How to Diagnose Bloat in Doberman Pinschers

Bloat in canines is a serious and often fatal disease. If you think your Doberman may be suffering from bloat, call your local or emergency vet right away. Only a veterinarian professional can actually diagnose your dog with bloat, which usually occurs when abnormal amounts of gas, food or fluid build-up in the stomach causing it to expand. Expansion of the stomach can apply pressure to surrounding organs and prevent blood flow to the heart and other areas. Your vet will most likely make a diagnosis of bloat by reviewing symptoms and conducting a physical exam. Symptoms may include unsuccessful attempts to vomit, anxiety, restlessness, hunched up appearance, no normal digestive sounds in the stomach, bloated or tight abdomen, whining, pacing, drooling, unsuccessful attempts to poop, heavy breathing, etc. In some cases the pressure causes the stomach to twist, which is then referred to as Gastric Dilation-Volvulus. For more details, talk with your veterinarian Plano, TX. Or click this Homepage.

How to Diagnose Bloat in Doberman Pinschers

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