When to Throw out Your Dog's Food

No one wants to throw out their dog’s food. It can be expensive! However, there are a few instances when it’s really better to throw it in the trash than feed it to your pet.

You should always throw your dog’s food out if it has been compromised in some way. For example, if the bottom of the bag becomes saturated with a liquid, it’s better to throw it in the trash. If it becomes infested with ants or other insects, it should be thrown away as well.

If you’ve switched your dog’s food, and he seems to be having an adverse reaction to the ingredients, it should be tossed. Food allergies are actually very common among canines.

Maybe your dog just doesn’t like his new food! In this case, before you throw it out, try mixing it with his old food first. Your best vets Lakeville, MN can provide you with more tips.

When to Throw out Your Dogs Food

Why You May Not Want to Show up Early for Your Cat's Vet Appointment

When it comes to most things, arriving a bit early is always a good idea. After all, it’s always better to be early than it is to be late! You may feel like it’s a good idea to arrive a little early for your cat’s vet appointment too, but the truth is, you shouldn’t arrive too early.

The veterinary clinic can be a very stressful place for a feline. Not only is your pet shoved in a carrier that makes him feel uncomfortable, he has to go on a car ride and sit in an unfamiliar waiting room. If there are other animals in the waiting room, he’ll likely be even more stressed.

By arriving on time for your appointment, you can minimize the time you spend in the waiting room with your furry friend. Just make sure your veterinary clinic Lakeville, MN does need you to arrive early to fill out paperwork! Read more here.

Why You May Not Want to Show up Early for Your Cats Vet Appointment

Safe Plants for Canaries

Safe Plants for Canaries

For every type of plant that isn’t safe for your Canary or other bird type, there’s usually a list of plants that are safe. You can contact your vet for a list of plants and flowers that may cause your bird harm. Your vet may also have a list of plants that are naturally safe for your Canary. Some plants that are OK for your bird to be around include aloe plants, African violet, bamboo palm, fig tree, European fan palm, mother fern, paradise palm, rubber tree, etc. Outdoor plants that are safe for your Canary or other type bird include bamboo, bayberry, roses, grape vines, dogwood, marigold, white poplar, willow, etc. If you want to decorate your bird’s cage or surrounding area, make sure you stick with these safe plants. If you’re unsure of a plant’s safety, please call your vet or look up the plant online. For more information, talk with your pet clinic Glendale, AZ.

What is Caval Syndrome and How Does it Affect my German Shepherd?

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What is Caval Syndrome and How Does it Affect my German Shepherd

Caval Syndrome is a disease or illness that can occur as a result of heartworm disease or the presence of heartworms. It is an illness that can only be diagnosed by your veterinarian. Symptoms of this disease include labored breathing, pale gums, and bloody or coffee colored urine. When heartworms invade a dog’s heart, lungs and blood vessels they can cause a blockage and prevent blood from flowing. This can lead to cardiovascular collapse which is also known as Caval Sundrome. Immediate surgery is needed in the instance of Caval Syndrome. Other symptoms to watch out for include signs of heartworm disease itself. Look for fatigue, a cough, decreased appetite and weight loss or in severe cases a swollen belly. If you see any of these signs or symptoms, call or take your dog to the vet immediately. For more information about your dog’s health, visit the given link http://bellanimalhospital.com/.

Organophosphate Poisoning In Cats

Organophosphate Poisoning In Cats

Organophosphates are compounds that are commonly found in insecticides that are applied in lawns and gardens or in flea and tick products. Poisoning occurs when there is overexposure to insecticides that contain organophosphates. More often than not, overexposure occurs when the product is misused, or the person or animal is exposed to multiple organophosphate-containing products at the same time. Although these products claim to be organic, they still pose some important risks and their use should be based on the directions that are printed on the product label.

Organophosphates have a negative impact on the function of the nerves and muscles. These compounds can be absorbed via the gastrointestinal tract after ingestion, through the skin, or lungs. The symptoms that can be exhibited by your cat will depend on the quantity of insecticide your pet has been exposed to. Some of the most common symptoms include:

• Drooling

• Vomiting

• Difficulty breathing

• Diarrhea

• Trembling

• Abnormal urination

• Muscle weakness

• Pupils are constricted

Extreme cases of organophosphate poisoning can cause seizures or even death. If you think your pet cat has been exposed to organophosphate-containing insecticides, contact your local animal hospital Cherry Hill NJ immediately.

Enjoying your cat for who she is

Your cat is an individual. This means she has her own personality with her own likes and dislikes. How can you make a point to enjoy her for who she is?

Your pet needs you to take into account her breed and her age, as these will offer you clues into her overall temperament and preferences. However, these tendencies won’t be true across the board, and will likely give you a general idea of what to expect with your little fur ball instead of reading like a ‘how-to’ manual for interacting with your cat. Think about what your pet naturally gravitates to, and how you can bring yourself into her favorite activities. Let her take the lead sometimes, and see what she really enjoys. Your local Fort Collins, CO veterinarian can help you care for your pet. Learn more here.

Enjoying your cat for who she is

Can treats be healthy?

Your pet is an adorable little fur ball, and offering her a treat can really brighten her day. However, you aren’t a fan of offering her junk food, since her health is one of your top priorities. Are there any healthy treats you can offer?

There are a lot of treats you can give your pet that will offer her a nutritional boost while still being enjoyable for her. Depending on the pet you have, these may be fresh ingredients like produce, or commercially made options that will enhance her regular food. Look for high-quality, natural snacks that will fill your pet up and work with the rest of her diet. Be aware of what the portion size should be for your pet, and make sure to stick to it. Your local Fort Collins, CO veterinarian can offer additional guidance. Read more here.

Can treats be healthy

Keeping your guinea pig in shape

Your guinea pig is a wonderful part of your life and you want to make sure you are able to offer her a happy and healthy life. However, you know that in order for this to happen, she will need to get lots of exercise. How can you make sure she gets all the physical movement she needs?

Your guinea pig’s body is designed to move about frequently, so it’s important to take advantage of this. Give her things to do in her enclosure, and try to center activities outside of her enclosure on movement as well. This will help her not only have the opportunity to exercise, but also to enjoy the process when she can too. Try to make things fun by bringing plenty of toys and games into the mix as well. For more information, please contact your local Fort Collins, CO vet clinic.

Keeping your guinea pig in shape
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