Basic Cat Grooming


There are a number of grooming tasks you need to perform regularly to keep your cat healthy and happy. Brush your cat often to remove excess fur that can mat and pull or form hairballs if ingested. Check your cat for unusual lumps or signs of parasites that may require medical attention. Dental hygiene is essential since decay can cause pain and trouble eating while introducing dangerous bacteria into your cat’s bloodstream. Look for loose teeth and signs of infection such as redness, swelling or a bad odor. Trim your cat’s nails often to dull her weapons to cause less damage if she scratches you or your personal belongings. Your cat’s ears are pretty much self-cleaning but you may need to swab them out several times a month. Don’t force your cat to continue with any grooming tasks if she resists. Just try another time. For more information, contact your Covington, GA veterinarian.

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