Bottle Feeding Puppies

Newborn puppies may need to be bottle-fed when they are orphans or have been abandoned by their mother. An adequately balanced diet is of primary importance for the sustenance of puppies during their first few weeks of life.

A syringe (with the needle removed) can be used to feed very small puppies. As they grow older, you can use feeding bottles with silicone or rubber nipples. Although you may find various puppy formulas online, experts recommend a commercial puppy milk formula. Make sure to call your vet before buying one. Take note that puppies can easily suffer from digestive upsets; any health issue during this delicate stage in their life can have serious implications.

Before feeding, warm the formula to about 100F. Also, check that the formula drips out of the nipple or syringe and not streams steadily through. A drip encourages the puppy to swallow slowly and can help prevent choking.

The proper way to hold a puppy while feeding is to hold him upright while you’re sitting down. Never lay him down on his back while feeding for this can increase the risk of choking.

Bring your puppy to your Champion Forest, TX veterinarian for regular wellness checks. Read more here.

Bottle Feeding Puppies

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