How to Prevent your Grey Tabby from getting FeLV

How to Prevent your Grey Tabby from getting FeLV

There is no cure for the Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV); however, there are several ways to help keep your Grey Tabby from contacting the virus. For instance, there are vaccines available to help your cat fight the virus should he get it. You can also protect your cat by keeping him indoors. FeLV can be spread through saliva, feces, and blood. Cats often groom one another or get into fights with one another when outdoors. Keeping your cat indoors lowers the chances of coming in contact with an infected cat. In addition, if your Grey Tabby already has FeLV, you can help him live a somewhat healthy life by keeping him away from other cats. Cats may carry illnesses or other diseases that can harm an FeLV infected cat because the FeLV virus weakens the immune system. Your veterinary clinic Colorado Springs, CO may suggest that your FeLV cat be your only cat. Learn more here.

Can Human Bug Spray be used on your Papillon?

Can Human Bug Spray be used on your Papillon

No matter how much you are tempted to help your Papillon with the outside flies, please do not spray them with bug spray meant for people. Bug spray can be harmful to dogs and other animals because it usually contains DEET. DEET is a common active ingredient in insect sprays that can be toxic if inhaled or ingested by dogs. If you’ve sprayed your dog or your dog has been around you when you’ve sprayed yourself with bug spray, watch out for signs of DEET poisoning. Those signs may include drooling, wobbly gait, seizures, vomiting and loss of appetite. Call your vet immediately if you see these symptoms in your pup. As for the bug problem, if the flies are bothering your dog, ask your vet for advice on how to protect your pup. Your reputable pet clinic Colorado Springs CO may have a few all natural solutions to help.

Heartworm Transmission in American Longhairs

Heartworm Transmission in American Longhairs

One of the most popular carriers of heartworms is the mosquito. This insect can pick up baby heartworms found in the blood stream by biting and sucking blood from an infected area. Once the mosquito moves on, he can carry the heartworms to any animal it bites. When a mosquito bites the next animal, like an American Longhair, it deposits the baby heartworms. It takes around 10 to 14 days for the babies to become infective. It then takes about 6 months for the small worms to become mature adult worms. Once this happens, the worms will go straight to the heart, lungs and blood vessels of the cat. At this stage, the cat may experience coughing, asthma, vomiting, decreased appetite, and weight loss. Additional symptoms such as difficulty walking, fainting, seizures, and the buildup of fluid in the abdomen may also develop. If your cat has any of these signs, contact your local veterinarian Colorado Springs CO immediately.

Playtime and your dog


Your dog loves spending time with you, and a large part of this is because of how much fun it is to play together. How can you make sure he is getting everything he needs from this time?

Your pet needs you to determine what types of play will resonate with him the most. These will likely be active, and utilize his natural instincts. They may or may not include toys, and play can happen in many different locations. He will also need you to consider how much of this time he needs. Not only does active play offer him physical exercise, but more complicated games can help stimulate him mentally. This means that he will be figuring things out and getting a mental workout as well. Some pets will prefer one long play session per day, while others will benefit from a few shorter ones. For additional information, please contact your local Jacksonville Beach, FL vet clinic.

Tips For Keeping Your Cat Out of Trouble


Lack of physical and mental stimulation is an important predisposing factor for the development of problem behaviors in cats. Without appropriate intervention measures, any problem behavior can become deeply-rooted and a challenge to correct. Here are some ways to keep your pet cat happy and contented.

Window perches
Cats love staying in elevated places, and what better way to enjoy the world outside than being perched by the window sill. This is also a good way to bask under the warmth of the sun while watching the birds on the feeder outside.
Some cats spend hours in front of the TV while others just love lighted fish aquariums. If you don’t have time and resources for a fish aquarium, you can get a mechanical tank with fake fish swimming across its screen; most cats won’t be able to tell the difference.

Indoor cats can still develop potential health problems thus regular health checkups with your Pickerington, OH vet is highly recommended.

How a Dog Responds To Vision Loss Can Be Influenced By Certain Factors


Did you know that blind dogs can still have an almost normal life? Whether vision loss occurs early in life or much later, a dog is capable of adjusting to his handicap as other important sense organs step in to compensate for the loss. The manner by which a dog responds to losing his sense of vision can be influenced by several factors. These include:

Younger dogs won’t really feel handicapped by vision loss, but an adult dog may need time and support as he adjusts to a life without the ability to see. This may be attributed to the fact that adults have been sighted dogs long enough to be dependent on their sense of sight.

Dogs that are suffering from underlying health issues while suffering from vision problems, may need more time and care to adjust to being blind.

Onset of blindness
Some cases of vision loss occur suddenly while there are those that gradually develop, giving enough time for the dog to adjust to his problem as his other sense organs kick into high gear to compensate.

Position in the social ladder
Some dogs are dominant and more confident in dealing with any changes in their lives, while the more submissive ones tend to take some time to adjust.

Don’t hesitate to talk to your Minnetonka, MN veterinarian if you have any concerns about your pet’s behavior or health.

Enjoying your time with your pet


Your pet loves you, and spending time with you means the world to him. He looks up to you, and considers you to be the ultimate companion. How can you make the most of the time you have with him and really enjoy it?

Your pet needs to see the real you, who has her own likes and interests. Try to involve your pet in these in order to offer her a glimpse into your personality outside of meeting her care requirements. You’ll want to make sure you are able to be involved in things your pet finds pleasurable as well, as this is how you can better understand her. Take into account the areas where your interests overlap, as these activities will likely be favored by both of you when you are together. For additional information, please contact your local Arlington Heights, TX vet clinic.
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