It's your dog's birthday. How can you celebrate?

Your dog is an important part of your life, and you want her to know this at all times. However, this is especially true on her birthday. How can you show her just how much you care on this special day?

Your pet needs you to determine what she likes, and what you can do to offer these things to her. If she is like most pets, a special treat and a toy can be nice, but what would really go a long way is some of your time. Think about activities she would really like to take part in, and places you can bring her to have some fun. Pencil some extra time for her into your schedule to help her see that she is a priority in your life, and that her birthday means something to you. Your local Lansing, MI veterinarian can help you care for your pet. Learn more here.

Its your dogs birthday How can you celebrate

Hay and your guinea pig

Your guinea pig depends on you to offer her plenty of healthy food to keep her both satisfied and healthy. You know she needs a variety of foods, like a commercial mix and fresh produce, but you are confused about hay. How much should you be offering her?

Your guinea pig will likely need a diet that is filled in with high-quality hay. This should be offered to her each and every day. It should be fresh, and should be offered in unlimited amounts. Your pet will be able to regulate her hay intake as necessary, so there is no need to be worried about over-feeding her. There are different types of hay, and some will be significantly better for your pet than others. Timothy hay is a popular option that pet owners offer their guinea pigs. Your local Lansing, MI veterinarian can offer additional guidance. Read more here.

Hay and your guinea pig

Best Brushes for Bunnies

Best Brushes for Bunnies

Dogs and cats aren’t the only animals that can cover your home with hair. Bunnies can leave their fluff all over the house too! In order to take care of the problem, you have to brush your bun.

If your rabbit has short hair, a bristle brush will likely do the trick. It can easily take care of dead hair that sits on the surface of your pet’s body. It’s also the most comfortable brush. It won’t tug on your pet’s hair when you brush him.

If your bunny has long hair, you’ll need a brush with metal teeth. You can also use a metal comb. The key is to find a brush that can get down to the undercoat and get rid of all that dead hair before it becomes trapped and causes matting.

For help grooming your rabbit, click here, or ask your veterinarian North Phoenix, AZ for help.

Keeping your home clean with pets sharing your living space

Your home is a place you are very fond of, and you’d like to keep it nice and clean. However, this can be a bit difficult when there are pets within your household. How can you keep everything looking great?

Your pet needs you to understand that he isn’t being messy on purpose. These things just happen through living life, and he needs you to be understanding with him. Prevent messes when you can by being attentive and helping your pet stay generally clean himself through regular care. Invest in cleaning supplies designed to combat pet messes, as these will not only be the most effective, but they will save you from trying other methods that may make the issues you are having worse due to the impact certain scents and ingredients can have on your pet’s behavior. For more information, please contact your local Lansing, MI vet clinic.

Keeping your home clean with pets sharing your living space

Your Cat Could Be Causing His Own Allergies

Your Cat Could Be Causing His Own Allergies

When it comes to feline allergies, your allergies are likely to come to mind. However, cats can get allergies too! Although there are many allergy problems your cat can develop, he could be doing it to himself.

Some cats are allergic to airborne allergens, just like we are. It could be dust indoors or pollen outdoors. If you have trouble with these kinds of allergens, you know that you need to wash your hands and your clothes. A cat can’t do those things! Instead, he can carry those allergens around with him on his fur.

The solution is to give your cat a bath from time to time. If he has really long, thick fur, it may be better for you to shave him. That way he isn’t carrying all those allergens around with him all the time!

For help pinpointing your cat’s allergy problem, schedule an appointment with your animal hospital North Phoenix, AZ.

Is It Ever Too Hot to Take Your Dog Outside?

Is It Ever Too Hot to Take Your Dog Outside

As a pet parent, you understand how important it is to make sure your dog goes for regular walks. However, it can get pretty hot in Arizona! Can it ever be too hot to take your dog outside?

When it comes to walks, it’s not a good idea to take your dog for spin around the block if it’s over 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Although the air temperature may not seem that bad, the concrete can get really hot, which can end up burning your dog’s paw pads. Instead, walk your dog first thing in the morning or in the evening when the temperature is cooler. Walking your dog in the grass can help too.

If your dog has to go potty, you’ll have to let him outside. However, your dog should not be left outside alone or for long periods of time during the summer months.

Your vets North Phoenix, AZ can provide you with more info.

Teaching Your Old Dog New Tricks


When adopting an adult dog he may never learned proper behavior.Or your dog seems to have forgotten his training.Either way, you can teach your old dog new tricks. Start by teaching him his name.Then move on to sit, stay, come, and lay down.Pick any other commands you want to teach your dog. Use treats and praise to lure your dog into obeying the command. Practice so obedience becomes routine. Set the house rules for your home such as not jumping up on people or furniture, not chewing on shoes, among others. Use redirection and deterrents to prevent this behavior. If your dog is sitting quietly at your side, he can’t be misbehaving. Be kind and show patience with your older dog. It may take a little longer but with kindness and consistency you can train your old dog. For more information, contact your Omaha, NE veterinarian.

