Foods That Should Never Be Given To Birds


Some types of human foods are not just good for birds. Some can even be harmful and even have life-threatening effects. Here are some foods that your pet bird should steer clear of:


A little bit of sodium in the diet of birds is essential for some physiologic functions. But excessive salt intake can have negative implications on their health and wellbeing. To be safe, avoid sharing cereals, chips, crackers, and other food items that contain salt. Before sharing some of your food with your pet bird, make a habit of checking the ingredients and nutritional content for sodium or salt.


Did you know that even a few ml of an alcoholic beverage can be harmful for your pet bird? The toxic effects of alcohol can wreak havoc on the bird’s system very quickly and can shut down vital body functions.

If your bird has ingested something that he shouldn’t, make sure to call your North Las Vegas, NV veterinary clinic. The staff can instruct you on what to do and whether you need to bring in your pet.

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