How do I know if my Sable Ferret has Heartworms?


You won’t know if your Sable ferret has heartworms unless you take him to the vet and have him tested. A heartworm test is a simple blood test that can reveal to your vet whether there is a presence of heartworms in your ferret or not. If the test is positive, your Sable ferret will need to undergo immediate and aggressive treatment. Heartworms can be fatal in ferrets especially because of their size. In fact, one heartworm in a ferret can do as much damage as multiple heartworms in a dog or cat. If your ferret’s test is negative then you will be able to start him on a monthly preventative medication designed to fight against the presence of heartworms. It’s important to keep your Sable ferret on this medicine monthly. Don’t skip a dose. If you forget, administer the pill immediately and tell your veterinarian Marion, IA. Learn more here.

Dog Kisses


Some people find dog kisses are gross but many are perfectly comfortable kissing their dogs.A dog’s mouth has no more bacteria than our own so clinically there is no actual danger in kissing your dog. However, kissing your dog may be less pleasant if your dog has been licking himself, eating garbage or raiding the cat’s litter box. The same thing goes for your dog kissing or licking you. Kissing your dog on the snout or the top of the head can be gross since germs are spread to those areas while grooming or while scratching. Certain conditions can be passed to humanssuch as an ear infection or a parasite like hookworms, roundworms or giardia. If you have a compromised immune system, you should not kiss the dog. Also only kiss the dog if the dog is comfortable with your attention. For more information, contact your Happy Valley, OR veterinarian.
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