Giving your dog a pill

Giving your dog a pill

Your dog isn’t a huge fan of taking medication, especially when it comes to pills. How can you help him when he needs to take something like this in order to be happy and healthy?

Your pet needs to be able to swallow a pill to get the medicine he needs, and it’s your job to make sure this happens. Try to make it a pleasurable thing for him, by placing it in his food bowl. Lots of pets will eat it right up in this manner, but some may simply eat around the pill. If this is the case with your pet, try placing it in an extra special treat for him to enjoy, like some meat rolled up around it or in a small scoop of peanut butter. For more information, please contact your local Marietta, GA veterinarian.

Why Has My Cat Stopped Grooming?

Why Has My Cat Stopped Grooming
Grooming is a natural instinct of cats. In fact, they spend a good part of their day licking and cleaning themselves. This is a daily routine, thus many cat parents will notice when their furballs stop grooming themselves. Those who are too busy to notice their cat’s behavior may just think that something is wrong because of their pet’s unkempt appearance, and will soon realize that their cat has not been attending to his daily personal hygiene.

On top of the list of potential causes why grooming habits of many senior cats become less impeccable are joint problems.

As cats grow older, they tend to suffer from joint stiffness and arthritis. Thus they are not as flexible as before. Trying to reach certain parts of the body during grooming can bring about pain and discomfort.

Joint problems generally take time to develop, so you might not notice immediately that your kitty is having grooming problems, until the hair coat appears dirty and matted.

It’s best to work with your Rochester, NY veterinarian in addressing your pet’s joint issues. Learn more visit here.

Tips To Improve Your Senior Cat’s Quality Of Life

Tips To Improve Your Senior Cat’s Quality Of Life
As the body of senior cats starts to deteriorate, they become more predisposed to various age-related problems. Your senior cat needs to be closely monitored every day so you will be able to spot any changes in his health and/or behavior and seek veterinary attention immediately.

Grooming help

Your senior cat will have reduced flexibility as he grows older, thus he will need more grooming help from you. Poor flexibility does not allow them to reach and groom certain parts of the body. Your pet’s hair coat may not be as shiny, and there may be mats or tangles if your pet does not receive regular grooming help from you.

Cat beds should be easy to climb on to

Arthritic cats will have a hard time climbing into a bed that is designed with high sides. Also, they won’t be able to spend time on their favorite shelves or basking spots because of joint pains and discomfort. Having a bed that is easily accessible will make it possible for your kitty to rest well.

Senior cats will benefit from more visits to your animal hospital Rochester, NY for regular monitoring of existing health problems and for early detection of medical issues.

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