their Sunny Disposition

Persian cats are popular for being affectionate and for their sunny dispositions. They are not as loud and vocal as other feline breeds, but they have mastered some ways to seek the attention of their humans.

They are quite friendly thus they are able to do well in a multi-pet household. Persians are lap cats and are always on the lookout for snuggles and cuddles with their humans. They can easily form a bond with their favorite human whom they will seek out and follow frequently around.

Being socially inclined, Persian cats hate being left alone for long periods at a time. If your work takes you out of the house for the most part of the day, you should consider getting another cat so they can play and keep each other company while you’re out.

Persian cats can be prone to developing certain health issues. Regular visits to your Frisco, TX animal hospital are perfect opportunities to spot early signs of illness and prompt veterinary attention. More details here.

Persian Cats And Their Sunny Disposition

Seizures In Cats

Seizures in cats are less common than in dogs. It can occur in cats of any age or breed, but older cats tend to have more health issues (tumors, trauma, infections, etc.) in which seizure is a primary symptom.

Many cases of feline seizures are linked to certain changes in the brain. But about 50% of cases of seizure in cats are of unknown causes.

Seizures in cats can be characterized by the following symptoms:
  • Drooling
  • Sudden burst of hyperactivity
  • Twitching of the facial muscles
  • Tremors, convulsions, and other forms of uncontrolled muscle activity
  • Loss of consciousness
If certain behaviors displayed by your cat make you think your pet is having a seizure, it’s a good idea to take a video of an episode so your Plano, TX veterinarian can have a clearer picture of your pet’s symptoms. The treatment regimen will depend to a large extent on the results of certain tests that may be performed by your veterinarian. Read more here.

Seizures In Cats

Why a routine is important to your dog


Your dog loves being able to spend his time with you, and he loves the life you have provided for him. However, even with a great bond, it can be difficult for your pet to adjust to daily tasks as they can come and go so quickly. How can you help him with this?

Your pet needs you to create a routine that will work in your home. This may be a strict schedule, or just a vague order that you tend to do things in on a daily basis. This allows him to get used to the flow of your days, giving him an opportunity to anticipate what is coming up next. He can then mentally and physically prepare for activities since he will have some transitional time to do so. For additional information, please contact your local Greenwood, IN vet clinic.

Tips For Improving The Quality Of Life Of Your Arthritic Pet

Many cat owners fail to realize that their cat is having joint problems because the onset is often gradual and the signs are quite subtle. Also, cats are well-known for their ability to conceal any signs of pain or discomfort until their illness turns worse and serious complications start setting in.

A cat that is suffering early signs of arthritis won’t likely be limping. But cat parents who are more observant of their pet’s behavior may notice subtle changes, like not jumping as much from one furniture to the next or spending much time just lazing around instead of jumping up to his perch by the window. Cats with joint pains may also start avoiding the litter box and do their thing somewhere else because they have a hard time getting in and out of the box. They may also be less enthusiastic when it comes to being groomed or cuddled.

Working closely with your Plano, TX veterinarian can go a long way in improving your arthritic pet’s quality of life. Click here to know more.

Tips For Improving The Quality Of Life Of Your Arthritic Pet

Your Cat’s Eyes


You can often determine your cat’s mood by evaluating the expression in her eyes. Your cat will generally look directly at the object of their attention.However, we’ve all experienced times when kitty will completely ignore you while still wanting your attention. Thus look at her eyes to better understandwhat your cat wants. Your cat is relaxed and content when she has constricted pupils with small slits. That wide-eyed stare with a rigid body posture is the look of a cat that wants to cuddle but with too much intensity, it could indicate hostility. Very large pupils during the day are not atypicallook so this could indicate a cat that is ready to fight or run away. Or it could signify that your cat is in pain. Wide-open eyes indicate alertness, whereas a cat with semi-closed eyes is comfortable and ready for a nap. For more information, contact your Flint, MI veterinarian.

Increasing Your Dog’s Lifespan

Dogs in modern society are living longer than they did just a few decades ago. Canine longevity can be best attributed to more regular veterinary care. Your dog is safer when kept inside your home and is at lower risk for accidents and exposure to disease. Obesity can shorten your dog’s life.Obesity can cause mobility issues and make your dog more susceptible to disease. Control your dog’s daily calories and exercise him regularly with enough intensity to work his body thoroughly. Keep your dog on a leash whenever he will be going outside your home in an unfenced area. Good dental care can lead to a longer lifesince your dog can eat without pain and dangerous bacteria from decaywon’t your dog’s bloodstream. An obedient dog is pleasant to be around and traininggives you an immediate way to get your dog under under control and safe. For more information, contact your London, ON veterinarian.

Rapid Weight Loss Can Be Harmful To Cats

Excess weight can increase a cat’s risk to developing serious health issues including diabetes, heart problems, liver and kidney problems, and even some types of cancer. If you have an overweight or obese cat, you should make it your responsibility to help your pet shed off the excess pounds.

But rapid weight loss can have negative effects on a cat’s health and wellbeing. Thus, you should consult your veterinarian before starting your pet’s weight loss regimen. Gradual weight loss in cats can help prevent hepatic lipidosis which is a problem than can occur when there is rapid reduction of weight. The condition is characterized by the failure of the liver to function properly because the liver cells are infiltrated with fats. Affected cats usually go off-feed; vomiting and jaundice may also be present.

Your best vet Plano, TX can help you formulate a weight loss plan that ensures your pet’s safe weight loss.

Rapid Weight Loss Can Be Harmful To Cats

Feeding your Rex Rabbits Treats


Are you looking for different treats that you can feed your Rex rabbit on a routine basis? Check with your pet store and your vet to find out what types of treats to avoid and which ones may offer the best vitamins and minerals. For example, all natural fruit treats are often recommended. These may be dried pieces of apple, banana or even dried pineapple. Served in moderation, these can great alternatives to ‘cookies’ or ‘biscuit’ store treats that may be high in sugar and fat. You can also feed pieces of fresh fruits as well as vegetables. Carrots and leafy greens are most common for rabbits. Just remember, all treats whether fresh or from a box should be fed in moderation. Your Rex rabbit should be getting most of his vitamins and minerals from a pellet food and daily amounts of hay. Fresh water should always be available. Talk with your veterinarian Los Gatos, CA for more information.

Signs your Orange Tabby may be Developing Schiff-Sherrington Syndrome


Mobility is a big part of a cat’s life. For instance, cats like the Orange tabby love to be on the move hunting after prey, playing around, and prowling through all kinds of places. An immobile cat is probably a very bored cat. That’s why it’s important to contact your vet immediately if you notice your cat having any trouble moving around. As cats grow older, various medical conditions relating to the joints, muscles and overall mobility can develop. For instance, Schiff-Sherrington syndrome can develop due to age, an injury, trauma, etc. These conditions affect the spinal cord and generally occur when the cord is severed or small lesions form on the lower back. Signs or symptoms include an unusual gait, inability to walk, inability to stand, rigidly extended forelimbs, and possible paralysis of the hind limbs. The condition is painful and will require immediate care, diagnosis and treatment from your veterinarian Isle of Palms, SC. Click here.
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