Why is my Ocicat Constantly Grooming?

Did you know that grooming is a natural way for cats like the Ocicat to keep themselves clean? In fact, it is very normal for felines to groom themselves multiple times a day. Constant and excessive grooming and licking or no grooming at all, however, is not typical behavior for cats. If your Ocicat is constantly grooming or not grooming at all then you may want to contact your vet. This type of over grooming or no grooming at all could be a sign of illness. Most cats groom in order to remove the scent of food and other odors that will give them away to predators. Inside and outside cats also lick themselves to stay cool in the summer. Likewise, in the winter, excessive licking helps spread the natural oils on the cat’s coat which in turn keeps dampness out and warmth in. For more information, consult with your vet Colorado Springs, CO. Read more here.

Why is my Ocicat Constantly Grooming

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