Signs That Your Dog Is Dehydrated

Signs That Your Dog Is Dehydrated

Just because it’s warm doesn’t mean it’s safe for your dog to spend a lot of time outside. If it’s too warm, your dog could end up dehydrated. Here’s how to tell.

The first sign is often lethargy. If your dog seems more tired than usual and there’s not a good reason for it, he could be dehydrated.

Dogs can get tired for many reasons, so jumping to the conclusion that he’s dehydrated may not be the best call. Instead, check his skin elasticity. Pull the skin at the back of your dog’s neck. If it doesn’t return to its normal position quickly, he’s probably dehydrated.

If you think your dog is dehydrated, remove him from the heat and provide him with some cool water. You may also need to call your vet Scottsdale, AZ to figure out what to do next.

Putting Your Pig to Work

Putting Your Pig to Work

If you’ve got a bit of land, you may have a few pigs. Not only do they make good livestock, they make good pets too! But, that’s not all. There are a few other ways you can put your pig to work.

Pigs have great noses. They can sniff out nearly anything! That’s why they’re often used to find truffles, but with a little training, you can get your pig to sniff out just about anything that you might want to look for on a regular basis.

Pigs make great natural plows too! Let your pig out into your garden before you plant in the spring. He'll forage for roots and food underneath the surface of the ground which will make the dirt much easier to turn when it's time to plant.

Looking for more tips? Just ask your veterinary clinic Mattoon, IL. Visit site to know more.

Does Your Dog Need a New Kennel ?

Does Your Dog Need a New Kennel

If you have a dog, you should have a kennel. It’s a great way to keep him contained in the house when you have company over. It’s a great way to transport him in the car. You can even carry your dog into the groomer’s or vet’s office in a kennel. You just have to make sure you have the right one for your dog.

Your dog will likely need a new kennel at least once in his life. That’s because puppies require different sized kennels than adult dogs. If your dog can’t sit up comfortably or turn all the way around in his crate, you should get a different one.

Has your dog damaged his kennel? If he stained it during training, or if has chewed or destroyed a portion of the crate, you should get a new one.

For help finding the right kennel for your pooch, ask your trusted vet Mattoon IL.

Should You Let Your Cat Eat the Critters He Catches Outside ?

Should You Let Your Cat Eat the Critters He Catches Outside

It’s natural for a cat to go on the hunt. That’s why going outside can be so exciting for a cat! If your cat is a good hunter, you may be worried about what he’s eating. Is it safe for him to eat the critters he catches outside?

It’s possible that your feline friend could come across an animal that makes him sick. Because we can purchase safe food for our pets at the store, it’s a good idea to stop him from eating the critters he catches. But only if you can.

If your cat spends time outside, you may not be able to keep an eye on him. He could catch a critter and hide out in the bushes until he’s done with his meal. You may never know!

It’s better to keep an eye on your cat’s behavior. If he starts acting strangely, schedule an appointment with your vet clinic Mattoon IL.

Hyperthyroidism and Your Cat

Hyperthyroidism and Your Cat

Hyperthyroidism is a condition brought on by too much thyroid hormone or your cat’s inability to use the hormone released. This condition most often occurs in older cats. Your cat may experience excessive thirst and urination, weight loss, panting, diarrhea and an unkempt appearance. Since these symptoms can be indicative of a number of health conditions, ensure you seek medical attention for a concise diagnosis. If treated, your cat can live a normal life with hyperthyroidism. Treatment is usually a daily tablet given orally for the rest of her life. There are also creams you can rub inside your cat’s ears. Wash your hands or use gloves to prevent dosing yourself while medicating your cat. Sometimes surgical removal of the thyroid is recommended. Your cat will need periodic testing to ensure that her thyroid hormone levels are properly managed. Contact your reputed veterinarians Crown Point IN to learn more.

What to Do with a Nocturnal Cat

What to Do with a Nocturnal Cat

Cats are crepuscular, meaning they are active at dawn and dusk. These are the best times to hunt in the wild. Thus your cat may run around your home and want to play during the early morning hours. Don’t try to keep your cat awake during the day since this could stress her and she may lash out. Use the dusk hours for play and exercise time. Exercise and a good meal before bedtime could help your cat get a little more sleep. Ignore your cat if she yowls or jumps around on you at night. If you react, you are reinforcing this undesired behavior as what is needed to get you up. Usean automatic feeder so your cat won’t come begging to be fed in the early morning hours. Keep fun toys outside the bedroom to keep your kitty busy while you sleep. Click here to contact your Crown Point, IN vet to learn more.
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