Demodectic Mange In Puppies

Demodectic mange (demodicosis, red mange, or demodex) is caused by a mite called Demodex canis. The parasite normally inhabits the skin of dogs. The mites can increase in number and infestation can take place when the dog’s immune system is compromised. Infection usually involves the hair follicles and skin’s sebaceous glands, leading to hair loss.

Fortunately, demodex is not contagious. Puppies get the mites from an infected mother a few days after birth. The mite population is kept in check by a functioning immune system.

The incidence of demodicosis is highest among puppies within the 3-12 month age bracket. Mange infection can be localized (concentrated in certain areas of the body) or generalized (affects the whole body). The localized form is common among puppies, and most cases will heal on their own without any treatment as the immune system of the puppies matures. But if the symptoms seem to get worse, click here, or a visit to your Bolingbrook, IL veterinary clinic should be made so the puppy can be examined.

Demodectic Mange In Puppies

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