Types Of Eye Injuries In Dogs


A dog’s eyes can be injured by anything that comes into contact with their eyes and causes damage. A dog fight or fighting with a cat or another animal can lead to an eye injury. A dog’s eye can easily get injured by a cat’s claw, animal bite, or a kick from a horse. There are also lots of things in the dog’s environment that can cause eye injuries. Insect bites, dirt, tree branches are just some of them. Dogs that are allowed to hang their heads out of the car window can get debris in their eyes, which can lead to irritation and potentially serious problems. Chemicals that get into your dog’s eyes can also cause irritation. Pawing at their eyes or rubbing their faces on something may also cause an eye injury. This can possibly lead to ulcers or scratch marks on the cornea. Irritation of the eyes can also be due to allergies.

In dogs, eye injuries may be mild to severe; one or both eyes can be affected. The most common eye injuries in dogs include:
Corneal ulcers
Corneal laceration
Eyelid tear –when the dog’s eyelid gets caught on something
Puncture – can be caused by a foreign object, a claw, or from a tooth
Proptosis – when a dog’s eye pops out of its socket (more common among Pugs, Shih Tzu, and other dogs with bulging eyes.

Eye injuries in dogs should be brought to the attention of your veterinarian San Jose, CA so proper diagnosis and treatment can be given.

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