Choosing Between Dog Collars and Harnesses

Choosing Between Dog Collars and Harnesses

You need a leash to keep your dog under control and safe from harm when outside your home. You also need some type of restraint to latch the leash too. The choice between whether to use a collar or a harness is somewhat one of personal preference but also a choice that meets your dog’s size and temperament. Harnesses work well with small dogs. Since a harness distributes the pressure from the leash across the shoulders and chest, it can protect your dog from harming his neck and back by pulling too hard. However, with a larger dog, shifting the power to the shoulders and chest may give your dog stronger towing power and make it difficult to control him. If you choose to use a harness, make sure your dog wears a collar with identification tags on it just in case he gets away. Click here to contact your Marietta, GA vet to learn more.

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