Paper Training and Your Puppy

There are a number of ways to housetrain your puppy but paper training is a tried and true method. Start by setting aside a puppy-proof area for your puppy so he is safe when you cannot supervise him. Cover the floor with newspaper so he won’t make a mess. Gradually remove sheet by sheet while praising him for going on the paper. At the same time, anticipate when he will have to go and get him outside quickly. When there is just one sheet left in front of the door, watch for signs that your puppy has to go outside such as going to the paper, squatting or going in circles. When you see this behavior, shoo him out the door. Always praise your dog with enthusiasm when he eliminates outside. Eventually you can get rid of that last piece of paper and your puppy will be housetrained. Contact your Frisco, TX vet to learn more.

Paper Training and Your Puppy

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