Training Your Dog to Sit on Command

Training Your Dog to Sit on Command

Training your dog to sit on command gives you a way to get your dog under control quickly. It also gives you an opportunity to bond with your dog. Start by getting down to your dog’s level and hold a food treat in front of his nose to get his attention. Raise the treat up and over your dog’s head so he needs to lower his rear end to keep following it. Say your dog’s name followed by the SIT command. As soon as your dog’s rear end touches the ground, give him the treat and lots of praise. Practice this often and gradually delay the time before giving him the treat so he reliably sits. Eventually reduce and then eliminate the treats so your dog will sit from your command and praise alone. Be patient and never yell at your dog or punish him while he is learning. For more information, contact your veterinarian Bayside, NY.

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