Preventing Dog Fights

Preventing Dog Fights

Dogfights are scary and your dog could get hurt. Fights can break out without any apparent signs of aggression.However, most often there are signals if you watch for them. The signs can be subtle. It may be a quick flash of teeth or a low growl. Staring another dog down is seen as aggressive between dogs. And watch for body language. A dog with his head and tail held high and chest out can be a sign of confidence but if his fur is puffed up he will get a reaction from another dog. If you meet up with an aggressive dog or your dog is acting aggressively, keep them separated. Insist your dog to sit at your side and keep his attention as the other dog passes by. Demand that the other dog’s owner keep away. Now is not the time to be polite. Contact your veterinarian Crown Point IN to learn more.

Giving your dog a pill


Your dog loves spending his time alongside you, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that every task you try to tackle with him will be successful. In fact, some things, like giving him a pill, may be downright difficult to do. How can you make this easier on him?

Your pet needs to take a pill, but he doesn’t necessarily need to know he is taking one. You can sneak his medication into his regular food if he isn’t to observant. If he is likely to find the pill, take extra precautions to help him get it down. Treats can offer him something special to munch on while also giving you something practical to place his pill inside of. Items that cover the pill entirely, like peanut butter, can work particularly well. For additional information, please contact your local Fort Collins, CO vet clinic.

Warmer Weather and Your Pocket Pet

pocket pet

Your pocket pet is a part of your family, and keeping her comfortable is important to you. This means that you want to make the necessary effort to help her enjoy her time, regardless of the weather outside. How can the warmer months impact her daily tasks?

Your pet may spend her time inside your home, but this doesn’t mean she isn’t impacted by seasonal changes. In fact, they can be a very big deal to her. Think about where her enclosure is placed. If she is near a window or a door that is opened frequently, she is likely getting blasted with warm air from outside on a regular basis. She may also be near an air conditioning vent in your home, causing her enclosure to become too cool for her liking. For more information, please contact your local vet Fort Collins, CO.

Feline exercise

Feline exercise

Your cat gets a lot of affection from your family, and she enjoys the comfortable home you’ve provided for her. However, this can lead to her being a bit too lazy at times. How can you make sure she is getting enough exercise?

Your pet needs you to take the time to determine how much physical activity she should be getting each and every day. This will likely be a combination of recommendations for her breed, age, and general health. Then, make sure she is meeting these. Since play can help make exercise fun for her, opt for activities that she will be able to enjoy. If toys alone don’t motivate her, make a point to spend some time getting her up and moving by interacting with her. Your local Marietta, GA vet clinic can help you care for your pet. Visit website for additional information.

How often will your dog head into the vet’s office ?

How often will your dog head into the vet’s office

Your dog loves that you care for her, and she enjoys being able to spend her time with you. She trusts your judgement, and you need to learn to do so as well, particularly when it comes to bringing your pet to the vet. How will you know how often to do this?

Your veterinarian can offer you guidance regarding the times your pet needs to see him, but there will still be some decisions you need to make. Obviously, your pet will need to head into the office when it comes to well-visits and regular check-ups, but outside of this is a bit of variability. The other times your pet may need to head into the office include injuries and sickness, and these can all vary in degrees. The need to see the vet is generally based on the severity of your pet’s symptoms. Your local trustworthy Marietta GA vet clinic can offer additional guidance.

Teach Your Kids How To Handle A Pet Cat


Children should be made to realize before you bring home a pet that cats are not toys. Even with domestication, cats vary in their temperament and proper handling is of vital importance.

Some cats can be very friendly and affectionate, while others are quite reserved and prefer to spend time alone and away from the rest of the pets and/or household. Some cats have a limited tolerance to excessive petting while there are those that like frequent interaction and attention; the latter often engage in attention-seeking behaviors to get their owners to notice them.

Since kids like to cuddle and play with cats, parents should teach them how cats should be handled. This will help protect them from being on the receiving end of a cat’s aggressive behavior.

It has been observed that children who know how to handle cats properly tend to form stronger bonds with their pet cats.
Any sudden change in your pet’s behavior should be brought to the attention of your Coon Rapids, MN veterinarian. Learn more here.
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