Hairballs and Your Cat

Hairballs form when your cat ingests more hair than her digestive system can manage. The hair mixes with saliva and mucus and your cat will vomit this mass up. Your cat will ingest excess hair usually while grooming herself or companion cats. Thus the first step is to remove the excess hair by brushing your cats often. If your cat vomits up hairballs, there are a few things you can do. Consider feeding your cat a hairball control formula food to introduce roughage that can aid your cat’s digestive system in passing the hair along. There are hairball gels that your cat can lick off your finger or her paw. These gels act as a lubricant or a laxative to ensure hairballs pass through. If your cat vomits a lot of hairballs or gags and nothing comes up, make an appointment with your Crown Point, IN vet for evaluation and possible treatment.

Hairballs and Your Cat

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