Why do Japanese Bobtails Spray?

Did you know that cats like the Japanese Bobtail can actually spray other cats, people, and spots? This is a form of marking territory and possessions for cats. For instance, a cat that is spraying or dripping urine is usually marking a place so that he can find it again at a future date. It also lets other cats know to stay away as the area has been claimed. Spraying is very common in un-neutered males that are living in a home with other cats. Spraying is also most common when a cat is marking his territory, telling other cats to stay away, and mapping important areas to find at a later time. Unlike dogs, urine marking does more than warn other cats of his presence, it also lets the other cat know the area has been claimed. If you want more information on cat spraying, call your best vet Ellicott City, MD.

Why do Japanese Bobtails Spray

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