Some Important Symptoms That Dog Owners Should Never Ignore

Dogs cannot tell their owners when they’re not feeling well or when they’re in pain. But if pet owners are observant enough and spend regular time with their pets, they may notice the animal’s body language which can provide important clues to their health and wellbeing. Here are some important symptoms that warrant an immediate visit to the animal hospital.

Red and/or swollen gums

Dental problems are common in pet dogs and cats. Early signs are foul breath and inflamed gums.


Limping or favoring a limb could be a sign of a recent injury or there is something embedded in the paw. It could also be a symptom of hip dysplasia or degenerative joint disease. Mobility problems can also be primary symptoms of arthritis, which is very common among senior pets.

Water intake becomes frequent and/or excessive

With increase in the intake of water, there is also a consequent increase in urination. This symptom may be manifested in serious health issues like diabetes, endocrine disorders, kidney or liver disease, or bladder stones.

Difficulty during elimination

Straining to urinate or defecate may indicate a blocked bowel or urinary tract and other serious conditions. If symptoms don’t resolve within a day, take your pet to your Marietta, GA vet. Read more here.

Some Important Symptoms That Dog Owners Should Never Ignore

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